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Angel and Demon

Blood. It was everywhere.

It coated the walls, the floor, the furniture, and the snowy-white locks of the poor teen that lay within the pool of it, his clothing torn.

His yami watched him for a moment, twirling the knife in his hands. The weakling disobeyed him, going off with his friends when he was told not to. When he got home, Bakura made sure that his 'aibou' remembers his place next time and stays away from the Pharaoh no baka.

Yet, at the same time, the remorse was there. It was now combined with guilt, making it much worse and giving him a headache.

Kicking him one more time, the yami went back to the ring, barely hearing his hikari cough, then sob.

Ryou didn't know how long he cried, but when he found the strength to get off the floor, it was close to seven. He dragged himself to the bathroom, stripping off his clothes, and starting the shower. While waiting for it to warm up, he took a look at himself in the mirror.

He was very pale, his skin a milky white. No one would notice this, for his skin was decorated with bruises in all stages of healing, many of them black. The joints on his fingers, toes, and knees were swollen and caked with drying blood, some having open wounds upon them. his hair was now dyed red and laid limp upon his shoulders, sticking to his backside, where more bruises decorated his body. His eyes were dull, listless, and long lost that spark of life within them, like the eyes of a corpse.

Ryou sighed. He was a pale shadow of himself, one very few notice.

He stepped into the shower and began to wash the blood away, hissing as the soap hit open wounds. As he began to wash his hair, he then noticed something new on his arm. He twisted and turn slowly to see the slash marks his yami made were actually hieroglyphics. He nearly began to cry again as he read what they said:

"Property of Yami Bakura, no other."

* * * *

Morning came as always. Ryou groaned as his newest, and oldest, injuries sent pain spiraling throughout his body, almost making him collapse. He grabs the bottle of aspirin on the table and swallowed a few pills as he went to get ready for school.

After another shower, making sure his hair was white again, he went to the mirror to check his face and neck, making sure no marks were there. He spot one bruise creeping up his neck and he grab some make up to cover it up. He didn't want anyone questioning about it, for not only would that person be sent to the Shadow Realm, but he would receive tenfold of Bakura's 'lessons'.

Ryou sighed, a tear slipping down his cheek. He loved Bakura, his other half, but the yami only hated him. It seemed natural for light to love and darkness to hate, so the bearer of the Ring believed. This was how he lived his life after finding out his feelings for the white-haired devil: he kept his silence while Bakura beats him.

The mark was another thing on his mind as he walked out of the house for school: What did it mean? Did Bakura put it there out of jealousy, or just another means of self-torture? Ryou wanted to believe the first, but the latter won out, for Bakura knew of Ryou's desire of escaping the yami's grasp. This was just another means of stating that there was no escape from the white devil.

He had tried, so did his friends. Yami Yugi sent him to the Shadow Realm and gave him back his body, but Bakura somehow came back. Tristen threw the Ring into the forest at Duelist Kingdom, but the Ring returned along with the yami. Bakura even lost a Shadow Game to Yami Malik and sent back to the Shadow Realm, but he still came back. No matter what they did, he kept coming back, like a cat, and made his return well-known to Ryou.

The white-haired teen entered his classroom and, looking at his friends, wished for a yami like Yugi's, like he did everyday.

* * * *

"Hey Ryou. Would you like to come to the arcade with us?"

"No thanks Yugi. I got alot of homework to do and a test to study for."

"Okay," the young bearer of the puzzle smiled at him, buying the lie, as he ran to catch up with his friends. Ryou watch them off, feeling more lonely than before.

He began to head home, not knowing what Bakura had in mind, but vaguely had an idea. He wanted to dream of a life where he was happy: his dad was always home, he hanged out with his friends and go on adventures, he had a yami that loved him and protected him with his life. There were just that, dreams, dreams that made Ryou fall deeper into his depression.

As he passed an alleyway, he was grabbed by a large thug, and then pulled deeper into the alleyway, the stranger protruding a knife.

"Give me all your money kid," the attacker demanded, whose voice was familiar. Very familiar.

"Bandit Keith?"

"Wait a minute," the said thief took a good look at Ryou, "You're one of those punk's friends, aren't ya? Well, if it isn't my lucky day. Now hand over all you got or else."

"Or else what," Ryou stated, too caught up in his own depression to even think straight.

"Or else this," with that, the former Intercontinental Champion slowly unbutton his pants, "What ya don't give me I can always take in 'set payments'."

He was surprised when the white-haired teen laughed, which was not at all sane.

"You think you can scare me," Ryou, not knowing what he was feeling, but went with it, snapped, "Let me inform you that I have been through much worse than some petty little rape. I've been through Hell, have seen Hell, hell, I even met the frickin' devil while I was there! And you know what? I'm going to meet him again and he's going to hurt me more so than your stupid rape. Rape wouldn't even affect me!"

'This kid's nuts,' the blond thought as Ryou giggled madly. Deciding that messing with a nutcase would be a bad idea, he re-buttoned his pants and left, to which Ryou began walking home again laughing.

However, his laughter turned into sobs as it finally hit him what just happened. He hated acting like that, he wasn't crazy, not at all. He just wanted things to be the way they were, when his dad didn't immerse himself in his work, when he could hang out with friends, when he didn't had Bakura to beat him and forbade him to do anything fun or exciting.

He sighed, his breath shuddering, as he began crossing the street, never seeing the car coming.

* * * *

Bakura looked at the time for the fifth time that day. Five o'clock. Where the hell was that weakling?

He went downstairs to wait for him, looking out the window every now and then, noticing during his nap that there were three messages on the answering machine. With nothing better to do, he looked at it and pressed a button.

"This is Dr. Mikameru of the Domino Hospital. I'm looking for either Mr. James Bakura or his older brother, Bakura Ligister. If any of you receive this message, please report to the hospital immediately to sign-"

Bakura hit the button again, thinking it was a courtesy call.

"Ryou, it's dad. Sorry about this, but my plane is delayed for a few days because of roadwork. I'll try to be home as soon as possible and I'll make it up to you. Love you, bye."

'Wish I had a dad like that,' Bakura thought, remembering his abusive and raping father for a minute before going on to the last message.

"Ra damn it Tomb Robber," it was Yami, "Didn't you get the phone call from the hospital? I swear to Ra you're such a fucking bastard it's not even funny!"

The white-haired demon stopped that last message and dialed Yugi's house.

"Hello, Game Shop."

"Put the damn Pharaoh on the line," Bakura snarled at the overly innocent hikari. There was a shuffle, then Yami had the phone.

"What the hell do you want?"

"I wanna know what the fuck I did to get that message before I take it out on your hikari, Pharaoh," the yami growled.

"You still don't get it, do you," Yami's voice was full of anger, but it was mostly kept under control.

"What," Bakura shouted, "what the fuck is it? And where the hell is my aibou?"

'Wait, did I just call the weakling my aibou,' Bakura suddenly thought, but it was interrupted.

"You have no right to call him that," Yami snarled, "and when the hospital called your house, it WAS about Ryou!"
"Just fucking spit it out already before I-"

"Ryou was hit by a car."

That stopped the threat from leaving Bakura's throat, all traces of anger fleeing and left him in shock. "What," he nearly squeaked.

"It was a hit and run," Yami's voice was low, but was increasing in volume, "He was dragged for four blocks before someone finally stop the drunk driver. He lost so much blood that my aibou's grandfather had to give the hospital permission TO FUCKING LET THEM TAKE RYOU INTO SURGERY!"

Bakura was too stunned to say anything. The guilt became worse a hundredfold, bringing fear and a menacing voice along with it.

'It's all your fault. It's all your fault. It's all your fault.'

"Hello," Yami growled, then heard a bang, "Don't be fucking ignoring me Tomb Robber!"

Said Tomb Robber had fled out of the house.

* * * *

"Did you see that kid that came in here a few hours ago," one nurse asked her colleagues.

"Yeah," the second replied, "He was hit by some drunk that didn't stop for four blocks while the poor kid practically cling to the bumper!"

"I took that kid into emergency surgery," a third piped up, "His back, thighs, calves, and ankles were all devoid of skin! The poor kids was screaming the whole time before the doc gave him morphine."

"Where is his family," the second asked the first, "I thought they would be here by now."

"I tried calling the house, but no answer. Some family, I'll tell ya that."

They then heard heavy breathing and almost fell over in shock at the newcomer. He looked just like the kid they were talking about!

"Where," he began slowly, taking deep breaths from his long run, ""

"In surgery," one of the nurses replied, "He won't be out for awhile. You will need to sign some papers so the doctors can start his treatment after they are done."

'This day and age is so inhumane,' the former tomb raider thought as he was handed the forms and went to the waiting room. The forms weren't anything new; he had to fill them out before when Ryou broke his wrist during gym. He used Ryou's mother's last name so people wouldn't get suspicious about him, everyone believing him to be Ryou's older brother. Some older brother he was.

/ If you didn't keep beating him and let him be with his friends, then this would've never happen./

Bakura shot up from his seat, looking around for the source of the voice, but the room was empty. Shaking it off, he went back to the forms.

/ Isn't any of this getting through your thick skull?/

'Who the fuck is talking to me,' the white-haired fiend thought looking around again.

/ Numbskull, I'm in your mind. You won't find me out there, idiot./

'If you're my conscious,' Bakura stated to the voice, 'Then fuck off. I don't have time for you.'

/Oh, but I have time for you,/ it retorted, /Do you really think that by planting me so far into your mind that I would go away? Well, I'm back and here for revenge. What the hell were you thinking abusing Ryou like that? He a human being, not a rag doll!/

'It's my Ra given' right. He's so weak and pathetic.'

/Your right my invisible ass. He may lack in physical traits, but he makes it up with his strong spirit, a spirit you have very intention on breaking./

'He's too weak and trusting,' Bakura shot back, 'He needs to be taught how to be strong.'

/And you're the guy to do that? I bet your father would be very proud of ya for saying that./


/The truth hurts, don't it. Well, the mother fuckin' rapist would be proud of you for walking in his footsteps, beating on the one you love and making him feel worthless./

Bakura was silent about that. Did he really, truthfully, love Ryou? Looking at the facts, Bakura had noticed that whenever he hurt Ryou for the last several months, he would feel really guilty about it, like a knife going through his heart, but he always ignored that and retaliated that it was for Ryou's own good. He had to learn how to defend for himself, Ra only knows that Bakura couldn't protect him forever. Then there was the idea of someone touching what is his. Bakura knew for a fact that if anyone stole Ryou's innocence that he would never forgive himself. No one should've gone through what he did.

That when it hit him. Ryou was going through the same shit he had gone through. There were a few differences, like Bakura carving his mark on Ryou's left arm and that he never touched the young angel like that.

Wait a minute, angel?

/Why didn't you rape him yet, hmmm,/ the voice snickered, knowing it finally gotten through to the jackass, /I'm sure he would make a good lay, crying his eyes out as his innocence is stolen, his virgin blood coating the sheets-/

Bakura nearly screamed as he launched himself, stabbing the pen through the cushion of a harmless chair. Trying to get his anger under control, he looked around, trying to hear the voice, but it was gone.

Silently, he finished the forms and handed them to the receptionist, just as a doctor came out and called his name.

"Mr. Ligister?"

"Yes," Bakura nodded.

"I'm Dr. Mikameru, I called earlier about Ryou's accident, but you and your father weren't home, so called in Mr. Motou for permission to go ahead with the surgery."

Bakura almost groaned at that. Because James was gone on long trips, Sugoroku had signed the forms that allows him to give the hospital permission to let Ryou have surgery, blood transplants, etc.

"Our father's out on another trip and I was running some errands," the white-haired yami said calmly, wanting the doctor to get to the point.

"Okay then," Dr. Mikameru looked at his charts, "Ryou have some extended injuries, such as a broken arm and leg, fractured ribs, and internal bleeding that we caught in time and was given a blood transfusion. The skin upon his backside has been literally scraped off, so we placed a fine sheet of artificial skin to prevent further blood loss and infection. The skin will peel off after his body regrows the skin that was loss along his back, thighs, rear end, calves, and ankles. He will need to be confined to a wheelchair until his leg has healed, if he ever wakes up."

"What do you mean?"

The doctor looked at Bakura, not really sure how to say it, but took a deep breath and decided to be blunt.

