TRTSS26: The Legacy of the Sith! – By DS Wynne

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Note: This is a multi-genre story. It is also the 1000-plus.

Special note: This is a six-part story that takes place during present day, and is inspired by the story, "The Life and Times of Darth Lune".

Part 5

Meanwhile, back home…

"There she is," said Ukyo, as she, Akane, Kodachi and Shampoo spies on the target of their ire.

"Yes, that's Usagi Tsukino alright," Akane said with a sigh. She had met Usagi before. In fact, she and her sisters had worked with the Moon Princess in their previous incarnations during before the fall of the Silver Millennium. It was only because of a near-death experience at the hands of the dreaded Saffron that Akane remembered who she was. Strangely, her older sisters Nabiki and Kasumi remembered who they were, though at different times and for different reasons, but kept quiet because they didn't trust Akane to not keep a secret. Since then, the Tendo sisters were able to awaken their senshi powers on their own, but made a pact to keep their senshi powers a secret, until called to serve by the Moon Princess.

"She…doesn't look evil."

"But she is, commoner," Kodachi replied. "A person such as I can see how evil she is."

"And Shampoo means to save husband from 'Dumpling-Girl'," said the teenaged Chinese Amazon, as she cracked her knuckles. "Shampoo destroy interloper!"

Akane merely shook her head in stunned disbelief. She knew going to find and confront Usagi was a bad idea, but her honor was at stake, not to mention the fact that Ranma disappeared, and was nowhere to be seen. The youngest Tendo sister wanted to confront Ranma for what she saw as his infidelity, and the only way to do so was to confront…her.

'Ranma, you jerk,' Akane thought to herself. 'Why did you go and mess things up for us…?'

Meanwhile, the target was sitting at a park bench reading her book called "The Physics of Immortality"…

"Hmmm," Usagi said, as she continued to read the book. "Fascinating…"

As far as she was concerned, the text, while thought-provoking, barely scratched the surface as to how physics, or mathematics, can enable one to achieve immortality. The only reason why she knew that actual formula that enable this to happen, was that she met many people, and sentient species for that matter, that created a variety of methods to achieve immortality. Usagi just happen to know a few, including the actual theorem and formula to achieve immortality.

However, whatever knowledge she acquired was the results of over several millennium worth of life experiences, and not on actual hard work she rightly earned. Hence, why she saw herself as a "practiced genius" by default; it was because she had to practice being one, and for a long time, too.

"Sigh," Usgai said, as she lowers her book, and removes her glasses. She would rather be at home reading her books, but feared that her family would be suspicious if they found technical manual on particle generators amidst her 'Hello, Kitty' collection and stacks of manga books. She wanted to find someone to talk to, but she, as of now, had to lay low until it was time to reveal herself to her allies, both old and new.

"Gods, I miss Ranma," Usagi said, as she laid her head on the table. "Maybe I should have gone with him on his journey-"

Just then, her enhanced senses, honed by years of being Ranma's wife, picked up a threat. It wasn't a dangerous threat, but a threat nevertheless.

"You pay, stealer of Shampoo's husband!" Shamboo said, as she flew at Usagi, with her war maces in hand.

Usagi quickly puts away her glasses and book away into pockets space, and shielded her eyes as Shampoo smashes the picnic table.

"Do you mind?" Usagi said with annoyance. "Other people have to use that- whoa!"

Suddenly, a ribbon is wrapped around Usagi. Before the Moon Princess could do anything, she yanked away.

"Okay, you harridan!" Kodachi said, as she twirls around Usagi. "Your punishment for being an interloper, shall commence!"

With that, Kodachi began to smash Usagi into trees and into nearby structures.

Meanwhile, Akane and Ukyo sees this. They figured that Shampoo and Kodachi would be crazy enough to scare the girl off. However, there was something wrong about the scene they were watching…

"I don't know about you, sugar, but I think something is wrong," Ukyo said.

