So I decided to make a story of oneshots involving Adam. None of the chapters will relate to one another. Unless I say so. To start it off, a long-ish chapter about Adam and Fiona. Let's get it started.

Edit: Thanks to HybridMutant for correcting me on how to address grades in Canada!

It started with a cliché. Bumping into each other while walking in the hallway.

"Oh, sorry."

"Uh, it's okay."

Adam shifted uncomfortably, letting his eyes fall to the ground. The girl in front of him, whose name he learned was Fiona, gave him a smile. Holly J looked at her friend and opened her mouth. No words came out as she looked back at Adam before turning to Fiona.

"Well, we're going to be late to class. Let's go Fiona." They walked past him as he lifted his head up and followed them with his eyes. Fiona looked over her shoulder back at Adam and smiled before turning away. That was the first time they met.

About a week later Adam walked into the Dot with a comic and his mp3 player. A feminine voice called out to him, catching his attention. He looked up and said Fiona sitting at a corner table, with Holly J. Giving an awkward smile he waved back and stood where he was before she waved him to come over. So he did.

"Well how's it going stranger?" Fiona asked with a smile. Adam eyes looked back from her to Holly J.

"Uh, you know, the usual." As he said this he saw Holly J raise a brow at him. Adam fingered the corner of his comic book.

"Well, why don't you take a seat Adam." Holly J said. Adam hesitated, not sure if Holly J just said that out of courtesy and was mildly irritated at him. He didn't notice the exchange of looks between the girls.

"Actually, I'd rather not bother you two..." Adam said casually, trying to slip away. He didn't.

"No it's fine, really take a seat." Fiona insisted. Adam made a move to refuse but feeling like it would result in a failure he gave up and brought a seat over.

"So, Adam," Holly J started, making the boy in question look up from his lap. "What grade are you in?"

"Oh, I'm in tenth." Adam said, feeling a bit of relief for being able to answer her question. He felt Fiona's eyes on him throughout the conversation, but he ignored it. Just like he ignored the weird feeling in his stomach.

The next day he walked down the hallway with Eli.

"Just do what Clare said, ignore Fitz." Adam tried to say unconvincingly, he himself also wanted to get back at the bully.

"You know as well as I do Adam, that is not going to happen." Eli huffed a bit antsy from a run in with Fitz earlier in the parking lot.

"Hey Adam." It was Fiona again. Adam waved as she passed. His eyes followed her before he turned bank around, caught off guard when Eli stood there with a smirk, staring at him.

"What?" Adam asked in defense. Eli looked at him with a smug look on his face.

"What was that?" Eli questioned. Adam, still confused, just stared back at him.

"What was what?"

Eli just shook his head in mild amusement.

"That chick just said hi to you out of nowhere. She's a senior, how do you know her?" Adam felt his cheeks grow warm realizing what Eli was referring to.

"Oh Fiona-." Adam was cut off.

"Oh Fiona!" Eli repeated with a laugh. "You're already on a first name basis then."

Adam's eyes went wide.

"We just chatted a few times." Adam said, trying to shrug it off like no big deal. It really wasn't.

"It's really not that big of a deal." He voiced his thoughts to Eli.

"What's not a big deal?" Clare asked walking to the two.

"Our friend Adam here seems to be interested in a girl," Eli explained, then leaned closer to Clare and lowered his voice for emphasis. "A senior at that."

Clare's face turned to one of surprised before she smiled, looking at Adam, who did his best to keep his cool.

"So? I talked to her and Holly J; it's really not something to get excited about." Adam tried to defend himself.

"But Fiona is the one who's single." Eli said in an 'ah-ha' kind of voice. Adam shrugged dismissively.

"Y-yeah." Adam slipped. Clare and Eli smiled at him.

"So go talk to her." Clare insisted. Eli threw his arm around Adam's shoulders with a cocky smile.

"Adam my friend, not to worry, I'm going to help you." Eli stated.

"And what do you know about girls?" Adam asked, his wit quick to the scene. Clare laughed.

"He has you there Eli." The girl said. Eli frowned.

The day flew by quick enough. Adam had escaped from Eli at the end of the day and was now sitting on the steps just outside the entrance of the gym. He pulled a comic from his bag and picked up where he last left off.

"My point exactly Sav." Drawn by the conversation Adam slowly tore his eyes from the comic and looked up to see Holly J talking with Sav while walking to the entrance of the school, Fiona flowing behind looking somewhat bored.

"I can't my dad says after school I have to go to straight home unless it's student council related." Sav said in a stressed voice, as if it was something he had already explained.

"What do you think this is? It's really hard to schedule something for any grade or the school if the Pres doesn't approve." Holly J said with confidence. Sav stared at her for a few moments, before releasing a sigh.

"Alright alright, just let me call my dad and let him know." Sav told her as he pulled out his cell phone. Adam, no longer interested, went back to his comics.

Holly J turned and looked at Fiona, who said nothing.

"Okay and your sure you're not mad I can't come over?" Holly J questioned, not wanting her friend to think she had abandoned her. Fiona shook her head as a smile appeared.

"I'll survive Holly J, I told you, you don't need to worry about me." As she said this Holly J looked over her shoulder, spotting Adam. She spoke in a lower tone.

"Well maybe you can make a new friend." Holly J motioned behind Fiona. The taller girl turned her head and caught sight of the young boy as he flipped the page to his comic. Fiona looked back to Holly J with funny look.

"Uh, he's in grade ten Holly J." Fiona said with a smile at what Holly J insisted upon. The blonde smiled back at her.

