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If you liked "Fall Down Then Get Back Up," I'm sure you'll like this one just as much. And here's a sneak peak of what's going to happen...

The soft roar of the ocean set the mood as the late summer sun set behind it. California always had the bet sunsets, and especially this beach. Rarely did anyone go there, and there was no one there on that day, except for a lone, classic car.

The history of this car was strange, passing from owner to owner in mysterious ways like being lost in a bet, someone leaving the keys in the ignition, and even being found in a storage locker. By the time that it reached its current owner, it had been rebuilt at least twice to the point that it looked brand new, such as the condition it was currently in. But that's a story for a different day.

Sitting on the hood of the '70 blue Chevelle was a slender body, her blonde hair flaring out behind her back as the sea breeze pushed past her. The blue eyes were shut as the wind pushed past her as her body soaked up the last amount of sun. This was the last time Kitty Lang remembered being at such a relaxed peace.

It seemed as though Heaven replayed all of her greatest moments: dancing in the rain with her sister, Case, the many nights of lying on the Chevelle's hood and staring at the night sky, and every moment she had spent with Dean.

Dean. The only thing Heaven didn't have enough of. Sure, Kitty always had the memories of him, but it wasn't the same. It was like being caught in a wonderful dream, but one you still want to wake up from. And Kitty was beyond ready to wake up. Her story had only just begun.