"Ryou Bakura is in a coma."

Bakura slid to his knees at the doctor's words as all of Ryou's friends ran into the hospital catching only the last part of the report.

"A coma," Malik repeated, hoping he heard wrong. To his dismay, as well as the others, the doctor nodded.

"Oh God," Tristen muttered. Yami Malik hugged his hikari while Joey hugged a sobbing Yugi, Yami waking over to where Bakura was.

"Bakura," he asked, wondering if he was alright, a first in his spiritual lifetime. The former Tomb Robber's face was blank, his dark eyes held no emotion whatsoever. It was as if he either had no soul or he was fighting with himself at the moment. Which, in truth, he was with his conscious.

'Oh Ra, Ryou!'

/Too late now. You'll never get your chance at forgiveness...or love./

'If I only could've-'

/Could've, would've, should've. What ifs mean nothing in this world, baka. Maybe in the next lifetime, huh? That is, if Ryou ever does get reincarnated./

'He's not dead yet, so shut the fuck up!'

/Why should I? You know I'm right. All the abuse you've done to him could cause his soul to become a wanderer in purgatory. Living his own personal hell because of you. And what will you get when he dies? A one-way trip back into the ring with no hope of escaping or even being reunited with him again./

'He's not DEAD YET!'

/I beg to differ. In this day and age, if one doesn't awaken from a coma, they pull the plug on the life support unit that's the only thing keeping him alive. You know I'm right, because you've seen them done it before!/

This was true. Bakura was checking on Ryou after the hikari broke his wrist when he spotted a mourning family in another room, the doctor stating it was time after a year of waiting for the person to wake up. It was starting to become too much for him.

"Bakura," Yami was now waving a hand in front of the spirit's face, when he got up from his knees and ran out of the hospital.

* * * *

"That son of a bitch," Malik snarled, anger flashing in his lavender eyes.

It was already nightfall and the gang had to head home. Bakura didn't come back at all when the doctor allowed them to see Ryou, which only anger not only Malik further, but everyone else as well.

Ryou was lying in a hospital bed, a life support unit attached to him through numerous wires and tubes. His arm and leg were in a cast and set on slings hanging from the wall, the numerous scratches covered in gauze. From the look of things, he was peaceful, the heart monitor beeping his slow heart rate.

"How can he leave you here like this," the pale-haired teen whispered, noting how the moonlight made Ryou look like an angel, "Doesn't he even care at all about you? Does your existence have no meaning?"

He was rewarded with silence, except for the heart monitor.

"Why did this have to happen Ryou," Malik continued, "I mean, you're the most vulnerable out of all of us hikaris. I mean, Yugi's strong in spirit and I can challenge anyone without breaking a sweat, but you? You have a strong heart, but it seems that it's also your weakness."

He sighed as he pulled out Ryou's deck, shuffling it for a minute. Both Ryou and Bakura had the ability of fortune telling, stating what one's future held. He was being taught by Ryou at the time of the accident, so he had very little experience how it worked.

He placed the cards in order as taught on one of the tables, flipping the first one over, revealing the past.

It was the Man-Eating Treasure Chest. What one thought would be a great treasure turned out to be a trap all along.

Malik smirked, which explains how Ryou felt before and after meeting Bakura.

The next card, the present, was the Man-Eater Bug. One who doesn't watch out for himself would end up in great peril, or even lose their own life.

Malik couldn't help but smirk at the irony of that. He hoped the third card brought something promising.

He blinked as he flipped the last card, the one representing the future. Why would it be the Change of Heart?

* * * *

It was a week after the accident. James was told of everything from Sugoroku and was able to catch an early flight by going to another airport. His first stop back in Domino was the hospital, where the doctors explained everything and let him see his son. James burst into tears at the sight of Ryou.

Mr. Wheeler and the Taylors came over, along with all of Ryou's friends, to give condolences to James. Some were worried that he would do something crazy, but he promised them he wouldn't. James hated alcohol, since his own wife died from a hit-and-run by a drunk driver and forbid it in his household, and he was too hopeful that Ryou would awaken anytime soon.

Bakura had seem to disappear off the face of the Earth, since he wasn't home all week and no one had seen him. They searched for him for days before giving up, not sure what to do.

The police had arrested the drunk driver on charge of DUI and possible involuntary manslaughter. He wasn't that hard to find, considering Ryou's blood was still staining the bumper and most of the front of the car.

James was looking at the latest finds from Egypt, calling the head of board and demanding an emergency leave, extending for as long as he could managed. The board took pity on him and gave him four months, with the catch that he does his studies on new finds at home, a catch James didn't see a problem with.

He picked up the ancient papyrus and scanned it into his computer, saving it for later research. after looking at his translations, he determined that it stated:

"In the time of the ancient game, a man appeared before the Pharaoh and challenge him for the items he and his high priests possessed. He had violated the tombs and dragged the mummified corpse of the previous pharaoh to the palace, a sign of such disrespect that he was punished violently for it with defeat.

"That did not stop the thief though, for he challenge one of the high priests and killed him, taking his item. As his punishment, the thief's soul was bound to the Item, using ancient magic to seal him within. Only the light of a forgiving soul can ever free him, and only this light can pierce through his darken soul and break the shackles of his binds."

"Weird," James thought, believing that the papyrus had to have come from Yami's time, and the thief sounded much like Bakura. He didn't had long to think about it, for the news had just came on.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen," a news anchorwoman greeted, "In tonight's news..."

* * * *

He had been living in the woods of the park for a week now, his clothes dirtied and torn. His hair a mess of knots, twigs, and anything else that got stuck in there, making him seem homeless.

He walk out of the woods when no one was around, walking over to the TV shop that had the news on, showing a picture of Ryou lying in his hospital bed.

"Ryou," the figure's moaned, his voice strained and dry from lack of fluids. He inched his face closer to hear the TV.

"Young Ryou Bakura of Domino City is in a coma after being hit by a drunk driver and dragged four blocks on June 13, a week ago. His doctors have stated there may be hope of him awakening, but they aren't placing bets on it."

The figure ignored the witnesses' remarks, although many were giving condolences and offers to stand on trial for Ryou's family.

"We have an update," the anchorwoman stated, getting the figure's attention.

* * * *

"Yami," Yugi cried out, "Come quick!"

The former pharaoh ran down the stairs, cladded in black sweats and a black wife beater because of the heat, and sat down next to his hikari as the anchorman continued.

"The police have reported-"

* * * *

"-that they have found the person that ran over Ryou Bakura."

"Alright," Joey rubbed his hands together, "Can't wait to see 'im so I can slug the son of a bitch!"

* * * *

"Here it comes," Tristen said to no one in particular, as they show a picture of the car with blood still stained on it's front.

"Isn't that-"

* * * *

"As you can see, the driver didn't even clean up the blood from where the victim was hanging from."

"That car looks familiar," Mokuba stated.

"Yes," Seto agreed, looking at it closely, "It does."

* * * *

Malik unsheathed his blade, licking it as his eyes were glued to the TV. Yami Malik cracked his knuckled, then thought of something.

"Hey, isn't that house-"
"The car belonged to seventeen year old-"

* * * *

The figure, now appearing to be Bakura, growled in anger, as he saw the person being arrested. The face was concealed because of minority, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who he was...or rather, she.

"Tea Gardener."

* * * *

"I KNOW MY RIGHTS," the young girl screamed as she was hauled into the station, "I ALSO KNOW I DIDN"T RAN OVER RYOU! HE'S ONE OF MY FRIENDS!"
"Okay then," one of the officers said, "Then why was his blood all over your car?"

"I don't know," she replied, "All I remember was driving home a week ago and I saw the blood on there the next morning. Nothing happen!"

"Were you driving on Lener Lane?"

"Yes, I was. It's the fastest route home!"

"Ms. Gardener," the other officer began, "We receive reports about a young boy with white hair that was being dragged by a car matching your car's description at 3:45 PM June 13th. The caller stated that her husband had to pull a drunk woman that matches his description out of the car just to stop you and hold you down while others of the neighborhood pulled him out from underneath. The poor kids was screaming his brains out, crying until he shed blood for tears, until MP's came by and gave the kid a few sedatives just to calm him down. Now, the man holding you down went to see if the victim was alright and the woman took off in her car. No one was able to catch her and today we had reports from the school you go to that matches you to the description."

Tea couldn't believe that. Sure she only had a few drinks with friends before that, but that shouldn't have affected her at all. She was pushed and pulled, had her fingers covered in ink and then placed on paper, then had her picture taken before placed in a cell. She would have to call her dad to pay her bail in the morning.

* * * *

James was surprised as the door swung open and a disheveled Bakura limped in, looking like he been through hell. The elder grabbed a blanket and wrap the shivering spirit with it, seeing that it was raining when they made the announcement.

James helped Bakura sit down and took off to make some soup to warm the spirit up. He may hate Bakura for hurting Ryou, but he didn't want another one in the hospital.

"Mr. Bakura?"

James was almost shocked at the yami's voice. It was soft, breaking, as if he were a child that realized he did something wrong and was afraid of the consequences, but stood his ground. This was not the Bakura everyone knew.

"Yes," the elder replied, walking over to him.

"It's my fault that Ryou's in that condition," the yami said softly, "I told him not to hang out with his friends and he was on his way home that day, doing just as I told him to."

Tears began to fall from his eyes and James wondered if Bakura was alright. This was not normal, not by any means.

"Please punish me."

Now that shocked the elder so bad, he thought he was going to have a heart attack. Why would Bakura want to be punish for something he didn't do?

"What kind of punishment," he asked, not sure what to do.

"Beat me."

"What? No."

"Why not," Bakura's broken voice was rising now, standing towards the taller man, "I beat on your son mercilessly. The couch, the rugs, and the walls are still stained with his blood and he didn't even do anything wrong but went out with his friends! Did you see the mark on his arm? I did that, out of anger! I've done more things in my lifetime than any stupid terrorist; at least they have a reason, I didn't and I still don't."

At this time, Malik and Yami Malik had arrived at the house, surprised that the door was open. That was quickly replaced with shock at Bakura's next words.

"I won't fight back at all. You can do what you want with me. It's the only thing I can think of before I go after Tea for what she did to your son."

James was at a loss for words, not knowing what to do. On one side, his anger was pushing him to take the open invitation and beat the crap out of him. The other side, his more honorable side, told the other to go to hell and this wasn't right. However, the elder caught a flash of emotion within Bakura's eyes before they closed, the spirit awaiting the beating as if he did this before.

James lifted his fist...

Bakura waited for the blow to come, knowing that he must make pensions for what he done, and the best way to do that is for the father of his victim to return the favor. Even as horrid memories of his past washed over him, he stood his ground. This man was not his father and deserves some retribution, after all.

Malik and Yami Malik were holding their breaths, not sure what to do. Either something must be seriously wrong with Bakura or he finally realized what he did was wrong to Ryou and feels torn that he may never make it up to the young hikari.

James lifted his fist, his knuckles going white, and narrowed his eyes for a moment, before finally sighing and dropping his hand. Bakura opened his eyes in shock that the elder didn't just do it, watching as those pale blue eyes became sad, full of sympathy. The onlookers just held their breath, waiting.

"It's not in me to be a child abuser," James finally said, "You have the eyes of one who has been through too much. I can tell you've never had a father that was either caring nor forgiving in your previous lifetime."

Bakura's eyes widened, shocked that someone can read him that well and knew what kind of hell he went through as a child. Those words were all it took and the great thief broke down, sliding to his knees. The elder took him into his arms, whispering reassurances and telling him to let it all out. Malik looked confused; in all the years he knew Bakura, he never knew the reason why he was such an asshol, let alone going after the Items. He turned to his yami for answers.

"Have you any idea about all this," he asked.

"No fuckin' clue," the yami replied, "Sure, I knew he was abused when he was a kid; we all were, except for the damn Pharaoh, but I never knew that Bakura's abuse went that far. If I had, his old man would've died a horrible death, I assure you on that one."
Malik almost smiled at that. Even though the two yamis fought sometimes, there was no denying the fierceness of Yami Malik's care for his friends. The two decided to leave and not speak a word of this to anyone else, but that was blown out the window when Yugi and Yami arrived.

"Have you two seen," Yugi began but caught sight of Bakura sobbing in James' arms, neither noticing their guests.