"I know," Akane said. "Usagi should be in pain or something. Or, at least she should be crying out in fear."

The reason why Usagi was not crying out was because she was "playing 'possum". She could easily end this nonsense, one way or another, but she did not want to risk changing the future. Where she and Ranma had been, Ranma's so-called harem would become close friends and allies to the Moon Princess. In fact, she owed them her life on more than one occasion, albeit on different occasions. She want to risk undoing that, even if she was in a little bit of pain at the moment. So, Usagi chose not to fight back, and hoped that her attackers would just tire and leave her alone. Unfortunately, that's when Chaos took an active hand in things…

"I'm glad I got a jogging buddy, Makoto," Ami said, as she and her friend jogged down the bike path of the park. "I want to get in good shape for the charity marathon."

"I still don't understand why you need to practice…jogging," Makoto said. "I mean, you're the frickin' 'Senshi of Mercury'."

"That is true, and that is why I need to practice. I'm not trying to win the marathon, but I want to pace myself to survive it."


"But, I can always have you as my jogging partner for the marathon, Mako-chan. It will give you and your cooking show a higher profile," Ami said.

"Well, that could be doable- eh?" Makoto said, as she suddenly stops jogging.

"What is it?" Ami asked.

Makoto points her finger, in the direction of across the Duck Pond. Ami sees what her friend was pointing to…

"Who are those girls?" Ami asked. "And why are they beating up on Usagi?"

"I don't know, but we have to help her out," Makoto said, as she cracked her knuckles. "Come on-!"

"Right!" Ami said, as she and Makoto ran around the Duck Pond to confront Usagi's attackers…

Meanwhile, back on Ossus…

"Arrrgh!" said a Jedi, as the Sith lords Kaos and Stryfe tore through the ranks of the Jedi defenders, like a crop harvester does to a field of wheat. And because they looked so different from the man the Jedi once knew as Ranma Bin Yoda, Grandmaster Jedi, they would never know that one of their own would be the ones to seal their doom.

Kaos smirks, reveling in the cornucopia of pain and misery, while Stryfe simple reveled in his foes' pain. So far, with the help of the Imperial Remnant's troops, the invasion of the Jedi Temple on Ossus was proceeding according to plan.

"Hu-wah!" Stryfe said, as he cleaved his Jedi opponent in half, after he broke the integrity of his opponent's lightsaber.


"Righteous," Stryfe said, as he scans the hallway, which was littered with dead or dying Jedi.

"No, needless death is NOT righteous," Kaos said, just as a young Jedi moves in for the kill.

"YAHHHHHHHHH-!" the Jedi said, as he raised his lightsaber to strike Kaos down.

Without even turning her head to face this new opponent, Kaos stuck out her hand, points it at the potential foe, and unleashed a "Force Lightning Bolt". The Jedi is stopped in his tracks before dropping dead.

"Aw, I wanted to kill him," Stryfe whined with disappointment.

"Fine, then join Talon. I sense that she has some opponents to deal with."

"Alright!" Stryfe said. "Boo-yah!"

With that, Ranma's more aggressive half teleports to where the conflict was still raging within the Jedi Temple, leaving his more introspective aspect to survey the scene.

'Now, to retrieve the records," Kaos said, as she glides down the hall to the central records room…

Meanwhile, in a section of the temple, Jedi Grandmaster Kol Skywalker looks on, as the Padawans were making their escape through an underground tunnel, where they will be escorted off planet.

"Master Skywalker, the last of the Padawans will be soon safe," said a Jedi named Wolf Sazen. Wolf had tanned skinned and tiny horns on his forehead…

"Good," Kol replied, as he nods his head. "If only all of us could make our escape."

"But the future has to be protected, correct?" said Kol's son, Cade, as he walks up to his father.

"Cade, you should have left with the first ship," Kol said sternly.

"But I'm ready to defend the temple at your side, Father," Cade replied. "I should be here."

