Dreaming of Ziva:

She smiles tremulously at him. "I'm not really sure what to do."

"Don't worry, it'll come back to you." after all, he thinks to himself, he's been hot and bothered for days, and that's just with innocent touches.

"I don't want to disappoint you, that is all."

"You could never disappoint me. At least not in this particular room, got that?"

She nods and he continues undressing her. He's noticed before that she has beautiful muscle tone, and knows that part is her Mossad training but a large part has to be her martial arts training.

"You are going to show me more of your martial arts techniques, aren't you?"

"Not in the bedroom my love."

He lightly kisses her left palm, and he smiles at the small shudder that he feels course through her. Oh yeah, he'd found the least obvious erogenous zone on her body but for now, the night and the woman are all his.

"You know, I kind of like this scruffy side of you." she's referring to his five o'clock shadow and faint echo of a mustache. He gently scrapes his face against her sensitive breasts, smiling when he sees her nipples peak. His tongue reaches out and touches the first nipple that it can, and he has the satisfaction of feeling her squirm. Her breath starts coming faster as his hands trail down her sides, leaving sensitized skin behind.

He continues exploring her body, seeing the scars of battle, as he touches her. He lightly kisses her stomach, keeping an eye on her face as he inches lower.

He runs his hands down her legs, feeling the power and muscle in each one. He knows that when he's finally embedded in her those legs will be wrapped around him holding him to her as he makes her his. That thought almost makes him forget the seduction he's been working on as he gently turns her over. He wants to see the scars that she hides so well under the waterfall of hair.

He lightly kisses each one, knowing that the person who'd put it there was dead, yet wishing he'd been the one to kill him. The depth of a few scars tells him that she'd received more than one that had been meant to kill. Pride soars through him at the tenacity she'd had to have had to survive such torture.

He brings her back to face him and he's not surprised to see tears on her face. He is surprised when she tells him that she's never felt so loved as when he'd kissed her. He kisses her again as he gently inserts a finger into her swallowing her gasp of surprise.

His thumb brushes her clit, making her arch against him, and he inserts another finger, stretching her into readiness. Her hands run up his back, lightly scoring his skin with her nails and he smiles against her lips. Even in the throes of passion she's trying to protect him, this time from herself.

He removes his fingers just long enough to position himself and thrusts in. The slight stretching makes her eyes widen then darken with passion as he sets a steady rhythm. When her legs come up around his waist, granting him easier access he knows that the thought he'd had earlier in no way prepared him for the strength that actually is encompassed in those legs.

He keeps the rhythm steady until she reaches up and strokes that spot at the back of his neck that drives him wild. When they finally calm down, he looks into her brown eyes, and smiles.

"Now about those martial arts techniques."

The blare of a car horn brings him out of his reverie. Tim McGee pulls over to the side of the road and turns the car off. He hasn't had such a vivid daydream in years. He shudders with reaction, knowing that if Ziva ever found out he'd be a dead man. Then again it could be fun to die at her hands if it meant he could have dreams like that to come home to.

A/N: Short but oh so sweet, don't you think?