"Not a word to this to the others," Malik growled softly, getting a nod of understanding from Yami. They closed the door and walked off, the rain becoming a light drizzle, as they head towards someplace to get warmed up.

"What could cause Bakura to break down like that so easily," Yami asked the one question on everyone's minds. He didn't expect an answer, nor was he given one.

* * * *

Ryou, as a young child, walked through the grey wasteland, watching out for shards of glass and mirrors as he padded along, following a butterfly. He couldn't think of a time when he use to do such a thing, but now felt the time, for it kept the bad pain away.

Change of Heart watched her little master, worried about him in both his mind and the real world. Master Bakura hadn't come back nor came into Master Ryou's mind to fetch the young tenshi, a mixed blessing and a curse. She wanted to do something, more than anything, to stop her little master's pain, but the farther he went, the less pain he felt as he ties with the waking world were breaking.

"Is it right to let him venture so far into his mind," she asked no one in particular.

"It might do our masters some good," Dark Necrophia answered, appeared by the magic card's side, "Master Ryou will get his wish to be happy and Master Bakura will have to confess his feelings for the young one."

"I'm more worried about the other cards taking an advantage of this," Change of Heart stated, "You know as well as I many of them are not as loyal as you or I."

"Have no fear young one," the dark fairy assure, "I will make sure they won't harm him. They will pay if they do."

* * * *

James held the sleeping spirit in his arms, carrying him to Ryou's room. Bakura had cried himself to sleep and now seemed peaceful for the moment, all of his worries put aside until he was ready again for them.

It took every ounce of him for James to forgive Bakura for hurting his son. It was probably something he didn't want to do again and hoped that the yami really has changed, but one can not be sure until he has awaken. At the very least, he thought, that the white-haired demon didn't rape him and take away the one thing most precious to Ryou, and that he thanked every God out there for.

Setting him on the bed, James tucked him in and left quietly, going back to his research for the time being. He picked up another papyrus and worked on that, translating and saving it to his files, before he heard a soft cough. He didn't see anyone around and went upstairs to see Bakura coughing hoarsely, a sign of a cold. He went over to see the yami was in a cold sweat, and his cheeks flushed, a sign of fever. James placed his hand on Bakura's forehead just to make sure.

"You're burning up," he said, pulling the sheets closer to him, "I have to give you medicine. Be right back."

Normally, Bakura would've taken care of himself and told the elder to get lost, but he just seem to not have the energy to even sit up, let alone get the stuff himself. He waited for James to return with a cup of red liquid, handing it to Bakura.

"It's Ryou favorite," he said, "and it doesn't taste as bad as the other medicines."

Bakura nodded and drank the stuff down, tasting like cherries and barely had a bitter after taste. He gave the cup back then found himself drowsy again, barely had time to whisper "Arigatou."

James just watch him sleep for a minute before going back downstairs to put his things away, wondering if this was a sign that things will be alright from now on.

* * * *

Yugi, along with Yami, paid a visit to the hospital the next morning, checking to see if there was any changes, hopefully good changes, to Ryou's condition. Since they had visited Ryou before, the receptionist gave them visiting passes without question and they were on their way.

As they were heading to the room, they saw two other doctors walking in and talking, to which both boys listened.

"His conscious is pulling away from his body," one doctor said, "All that will keep him alive soon is the life support unit."

"We may wanna talk to his family about pulling the plug," a second suggested, "but he seems so young. I wonder if it was more than just the accident to cause him to retreat like that?"

"I agree about calling his family," a third said, "but for them to try and talk to him. Perhaps knowing that there are those that love him and need him will help Ryou Bakura pull through. It has worked in the past."

"But that's on a 50/50 scale," the first reminded, "However, it's worth a shot. There's nothing else we can do."

"Oh God," Yugi whispered, tears stinging his eyes.

"I'm going to call Bakura," Yami said, running off to the nearest phone.

* * * *

James was up early, like usual, and had checked on Bakura to see how he was doing. He was glad that he caught the fever last night, for it was gone now, but the spirit was still coughing a bit and had taken more medicine.

As the elder went into he kitchen to make breakfast, the phone rang. Not having anything better to do, Bakura answered it.

"Hello," he said, his voice groggy.



"What the matter," Yami asked, "You sound like shit."

"Getting caught up in the storm and living outside for a week will do that to a person," the former tomb robber joked, then grew somber, "What's the matter?"

"Yugi and I were visiting Ryou this morning," the tri-color yami replied, "when we saw the doctors going into the room. They said that Ryou's consciousness is separating from his body and that his body will soon have to depend on life support. They wanna call you and Ryou's father in to see if you guys can bring him back."

Bakura was silent for a moment, almost ready to cry again before he started a coughing fit again. James came out to see what was going on and took the phone, Yami explaining the situation to him as well. The white-haired demon disappeared upstairs for a moment while James finish up talking to the yami. As he hanged up, he saw Bakura coming down, dressed in a sweater and jeans.

"You're still sick Bakura," the elder stated, "You need to rest right now."

"Ryou needs me," the yami grunted, "My resting can wait. I need to get to Ryou so I can enter his mind and bring him back."

"Is that possible," James asked, hoping the answer is yes.

"Ryou and I are connected through the Millennium Ring," Bakura assured, "I'll be able to reach him."

"Very well then," James agreed, "Just promise me one thing: Please bring Ryou back."

"I will."

* * * *

Everyone was at the hospital after hearing what happen, trying their best to get through to Ryou, but to no avail. The heart monitor was slower today, a horrid sign that he was slipping away.

Bakura and James arrived shortly, the looks on their friends' faces telling all. The white haired demon walked over to Ryou, trying his best not to run, and touched his face gently, noting he was paler than normal.

^Master Bakura!^ It was Change of Heart.

^^What is it,^^ he asked, ^^Where's Ryou?^^

^Dark Necrophia and I are watching him^ the magic card replied, ^but he's traveling too far into his mind. The binds that hold him to your world won't hold out much longer.^

[[Ryou, come back]], Bakura tried, but the connection was fuzzy, almost as if he didn't, or couldn't answer back.

"I'm going into his mind to find him," he announced, lying down next to Ryou and avoiding the slings. With a deep breath, he closed his eyes and disappeared into the Ring.

"What do we do now," Joey asked after a minute of silence.

"We wait," Yami Malik replied, "and hope."

* * * *

Tea was released from jail, thankful that one of her friends bailed her out instead of her parents. She couldn't really explain how all this happen without telling them she was doing some underage drinking. Then, she would really be in trouble.

"God Tea," her friend Jamie exclaimed, "How can you be so reckless? Why didn't you take a cab home?"

"And leave evidence that I was at a bar," the brunette replied, "Forget it. Besides, I think someone's stretching the truth. I think, even drunk, I would've stopped before hitting one of my friends, especially Ryou. How many people do you know have white hair?"

"Not many," Lisa answered, "Shouldn't you go to the hospital and see Ryou?"

"I will after a few drinks," Tea said, "The stuff they served me in there was nasty!"

Unknown to the three girls, someone was watching them from the rooftops. She was small for her age, with long blond hair and eyes as blue as the ocean at night. She wore a silver shirt with blue jeans, and her skin was as white as snow. Accompanying her was a male wearing a golden mask in the shape of an falcon and wore clothing that made him look like an Egyptian God.

"What a waste of existence," the blond stated, turning towards the hospital not far from the police station, "Are you sure about this, my lord? I mean, he has done enough things in his lifetime to fail the test against the feather of Maat and be devoured by Ammut."

"All those that see the error of their ways deserve a second chance," the man replied, red eyes shimmering in the daylight, "Even the ancient pharaoh who gave his life for his people thinks so as well."

"I am just making sure my lord," the girl replied, "Isis may have given them a chance for freedom, but I hope that Bakura does do as he promises he would. That young boy doesn't deserve any of this at all."

"True," the Egyptian agreed, walking up to her, "His mother thinks so, and all of us Gods agreed to this, so you must head off. If Ryou Bakura doesn't return by sunrise tomorrow, he will face Anubis and the scales. You know as well as I if his heart is lighter than the feather, then he will walk this Earth as a spirit for all eternity."
"I'm on it, my lord," the girl bowed before him, then disappearing, "I won't fail, Lord Horus."

"I know you won't," Horus said before getting an idea for the young girl with no love for her friends.

* * * *

Bakura raced through the wasteland, trying to avoid the mirrors as much as possible. He finally spotted Ryou, or what appeared to be a chibi Ryou, upon the only patch of land with life on it. The young one was chasing butterflies, not having a care in the world, and smiling with such joy that can make even the coldest of hearts melt.

"Ryou," the yami began, then felt himself shrink to Ryou's size as he came closer to the child.

"Hewwo," Ryou greeted, running over to him, "I'm Wyou. You wanna pway wit me?"

"Pway," Bakura repeated, knowing that he must get him out of here.

"Yeah," Chibi Ryou cheered, "It's so wonwy here. Change of Heart keeps me company, but I wanted a weal fwiend, wike me! Pwease?"

"Otay," Chibi Bakura said, "Wet's pway in my woom. It got wots of goodies!"


As the two were about the leave the tiny oasis, lightning flashed, causing the two chibis to huddle, shivering.

"I pwotect you," Chibi Bakura said, both moving slowly towards the edge. Both screamed again as lightning flashed again, revealing the Electric Snake, advancing towards them.

"I didn't summon you," Chibi Bakura said, "Go away!"

The snake didn't listen, wanting this for so long. He was never loyal to anyone, waiting for the time to take out the ones that only use him as a pawn.


"I'm scawed," Chibi Ryou was crying now, clutching onto this person who made him feel safe. Chibi Bakura was in no better condition, after becoming so small made his old childish feelings return, like fear.

As the snake was about to attack, an orb of energy appeared and struck it from behind, the traitorous monster hissing as it disappeared within the smoke. The two clung to each other for life until the smoke dissipated, where they saw a young girl with blond hair and blue eyes, her hand outstretched and crackling with energy.

"Who you," Chibi Bakura asked as the girl walked over to them.

"I am one of many guardian angels that serve the Gods," she smiled softly, extending her hand, "You both can call me Tori."

"Tori," the two white-haired boys repeated, getting a nod from the girl. She takes them both in her arms and walks off avoid the mirror shards.

"How did you git in our minds," Chibi Bakura asked, wondering why he and Ryou haven't turned back to normal yet.

"I am a guardian angel," Tory said, "but not your average angel. I'm one of many that once served mankind a great service and were given an opportunity to serve the Gods as well."

"What you mean," Chibi Ryou asked, snuggling into the blond's shoulder.

"I mean that I serve to a certain God personally instead of all Gods," was the reply, "There are so many Gods, from so many religions and so forth that the almighty God, the one God that birthed the other Gods, sectioned us off depending on who we pray to. As for being here, well, I think that's obvious."

"Who sent you?"
"Can't say without gettin' my butt chewed off," Tori replied, taking care to watch her language, "but know this: this God seems to favor you both above all other mortals at the moment."

They reach the doorway back to the soul rooms, Chibi Ryou squirming in the angel's grasp.

"Bad pain," he squealed, "bad pain! Huwt me!"

"I know," Tori sighed, "but that's reality for ya. If you don't go through there, you will die. Then, I doubt you will like to meet Ammut personally, now do you?"

Chibi Ryou whimpered, Chibi Bakura taking his tiny hand in his as encouragement. Suddenly, they heard a rustle and Tori turned to look back, waiting patiently as she tightens her grip on the two toddlers.

Out from the shadows came a White Magic Hat, bowing before them. Both chibis look confused and Tori narrowed her eyes, not giving a chance to drop her guard.

As expected, the Duel Monster started to run after them, to which Tori tossed the toddlers through the door, which were caught by Change of Heart. The Magic Card ran off with them as the angel glowed with energy. Her form shifted and grew, her clothes shredding and disappearing. White and gold striped fur grew all over her body, covering up her modesty, as her arms and legs grew and shift, her legs twisting to appear like that of a feline. Her hair became wild and quartz-like, her face changing into a tiger-like muzzle and ears, a tail sprouting from the base of her spine. Clothing like that of a female Egyptian warrior, wings bursting from her backside.

"Let's dance," she growled.

