Summary: (Prequel of "Forgotten Memories".) What if Elena really had met Damon first? What if they fell in love before her parents died? What if he left only to save her? This is everything she forgot…

Chapter 1

"Matt," Elena sighed. "I'm so sorry. I just need some time."

He nodded, walking away. Elena felt terrible. Matt Donovan used to be her boyfriend. She had just broken up with him.

There was something about her relationship with Matt. It didn't seem… passionate. She felt guilty. Matt's heart was broken, and it was her fault.

Elena was sat at her booth in Mystic Grill for a while. She didn't know what to do. Break ups were always tough. Matt used to be her best friend. Now, he hated her.

She decided to walk home. She wanted to be in the comforts of her house, of her parents. Her mom would help her in this situation.

Elena stood up from her seat, brushing her fingers through her matted brown hair. She took slow steps outside, the sky pitch black. It was darker than usual, and she felt something strange in the pit of her stomach. She felt watched.

Elena quickened the pace of her steps. She looked all around her, paranoid. The feeling was growing stronger and stronger. Hurriedly, she turned the walk into a full sprint.

And then she heard the snap of her heel.

Elena fell to the ground. She instantly examined her shoes for any damage. Of course, the heel had snapped off of her right shoe.

"That's the last time I'll run in stilettos," she muttered, trying to get up, only to fall again.

She groaned, annoyed, when a sudden voice made her freeze.

"Are you alright?" a seductive voice asked her. The man's voice was smooth and sly.

"I think s…" Elena froze when she looked at his face. He was gorgeous, even in the darkness. His eyes were the lightest shade of blue she had ever seen, and his face looked like something you'd see on a statue in a museum.

The man offered Elena his hand, and she –too willingly- accepted it. She grinned at him. "Uh…it's my…umm…heel. It broke," She managed to stutter.

He chuckled, causing Elena's blush a little. God, he looked so perfect. She didn't deserve to be in this man's presence.

"Wait…" he said, wrapping his arm around Elena's waist, supporting her weight. Her cheeks turned bright red. He quickly lifted her leg by the calf, taking off her shoe. He did the same with the next, handing her the broken pair of shoes when he finished. "There you go," he said slyly, handing her the shoes.

Elena couldn't do anything but smile at him, her eyes wide. "Thanks," she said.

He just shrugged. "Don't worry about it." He then outstretched his hand. "I'm sorry. I don't believe I've introduced myself. I'm Damon."

Elena accepted his hand, shaking it. She got a strange giddy feeling in her stomach when their hands touched. "Damon," she repeated, liking the way his name slipped off of her tongue. "I'm Elena."

"Nice to meet you," he said, his eyes roaming over her, head to toe. She swallowed.

"You too." Elena let go of Damon's hands and examined his face. "I'll see you around?"

"Yes," he replied. "I hope so."

Elena then started walking down the street, Damon standing there watching her until she had disappeared into the darkness.

Yes, she really wanted to see him again.

Chapter 2

Katherine, Damon thought as he walked to the boarding house. Elena looked so much like Katherine. The resemblance was uncanny.

He had been watching Elena for about a week. He knew she wasn't Katherine, although they were extremely similar. Their faceswere the same, their hair was the same. One thing that was different, though, was the eyes.

Katherine's eyes were light brown, simple. Nothing special about them. Elena's were… amazing.

Elena's eyes were a rich brown, like milk chocolate. They were filled with a curiosity and a gentleness that Katherine never had. Damon really wanted to see those eyes again. He just hoped he wanted Elena for the right reasons…

At the moment he wasn't sure. He'd have to find out.

After endless hours of talking with her mom, Elena was feeling less guilty about her break up with Matt. Now, she just wanted to be alone and think about her night. She pulled out her diary and began to write freely.

Dear Diary,

Today was tough. I had to break up with Matt. I feel really bad. I know he really cared about me, but it didn't feel…passionate. I just hope he understands. Mom told me that everything will work out one way or another.

I also met a guy today. I left the grill and broke my heel while running- don't even ask why I was running in Stilettos. I'm still trying to figure that out myself. Anyway, he helped me take my shoes off and introduced himself. His name was Damon.

He made me feel special… he looked at me like I was the only person in the world. I wonder how many girls have thought the same thing about him…

Wow! I'm already getting jealous, and I hardly know the guy. I'm totally overreacting. I met him a few hours ago, and I bet he has a girlfriend (a guy that gorgeous does NOT stay single). Chances are I'll never even see him again. But, oh God, I hope I do.

Whatever. I'm tired and all worked up… I should be getting to bed.


She slowly shut her journal, getting into bed, still thinking about the mystery guy, Damon, as she drifted off to sleep.

Elena woke up the next morning, to the sound of her phone vibrating. She checked her cell, realizing she had received a text.

Meet me Grille. –Bonnie

She smiled and immediately texted back. Meet u noon. –El

K- Bonnie

Elena checked her clock. It was ten o' clock in the morning. She slowly stood up, flexing her tense muscles.

