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Summary: Shinichi is about to tell Shiho why sex is called sex. But if he's gonna explain it, then he has to show it. Extreme, Hardcore and Wild Lemon. ShinichixShiho.

Note: I won't be writing Shinichi and Shiho turned back into their original body, so I'll just skip the prologue. Not to mention, no Ran at all. All chapters contain lemon.

{Extreme Type}


(Shinichi's house)

Shinichi was leaning against the wall looking out at the window in his room. It has been 2 years, the antidote was finally finished and Ran has married another guy. Shinichi was happy though because he actually got over with her.

Now, he loved Shiho ever since he saw her true form. He even told Ran face-to-face that he had loved someone else but Shiho didn't notice this. He smiled at the thought of Shiho. 'I'll tell her one day,' he thought. 'Maybe tonight, I'll even show her.'

[That night…] (Shinichi's house)

A tap of knocks were heard and Shinichi opened the door. Once he opened it, he saw Shiho in front of him.

"I heard the rumor," Shiho said. "I'm sorry. If there is anything I can do to help you, I'm happy to do it." Just like Shinichi, Shiho loved him as well. But she couldn't tell him the truth. That was why she decided to help him.

Shinichi smiled warmly at her. "There is," he said as he grabbed her right hand. She blushed at this. She never blushed when she's Haibara Ai but when she's Miyano Shiho; she was acting like a girl – a real girl.

'She looked so cute when she blushes,' he thought still holding her hand. "Follow me," he said as he brought her into his room.

Once the both of them got in, Shinichi closed the door.

"Kudou-kun," Shiho called. "Why did you close the door?" she asked.

Suddenly, with lightning speed, he hugged her.

"What are you doing?" she asked, shocked.

"You said you'll do anything to help me, right?" he asked.

She nodded.

He looked at her in her eyes. Her eyes were aquamarine blue and they were so beautiful to him. "I want you to be mine," he said. "I love you, Shiho."

Her eyes widened when she heard him calling her by her first name. Tears coming out from her eyes but they were tears of joy. Shinichi didn't know this.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I'm sure you already love somebody else, right?"

Just then, she kissed him and this made him shocked with wide eyes. Soon, he shut them slowly and kissed her back.

It was just a short kiss and they soon parted, not even breathing hard.

She looked at him for a while. "I love you too, Shinichi," she finally confessed.

Shinichi wasn't surprise when he heard her calling by his first name. Instead, he was happy to hear it from her voice, so he smiled warmly at her.

"Then," he said. "Let me show you how much I love you."

He pushed her down slowly on the bed by kissing her. She moaned when she felt his tongue tasting hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer some more. Another moan was heard with a giggle and he smiled against her lips when he heard her giggle and felt her lips forming into a smile against his lips.

'Her giggle is so cute,' he thought.

His hands made themselves under her shirt to remove it. They parted for a while and he finally got her shirt off. Once he got it off of her, he kissed her again, only more violently. His tongue explored inside her mouth trying to find anything sweet in there. At last, he could taste her saliva.

Shiho's hands kept themselves busy, unbuttoning his shirt. Soon, his shirt was off and she wrapped her hands around his neck again and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss.

She was running out of air, so she parted for a while. Shinichi took this chance to take off the remainder of her clothes from her top body, which is her bra. But before he did, his hands traced her almost bare body and slide themselves under her bra.

He could feel her nipples harden as he grazed them under her bra. He took it off of her impatiently to look at her now topless body.

He pressed his lips against hers and at the same time unzipping her jean. But before that, he took off his trouser first.

Once he took his trouser off, he proceeded to take off her jean at the same time staring at her breasts. He removed the trouser slowly as he focused on her breasts.

Shiho was getting impatient so, grabbed his hands, making him stopped. He looked at her in confuse. "Let me do it," she said, "while you enjoy yourself."

He smiled. "Okay." His hands started kneading both her breasts as she removed her jean at last. He squeezed her breasts and surprisingly enough, they were large, soft and smooth. He couldn't get enough of it as he played with her nipples.

Shinichi's cock then erected and Shiho felt it against her panties. She grabbed both sides of his underwear and pulled it down and saw his erected member. Shinichi also pulled down her panties and saw her pussy, her ravishingly, beautiful pussy.

Now, there laid a naked Shiho with a naked Shinichi on top of her.

Shinichi saw how well-develop her body is. 'I don't think Ran wearing a bikini wouldn't stand a chance against Shiho's body,' he thought. After that thought, he cupped her breast on the right and started sucking it. His tongue found her erected nipples and slowly licking it while his left hand played with her nipples on the left, twisting it, squeezing it.

"Ahhhh! Shinichi," Shiho moaned. "Oooohhhh! Don't stop!"

Shiho whimpered as a reply of pleasure. Shinichi stopped and went to her other breast and sucked it like he did to the right. Again, his tongue played with her nipples. Shiho giggled as she felt very ticklish. She held on to his head, yearning him to continue. He was more willing to obey. As he was done, he kissed her nipple and licked it one last time.

Shiho was disappointed that the pleasure was over. It was time for her to pleasure him.

Shinichi already knew this so, he laid back while he pulled her to make her lay on him.

"It's your turn," he said.

Shiho smiled at him. "With pleasure."

He hands held his erected member and she played with it with her hands and fingers. Shinichi could feel her hands on his manhood. She gently played with it and giggled in joy. 'I've never had this much fun in my life,' she thought, smiling. She started kissing the tip of his cock and he moaned in pleasure. His moans were a little too loud than hers though.