* * * *

"What's taking Bakura so long," Joey asked no one in particular, impatience laced in his voice.

"This isn't like a walk in the park Joey," Yami scolded, "If Ryou goes deep enough into his mind, there's a good chance that he may never wake up."

"And not counting all the shit Bakura put him though," Tristen added, "It may take longer."

James said nothing, holding his son's unbroken hand. He looked out to see the sun setting, which meant that visiting hours will be over soon and they will have to go home.

'Please come home Ryou and Bakura,' he pleaded, then began to pray to any God listening to help them, even just a little.

* * * *

Horus sat upon the edge of a building, where he saw Tea and her friends go into the local bar across the street. From the look of things, the girl had done this before, getting a flawless fake ID and getting pass the bouncer at the door.

A bunch of thoughts ran through his mind at how he wanted to humiliate the mortal, so many that he didn't notice the other presence behind him until it spoke up, reading the falcon god's mind.

"Will you ever grow up?"

Horus turned to see a man a bit taller than himself, wearing blue and gold armor and a helmet in the shape of a jackal or some sort of dog. He patted the empty space next to him and the new person sat down.

"You gotta admit she deserves it," Horus said, "and besides, when was the last time we had fun with the mortals Set?"

"I would think a hundred years ago," Set snorted, "We got in trouble with Osiris and ended up, what was the human term...'grounded', so to speak."

"You are no fun," the falcon god pouted, although the pout couldn't be seen.

"Shouldn't you be looking over that Ryou kid," the jackal-like god stated.

"One of my angels is watching him," Horus replied, "I can't enter soul rooms as easily as they do."

"What about his mother? Hasn't she pass the tests and become a Guardian Angel yet?"

"She has to finish the final one beforehand," was the answer as Horus' form shifted and rippled. When the ripples stopped, in his place was a young girl with black and gold striped hair and red eyes. "Aren't you coming?"

"Might as well," Set sighed, his form rippling as well.

* * * *

"We'll be safe here," Change of Heart cooed to the crying Chibi Ryou, rushing into Bakura's soul room, Dark Necrophia closing the door. The Magic card placed them down as the small hikari sniffled, one tiny fist rubbing his eye.

"Why haven't we chage bact," Chibi Bakura asked, looking at his small self and glad his and Ryou's clothes shrank with them."

"I do not know Master Bakura," the dark fairy answered, walking over to them, "but perhaps that angel may have an answer for us when she gets back."

"Will she be awwight," Chibi Ryou asked, cheeks red with tears that made him adorable.

As he said those words, the giant white and gold tigress ran into the room, through the door and startling the occupants. The two Duel Monsters took fighting stances before the form glowed, shifted, and returned to Nicki's human state.

"Toy-ree!" the two chibis yelled, then ran over to the femme. Tori twisted her neck about to get rid of any discomfort before patting the chbis' heads.

"What is going on out there," Dark Necrophia asked, shifting her doll so she can pick up Chibi Bakura as the angel picked up Chibi Ryou.

"I had finished off that White Magic Hat," Tori explained, "when several other Duel Monsters that weren't even part of Ryou's deck appeared, followed by a shadow version of Bakura. Luckily, another angel by the name of Shiieba who works for Anubis, brought along Ammut to feast on them."

"What is Ammut," Chibi Ryou asked, obviously had lost his memories as a teenager by the looks of the mirrors in that wasteland.

"You don't wanna know," the blond answered, placing the two on the bed.

"Why haven't they changed back," Change of Heart asked, firing off many questions at once, "Why are you here? Is my masters going to die? Who do you work for? And why doesn't Master Ryou remember anything?"

"Easy there," Tori put up her hands, "One: I'm guessing that because Ryou wished for things to be like before he met Bakura, and that Bakura wished for a chance to start over that the Ring granted these wishes. How long they last, I don't know.

"Two: My name is Toriakikano, or Tory as I ask everyone to call me by. I'm a guardian angel working for some powerful people and that form you saw me in was my Beast form, which comes in handy with the heavy hittin' Duel Monsters.

"Three: Since I got Ryou back to the soul region of his room, he'll be fine until sunrise, where he has to wake up before then.

"Four: Because I was ordered to by my lord and boss, who will be anonymous for now. If I told you now, that would ruin the surprise for later. Not to mention having my wings clipped for some time, and I'm not letting that happen, considering I do watch over Pharaoh Yami and his hikari, Yugi, normally.

"Five: Since Ryou was already in a unstable state, the hit-and-run gave him that final push and he retreated into his mind. The mirrors in that area are actually memory windows, windows for viewing things that have passed, and Ryou collapsing into that coma and the spell of the ring had caused them to shatter."

"Can they be fixed," Dark Necrophia asked, the two chibis bouncing on the bed, laughing.

"Toy-ree aki kano," Chibi Bakura giggled, "Dat a mouthful."
"Now you know why I tell people to use my nickname," Tory stated, then turned back to the Duel Monster, "In any rate, it's hard to say. Ryou will either have to take back his wish and face the pain again while realizing he has a second chance at happiness, or Bakura helps him form new memories with bits and pieces of the old ones. Either way, Bakura and Ryou has to face them one way or another."

Chibi Ryou and Chibi Bakura got tired of jumping around and had climbed off the bed and started to look around, the two running over to a treasure chest.

* * * *

"Where did Yami Malik go," Yugi asked, now noticing that the crazy yami had ran off.

"He said he was getting something to drink," Seto replied, cradling a sleepy Mokuba in his lap.

Suddenly, said yami rushes into the room and locks the door, everyone turning their head as they heard pounding and a familiar voice.

"I got the Millennium Key," Yami Malik grinned, showing his prize, "We can go into Ryou's mind now and see what's up."

"Alright," Joey cheered, along with Tristen. Yami just stared dumbfounded, then frowned.

"You know that Shadi will have your balls after this," the former Pharaoh stated.

"That's if I don't take his first," the craze yami grinned uglily, placing the tip of the key to Ryou's forehead. With a simple twist, the world darkens and brightens as they found themselves with Bakura's soul room, where they saw two Duel Monsters, one blond girl, and two chibis.

"What in the name of Ra," Malik began.

"Daddy," Ryou squealed, running into his father's arms. James looked shocked at the miniature version of his son and his yami, but picked but up and waited for anyone to explained.

"Who the fuck are you," Yami Malik asked, to which he got slapped by Tory.

"You don't address a lady like that," the angel snorted, "and my name is Tory, guardian angel to Pharaoh Yami and Yugi. I am here on orders to protect those two until sunrise."

"What will happen at sunrise," Tristen asked.

Tory sighed. This was going to be a long night.

* * * *

Several girls were laughing at some stupid joke at the far table of the bar, guzzling their drinks as if it were their last. Tea's cheeks were pink from all the sake she had inhaled, but it got her to forget her friends for awhile, as well as her problem with her new criminal record.

"Sssso anyway," Jamie slurred, "Thish bussiness with you and Ryou mussst be sssome shick joke Tea. I bet he'sss jussst fine and he'sss gettin' sssome R n' R at the hoshpital."

"My thought exactly," the brunette agreed, "Oh well; doesn't matter anyway. I never liked him or any of them for that matter."

"Then why hang out with them," Mary asked, taking a swing of her beer before banging it back onto the table.

"There's this guy name Yami," Tea explained, "He's such a hottie, but he's gay for the moment. Once I get rid of his look alike Yugi, he'll come bouncing to me."
There were a few cat calls and some howls, a few people taking notice. Two people sitting at the bar in particular.

"You think for someone who plays her role as the 'Friendship Speeches Are My Life' friend that she could handle her liquor," the female Horus spat, red eyes narrowing.

"Things are never what they seem," Set, in the disguise of a tall male with black hair and blue eyes replied, taking a sip of his beer, "By the way, did I ever tell you you look good in drag."

"Bite me dick head," Horus growled, "and don't get any ideas, for I may kill you if you try anything, if Nephthys doesn't get to you first."

"Hardy har har," the jackal god said sarcastically, then noticed the girls eyeing him and heading their way, "Here comes trouble."

"Well," Tea grinned seductively, looping an arm around Set, "aren't you a handsome devil? You out here all by your little lonesome?"

'If only she knew she was hitting on the God of Chaos,' Horus thought to himself.

"I'm here with my br-eh sister," Set replied, almost slipping that one up, "She's right here keeping me company."

Tea and her friends gave Horus one look, then grinned lustfully at the fact that the handsome man was single, according to their drunken minds. Red eyes narrowed as the shameless girls surround his brother, then an idea came to mind.

"Ain't you that bitch who ran over her best friend," (s)he asked, getting a few gasps and glares from the occupants in the room, the girls staring in shock at the disguised god, before Tea snarled and went to slap Horus, who grabbed her wrist before it made contact.

"How dare you," the brunette growled, "People are just making that shit up for their entertainment."

"I hate to burst your bubble," a buff man came up and glared at the girl, "but I was the one who pulled you out of your car that day. You didn't even give a damn that he was screaming and crying! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU?"

"A slutty leech," Horus grinned, "that's what."

* * * *

"Huh," Tory turned after telling everyone the same thing she told Change of Heart and Dark Necrophia, sensing something in the air.

"What's the matter," Yami asked, noting the concentrated look on her face. Joey, Tristen, and Seto were looking at the hieroglyphics on the wall and asking Yami Malik what they say, Malik was going through his deck, and James was playing with Chibi Ryou and Chibi Bakura, the two going through a chest at the moment.

"PWEETY," the chibi hikari squealed, taking out a crown with the Sennen Eye on it.

"That's my crown," Yami snapped, the chibi flinching, "I was looking for that everywhere!"

"Findews teepews," the little thief grinned, "I wobbed yous tomb and got lots of goddies!"

"Why you-" Yami almost lunged at the chibi when there was a flash of light. Everyone turned to see Tory's extended hand smoking with energy and a miniature version of Yami on the ground.

"Why did you do that to Yami," Yugi demanded, going over to stop the two chibis from fighting.

"So he won't send Bakura to the Shadow Realm," Tory replied, forming a ball of liquid in her hands.

"No fair," Chibi Yami pouted, "mine!"

"Let Ryou play with it for now," James said, using that tone that all fathers use to warn their children, "You'll get it back later."

Chibi Yami pouted some more, then grew interested in Yugi's puzzle as he was picked up. The chibi picked it up, then stuck the bottom tip into his mouth and began sucking on it.

"How cute," Joey grinned.

"And me without a camera," Seto commented, thinking of many ways of using this for blackmail.

"Quiet all of you," Tory said, sitting down as the sphere grew bigger, then an image appeared within.

"Tea," Yugi guessed, looking at the drunk girl hanging off some guy. The others also went over, except for the Bakuras as they went exploring.

"What in the world is she doing in a bar," Joey asked, wondering who the other two were.

"I'm guessing your friend isn't as innocent as she seems to be," the angel stated, watching as Set introduced Horus as his 'sister'.

"Ain't you that bitch who ran over her best friend," (s)he asked, getting a few gasps and glares from the occupants in the room, the girls staring in shock at the disguised god, before Tea snarled and went to slap Horus, who grabbed her wrist before it made contact.

"How dare you," the brunette growled, "People are just making that shit up for their entertainment."

"She thinks Ryou getting run over was for entertainment," Malik exclaimed, then started growling.

"She'll have hell to pay when this is all over with," Seto snarled, the others agreeing with him.

"I hate to burst your bubble," a buff man came up and glared at the girl, "but I was the one who pulled you out of your car that day. You didn't even give a damn that he was screaming and crying! WHAT THE HELL KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU?"

"Yes," Tory added, "Do tell."

"A slutty leech," Horus grinned, "that's what."

Suddenly, Tea screamed and went to attack the god, but Horus was much faster than her, and the brunette slammed into the bar and stool, groaning as pain shot up from her stomach.

"You wanna fight," (s)he grinned, taking a fighting stance, "Bring it on."

"This is going to be good," Tory grinned, then noticed something, "Where did they go?"

* * * *

Ryou opened a door leading to a dark room. Brown eyes wide with curiosity, he walked in and saw many mirrors. He touched one and some sort of scene began to play.

"Weakling," Bakura sneered, then left after beating up on Ryou. As he arrived to his room, a lone tear ran down his cheek.

