Long time no update. Hope you guys like it though. Suppose to take place after Chasing Pavements, a bit after Fiona and Adam realized they weren't going to work out. Hope you enjoy!

When she saw him down the hallway, Fiona caught herself. Adam was standing there, going through his locker with a neutral face, unaware of the eyes watching him.

It seemed to always happen like this. One of them catching the other in the hallway. Then the somewhat awkward start of the conversation before they both laughed, thus easing the tension. Fiona figured it wouldn't be as easy this time around.

"Adam." She found herself beside him at his locker before she could stop herself. Fiona watched as the boy in the purple shirt stopped, debating in his head whether to ignore her or acknowledge her. Adam slowly closed his locker door, turning to face her.

"Hey." Adam muttered, his voice low as he clearly was torn how to feel about talking with Fiona at the moment. There was a moment of silence between them.

"You were right." Fiona finally voiced. At her words Adam glanced away, breaking eye contact as he moved to open his locker door slightly, keeping his hands busy while moving a notebook from one part of the shelf to the other.

"What about?" He asked her. Fiona looked to the side this time, but still decided not to hesitate.

"About me using you." She watched as Adam tensed. "I do like girls. I just never realized it."

Adam closed his locker again - this time more firmly. Giving her one look, Fiona watched the frown deepen on his face.

"Congratulations." With that one word, Adam stepped past her. Fiona turned, still not finished.

"Wait." She called, almost surprised when Adam immediately listened to her. Fiona moved over to him as Adam turned once again to face her.

"I'm sorry; I shouldn't have said it like that." Fiona apologized. "I just needed to clear the air with you. I shouldn't have said what I said to you on our date."

She saw the air of uneasiness that hung around Adam. If it were possible, she would go back in time to stop herself from saying what she did. It was wrong in ways she couldn't even understand. And she wasn't sure how to fix it.

Adam's eyes met hers at the last word. She noticed how his breath hitched when he looked at her, and she remembered that Adam liked her. He really liked her.

"You are… so amazing Adam." Fiona stated with sincerity in her voice. "I wish I could like you back."

His eyes dimmed.

"But you can't." He admitted, as if to tell himself. Fiona simply looked back at him.

Adam was one of the few people that seemed to understand her. He made her feel safe and comfortable in their short time together. This situation wasn't fair to either of them.

"You're a guy and I shouldn't have tried to compromise your identity for my sake." Fiona apologized.

Adam exhaled, shuffling his feet to distract his thoughts for a moment.

"Okay." He replied, still trying to brush away the conversation. Fiona saw that he was about to try and escape again.

"I know it's not completely fair to ask this," She began. "but I really like hanging out with you…"

At this Fiona saw Adam drop his gaze from her, now looking at the floor.

"It is possible that we can try again. As friends?" She asked, voice hoping. It felt good to have someone else to talk to besides Holly J and a few unimportant words with classmates. Fiona felt herself unable to just let the chance to have another good friend slip away from her.

Adam still seemed tense, unsure how to response. It was too soon for him to hear this. As he looked up to Fiona, Adam opened his mouth to speak, pausing for a moment. The bell rang, drawing the conversation to a close.

"Maybe someday." He finally said; his tone quiet. As he stepped past her uneasily, Adam wondered if it was the right thing to say. But he couldn't say yes, at least not now. Not when his heart still raced whenever their eyes met.