Shiho was about to give him the pleasure of his lifetime and also tried silencing him to not to wake any nearby neighbors, like Hakase, so, she started sucking his member slowly but soon started to pick up speed. More like, she was sucking it violently. Shinichi held onto her head, letting his left hand caressing her reddish blonde hair with his fingers getting tangled with it while the right was still massaging both her breasts.

"Awww! I'm gonna cum!" he moaned out loud.

At last, Shinichi released his sweet juice into her mouth and it was shooting out nonstop. Shiho loved the taste and didn't let his penis out of her mouth, not even for a second.

Finally, Shinichi juice had stopped and Shiho let go of his penis. She licked the tip trying to get even the slightest of taste of his juice. Once she was done, she licked her lip savoring the taste while still holding on to his still rock-hard cock.

"Do you want to know why people call sex, sex?" he asked all of a sudden.

She looked at him in confuse. "Why are you asking me this?" she asked now.

"How does my juice taste?" he asked.

"Well, it was sweet."

"Exactly. That's what the S stands for."

She giggled at this. "Then, what does the E stands for?" she asked smiling at him.

He flipped themselves slowly making him lying on top of her now. "Why not I tell you once a night for each alphabet?" he suggested, going down to her entrance to get some sweet juice for himself.

Before that, he looked at how ravishing her pussy looked. 'What beautiful vagina she has,' he thought. "You have such wonderful legs, Shiho," he said as he traced his hands down her legs. "I don't think any man can resist you." Shiho blushed at his words and actions. He then moved his hands to her pussy and began caressing it with his bare hands and Shiho shivered but enjoyed it. After that, he started sucking on her pussy. He was eating her violently, maybe too violently. Shiho moaned countless times nonstop at this new feeling. Shinichi held on to her hips to make him suck her member harder. Soon enough he was rewarded as Shiho held on to the back of his head telling him to keep going.

"Ah… ha! Oh, Shinichi!" she moaned. "Yes! That's it! That's it! Yes! Ooohhh! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna… Aaaaahhhhh!" She cried out and spilled her juice that was oozing out from her cunt. It was sweet and Shinichi could barely keep his mouth away from her sweet, juicy pussy.

Her juice didn't stop flowing but Shinichi has parted his lip away from her pussy. Shiho didn't know why. 'Why did he stop?' she asked in her mind. 'Doesn't he want my love juice? It's still oozing out from my vagina'.

"Now, let's have some real fun," Shinichi said smiling at her. Shiho knew what was coming so, she spread her legs to get ready for some, 'fun'.

Shinichi's member was throbbing. Shiho noticed this then she grabbed his manhood and rubbed the tip against her still juicy womanhood. Shinichi smiled as he knew that she was getting impatient. He thrust his members into her wet, tight pussy and started grinding it, violating it, punishing it and he could feel it. He could feel warm in her. He could feel that her hole was wet. He could feel warm wetness.

Thudding sounds were heard after each thrust. It was so loud that even outside the house could be heard. Shiho's breasts were dancing along the thudding sounds. Shinichi just kept his eyes locked on them. He was admiring how flexible her breasts were and how good they were dancing. He grabbed her hips and started violating her pussy as raw as he can.

Shiho started squirming, begging for mercy. Her mind told her to stop but her heart told her to continue and enjoy herself. She listened to her heart and she held on to Shinichi's meat stick to make it harder some more.

"Yes! That's it! Violate my vagina hard and raw, Shinichi! Oooohhhh!" He did as he was told. But it only made Shiho screamed louder in pleasure. "Aw, yes! Yes! Yeeeaaahhh!" she screamed but when she said 'yeah', she was moaning.

He quickens the pace this time together as he started going harder.

"Wait! You can do it harder but slow down!" Shiho yelled, begging for mercy. "You'll make me cum even more!"

Shinichi ignored her because he was gonna make them cum together.

He fucked her some more which only made Shiho squirmed again. Shinichi watch as how flexible her well-develop body squirmed. He enjoyed watching her every actions she made. He pumped his member in hers harder some more in attempt to make her scream for pleasure.

Soon enough, she screamed as she released her love juice. Shinichi could feel her juice was so warm. Some of it spilled out while much more still remained in her love hole. The juice flowed nonstop. Shiho started screaming, showing Shinichi she wanted her juice to be release, but Shinichi's cock has clogged her hole like a pile of dirt in a pipe.

At last, he screamed as he shot his seed into her juicy cunt.

"Oooohhhh! I can feel it, Shinichi!" she screamed. "Your juice, your hot juice is inside me! Aaaaahhhhh!"

Both of them screamed in unison as their juices mixed up but they didn't mind as they were finally tired. Shinichi let out his cock and then juice started pouring out from Shiho's still wet cunt. He went down to her pussy and licked it this time to taste any leftover juice that was still on her pussy flesh. Shiho was too tired to scream so she moaned softly as she felt his tongue at her entrance.

Soon enough, she drifted to sleep in exhaustion from having the best night of her life. Shinichi finally stopped. Even when she's sleeping, her love juice was still flowing out.

'Her vagina is so amazing,' he thought, smiling. He looked at her sleeping face. 'She looked so beautiful in her sleep.' He inserted his cock into her pussy again but not fucking her this time. He just wanted his penis to stay inside her vagina till the next day.

He put his hands against her breasts and put her hands holding on to his still wet and hard manhood.

"Goodnight, Shiho," he whispered while caressing her face

Soon, he fell asleep after a great night with Shiho.


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