"Please forgive me," the yami whispered, "It's for your own good. I can't always protect you forever Ryou and you need to be strong."

"Stwong," Chibi Ryou repeated, curious as to why he said that, when a memory of his own appeared before his eyes.

"Give me all of your money," a hooded figure demanded. Ryou trembled in fear, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly, he was sent to his soul room as Bakura took over and beat the guy up. The white-haired demon snorted, then kept control of the body until they got home, where Ryou was lectured and beaten again.

"Was he awways dat mean," the chibi whimpered, fearing that when this is all over, things will go back to normal. He touched another mirror, and this time, a scene from Egypt played.

A smaller version of Bakura was heading home after stealing his daily bread, for his father would never feed him. He was a fast learner, glad that Marikano taught him how to get something to eat without getting caught, but the white-haired boy was still very thin, his ribs showing on his tanned skin.

When he closed the door to his home, a shadow grabbed him and threw him onto a bed. The stench of wine was in the air and Bakura had to fight off the fear of running away, because that made it only worse for his mother and himself.

The bulky man ripped off his son's skit and his own, crushing his body to his victim so there won't be any escape. He can barely hear his wife crying, but he didn't care. There will be no foreplay tonight.

Bakura screamed and cried as he was raped, blood staining the sheets once more as the child felt like he was being torn in two. The man didn't care for the child's cries of pain, just the overwhelming tightness and the slick lubricant that the blood provided.

After what seemed like hours, the drunk found his release and got off Bakura, passing out next to the broken soul. A few minutes later, a trembling woman appeared and cautiously went over to the bed and picked up her sobbing son, then walked out.

"I'm so sorry Bakura," she whispered, tears cascading down her cheeks, as she washed the blood off her son, "I'm so sorry."

Chibi Ryou was crying now, realizing how it must've been for his other half, the other chibi. He wanted to stop and look for him, but curiosity won again and he touched another mirror, revealing a burning village.

Bakura, at the age of twelve, along with Marikano, were watching their village burn at the edge of a small hill, crying their eyes out. They were the last of the villagers and had little money and only the clothes on their backs.

"What do we do now," Marikano cried, "We're too little to avenge our family's deaths!"

"I'll become the world's greatest thief," Bakura stated suddenly, face full of determination despite the tears, "The king of all thieves! I'll steal the Millennium Items and obtain great power, then I'll get revenge for all of us!"

"Is dat why yous needed dem," Chibi Ryou whimpered, not realizing that another was in the room.

"Yes," Chibi Bakura replied, almost in tears too, "It was a good idea at fiwst, but I got caut an' Pharaoh punish me, sealing me into da Ring. When I saw yous, I didn't want yous to go thwough da same ting as I did."

"Baturwa," Chibi Ryou whispered, walking over to his yami. Neither saw the figure in the shadows behind the small hikari.

* * * *

"Oh man," Joey grinned as Horus started to pound on Tea, "This is soooo good!"

"Teach that little bitch to mess with other girls' family," Malik stated.

"I hope she leaves some left for the rest of us," Yami Malik licked the dagger of the Rod.

"Will you guys stop watching that and help us find Ryou and Bakura," Yugi shouted from the second row, Chibi Yami still sucking on the puzzle until he spotted the two white-haired chibis.

"Me want down," he squirmed in his hikari's grip, who did so and the small Pharaoh ran for the open door along with Nicki and Yugi.

* * * *

Chibi Ryou screamed as something cold and dark plucked him up from the ground, Chibi Bakura screaming at the thing. When the young hikari turned to look at the thing, he almost screamed.

It was a darker version of Bakura, eyes red and skin a dark violet. He wore black clothes and was sneering at the chibi yami.

"You lost your touch," he stated, "You're suppose to steal the Items and take over the world, not waste your time with this brat."

"Let go of Ryou now," Tory growled, both Yugi and a now grown up Yami steeping forward to the creature.

"Who are you," Yami demanded, "and what are you planning to do to Ryou?"
"Such manners," the creature's gold eyes gleamed, "I am the darkness within the Ring itself, shaped into the person whose soul you sealed into here so long ago, Pharaoh. And as for Ryou here, well, I'm going to make sure he doesn't live to sunrise."


"Where did she go," Tea growled, knocking people out of her path. The stranger that had beaten her up in the bar had left several minutes ago, laughing her head off, followed by her brother. She managed to get up, despite the pain, and ran several blocks for some retribution. So far, she couldn't find the bitch.

"Forget it Tea," Jamie tried to reason, "She's gone. Let's go do something else before we have to go home."
"No way," the brunette sneered, "I want some payback for all this shit! And I know just the place to go."
"Where then," Lisa asked, getting a really bad idea about this.

"Domino Hospital."

* * * *

"What is he," Yugi whimpered, hiding behind Yami.

"I'm guessing that's the darkness that the Ring had absorbed throughout all the years," Tory explained, "We're facing the Ring itself."

"That's right," the shadow grinned, "You may call me Shadow Bakura if you like, but you won't live long to use it."

"Don't you have that backwards," Yami growled, holding a struggling chibi in his arms.

"I beg to differ," Shadow Bakura grin grew ugly as he waved a hand in front of them. Everyone except Nicki yelled as they were thrown into a wall, chains snaking around and locking around them.

"It seems your magic is useless against me," Tory grinned, her body glowing with blue energy.

"That is of no concern to me," the demon pointed towards the angel and the Aqua Dragon appeared, looking menacingly at the girl.

"Oh crap."

* * * *

"RYOU," Seto and the others yelled out throughout the soul room, receiving no answer.

"What about that door," Mokuba asked, pointing to the open door.

"Let's check it out," Joey shouted, rushing in along with everyone else. They stopped when they saw the Aqua Dragon, Tory changing into some humanoid tigress, their friends chained to a wall, and Chibi Ryou being held down by a darker version of Bakura.

"What the hell is that," Tristen cried out.

"Ryou," James yelled.

"LET ME GO," Chibi Bakura screamed, struggling harder in Yami's grip and from the chains.

"Try to free them," the tigress growled, "I'll take care of the dragon."

With that, Tory roared and jumped into the air, pulling out her sword. The dragon breathed blue fire at it's attacker, but Nicki used the sword to cut through the attack, slicing into the dragon's thick hide. The Aqua Dragon roared, then took off in flight, trying to get rid of the angel, as the other finally got Yami free from the chains.

"It's time I took my leave," Shadow Bakura stated, dragging Ryou with him.

"BATUWA," Chibi Ryou screamed, trying to reach out to the other chibi, as he was being pulled into the darkness.

"WYOU," Chibi Bakura screamed, finally getting freed and following after them. James tried to follow as well, but the portal closed up and he almost ran into the wall.

"NO," He almost began to sob, pounding his fist into the wall, "RYOU! BAKURA!"
"What do we do now," Yugi asked, wanting to do som

ething, anything, right now.

"I don't know," Yami said honestly.

* * * *

"That shadow pulled the two deep within the Shadow Realm," Set stated, both Gods standing on a roof closest to the hospital, "I doubt there will be much the others can do."

"There isn't," Horus said resigningly, looking up at the dark sky and noting it wasn't as dark as before, "Those two are on their own."

* * * *

"BATUWA," Chibi Ryou cried, still being held by the shadow, as Shadow Bakura dragged them into an Egyptian-style bedroom. The said chibi ran in as well, only to be held by Egyptian guards wearing masks to hide their true identity.

"So you followed me here," the shadow grinned, "That will make this much more fun."

"Wha do yous mean," the small hikari asked, unsure what the other had planned.

"What I mean," Shadow Bakura said as he tied Chibi Ryou to the bedposts, "is that I'm gonna do the one thing Bakura didn't had the balls to do: rape the living innocence out of you."
"NO," Chibi Bakura screamed, struggling against his captives. Chibi Ryou screamed as well, but the demon took the opportunity to force his tongue down Ryou's throat, tasting the angel and growing hard from that one little taste.

"You taste exquisite," the shadow commented, then took out a knife, "Let's see how the rest of you taste."

The small yami growled, close to tears, as he heard his angel cry, Shadow Bakura cutting through his clothes and shredding the shirt first. Tossing it aside, the demon lowered his mouth and began to lick around the chibi's collarbone, receiving whimpers from the small form below him.

"Pwease stop," Chibi Ryou pleaded, cheeks red from his tears.

"Did I tell you to talk," Shadow Bakura snarled, backhanding the chibi. The white-haired hikari cried out, more tears pouring out of his eyes. The shadow grinned, licking up the tears, as Chibi Ryou flinched at that rough tongue on his skin.

"WEAWE HIMS ALONE," Chibi Bakura screamed, none noticing the Sennen Eye glowing fiercely on his forehead.

"Why should I," Shadow Bakura stated, not turning around, as he tore the last of his victim's clothes away, leaving no barriers left, as the shadow's own clothes seem to disappear as well.

"And now," Shadow Bakura grinned darkly, "let's cut to the chase, shall we?"

"NO," Chibi Ryou screamed, "PWEASE, NOOOOO!"

* * * *

"DIE ALREADY YOU SON OF A BITCH," the tigress roared, slamming her blade one more time into the dragon's neck, decapitating it. The heavy corpse slammed into the ground roughly, almost sending the transformed angel flying.

"We gotta save them," Yugi protested, both Yami and Yami Malik looking lost, not sure how to break it to everyone.

"Is there any way we can get to them through the Shadow Realm," Malik asked, already knowing the answer.

"That's just it," Yami said, "We believe they are in the Shadow Realm. Normally, we can sense where they would be anywhere..."

"But now," Yami Malik picked up, "we can't. It seems they are too far and too deep into the Realm for even us to find them. And no, we are not going to there to try and find them."

"And just why not," Joey growled, not liking this one bit.

"Because you can die there," Tory answered, transforming back, "The part that Yami speaks of is a place that requires a strong mind to venture within. Only those trained throughout the Shadow Games are capable of existing there for awhile, but those without the training will not be able to take the strain and may end up having their soul scattered to the four winds."

"Is that bad," Tristen asked, Tory looking at him with a blank look.

"It means that not only would you die," she said with strained patience, "but you will cease to exist, done for, no chance of rebirth or resurrection. In short, you're gone for keeps."

"What about Ryou," Yugi shouted, "Will he be destroyed as well? I can't allow that!"

"There isn't anything you guys can do," the angel sighed, "but I will try to find them. Lucky for you, I use to participate in the Shadow Games before my untimely demise."

With that, she disappeared.

* * * *


As the demon was about to plunge into the chibi's virgin entrance, a flash of light stops him, power radiating from the form that is known as Bakura.

"What in the name of-" but that sentence was never finished, as a now adult Bakura slams his fist into the Shadow Bakura's face, sending him flying off of Chibi Ryou and onto the ground. When he looked up, he almost swallowed hard.

Bakura was taller than his normal form, his body more buff and muscular. His white hair was much longer, flaring out and looking wild, and he was now cladded in black and gold armor, large matching demon wings spread wide on his backside. The Millennium Ring sat in the chest plate of the armor and the Sennen Eye glowed in various of colors. In short, he looked almost like a dark god.

"Batuwa," Chibi Ryou looked at him with his over-sized wide eyes, taking in every inch of his yami.

"Now you will pay for what you've done," Bakura glared darkly at his look alike, fingers flexing as energy crackled between them. Shadow Bakura summoned his armor as well as a sword, charging towards the yami. His sword swung at him, but Bakura blocked it with a sword of his own, the two at it in an all-out sword fight. Neither noticed Tory as the angel appeared in the room in a flash of light and feathers.

"Ryou," she exclaims, rushing over and untying the small chibi. The small hikari sobs as the angel wraps him up in a blanket and cradles him in her arms, finally looking at the two combatants nearby.

"Holy shit," Tory couldn't believe how much power was radiating off of Bakura, "He can give even Set a run for his money."

Shadow Bakura went to slash Bakura's face, but his sword was blocked, and he blocked in return from the yami's own slash. He knew that he wouldn't last much longer and decided to take drastic action.

"Let's see how your love and friend dodge THIS," he shouted, firing a ball of black fire at the two.

"NO," Bakura shouted, jumping in the way and taking the full blunt of the blow. Bakura staggered, then fell to his knees, groaning.

