They lay in bed, limbs tangled together. The mid-morning sun was streaming through the window. Eames inched closer, until his lips were just brushing Arthur's. As Arthur's eyes fluttered open, Eames felt inexplicably happy, for once in his life.

Suddenly he was alone, in a dark room, laying on a plain hospital bed, with that damn IV in his arm. There was one door, a tinted window, and the IV seemed to come from the wall. There were no machines in sight, but he knew what type of dream that was. Was that all a dream?

Eames opened his eyes. It had been 3 years since he'd left the military. But the dreams hadn't stopped. When he's signed up for the trial, he'd expected some kind of drug that made you sleep better, made you stop dreaming about friends getting killed, and children caught in the crossfire. What he'd found was something so much more interesting, a world that was totally within the mind.

The first few "shared dreams" were really quite a bizarre experience. The other soldiers were from all over the world, just like him. Many countries had offered this trial to their troops. Only a few had responded.

Each time he woke up, he was alone in that room. The only time he actually met other people was in the dream. When he woke, there was food on the table for him. Eames knew he was being watched, observed for some kind of adverse reaction to this new experience. But the only thing that seemed to change, was that he couldn't really tell which reality he was living in, and which he was dreaming in. They both were real to him.

The first time he saw Arthur, he did an honest-to-god double take. This man was so slight, so simple, and yet, something about him caught him off guard. In these dreams, it was just like being back at the base. The food still sucked, the showers were still communal, and the beds were still uncomfortable. But that was normal, so they all got on well enough. But something about Arthur intrigued him.

He and Arthur met for the first time during combat training, or as the boys liked to call it, "Fight Club". They'd had to duel. It was a dirty fight, and in the end, Arthur actually killed him. When Eames woke up, he couldn't believe that little shit had beaten him. He'd gone back into the dream, with a smile, and an urge to fight Arthur again.

Thus it went for months in the dream world. Arthur and Eames grew closer and closer, until Eames realized that he was irrevocably in love with Arthur.

It's the only way, to bring me back...

Arthur kicked the door to his apartment shut. He had finally gotten back home. During the entire flight, he'd simply stared out the window, contemplating the man he'd met, Eames, before he'd dozed off, falling back into that dream.

A man, that he'd been dreaming about for the last month, suddenly shows up in Hong Kong, and asks him to dinner, then leaves in the middle, because Arthur doesn't remember him. The whole situation was just, well to put it frankly, a paradox to Arthur.

As he sat down on his leather couch, glass of wine in hand, he pulled the card out from his breast pocket, and placed it on the empty coffee table. Sipping the wine slowly, he stared at the numbers. For a while he contemplated not calling, just to piss the other man off, but he couldn't say he didn't remember anything. That would be a lie. Arthur knew this man, he just didn't know how or why.

Giving into his curiosity, he reached over to the side table, and grabbed his phone. He dialed the number, and when the phone started to ring, he jumped up from his place on the couch and started to wander mindlessly around the room. The phone kept ringing, and just as he pulled it away from his ear to hang up, he heard a quick "hello?"

Jerking the phone back to his ear, he responded quietly, "Eames?"

"Darling, I was beginning to think you really didn't remember me at all" Arthur could practically hear the smirk. Turning back to the couch, he sat down again, before replying.

"Yeah, well I wasn't sure that I remembered you at all" Silence. He hastened to continue, "But... I need to... to see you again. There's something about you that I can't figure out, and I feel like it's important"

"Well, where are you, love? I'll come right now" Arthur frowned a little at that.

"One problem, I'm not in Hong Kong anymore" Arthur bit his lip, waiting for a response.

"I don't think that's such a problem" Arthur let out a sigh of relief. "But where are you love? It took me forever and a day just to find you here. I don't think I'll be so quick to find you again"

"New York" He said hesitantly, knowing that a seventeen-hour flight could be a bit of a deterrent.

"I'll be on the next flight. See you tomorrow Darling" Arthur opened his mouth to respond, but he heard the telltale click of the line going dead. Smiling slightly, he stared at the clock on the wall. In 24 hours, he would face Eames again.

Is he thinking of me
Did he forget what we once had...

Eames hung up the phone without waiting for a reply. His hands shook as he threw the small cell phone onto the bed next to him. Flopping onto his back, he stared at the dingy ceiling for a while, before letting his eyes drift shut. His mind was filled with those dark brown eyes.

What the hell are you doing?

A/N: Sorry! I forgot to put this in Chapter 1: I own nothing! (Not Inception, nor the Kaskade, Mr Hudson, Norah Jones & Edward Maya Lyrics)

So I just saw Inception for the third time, and I found myself in love with Eames & Arthur. I really wanted to write a story for them. The Dream where they were together is more of a back story than anything else. This fic is mostly going to be about the new adventure of their realities coming together. I hope you enjoy!