The Bet

Ever think you're about to have one of the best days ever? You wake up early from a good sleep, the sun is shining, you go downstairs and find that it's a Thursday (weekend is only one more day away!) AND you get your favorite tomato cereal (shut up its really good, chigi, bastards). Well that was how my morning started. Everything seemed perfect. And everything just seemed to get better; Feliciano my stupid brother came in to tell me Ludwig, his potato bastard boyfriend, was ill.

I swear it was like a dream, and I even pinched myself to make sure it wasn't a dream. Since I didn't wake up even after I bonked my head on the counter, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming in case the pinch hadn't worked, it was all real.


I almost even managed to smile, which both freaked out my brother and made him absolutely delighted to see me smiling. Chigi, I can smile! I just don't do it often like some bastards I know…humph.

My good mood lasted all of the morning, each class I went to just made my day better. We had an idiotic substitute in Literature class, so everyone got to do pretty much whatever the hell they wanted to do; in History class we watched a movie, so I got an early nap; Art was easy like always, heck I might not be as good as my brother but I was a hell lot better than half those idiots there; in P.E. class we got to go running, and since I happen to be on the track team I had absolutely no problem with that. So by the time lunch came around I was ecstatic. Could it actually be possible I was going to have a good day?

Of course fucking not.

As soon as I entered the lunch room my spirits plummeted. I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course, of fucking course! I couldn't win could I? Because sitting there, right at the table me and my brother always sat at was the one person I did not want to see. The one person I thought I would never have to see again.

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo.

The absolute bane of my existence, the one freakin person who I could not bear to see; I hated him even more than the potato bastard.


Because two years ago he…

That is we…



"Lovi!" a loud voice sang out behind me and I cringed, knowing what was coming. Good thing I prepared myself or that tomato bastard would have knocked me over with the force of his hug. I swear that idiot didn't know his own strength.

"What the hell do you want bastard?" I shouted, not shrieked, at the annoying bastard. The asshole had the nerve to just blink at me for a couple of seconds before that annoying grin only brightened as he said, "Ah Lovi, I just wanted to touch you!" My face went completely red. CHIGI! What the heck does he make my face do that?

"Idiota!" I roared and pushed him off me, "People can take that the wrong way! You just wanted to touch me! Bastard!" Oh tomatoes, my face was probably an even deeper shade of red now. And he just stood there smiling at me like a complete moron!

"Ah Lovi," he cooed, "You look so cute. Your face is red like a tomato!" His grinned got wider, if that was even possible, as he stared at me with his emerald green eyes. Shit! I did not just notice how beautiful his eyes were! I began to stutter and finally I just looked away, becoming very interested in the floor pattern.

"Hey Lovi," Antonio's normally cheerful voice suddenly sounded nervous. I looked up, not because I was worried about him dammit, but I looked up anyways to see what the heck he wanted.

"What do you want bast-mmmpph!"

He kissed me.

Oh my freaking-

He was actually kissing me. And it felt really good.

I wanted to push him away dammit! B-but that…I didn't want to see him upset! So I-I kissed him back. And I might have let out a little sigh but it wasn't because I was happy!


And then he fucking left! Well, he stayed with me for a few minutes. No we were not making out dammit! We were just, um…

That doesn't matter! The fact is when I came to school the next day I found out Antonio had moved. To fucking Spain. And he didn't tell me, the asshole! I mean you don't just not tell somebody your leaving for another country and then kiss them the last day your there! I-I was really hurt dammit! I had been expecting to see Antonio's face smiling at me when I came to school the next morning, but when I didn't see him I was worried and then I found out from my brother of all people that Antonio had moved to Spain and had asked everybody not to tell me! The fucking bastard had let everyone else know he was leaving and he didn't tell me!

So obviously I got sick the next day from food poisoning in the cafeteria. I was not staying home because of a broken heart like my brother thought. No way, Lovino Vargas does not get his heart broken by bastards like Antonio Carriedo.

I did not have a broken heart…

And I certainly did not cry in my room for almost the whole day. And I did not refuse to eat tomatoes for a week because they reminded me to much of Antonio!

And the fact that he didn't even bother trying to contact me for two years didn't matter at all. No way did it matter. Not one little bit.

And now the fucker was back, and his freaking emerald green eyes had just found my own. Even though there were hundreds of other teens in the cafeteria shrieking and shouting his eyes just seemed to zone in on me and I found I couldn't look away. It was like his eyes were rooting me to the spot, telling me not to move or to leave. His eyes were telling me to just stand there and let Antonio look at me and only me even though there were hundreds of others constantly moving between us.

Well fuck.

Author's Note: Spamano is my all time favorite pairing! I just thought this up and since I was bored I wrote it out. This was actually meant to be a one-shot but for some odd reason I decided to make it a multi-chapter. I apologize for the first chapter being so short. The next one will be longer. I swear! Oh, and for those of you who are reading my other chapter story 'Heracles not Hercules' I'm not dropping it. I just felt like doing two chapter stories at once, haha. Well aren't I getting a little presumptuous. I can write more than one multi-chapter stories at a time. Haha. *gets hit on head with Hungary's frying pan*