"BAKURA," Chibi Ryou cried out, body flashing as well. Tory was blinded by the light, setting the small one down as gently as she could so she can get her vision back and fight the demon.

"I'LL TAKE ALL THREE OF YOU ON," Shadow Bakura raced after the blond, but she pulled out her sword and pointed the tip right at him, to which he impaled himself before he even saw her drew her blade. He tried to say something, but a glob of black blood came out of his open mouth, falling on the blade and onto the floor.

Tory pushed him off her sword, glaring, then turned towards Bakura, who had a weird glow around him. The angel's eyes widened as he shrank to just a mere infant, barely close to a year old, his clothes now gone and he appeared to be in pain.

"Dear Ra," she whispered, then another light appeared, this one more friendly. The light was coming from Ryou, who was an adult now and wore white and gold robes with armor, Millennium Ring dangling loosely, and huge snow-white wings folded slightly around him. His hair was much longer now, but was still calm, and he had the air of a pacifistic savior.

Ryou walked over to Bakura, picking the infant up into his arms and began to chant. The light washed over the small form and began to heal him, causing the small form to grow larger.

"I hate to interrupt," Tory said, "but we must get going. It's almost dawn."

Ryou nodded, not saying a word to break his concentration, and the three began to leave. They stopped when they heard a gurgle and shuffling and turn to see the demon trying to crawl after them. Snarling, the angel took her blade and quickly sliced off Shadow Bakura's head, then slicing that into many different pieces.

With one last look at it, the angel followed Ryou and all three disappeared in a column of light.

* * * *

"Doctor," one of the nurses exclaimed, pointing to the heart monitor with her pen.

"What is it," he said before seeing it as well. The monitor was beeping much faster than before, Ryou's eyes twitching as if in a deep sleep.

"My God," the doc whispered, "This kid's gonna make it! Nurse, remove that notice for taking him off of life support! We got ourselves a survivor!"

"Thank goodness," the nurse breathed a sigh of relief, crossing the order out on the charts, "He is just so young and I couldn't bear to-"


"What in the," the doctor and nurse walked out of the room, being mindful of the unconscious bodies littering the floor, and turn to see some drunk girls wielding pipes, bats, and anything else that they had picked up on the way, knocking out nurses and doctors while they head towards the two that left Ryou's room.

"Nurse, call security," the doctor ordered, locking the door to Ryou's room as the nurse ran to the nearest phone. Dr. Mikameru also had seen the girls and rushed to the doctor's side.

"What is the meaning of this," Dr. Mikameru demanded.

"We all just wanted to see Ryou Bakura," Tea said innocently, but laced with sarcasm "We just wanted to make sure he's alright."

"Haven't you done enough damage to him already," the doctor snarled as Dr. Mikameru took a fighting stance.

"Not as much damage as he's done to my best friend's reputation," Lisa growled, "We know you guys pulled this all off for some TV show and we want some retribution for it. We ain't leaving 'til we get some."

"Then take me on first," Dr. Mikameru stated, grabbing an IV stand, "I will protect my patients without mercy!"

"So be it."

* * * *

"Will he be alright," Yami asked as Ryou place Bakura down on his bed in his soul room, being as gentle as possible. The others couldn't believe what had transpired between the two and James was still in shock at how his son look right now.

"It's hard to say," Tory explained, "It may take a few days of resting before they get their energy back, but I don't think anything else will attack them at the moment.

"For someone to obtain that much power, the unlimited potential of a Millennium Item and use it, and to defeat the force that draws evil to it, is a feat that was deemed impossible until five thousand years ago when another had done so."

"Who was that person," Yugi asked the angel, watching Ryou lie down with Bakura.

"That would be the Pharaoh Yugi," Nicki asked, Yami eyes widening a bit, "You see, in order to combat the darkness that the Items drew forth, the High Priests had to even fight off the power of their Items. Some even died when fighting against other forces that sought the Items out. Even one of the priests succumbed to the darkness and rebelled against the Pharaoh.

"Yami would've fallen to the same fate Young One, but his desire to protect his friends and his people was too much for the darkness of the puzzle nd allowed him to conjure it, giving him the power to control the God Cards themselves."


Everyone turned to see Ryou cringing in pain, bright light blasting out of his body and at the group.

* * * *

"Where am I," Joey groaned, looking around. Everyone else was waking up too, back in the real world. Sounds of fighting can be heard and Yami Malik took a look outside through the small window to see what was going on.

"That bitch is here," he growled, "and she's brought her posse along with her."

"Why do they have weapons," Tristen asked, noting how the doctors were fighting well even with little or no weaponry.

"I don't know," Yami stated, trying to open the door, "but we're locked in!"

"Ryou," Yugi cried out, watching the Ring glow slightly, then fade. Everyone held their breath as...

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Everyone held their breath, ignoring the fight outside, as Ryou slowly began to twitch, his eyes fluttering. Dr. Mikameru crashed into the door, almost breaking the lock, but continued defending the doorway even as he heard a collection of gasps from inside.
Large chocolate color eyes fluttered opened slowly, gazing around the unfamiliarity of the room, eyeing all of his friends, but most of all, the teary eyes of his own father.
"Ryou," James choked, then finally gave a sob of joy, hugging his son. Everyone gave either a sob, a whoop of joy, or laughing their head off and proclaiming a party in Ryou's honor.
"Daddy," Ryou whispered, his voice dry and harsh from sleep, "Wha-where am I?"
"The hospital," Seto replied, "You were run over by Tea and have been in a coma for over a week."
"I was," Ryou exclaimed softly, then began remembering, "Oh God, why did she ran me over?"
"She was drunk," Malik explained, "Even now, she denies that she ever did and now is here with her drinking buddies to try and prove you getting run over was some stunt for a TV show."
"Don't worry Ryou," Joey said, "We'll make sure she neva' hurts ya again."
Suddenly, the door finally gives way and the doctor falls to the floor, Tea walking in with a lead pipe.
"Hello Ryou," she grinned darkly, "How are you feeling? Having fun being pampered while my life's being ruined?"
"This is real Tea," Yami growled, "Why the fuck do you still keep thinking this is all set up?"
"There's no point in talking to her Yami," Yami Malik stated, "Look at her eyes; she still drunk like a mule. She's too hard-headed at the moment to even think straight."
Let's see if those injuries he sustained are real," Tea mused, then gave a war cry as she raised the pipe. Tristen was the first to react, charging after the craze brunette. The pipe smashed into his backside, sending him to the ground with a cry of pain, giving enough time for Joey and Seto to tackle her to the ground. Two more of her friends rushed in with weapons, but they too were taken down by Yami Malik and Yami, their lights taking defensive stances in front of Ryou and James.
"Can't you see that Ryou's really hurt," Yugi cried, knowing it was useless.
"We won't let you hurt Ryou anymore you stupid bitch," Malik spat, taking the sheath of his Rod. Tea manages to slip through her captives, pulling out a gun.
"That's it," she shrieked, "EAT THIS!"
Time seem to slowed down as the gun went off, the bullet spiraling past Malik's arm and towards Ryou's head.
"RYOU," James screamed, watching helplessly.

* * * *

"Ow," Tory groaned, holding her head in one head as she slowly sat up. She looked around and saw not only Shiieba, but Horus and Set as well.
"My lords," she bowed as fast as she could, trying to avoid getting a bigger headache.
"You did well Ni'Kariana," Horus commented, laying a hand on her head to ease her pain, "Arise now."
"What will happen to Ryou and the others," Tory asked, turning into the direction of the hospital as she heard a gun blast.
"I wouldn't worry too much about it," Shiieba grinned, "before I came here, I left a little surprise for her."

* * * *

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT," Tea screamed, pointing at what had taken the bullet for Ryou.
'It' had the snout of a crocodile, the body of a lioness, and the hind legs of a hippo. The green snout had a bloody hole now, from where the bullet collided, and the creature was whining a bit in pain.
As Yami, Malik, and Yami Malik took one look at it, their eyes widened like saucers and they rushed their lights away from the creature as if it were a plague.
"Ammut," the elder Bakura whispered, backing away a bit, but not very far in case it attacked Ryou. Tea just freaked, then tried to fire again, only to find that the gun was jammed.
Ammut gave a toothy grin, then latched itself onto the brunette's arm, biting down hard enough to sink it's teeth in, but not enough to rip the limb off. Tea screams, feeling the pain racing through her like a river of fire through her arm and throughout her body. As she continues to scream and thrash with Ammut, Bakura appears beside James and Ryou looking on with satisfaction at the girl's dilemma.
Suddenly, Ammut loosens it's grip on the arm and it slides out of it's mouth, skin ripping into shreds as Tea yanks her arm through the barrier of teeth. She shrieks again as she saw the bloody remains of her arm, skin, arteries, and veins dangling from whatever that was attached.
Bakura and Yami Malik smiled at the girl's dilemma, Joey and Tristen trying to avoid getting splattered with blood. Seto looked like he was going to be sick, shielding Mokuba's eyes from the sight, while Yugi got reacquainted with his last meal in the nearby waste basket, Yami patting his hikari's backside.
"Now do you think this is all set up," Bakura grinned, then sneered as he punched on the unsuspecting girl, pounding his fists right into her chest and face. As Nicki appeared to get Ammut, Dr. Mikameru manages to get off the floor, spotting the devour of souls right in front of him.
"My God," he almost whispered, Ammut giving him a grin, as much as it could muster anyway.
"Uh oh," Tory said, grabbing the creature, "Gotta fly!"
Giving a salute to everyone, and a one-finger salute to Tea, the two disappeared just as Jonathon Gardener stormed into the room.
"Tea Gardener you better have a-oh my God," he stopped his ranting as his eyes widened at the sigh of his daughter being pummeled by an angry Bakura, as well as her arm being a bloody mess of flesh and bone.
"WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU ALL DONE TO MY DAUGHTER," he screamed, Tea looking smug through her pain, but before she could say anything, Dr. Mikameru stood before the raging parent.
"My name is Dr. Mikameru," he introduced, "and your daughter just so happened to had ran over my patient and dragged him four blocks before someone stopped her. They had reported she was very drunk and that she took off after the neighbors gotten my patient out from underneath. She was also arrest for drunk driving and possible involuntary manslaughter, but I can clearly see from her behavior today, bringing weapons and threatening the life of my patient and his friends and love ones, that she a menace who should be lock away for life!"
"Your daughter has cause my son to lapsed into a coma," James stood up, glaring at the brunette girl for a moment, "and she was going to kill him just mere minutes after he had woken up."
There was silence for a moment, Bakura getting off of Tea as she stood up slowly, holding her head with her good arm to keep the room from spinning. John walked over to his daughter, smelling the alcohol off of her as he came closer.
"Is this true," he whispered, not wanting to believe it at all, but the evidence was quite clear to him.
"No daddy," Tea hiccupped, "It's all a lie."
They were her last words before she passed out on the floor from blood loss and too much booze. Doctors and nurses ran into the room, some showing signs of injury, as they took Tea out of the room to bandage her wound. The elder Gardener just stood there, not knowing what to do or say.

* * * *

"That could've gone better," an angel stated, smiling, as both gods and guardian angel walked into the Hall of Maat, Anubis healing Ammut's wound.
"Bite me dickhead," Tory snarled, the two getting into a staring contest.
"Is this the appropriate time to start this Tsutay," Shiieba frowned. Tsutay was once a samurai three thousand years ago, who spent the rest of his living days making a penance for all the death he had cause. He had left his lord after becoming a guardian angel and went to work for Set. Wearing his usual kimono, his fiery red hair tied up, and his pale eyes shining with mischief, many knew why he became an angel under Set, considering the angel that works for Horus has always caught the eyes of others. Shiieba also knew that whenever he had that look in his eye, he wasn't going to back down for awhile.
"One of these days," Tory growled, "I'm gonna rip your heart out when Lord Set's not looking and feed it to Ammut!"
"You really have no shame do you?"
"Even I have a limit on my patience with you. One of these days, you'll end up in my bed."
"When hell freezes over I will!"
"Children," Thoth cut in, "you both have your duties to perform and I suggest going to do them before your lords punish you."
With one last glare, Tory left to find Horus while Tsutay just snapped his fingers and followed Set.
"If only she were as easy as my wife."