She put on a black button down shirt with a jean miniskirt, wearing navy blue eye shadow and pink lip gloss. Elena's hair fell on her shoulders in a sea of tumbling curls.

She took one glance at the mirror before walking outside

Elena arrived at Mystic Grill, searching for her best friend. Bonnie was late, as usual. So, she decided to get a booth.

Once she was seated, Elena ordered a soda and waited for her friend anxiously. She sighed, texting bonnie.

Where r u?

Running late. B there in 20.

Elena rolled her eyes. Just when she was about to reply, someone familiar walked through the doors of the restaurant.

It was Damon, the guy from last night. She gasped, and he turned his head in her direction, smirking. Elena's breath hitched when he started walking closer to her.

"Hey," she said kindly as he approached her.

"Nice to see you again," he greeted. "It's Elena, right?"

She smiled at him and nodded. "That's me. You're Damon?" Of course she remembered his name, but just stating it would have been the wrong thing to say. She knew it.

He grinned back. "That's me."

Elena then noticed he was still standing by the table. "Would you like to sit here? Umm, my friend is running late…"

He immediately took a seat in the booth across from her. "So, are you new here?" she asked after a while, sipping her coke.

"Nah, I'm just visiting….family."

"Oh," Elena said, intrigued. "How long are you staying?"

"A few weeks," he said simply, looking into Elena's eyes in a way that made her heart melt. His eyes examined her outfit, and he looked impressed. She blushed slightly.

Suddenly, the waitress showed up, only paying attention to Damon. "Can I get you anything to drink?" she asked him, playing with her hair.

"Scotch," he said indifferently. The waitress walked away annoyed. Within a few minutes, she returned with his drink. Damon took a large sip as she walked away.

Elena giggled. "What?" Damon asked, putting the glass down.

She just smiled at him.

"Oh, I'm 21," he said, answering her silent question with a grin. "I can drink. Don't worry. Nothing illegal here, darling."

Elena just laughed. She suddenly felt very young, very small. "I see," she said, her voice flirtatious.

"I'd love to see the town again," he commented. "Maybe you could show me around some time." His voice was cocky, but still perfectly grounded. How did he do that?

Elena was a little shocked at first, but jumped on the opportunity. "Umm, yeah. Sure. Any time."

"Great," he said, flirting with his eyes. His perfect, blue, clear, eyes.

Elena smiled, and they continued their conversation. He really wanted to know about her. It made her feel special. Cared for.

She was completely happy like this.

Chapter 3

Bonnie arrived at Mystic Grill, searching for her best friend. She had heard about Elena's break up with Matt, and wanted the details.

She was shocked to see Elena sitting in a booth, with another guy. His back wasn't facing her, but Bonnie could just tell that he was attractive from Elena's flirty laughs. He was obviously charming her.

Bonnie took out her cell phone, texting Elena.

Moved on that quickly?

Elena instantly replied. Not wat it looks like

She rolled her eyes. Watev. Gimme details l8r… I won't interrupt u n prince charming ther

K… sry… ttyl, I'll m8k it up 2 u Elena wrote back. Bonnie chuckled for a short moment and headed out to town.

"No way! You could sit through all of the Saw movies without looking away?" Elena asked through her laughter.

"You couldn't?" He joked. She rolled her eyes playfully.

"Nope," she admitted. "Those games are just plain cruel… But I love them for some reason!"

Damon eyed her mischievously. "You like horror flicks, do you?" Elena nodded, smiling. "My kind of girl."

Elena face turned bright red. She grinned. "Well that's why you watch a scary movie, isn't it? Because you want that thrill?"

Damon looked impressed. "Yeah… I've never thought about it that way. You're right." He furrowed his brows a bit, trying to figure her out. Part of his face told Elena that he wanted to figure her out.

She suddenly came up with an idea, opening her mouth, but no words would come. She was suddenly very self conscious. "Uh, maybe we could go to the movies some time. You wanted me to show you the town right?"

He grinned. "I'd love that. There's another Saw movie out…"

"Yes. It's the sixth or seventh one," she said, chuckling, when she noticed the time. "Oh my God! I have to go…my parents will kill me if I break curfew! I'll meet you at the movies tomorrow?"

"Can't wait," Damon said, his voice cocky. "I'll meet you there at one."

"'Kay," Elena agreed, waving as she walked out the door.

No, Damon thought. This girl wasn't Katherine. She was better.

He continued thinking about this as he reached the boarding house. Zach was sitting on the couch when he walked through the door.

"Hey, Zach," Damon said indifferently. "Why the extra broody look?"

"Someone stopped by for you today," Zach explained. "He wanted to be invited in."

"Well, did you?"

"Of course not!" Zach replied, sounding insulted.

Damon, not wanting to continue the conversation, walked upstairs. When he reached his dark room, Damon's cell phone rang.

The caller ID was unknown. He immediately picked up the phone. "Whaaaat?" he asked.

"I see your phone greetings haven't changed over the years."

That voice was one that Damon would always remember.

"Jonah," he stated, his voice flat.

I know, this chapter is sort of short… but there's LOTS of drama to come! What do you think? Thanks!