Warning! This is rated M for a reason. It has a lot more violence, language, and sex material than any other of my fanfics. You've been warned.

Summery: Kitty is on the hunt for her father and the murderer of her older sister when she runs into old friends. How will she react when the hurtful memories and pleasent memories come rushing back to her? (Dean/OC)

AN UPDATE: Had an error with the flashbacks. Years got a little jumbled around.

Four years earlier

Kitty Lang sat on the hood of her blue 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS and looked up at the night sky. For once, her soft blond, wavy hair wasn't tied up and fell behind her back, stopping in the middle of her shoulder blade. Her baby blue eyes stared up at the sparkling sky as her shadow washed through the windshield and danced across the white leather seats. The one thing she hated about her mom's old car was the seats, but she would never remove them.

When Kitty was about 2 years old, her mother had died in a car accident. Since then, it was only her, her dad, and her sister, Cassandra. Case was the best sister growing up. Being almost 5 years older than she was, Case took care of Kitty while their dad "worked." Well, if you can count hunting as work. But it wasn't always bad. Her dad would hunt with other hunters on occasion, and one even had two kids about Kitty's age.

That was what she was waiting for. The black Chevy Impala that eventually did drive up the road brought her one of her oldest friends that she could remember. As soon as the car had parked, Kitty was running toward the driver's side door. And when the driver got out, she was quickly jumping onto him, slamming him back against the car. "Dean!" she cried, pulling him tight into a hug. "God, I've missed you like hell."

"Hey, Kitty," he laughed, pushing her back a little. It hadn't been that long since the last time she saw Dean, only a few months ago. But since his brother, Sam, had gone to college and made the Winchester family go a little pear-shape, the two friends hadn't seen each other as often. "Where's Case?"

Releasing a hard sigh, Kitty started to walk away, saying over her shoulder, "Somewhere in California, I guess. Last thing I heard from Dad was that she had gotten hitched to some guy in LA and went under the radar again." So her all too perfect sister had a hole. She wanted to get married and to do that, Case left in the middle of the night one day and never came back. "Till then, I've been on my own"

"That's not safe, Kitty," Dean warned as he followed Kitty into the field. "You should have called me."

With an evil smile on her face, she turned and looked up at Dean. "Then I would have been distracted," she replied, her 5'5" frame leaning towards Dean. "You're just too good looking."

Kitty could see Dean's expression change. He couldn't handle the taunting behavior that Kitty always had, and she knew it. The only thing better than seeing Dean's face after 6 months was that the term "friends with benefits" applied.