SMSTSS10 – The Evangelist! – By DS Wynne

Disclaimer: R1/2, SM, ST, Neon-Evangelion and the other genres belong to their respective owners.

Note: This is a three-part, multi-genre story.

Special Note: The bulk of this story takes place circa 2015, after the Pain Invasion of the Konaha Village, but before the full return of the Norse gods to Nerima.

Author's Note: Normally, I wouldn't do this (yeah, right!) but I wanted to at least lay the groundwork for the explanation as to how Asuka Langley Soryu, one of the characters from "Neon Evangelion" could be the daughter of Ranma Saotome and Usagi Tsukino. Keep in mind that the source material, like the material from the "Tenchi" series, has multiple timelines stories. This is one. Go figure.

Part 1

2000 CE: Lunar Orbit, Earth Sector.

"…And there is my home, Japan," Usagi Tsukino said, as she stood on the observation deck of the living ship, "Moya", while holding her newborn child Genko. A year before, she, her husband Ranma Saotome and a colleague, John Crichton, tested a new FTL method, involving wormhole manipulation (called "Project Farscape"). Unfortunately, a mishap occurred during the test flight, resulting in all three being lost in the so-called "Uncharted Territories" (any area of the Milky Way Galaxy beyond Earth, although the "center" was along the shared divide of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants). A year later, after a series of mishaps involving all manner of misadventures, the three managed to return to Earth, this time on an alien ship, and with an alien crew. Due to certain sensitivities, the crew of the Moya had limited access to Earth, vis-à-vis the Office of Homeworld Security, SWORD and UNIT. However, there was concerned that the established wormhole that had been made by Usagi, Ranma and John, the one that brought them back to Earth, would soon bring about undo attention from TWO hostile alien races. Thus, it was decided that as soon as new supplies were brought and stored on board the Moya, and when Earth's alien partners, the Gao'uld System Lords Hathor and Osiris, have their fleet of ships in place with SGC's, the Moya will leave Earth. Afterwards, the Moya will collapse the wormhole…permanently.

Still, while Moya were in lunar orbit, Usagi and her companions were going to take care of some personal business before "shipping" back into deep space…

"Ma!" Genko said happily, as she clutched her possessed teddy bear named "Maldis". Maldis was an entity who wanted to take over the body of Ranma and Usagi's unborn child, but ended up placed inside a teddy bear, who will serve as Genko's protector and familiar…

"I wish that I could take you to the world of my birth to stay," Usagi said, as she sighed.

"I still cannot believe that your superiors are exiling you and the other one," said Osiris, as she is flanked by her guard. Like all Gao'uld, Osiris had a symbiotic organism inside her. Normally, it was a male host that Osiris would use, but, for some reason, she liked having a female host (who was a former fiancée of Dr. Daniel Jackson, a chief anthropological specialist with SGC).

Usagi turns around to see Osiris. Within her was Isis, the Gao'uld that Osiris loved…

"Hello, beloved," Usagi said, as she channeled Isis.

"Hello," Osiris replied. She then examines the child in Usagi's arms.

"And I see that Lord Ra impregnated you successfully," Osiris said with a smirk.

"No, Ranma impregnated Usagi," Usagi replied. "And that is surprising."


"I possess the power of the Quickening, an ancient power from Ziest that can confer immortality to mortals within Earth's biosphere. Technically, I shouldn't have gotten pregnant."

"Most likely, you became mortal, once you left Earth's biosphere?" Osiris offered.



"I still say it is unfair to be exiled from Earth," Osiris said. "From…me."

"I will return, someday," Usagi said. "And when I do, it will be because the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans are no longer a threat to anyone."

"I have heard about those two races before," Osiris said. "You would have a better time negotiating with the likes of Lord Darkseid of Apocalypse."

"Perhaps, but I have to try. I just know that if there is a way to achieve peace between those two races, then I can achieve anything-"

Just then, Usagi developed a faraway look…

"What is it?" Osiris asked with concern.

"I'm not sure, but I am detecting a powerful energy field building up," Usagi said, as she steps closer to the glass of the observation deck. "It's coming from Earth-"

"Usagi Tsukino, please report to the command deck," said a disembodied voice, which echoed throughout the ship. "This is an emergency."

"Thanks, Pilot," Usagi said, as she turns towards Osiris. "Osiris, can you watch Genko for me?"

Osiris would normally have said no to such a request, but this was her beloved Isis making the request…

"Very well," Osiris said, as she accepts the baby.

"Thanks," Usagi said, as she kisses Osiris on the cheek before heading out the door…

"Ma!" Genko said happily.

"Huh," Osiris said, as she held the baby. She then turns to her entourage.

"What you all see will NOT be repeated. Clear?"

"Yes, Lord Osiris," said her entourage, as they bow slightly.


As soon as Usagi arrives onto the command deck, Ranma and Jool (a fiery red-haired debutante, genius and mutant) both turned towards Usagi.

"What's up?"

"Did you feel anything unusual, about a few minutes ago?" Ranma asked.

"Yes, I did," Usagi said with a frown. "What happened?"

"I was going over the new sensors, for early detection of Scarran or Sebaccean/Peacekeepers vessels, when Moya detected a powerful energy spike on your home planet…here."

Bringing up a holographic representation of the Earth, the globe rotates and centers on a spot somewhere on the Antarctic continent.

"Whatever that energy spike is, is building up to critical mass," Jool said.

"What's the fallout?" Usagi asked.

"It'll destroy the entire continent, as it is constituted."