Kol sighed. He didn't want to tell his son that the Jedi could be facing a "last stand" situation, with the bulk of the more experienced Jedi covering for the Padawans. Furthermore, Col didn't want any distractions, for when he faces an old friend…

"No, you're not ready," Kol replied.

"But, Father-"

"Listen to Master Skywalker," Wolf said. "And listen to ME. Am I still your teacher?"

"Yes, Master Sozen," Cade said with a sigh.

"Good, now make sure that your classmates make it to the shuttle. It'll be the last one out of here."

"And you and Father?" Cade asked.

"We'll manage," Kol said with a confidant smile. "I didn't live this long to let the Sith and their Imperial Remnant allies end the Jedi this day."

"Okay," Cade said. "Then I shall obey."

"Good boy," Kol said, as she rubbed his son's hair. "I'll see you soon at the rendezvous site."

Cade nods his head, as he took one last look at his father. For some reason, he felt that he wouldn't see him alive again…

After Cade leaves, Kol turns towards his former apprentice.

"I'll have to free HIM, Sozen," Kol said, as he begins to return to the upper levels of the Jedi Temple.

"How do you know that Master Ranma is even here?" Sozen said. "And if so, how do you know if you can save him?"

"I know because of the bond I share with him," Kol said. "Regardless of what happens, make sure that our brethren, those that are able to leave, are out of here."

"And you?"

"Whatever my fate shall be, I have to make sure that Sith does not abuse the knowledge Master Ranma possess," Kol said, as he and Sozen stop corridor junction. "Just be sure that YOU are careful, my friend."

"I'll try, Master Kol," Sozen said. "And Master? May the Force be with you."

"The same."

And, with that, Kol and Sozen separate, determined to succeed in their respective missions…

A short while later…

"What happened to you?" Kol said, as he confronts Kaos.

"I was liberated from my burden, my former apprentice," Kaos said. "I was taught that I can't be a warrior without being 'a man amongst men'. Now, without that, I don't have to feel such a pressure."

Kaos then snaps her lightsaber, activating it.

"But I am still a warrior."

"Then let me refute that," Kol said, as he snaps his own lightsaber, before getting into a fighting position. "And let me show you the errors of your ways, my master."

"Show me," Kaos said, as she leaps forward, and flies at Kol like a missile.

Kol responds by leaping into the air while tumbling forward so that he could slice into Kaos as she passed by. However, she sensed this counter strike before hand, which is why Kaos rotates in mid-flight before crossing her lightsaber with Kol's in a parry. Upon completing her "flight", Kaos arcs her back, lands on one hand, and then pushes herself off the ground so that she could flip backwards before landing into a standing position.

And all this was done in mere moments.

"Now, we can continue," Kaos said, as she rotates her sword arm before attempting to strike her old apprentice.

Meanwhile, in Darth Krayt's command ship…

"Master, the battle is proceeding well," said Darth Maladi. "We shall soon defeat the Jedi."

"Of course, for I have foreseen it," Krayt said. "However, there is one more thing that I want to do…"

Krayt turns to a pale man who looked, to use an American term, "Goth". He wore red pain over his eyes, he long hair in a tight pigtail, and wore loose, bellowing pants (called a "hakama") and arm bracers.

"Darth Nihl, my assassin, you are to get rid of both Master Kol and Lady Kaos," Krayt said.

"As you wish, Lord Krayt," Nihl said, as he fades into the shadows.

"I do not understand the desire to do away Kaos," Maladi said.

"Simple: I have Master Ranma's male side. His baptism in fire, with the destruction of the Jedi, will insure that Stryfe will always be of the Sith. Killing Kaos will make Stryfe a permanent fixture within the One Sith."

"And killing Master Kol?"

"As Master Ranma would say: golden."


"Everything is coming to plan, as I've foreseen it," Krayt said, as he leans back into his seat. "Ineed."