* * * *

"The trial date is in a few weeks," James read off of the letter he and his family received, "Do you think you'll be ready then, Ryou?"
"I think so," Ryou replied, finishing up on his make-up work. The school had allowed him to finish the rest of the school year at home, seeing as that he won't be able to even get to the school to catch up in time for finals.
Bakura kept his eyes on Ryou at all times, in case his tenshi needed help. Even with one arm in a sling and stuck in a wheelchair, both he and the elder Bakura were impressed that Ryou was making a hasty progress. Then again, he always did excel in schoolwork.
"Will there be a defense," the yami asked as James sat down, taking a sip of his coffee.
"I hardly doubt it," the elder replied, "Many of the witnesses that helped Ryou on that day will be testifying; I got confirmation letters from many of them. The hospital is also putting up a lawsuit for endangerment to staff and immediate personnel, including the patients, as well as assault and battery. The list of charges is now up to: DUI, underage drinking with a false ID, attempted murder and involuntary manslaughter, as well as causing a bar fight a few days ago. In short, she may end up in prison for twenty and that's going easy on her because she's a minor."
"I always thought she was our friend," Ryou sighed, almost whimpering, "Why do we have to suffer for her deeds?"
"She'll be the one suffering soon Ryou," Bakura patted the hikari's backside, "and speaking of which, remember Yugi's birthday several months back, when she suggested we ignore him until his birthday, then hold a big party at her house?"
"Yeah," the white-haired teen replied, "I was sick on that day and Yami told me that she and her family had left on vacation a day before then. You guys had to had his party at Seto's house, why?"
"Because Yugi tried to commit suicide the day we were suppose to celebrate it," the white-haired yami answered with a snarl, "The Pharaoh no baka stopped him in time and they had a little 'party' of their own, to say the least."
"You guys walked in on them," Ryou exclaimed, a blush staining his cheeks as he looked horrified.
"To say the least," Bakura shrugged, "they were already done when we did."
"I don't think that's something you should mention to someone like me," James reminded, embarrassed for hearing that, "To change the subject, it's getting late and you two need to get to bed."
"Aw," Bakura pretended to whine like a little kid, "just five more minutes daddy?"
"No," James stated, "After all that has happened, you both will need to rest, finish on that schoolwork, and get ready for the trial. Then, Ryou will need to rest so he can heal faster and get out of those casts soon."
"Come on Bakura," Ryou tugged at Bakura's sleeve with his good hand, "I need your help to get to the bathroom."
With a small grunt, Bakura picked up Ryou, mindful of his leg cast, and carried him up the stairs into the bathroom, setting him down on the toilet seat.
"I need the plastic bags," Ryou said, trying to work his shirt off. Bakura watched, wide-eyed, as his aibou wrestled with the shirt, revealing old wounds on his chest that were in the mists of healing, some even scarring. With a small stride, he helped the young teen with the shirt and eyed the scar on his arm, the one on hieroglyphics. He slid his finger over it, wondering whatever possessed him to hurt him so. Ryou saw this and placed his hand over his yami's.
"Don't worry about it," he whispered, "It doesn't matter anymore so long as you still love me."
How was he ever blessed with something as precious as Ryou was beyond Bakura. He pulled his light into his arms, choking out a 'love you too' into his hair. The two held each other for a moment more before they pulled away, Bakura setting to work stripping his hikari and taping the bags onto the casts, turning on the faucet to start a bath.
"Why did you bring Yugi's birthday up anyway Bakura," Ryou asked as he was lowered into the warm water.
"We all know she was head-over-heels in love with Yami," Bakura explained, "and she also knows Yugi is too sensitive to be left alone for a day, let alone several months. I think she had it all planned, for when she came back and was told hat happened, I could tell she was faking her concern."
"Oh," Ryou replied, then moaned slightly as the white-haired demon began to wash him.

* * * *


"Order," the judge banged his gravel to silence the courtroom. Everyone was on the edge about all that has happened, for the prosecution's lawyer and the defense' lawyer couldn't stop fighting for the last five minutes. Ryou just shrank in his seat, wanting to disappear, while Tea looked like she was about ready to jump out of her seat haven't she been strapped to it.
"Now then," the judge began as everyone quieted down, "From what I have heard, the prosecution's client has been through hell for the past three weeks because of the defense's client, who claims his injuries were fake and that it was all just a game for a television show. Is all that accurate?"
There were several nods and the judge then shuffled some paper before speaking again, "Prosecution, you're witness."
"Yes your honor," James' lawyer, Matthew Stans replied, "For my fourth witness, I would like to call Mr. Ryou Bakura."
Ryou swallowed, then slowly began to turn his wheelchair to get to the witness stand when Bakura stood up.
"Your Honor, may I please be with my brother on the stand," he asked, "He will need help as you have noticed his injuries."
"Agreed," he replied, watching as the white-haired yami pushed the teen to the stand. Both were sworn in and Matthew began his questioning.
"Mr. Bakura, where were you on the day of June 13th at 2:55 PM?"
"I was heading home," Ryou answered honestly, feeling his koi squeeze his shoulder gently in reassurance.
"Can you explain to us the events around that time?"
"I know I was heading home like usual to do some studying for finals," Ryou explained, feeling those memories rushing in and decided to leave out the part about almost being robbed and raped, "Yugi, my friend, had invited me to go with him and his friends to the arcade earlier, but I had to study for this certain final, since it was in one of my hardest classes. When I came towards Lener Lane, I thought the road was empty and went to cross."
The painful memory cause a tear to slid down his cheek, and Bakura wiped it gently from his cheek.
"Please go on if you think you can."
"The next thing I knew," Ryou drew a shaky breath, "I was in immense pain as something hit me in my side really hard. My bag went flying and I felt my body bending. I...I grabbed onto the closest thing I could find and held on, feeling my clothes and skin ripping from my legs... and backside."
Ryou was openly crying now, and he was given a handkerchief to wipe away his tears.
"I never felt so much pain in my whole life," Ryou sobbed, "I thought I was going to die! The pain didn't even stop when the thing I was holding came to a stop and several people pulled me up and laid me down on my stomach. Then, someone gave me something for the pain and the last thing I knew, I was being put into an ambulance before I fell asleep."
"That's enough," the judge said gently, "You don't need to say more."
"Last question," Matthew said, "While you were in the hospital bed after you had awaken from your coma, did Tea Gardener pull a gun out and threatened to kill you?"
Ryou took a deep breath before whispering, "yes."
Ignoring the banging of the gravel, Yami's death glare and Yugi's shock, she spotted Seto Kaiba with a small camcorder in his hand, phone in the other. With a squeal, she pointed to the young CEO and her defense lawyer, Derik Shinkero, walked over and grabbed the camera.
"What are you doing with this sir," he asked, pointing the lens at his face.
Who's the ugly son of a bitch?
Everyone turned to the cell phone as they heard a female voice. Everyone gave questionable glances towards it, and Seto blushed lightly.
"That's my sister on the other line," he said, "She's at the hospital and wanted to see the trial, but her doctors didn't give her clearance, so I'm using the camcorder to send visual too her on her TV."
"And the phone?"
"To talk to her of course! She's never seen a trial before and is very worried about her friends' welfare!"
Damn straight! I hope that bitch's put away for life for what she did!
"She's got quite a mouth on her," Yugi said nervously.
That's Yugi, right? Come visit me sometime. You owe me a duel, since you dueled both my brothers.
"Uh, sure whatever."
"You think she's quite a handful now," Seto warned, "wait until she gets really pissed off."
"Mr. Kaiba," the judge's voice boomed, "Does the camcorder have any film in it?"
"No your honor," Seto answered and Derik checked to make sure. As he stated, there was none. He hands it back and walks back to his seat.
"Now then, are there any more questions?"
"No more questions," Matthews replied and sat down, Derik standing.
"Mr. Bakura," Derik began, "are you certain that Ms. Tea Gardener was the one that ran you over on June 13th?"
"I didn't see Tea as the driver," Ryou replied, "but I remember it being her car, for it had a bumper sticker on it that said 'Honor Student of Domino High'."
"Those kinds of stickers are given out to all students on the honor role at your school," Derik stated, "How are you sure it was hers?"
"It had her signature on it."
"I see," Derik said, then walked around for a bit, "So tell me Ryou; Are you and Bakura biological brothers?"
"I beg your pardon?"
"According to the hospital records," he explained, "you are an only child, so how is it that you have an older brother?"
"I was adopted," Bakura replied, glaring at the offending man, "and I don't see how this has anything to do with the case."
"My point being," Derik continued, "is that Bakura Ligister has no records whatsoever with the hospital; no birth certificates or social security number. For all we know, he could've been the one to have attacked Mr. Bakura and forcing him, and all of us for that matter, to put away an innocent person who has done no wrong."
Everyone turn towards the cell phone again, hearing the girl's sudden outburst.
That's the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard! I know that Tea is a bitch who deserves to be put away! You heard her admit to conspiracy to have one of her friends kill himself!
"Mr. Kaiba," the judge warned, "if your sister can't behave, I suggest you hang up now."
"Yes sir," Seto said quietly, then went to scolding her. Derik smiled at the distraction before turning around, but instead of Bakura kissing Ryou in reassurance that Tea said he would've done, the yami was giving him a death glare that would've destroyed him if looks could kill.
"No more question your honor," he said, almost swallowing. He did had some more questions, but he was certain that he was going to regret it if he spoken them.
For the rest of the trial, the prosecution brought up the huge list of witnesses, each stating their point-of-view on what happen, while the defense only asked a few questions that didn't really help out at all.
In the end, Tea was found guilty of all charges and sentence to twenty-five years. She was taken out of the courtroom screaming and cursing, to which three guards had to drag her out.
As Ryou and the others were leaving, reporters began to swarm all over him, shooting off alot of questions, before they were angrily pushed away so Bakura could place his aibou in the car.
"Have I ever told you I hate the media," the white-haired demon growled as they pulled away.
"Just don't send any of them to the Shadow Realm," Ryou stated, trying to get comfortable in his seat.
"You both did good today," James commented, "How about we go get something to eat and head home?"
"Okay, Ryou agreed, and the rest of the drive was made in silence.

* * * *

Ryou stretched his body, wiggling his fingers in the air, before plopping back down on his bed. It was mid-August and he had his casts removed several days ago, leaving a few faint scars on his arm and leg. He had to use crutches for a bit, just so he can get use to walking again, which now decorate a corner of his room.
'I'm never taking walking for granted again,' Ryou thought jokingly, remembering how much of a pain it was to get anywhere without help, especially being in a wheelchair and using only one good arm. Bakura had to practically carry him everywhere, not that he minded, and he hated the itchy feeling of the plaster on his skin and not being able to do anything about it. At least he had the support of his friends, his dad, and his koi.
Speaking of the white-haired demon, Bakura had taken up a summer job at the mall to gain some extra spending money for them, although it wasn't necessary, seeing as that the elder Bakura made more than enough as an archaeologist. Ryou smirked, remembering when he, Yugi, and Joey came to the mall and saw him working at the same store that Yami was working in, how the two worked together without complaint, until they left the store and went at it right in front of them, Bakura complaining about the customers being 'queers' and 'twits'. In a sense, Yami took this as an offense, considering half of what the customers were buying was leather and buckles, the argument lasting until they hit the food court and Joey ended up getting into an argument with Seto Kaiba, who had came to pick up Mokuba at the arcade with his friends, over stupid stuff.
Ryou sighed, his smile fading. He knew his yami loved him, and the feeling is returned a hundredfold, but they haven't done anything as a couple besides cuddling and sweet tender kisses. Not that he complained, for he was glad Bakura didn't pressure him to other things, but he wonder if, at times, that they would get over the last of the obstacles and officially become lovers. The white-haired teen knew his dad didn't mind their relationship. In fact, he approved of it, unlike several parents he knew of that disowned their children over being gay or a lesbian.
A sudden knock on the door broke Ryou out of his thought, telling the person outside to enter. It was his father.
"How would you like to go out to eat Ryou," James asked, "Bakura called and said he was going to work late tonight."
"Okay," Ryou jumped off his bed and grabbed his sneakers. He and his dad barely had time to spend with each other and with only two months left before James went back to work, Ryou wanted to take every advantage of it.
As the white-haired teen and his father piled into the car, James smirked as he looked into the driver's side mirror. The night out was a distraction, but he couldn't care less, for it gave him some time to spend with his son.