"How long until critical mass?" Ranma asked.

"Um, thirty minutes?"

"My god…we have to warn somebody of this-"

"I know what's down there," Usagi said, as she tapped into her personal access data device while looking at it. "I thought it was a rumor, but…"

"What is down there?" Jool asked.

"Actually, there are several things down there, but one of them involves the top-secret 'Katsuragi Expedition'. It's sponsored by the United Nations' 'Gehirn', as overseen by the Marduk Institute."

"Aren't those the crackpots who believe that the Qabalah is a map to the human DNA?" Ranma asked.

"Actually, their theories are on the mark," Usagi said. "I've studied it in the capacity as a magus. No, the problem is that they want to control human evolution using the Qabalah as the key."

"For what purpose?" Jool asked.

"Don't know, except these additional data files are 'top secret'.

"Doesn't sound like it is 'top secret' to me," Jool said.

"That's because I have…the means to hack into a secured site. But, it'll take some time to get access to all the files."

"You mean you have access through your associates, huh?" Ranma said with a smirk.

"Ranma, let's not get into guilt by association," Usagi replied.

"Your 'associates' blasted me while I was fighting Ravnos, with FOUR, counting, FOUR neutron bombs."

"No, WE were blasted by four neturon bombs laced with the means to penetrate several dimensions," Usagi said. "You didn't end up in the Underworld from the blast, where I have to fight off a swarm of Specters controlled by Oblivion."

"Feh, whatever-"

"Guys?" Jool said, as she motions towards the anomaly on the planet surface below. "Hello? Big boom?"

"Sorry," Ranma said.

"Anyway, apparently, the Katsuragi Expedition discovered an alien artifact that is dubbed 'Adam'," Usagi said. "It's been dormant for years, so a new method of communication is being implemented involving DNA encoding. That process is supposed to happen today."

"Let me guess: somebody 'tripped' something, huh?" Ranma asked sarcastically.

"Don't know, but good guess."

"Then what should we do?" Jool asked.

"Inform Homeworld Security of what's happening, and that we will handle the situation," Usagi said, as she begins her packing. "Hopefully, we can defuse this situation before it is too late…"

"Roger that…"

A short time later, Ranma and Usagi transport down to Mount Markham, where the secured military site was on lockdown.

"Looks like they are in the middle of their 'synchronization' test," Usagi said, as she pilots their shared craft to a nearby landing pad. It was actually grown from a boil of "Moya". As the gross as that may sound, growing a shuttle craft from a boil is a much better that growing a ship from a cyst on the equivalent of the Levianthan ship's rectum…

"We have to get to the command center to warn them of the impending doom," Ranma said.

"Speaking of which, how is it even possible that WE could detect the energy build up, and they Kasuragi folks can't?" Usagi asked.

"That is what we will have to determine," Ranma said, as he checks his weapons. "With this place heavily secured, we don't have time to play nice."

"I hope you're right, Ranma," Usagi replied, as she gets her combat gear ready. "I don't want people to get hurt needlessly."

"I know. And to think that we escaped the nonsense in the 'Uncharted Territories'…for THIS."

"Well, there is only one way to find out, Ranma," Usagi said with a sigh. "But I have a feeling that there will be a lot of pain of suffering, when all this is said and DONE…"

As soon as the pair lands their craft, they were met by security forces.

"Halt!" said the lead guard, as he directs his men to circle the craft with guns raised. "Stay your purpose!"

Gingerly, Ranma and Usagi stepped out of the craft. They looked at each other with a nod, before focusing their thoughts on the so-called "welcoming committee"…

"Son, I will only say this once: I highly recommend that you and your personnel get the hell out of this area," Ranma said, with steel in his voice. "Your bosses are about to make a terrible mistake that will make Chernobyl look like a fire cracker."

"Why should we believe you, when Dr. Ikari confirmed that the tests being done are safe?" the guard said with a slight sneer. "And who the hell are you to tell US what to do?"

"Because, you have a wife and child back home, and another one on the way," Usagi said gently, but in an eerie voice. "In fact, you're about to clear your last rotation, after the tests are done today. At least, that's your intention."

The chief guard looks at Usagi with shock and awe.

"How did you-?"

"We know what we are doing, that's why," Ranma said. "Look, contact your bosses at Gehirn for confirmation, but these tests have to stop, or this place is going to blow. And we know about the Marduk Institute and SEELE, so cut the nonsense and stand down."

"Well, chief?" said one of the guards to the security chief.

"I say, screw it," the chief said. "I didn't like the way that Dr. Ikari just up and left with all his stuff. I'll just look for another job."

"Talk to UNIT," Ranma said, as he hands the chief his business card. "I know some folk who could use men like you."

"Well, thanks, I guess. But, what about everyone in the facilities? There is a general lockdown in communications-!"

"We will take care of them," Usagi said. "Now, go."

The chief security guard nods his head, and then turns towards his men.

"Everyone, clear out!" the chief yelled. "Move it!"

"Ranma, we'll have to clear out each level, using a new technique that you have been working on: the 'Touch-Tone Instant Transmission'. I don't know if I can do that do that without more practice."

"Usagi, we have to try," Ranma said, as he scans the facility with his "All-Sight" (a gift he and his wife earned from passing the so-called "World Tree Test"). "The more people we can save as many people as possible, the better."

"Okay," Usagi said, as she rubbed her forehead. "I'll try."

"Okay, on your mark," Ranma said, as he loosened up a bit. "Get set. GO!"

And, with that, the pair get to work…