Birthday Girl

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Author's Note: To Lili, an amazing fangirl and friend. Happy Birthday hon!

It was the morning of her first birthday at the Sanctuary, and all was quiet.

Just the way she wanted it.

She knew Magnus knew her birth date; the woman was too thorough with her background checks to not know. But she also knew Magnus, and the woman was all about privacy.

So now all she had to do was get through the day like it was any other. Easy.

Staff meetings, Abnormal pick-ups, the day goes as normal. Totally normal. No surprise parties, no gifts, no cards, exactly how she wanted it.

Her Dad had always insisted on a big party, even when they'd just barely been scrapping by, it drove her Mom nuts.

"She only has one birthday a year! She's our little girl!"

He always won, Mom couldn't resist for long, especially when he'd wrangle her into begging with him.

God, she missed him sometimes.

Alone in her room, at the end of the day, at the end of her birthday, she lets herself miss him, really miss him.

"Kate? You missed dinner and the Big Guy thought you might want something and-"

"Not hungry. Go away Hank," she sniffs, curling further in to her armchair.

He doesn't say anything, and for a moment she thinks he's done what she's told him to for once and left. But then she hears the sound of a tray being placed on her coffee table, and feels the warmth of a tentative hand on her arm.

"Happy Birthday, Kate."

He's closed her bedroom door behind him when she finally looks at the table, expecting to see a covered dinner plate with the night's meal, which is why her teary eyes go wide at what's there instead.

A cupcake.

Chocolate with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, her favorite kind. Perched on its top was a single lit candle, and by its side a homemade card, the Sanctuary emblem emblazoned across it.

Inside it wishes her a very happy birthday, the team's signatures surrounding its simple message.

And even though there was no party, no massive expensive celebration, and Dad was still gone, she has to admit it's one of the best birthdays she's had in years.