* * * *

Ryou and James were laughing as they had a conversation about the movie they had watched after dinner. It was suppose to be a serious movie, but the plot had so many holes in it that the two decided to have some fun with it, making up fake possibilities and so forth.
As they pulled into the driveway, James' cellphone went off and he stopped the car long enough to answer it.
"Hello," he said, "Yes? Oh hi, what can I do for you Ms Ishtar?... Uh-huh... And you and your colleagues have no clue of the translation? ... Right now? I just got home and it's late-...Alright, I'm on my way.
"I'm sorry Ryou," he said after he hung up, "but I gotta head to the museum over something."
"That's okay dad," Ryou smiled, "It's your field of expertise. I'll tell Bakura not to stay up tonight waiting for you and I hope whatever it is can be solved."
With that, the hikari of the Millennium Ring got out of the car, waved to his father backing out, then went inside. James couldn't help but chuckle. His son never even check once at the duffle bag in the far back seat.

* * * *

"BAKURA, I'M HOME," Ryou shouted, but got no reply. The house was strangely quiet, the lamp on one of the stands the only one lit. Taking a quick peek into the kitchen, Ryou saw it dark and the only light coming from a night light next to the sink, but still no Bakura. Looking everywhere else on the first floor and turning up nothing, Ryou turned on the other night light next to the stairs and turned off the lamp, heading straight to bed feeling lonely.

Suddenly, there was a creak and Ryou went to turn around, but a blindfold covered his eyes, the stranger tying it gently and making sure not to tied down any loose strands of white hair.
"Ba-bakura," Ryou whimpered, feeling hands upon his arms.
"Sssh," Bakura whispered, "It's alright tenshi. I just have a small surprise for you."
"A surprise," Ryou repeated, being lead by his yami through the hallway and into their room. When they walked in, Bakura closed the door and undid the blindfold, Ryou gasping at the sight.
Dozens of scented candles lit the area, a few incense here and there. Upon the bed that looked Egyptian was a small blanket with a lump in the center. When he turned around to question, the white-haired yami nodded for him to go forward.
Ryou walked to the bed, feeling like he was in a dream, and gently touched the lump in the blanket. He jumped back a bit when it moved, and the teen gently removed the blanket. At seeing what was underneath made Ryou's eyes widen and fill with tears.
Bakura smiled softly as his tenshi picked up the small kitten from the blanket, laughing as it licked his nose. The yami always knew that his hikari wanted a cat, but never told anyone about it out of fear of being beaten by Bakura. The white-haired demon looked in pet stores for hours before finally deciding on the dark silver kitten with brown eyes. He watched as the kitten rubbed his cheek along Ryou's fondly, the two taking a liking to each other, however, the night was still young and James was staying at a hotel for the night.
Gently, Bakura took the kitten from Ryou and placed it in a box filled with blankets and an old pillow in a corner, then took his tenshi's hands into his own, dark eyes locking with warm brown. Ryou couldn't believe the amount of emotion in his koi's eyes, so full of love and desire only for him and him alone, and knew what his other asked for. With a sight nod and a few tears still in his eyes, he leans up and softly brushes his lips upon the other's.
Bakura was caught off guard a bit at how soft those lips were, almost like feathers. Taking the initiative, he deepened the kiss, being gentle at first before tracing the tip of his tongue over Ryou's lips, asking for entrance.
The young hikari complied, opening his mouth shyly and gasping as he felt his yami's hot tongue touch his own, tracing every crevice as if he had done it many times before. With a soft sigh, Ryou surrendered to that sweet kiss, his tongue shyly coming out to meet Bakura's own.
The white-haired demon grinned mentally at his love's shyness, then coaxed him to spar with their tongues, the kiss becoming intense until they broke apart to breathe. Wasting no time, the white-haired yami maneuver his hikari onto the bed and he crawled right on top of him, straddling the slim waist.
With a loving smile, Bakura lowered his lips once more, kissing the shell of Ryou's ear, gently nibbling on it. Ryou moaned, clutching to his yami's shirt until his knuckles turned white. Involuntarily, Bakura bit down on the ear hard, regretting it as he heard his koi gasp, then moaned. He like it?
Moving away a bit, he slid Ryou's shirt off and toss it to the floor, caring less where it landed. The younger of the two sighed softly as his backside met the silk sheets below them, running his fingers through his yami's soft, spiky hair. With a soft sigh, Bakura slid down and suckled on his hikari's neck, biting it softly and sucking until he was sure there would be a mark later on. Working his way down, he silently played 'Itey-Meeny-Miney-Moe' on which nipple to taste first.
Ryou's mind was becoming too fuzzy to think coherently, sliding his hands into Bakura's shirt and running soft caresses upon the finely-toned muscles underneath. Bakura gasped softly at the touch, becoming hard rather quickly, then quickly took off his shirt and sending it to meet it's twin on the floor, laying back down on his love.
Now it was skin-to-skin, Ryou gave a soft cry as he was pummeled with blissful pleasure, blood rushing to the junction between his legs. He was caught up in a mind-blowing kiss, his arms locking around Bakura's backside and pulling him closer. The yami chuckled into his tenshi's mouth, then broke free of the kiss and he began attacking the right nipple, swirling his tongue around it. Ryou cried out a bit, back arching, as he felt that warm heat minister his sensitive chest. He gave a loud moan as Bakura bit it, then soothed it with soft caresses before switching nipples.
Once both nipples were hard, Bakura slid his hands down to the waistband of Ryou's pants, thumbing the button open and sliding the zipper down with his teeth. Ryou watched, panting, his face flushed and eyes half-lidded and pleading, as he felt the constricting material pulled down his legs ever so slowly, followed by his boxers, and the cool air hit his heated arousal as his pants fell down to the growing collection of clothes on the floor.
Bakura sat on his hunches, admiring the flushed beauty before him. Ryou had a fine sheet of sweat, glistening on his milky-white skin that hid all of his scars. To the yami, Ryou was an angel, from the top if his head to the very tips of his toes, and he wondered for a moment if the hikari was hiding wings in his backside. Ryou blushed as Bakura's eyes roamed every inch of him, feeling flattered that someone like him would think he's beautiful. He always thought of himself as plain, but unique, then again, that was his opinion.
The former tomb robber gently spread his koi's legs, settling himself between them. Dipping his tongue within his navel, he took a deep breath, smelling the musky, yet sweet scent of his hikari as he moved downward, eyeing his prize nestling with the patch of white hair.
Hearing another whimper from Ryou, the white-haired yami took pity on him and brushed his tongue on the underside of his tenshi's length, moving upwards to the tip. Ryou cried out at the soft caress, before howling as his entire length was engulf in wet heat, his tip touch the back of Bakura's throat.
The former Tomb Robber slowly began to bob his head, holding his koi's hips down so he wouldn't choke, sliding his tongue all over. Ryou thrashed about, his hair flying, as he felt something tightening within him. Being a virgin, he had no idea what it was, nor what he needed, but he hoped that Bakura would tell him or give him what he needed so badly.
Sensing that his soon-to-be lover was very close, Bakura suppressed his gag relax and swallowed Ryou again, deeper this time and sucked as hard as he could. Ryou sucked in a breath before screaming, arching off the bed, as he fell off that edge into sweet bliss.
Bakura waited patiently, wanting to get every ounce, as his love's essence slid down his throat in waves and into his waiting stomach. Slowly, he released the softening member and slid up his tenshi's side, gently rubbing his cheek with one finger.
"Bakura," Ryou breathed deeply, "what..what was..."
"That's an orgasm," his koi whispered, "I hope I didn't tire you out, for I got much more planned."
"There's more," Ryou said incredulously, sitting up on his elbows.
"Only if you wanna continue that far," Bakura replied, rubbing the tenshi's stomach, whom made purring noises under the touch. Ryou turned on his side and kissed Bakura gently, rubbing his thigh against his koi's neglected arousal, enticing a moan from him.
"I want you inside me," the white hair teen whispers, the yami's eyes widening a bit as they fill with so many emotions at once.
Bakura reached over and grabbed a tube from the night stand, towering over his love again. Ryou spread his legs enough for his yami to settle between them as he opened the tube and spread the gel over his fingers.
"I will not lie," he said as he ran one finger over the virgin entrance, "It will hurt at first, but it will get better."
Ryou nodded and felt the tip of the finger pressed against the tight ring of muscle before slowly passing through. It didn't hurt, just felt weird in a way. Bakura stilled his finger until his hikari began slowly adjusting, then he began to move the finger in an out before adding a second finger.
Ryou felt like he was in heaven, feeling his insides being kneaded, then jumped s those fingers brushed against something that had him seeing starbursts. Bakura smirked, and angled his fingers to hit that one spot before adding the third. Only when the last finger was added that Ryou hissed in pain.
"Are you alright," the white-haired demon asked, concern etched on his features.
"It hurts a little," his hiakri whimpered slightly, his inner walls contracting.
"Ssh love," Bakura cooed, holding his fingers still, "It's alright, relax. Relax."
While his koi relaxed, the yami wondered if he would cause more harm instead of his fingers, eyeing his own aching need. Working like a fevor, he made sure the tenshi's passage was thoroughly slickened before sparing one hand to coat his own neglected length. He slowly slid his fingers out, receiving a whimper of protest, before positioning himself.
"I love you," Bakura whispered, sealing those words with a kiss. While Ryou was distracted, the white-haired yami pushed slowly inside, swallowing every cry that his tenshi made. He stopped a few times so Ryou could adjust before continuing onward, wanting this to be more about pleasure than pain. Once seated to the hilt, he waited as thought rampaged through his mind.
'Tight,' he thought, 'so tight! Need to...must wait for him! Want him...with me!'
Ryou can sense Bakura's thought and his heart swelled at the emotions leaking through their link. The pain of being stretched was slowly fading away and he experimentally shifted to get more comfortable. He heard Bakura gasped, pleading with his eyes, as his battered willpower was hit more forcefully.
With a nod from his hikari, the white-haired yami started to move, very slowly at first. Ryou sighed lovingly, running his fingertips ghostly upon Bakura's backside and spine, receiving a moan and a loving kiss. Quickening the pace a bit, Bakura began hitting that bundle of nerves each time, making Ryou cry out for more.
It felt like hours for both as Bakura made love to his tenshi, never going any faster than necessary, and he loved how Ryou thrashed about beneath him. Sparing one of his hands, he grasped his love's renewed erection, petting it lovingly.
The second release was more powerful, his skin more hypersensitive than before, as Ryou screamed as he came, coating his and Bakura's stomachs with his seed. The white-haired yami grunted as the already tight passage constricted even more, and he buried himself to the hilt as he cried out his own release.
Ryou moaned as he was filled, clutching onto his koi as if he were to disappear if he let go. Bakura fell upon him, his arms no longer able to keep him up, and his hikari enjoyed the sweet warmth of being molded to that strong, muscular body, being one with the man he loves. The young hikari wished that it would never end, but sadly enough, all good things must end sometime.
Slowly, Bakura pulled out his soften member, Ryou gasping slightly, and the taller of the two rolled until the tenshi's head rested over his yami's heart, the soft beat lulling him to sleep.
"Aishiteru tenshi," Bakura whispered.
"Aishiteru my demon prince," Ryou whispered in reply before both fell asleep.

* * * *

"OW," Ken'Shi howled as he turned on the person who gave his head a nice, sore bump, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?"
"Exactly why were you spying on MY son and HIS lover," an angel with white wings, pale blond hair that was like Ryou's hair, and had brown eyes stated, "Ni'Kariana was right about you; You ARE a hentai!"
"Am not," the red head with black and white wings whined, "I was making sure everything went alright!"
He stopped there as he saw the angel's face darkened greatly and flew for his life as the other gave chase with a mallet. Ni'Kariana watched with amusement, eating away at her rice along with another angel, only she was a child with pink hair and green eyes.
"Will Ryou and Bakura get married now and have lots of kids," she asked the blond, who tapped her chopsticks on her cheek.
"I don't know about the marriage part," Nicki replied, "since alot of people are against gay and lesbian marriages, but I think the kids thing is a good idea!"
"Oh no," Sa'Marin held his forehead in his hand, "We are all going to be in deep shit with this, aren't we?"

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