"Yeah well, you heard what that Eli boy said to you. Besides you said you thought he was adorable." Holly J tried to convince her. Sav walked back over to the two as he shut his cell, looking to Holly J.

"My dad said it was fine, so to Principal Simpson's office?" Sav suggested, ready to leave. Holly J nodded to him before turning back to Fiona one last time.

"Just talk to the boy. You never know." Holly J then turned and walked away with Sav. Fiona crossed her arm and turned fully around, looking at Adam with a thoughtful gaze.

Adam felt someone sit next to him and looked up.

"Hey." Fiona said with a delicate smile. Adam blinked, pressing his lips together, uncertain, before he opened his mouth.

"Hi." He smiled in return to the girl next to him.

"Do you wanna go out?" At Fiona's words, Adam nearly choked. Nearly, he held it in, trying to keep calm but failing as he looked at her with a surprised face. Realizing what she said Fiona laughed it off.

"I meant do you want to hang out, with me?" The last two words fell out of her mouth a bit awkwardly while she trailed off. Adam stared at her in mild confusion, but looking up he saw Fitz at the end of the hall. He was with a couple other guys, but he hadn't noticed him yet. Closing his comic and placing it into his bag he glanced to Fiona.

"Sure." They stood up and went outside, but once there Fiona asked something else.

"Do you want to go shopping?" Adam could hear a familiar tone in her voice and he could tell it was something she did often. He felt his face scrunch up a bit.

"Shopping?" Adam repeated, feeling weird. It wasn't that he didn't want to go, but the people around him that knew the truth about his body would assume the wrong thing. Taking into account shopping is stereotyped as a girl activity.

He must have been silent too long as Fiona spoke up again.

"Or we can just walk around the place. No pressure." She explained, Adam felt relieved at her words but also felt his cheeks heat up at the concern in her voice. He glanced up to her, catching her gaze.

"Adam!" His head whipped. Crap! That was his brother! Drew came jogging towards the duo and stopped in front of him.

"You're not in your uniform," Adam noted. "No practice today?" He asked casually.

Drew smiled.

"We had a game, but the other team forfeited last minute so coach sent us home, do you need a ride?" Drew then caught sight of Fiona and was a bit taken aback.

"Oh, I'm sorry," He gave Adam a side glance. "Do you two have plans?"

Adam felt a tad nervous. He trusted his brother, but seeing Fiona smile in greeting at him… after all, Drew was better with the ladies.

"Uh, we're just going to hang out." Adam said a tad reluctantly.

"Hang out?" Drew repeated, before smiling again to Fiona.

"Well, I'll, uh, see you at home then?" Drew said as he patted Adam on the shoulder, passing him and saying goodbye and heading in the other direction.

Adam sighed. Looking up he saw that Fiona was watching him. His cheeks grew hot.

"Let's get going then." He said, looking ahead to avoid her gaze. Fiona smiled at him in agreement.

The next day Eli and Clare were talking to each other by Clare's locker. Adam walked up behind Eli and threw him a light punch in the arm. Eli looked over his shoulder before smiling when he saw who it was.

"So, Adam, you look happy. How was your date?" Eli asked a smug look on his face. Adam raised a brow.

"It wasn't a date and how do you even know about that?" Adam questioned in both curiosity and confusion.

"I work in mysterious ways," Eli smirked at Adam. "I just chatted with Fiona and Holly J for a few, no biggie."

Clare and Adam's eyes went wide as Eli turned and began to walk down the hallway. The two looked towards each other and Clare, though shocked, couldn't hide the glint of amusement in her eyes.

"Eli, wait!" Adam rushed after him, with Clare in tow. The punk boy stopped and slowly turned towards his friends, the amused expression still visible on his face.

"Why yes, hello again. It's been a while." Eli said sarcastically. Clare rolled her eyes.

"What did you say to her?" Adam asked his heart racing. He felt nervous, anxious, excited, embarrassed, and queasy all at the same time.

"It was just some small talk," Eli said with a chuckle. "Oh and by the way, she thinks you're adorable."

Adam's felt his heart skip.

The day was slower than the one before. When the last bell rung Adam quickly gathered his things and left the room.

He fidgeted, feeling nervous on the inside but for the most part keeping calm on the out. He looked around before catching sight of his apparently newly found friend as she smiled, walking over to him.

"Uh, hey." Adam greeted, a tad on the nervous side. Fiona raised a brow, taking notice.

"Hey yourself," She said back. "Is everything alright?"

Adam looked up at her, wondering what to say.

"Well, Eli told me talked to you the yesterday." He noticed her smile slightly falter, remembering said conversation.

Adam found himself not being able to say anything. He opened his mouth but no words came out. It wasn't like him to feel nervous. Fiona watched him as his eyes caught hers before realizing they were staring at each out and broke eye contact, looking to the ground as he slipped his hands into his pants pockets. He slouched a bit, trying to look nonchalant.

Fiona couldn't help but feel a little jovial as she watched the younger boy trying to appear something other than what he was; nervous. She figured he was crushing, almost like how Dave tried to put the moves on her last year. Though strangely enough, this was somehow different.

"You really are adorable." Fiona said, a smile tugging at her lips. Adam looked up, and she saw his eyes change. He suddenly looked more confident in himself. She felt somewhat happy at the fact that what she said made him look like that.

Before she knew it she leaned over and her lips brushed softly against his cheek. Adam tensed while she pulled back, realizing what she had done.

"Well, that was unexpected." Adam said quickly, a hint of a smile on his face. Fiona smiled back at him.

"Don't get cocky, little boy. You're still only in grade ten." Fiona tried to play off as she began to walk away. Adam moved after her with a grin.

"Yeah, but you think I'm adorable."