Maiden: Well, my friends wanted me to write it already, and someone said it was my destiny to write it, so I, The Singing Maiden, Maiden for short, will now slowly update HetaOni. Until RomaHeta is complete, I shall update this frequently.

I do not own HetaOni; I do not have that kind of brain to make big mind explosions!

So here we go!



A mochi bounced down the hall as fast as its round, fat body could allow. Why didn't the creator of this universe make legs for its kind when easy escape was needed like now?

It saw the door, just to its left. Making a sharp turn and the mochi jumped at the doorknob, grabbing it with its mouth. Its eyes turned from one second joy back to terror however, because when it turned the knob, the door wouldn't open! Panic level rising to its highest, the mochi rattled the knob again. But it was no use; it was stubbornly locked from the outside.

The mochi let go and turned around to find a place to hide and...

If anyone was walking near the mansion on the East side of the mountains near a small town, they would have heard a desperate plead for mercy in the air.


Maiden: Well, that was short. *runs away from word abuse thrown at her* Okay! Okay! This was a prologue! Sorry...