NCIS Special Agent, now Agent Afloat Tony DiNozzo starts as he wakens from his latest dream. For the past three almost four months that he's been out to sea his dreams have been of his team. He's not one to voice his fears but the dreams are getting more frequent and more …dare he say erotic?

He's often wondered if Tim would actually have the tenacity to ask Ziva to go out on a date. With Tony literally out to sea, the younger agent wouldn't have to worry so much about interference from anyone, well except Gibbs of course. And the boss breaking his own rules…Tony snorts as he heads for a quick shower.

Cold water pouring over him he wonders what brought on such an erotic dream and Tony shudders as he remembers the last dream. He really must be losing it if he thought that the team would break rule 12 and in such a way? He could almost see Probie having a fantasy about Ziva; after all, despite Tony's teasing Tim was a man after all and it would be natural for him to think about her that way.

As for the Ziva part of the dream, she'd often questioned Tony about Tim when they were on assignment together; she still had trouble believing that Tim could be that innocent and truthful, despite what Tony and no doubt Gibbs had told her about him.

Then again, it would be impossible for the younger two agents to get together. Vance had scattered the team to the four winds so to speak what with Tony being Agent Afloat and Ziva sent back to Mossad. As for McGee, he'd been sent down to cybercrimes of all places. Tony frowned at that thought for his Probie was a fine field agent and cybercrimes had to be almost worse than Agent Afloat.

Maybe, Tony muses to himself that's why his mind had set them so far in the past. Despite Tony's own comments to the contrary, Tim really wasn't that much of a Probie anymore than he or Ziva were. But for the boss to have an affair with Ziva and to have a fantasy about McGee of all people, that was what boggled Tony's mind. Although if anyone might be able to get Gibbs to open up and talk to them about his past, it would probably be Timothy McGee. The man's patience was almost saint-like and no, he was not going to think about Tim and Gibbs as lovers.

Tony sighs as he turns under the cold cold spray. No doubt most of the dream last night had been due to finally seeing not just Gibbs but McGee when they'd contacted him for assistance in setting up that satellite link. He smiles thinking about the exasperation on Tim's face when Tony kept insisting they were hacking. Had Tim lost weight? He'd looked a bit thinner to Tony's trained eye and that made the former detective wonder just how things really were going on the home front.

As much as Tony hated to admit it, he really did miss his team. But damn, did he have to dream about them in such a way? He turns off the water, shakes his head at the slight hard-on that he's still sporting and prepares for the day ahead.