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Twelve humans

The way they all fought.

Japan hissed when his katana was deflected by the Thing's huge claw, but he quickly used his talisman to protect him and his closest friends when it shot another round of purple balls of energy. He didn't miss a beat, instantly dispelling the barrier to let China and Russia attack.

The way they moved.

France instantly dodged and spun around to slash at the other Thing in front of him, eyes narrowed when he got its side and blood splattered on his clothes. He didn't care, he just yelled at his best friends to take action at once, with America, Canada and England as support.

The way they could withstand the pain from battle.

Too bad that Prussia and Spain got knocked back and were slammed against the wall all the way across the hall. Grunting, Prussia rubbed his head, sure his skull was cracked opened this time. He glanced to his side, only to pale.

"Oi…Spain?" he tried to say when he saw the Spanish nation unconscious, bleeding from the head.

The way they all reacted.

Seeing the fallen nation, Italy quickly ran up to him, praying it wasn't too late. Germany quickly flogged at the Thing when it tried to attack the Italian, with Romano quickly shooting it in the knees before following his brother.

All of this…All of this!

They all roared with fury, frustration fuelling their power as they dealt blows after blows against the Things. What France said before the battle was correct. They were too used to this. Fighting and knowing when to make their moves, withstand the pain before quickly getting back up to counter the incoming attacks. This should have taken them many years to get used to, but on the day they all step foot into this mansion, or coming back once again, they were all accustomed already. How many times did Italy have to do this for them to insure they all escape…and watch them die whenever they failed?

"Goddammit!" America shouted when he ran out of bullets, yet reloaded at high speed. He had no time to admire how fast he was because he was too busy to trigger happy the Thing in front of him while England worked on his spell. The Briton and the Canadian understood, he hated failing everyone around him, and to find out everything Italy said was real.

"Spain! Wake up!" Prussia yelled desperately, shaking the brunet by the shoulders. He didn't want this. Not like this. He just came to save him.

"Veneciano…" Romano whispered, but Italy took action at once.

"Don't worry," he summoned the power from his journal. "I won't let him die. Riavvolgere!"

The bloody wounds on Spain healed instantly, with him taking a shaky breathe of life once he woke up. Both Prussia and Romano sighed in relief, but they had no time for that now, they had to continue.

"Dammit," Romano readied his rifle and joined America in the shooting frenzy. Italy stared after him, amazed he could still fight compared to Spain. But he was not going to be outdone by his older brother.

Toegther, the Things began to mutter. When he heard it, Japan quickly drew out his talismans and threw them into the air, shouting the incantations for the barrier to protect everyone faster than the Things. Lightning struck everywhere, but no one was harmed, and Japan quickly dispersed them, just as Italy shouted, "Fretta!"

A huge power surged inside everyone, bringing their adrenaline at its peak. Knowing Italy had given them all a chance and trusting them, they all rushed in to give the final blows to the unexpected Things.

England used the rush of magic inside him to make his spell for stronger and root them to the spot while Russia helped him by freezing their feet in place. America and Romano rapid fired at them, with Canada commanding Kumajirou to bite down one of the Things when it tried to utter a spell. Spain, now recovered, joined in on Prussia and France slicing off the Things arms together, before China and Japan joined in too. One of them tried to break free, but Germany threw his whip around its neck to keep it in place.


With one last blow, they all attacked together, blowing huge holes in the Things head. Like them, Italy stared in awe, couldn't believe what every nation just did as the Things faded away into nothing.

Finally calming down, the nations stared at where they were, panting and sweating from the battle. They had one this time, together as one, but it took too long for this to happen. Worried, Italy uttered small 've's, staring at them when they turned back to him.

"Italy…" Germany breathed and walked up to him. There was a large gash on his arm, and when looked carefully, everyone was a bit wounded. Panicking, Italy began to recite the spell to heal everyone, but the German stopped him. "It's ok, don't worry. This is nothing."

Prussia quickly came up and gave the small Italian a hug. "Yeah, Ita. We'll heal tomorrow morning', so keep restin'."

"Like I said, don't use your powers too much," England warned with a huff. "You're still injured yourself, so we'll call it a day."

They all stared at him, waiting for what Italy had to say. He was a complete stupor, but he gave them a genuine smile. "Okay, I trust all of you."

They all smiled back. This was more like it.

around most of the nations who were fighting against one of the Things blocked its lightning bolts. He quickly dispersed the shield and sent out his own Shinto spell just when Germany started to whip at it.

"Now don't think for even a second that we're leaving ya alone, Ita!" Prussia chided gently while playing with his nose. Italy giggled a bit and they all made their way back to the base. It was a small trip and they should be tired, but with the entire truth and new resolve set out before them, they felt completely fine!




Unbeknownst to everyone, the Prussian nation was cringing at the mocking voices in his mind.


Thank goodness the base had so many first aid and medical herbs for everyone to use. It was sad to realize they were from their past selves who failed in the previous worlds, but at least they were not wasted here.

The meal China and France made was still sitting on the table, waiting for all the nations to devour. It was still a bit warm, and some of them wondered if it was because time was not completely fixed yet. While they ate, they made some discussions on what they think about the current situation. Some of them made theories on why time still rewind when Italy died a few times, but none of them made sense.

"I'm sorry. I guess I lost more memories than I thought," Italy muttered in dejection after dinner. But no one thought bad about him.

"No," England said as Germany patted his back, "that was good enough. The rest is our job."

"Still…" Russia said while taking a drink of vodka. There was a stash of alcohol here too, so who wouldn't take some after so many craziness happened in the last few days. "Don't you feel kind of weird to think that you could die?"

They all groaned. "As if we were the same as humans, you mean?" France asked. "Maybe we do exist as humans in this place…"

This was brought up a few times, but now it seemed to have more significance. "You know what I noticed?" Everyone turned to the eldest nation. "My body doesn't feel like its carrying the weight of my nation." He placed a hand on his chest, sighing. "Even though I don't look any different…I feel like I'm actually living a mortal life…"

Now that he mentioned it, it was gone…but was replaced by something else that they know would be more serious if they died. But it was not their own fear of death that weighed then, it was losing the new bond they created here. Italy stared at the empty plate in front of him "I wonder if I'll forget again," he said sadly. "I don't want that…I don't want to forget our newly found bond."


"Isn't there anything we can do here?" Spain tried, tapping his fingers on the table.

They all thought about that. The only thing they could do was try and survive. But that didn't hold any meaning since they had died before. Right now they just got Italy's faith in them and they have the hope to escape, but it was so fragile. If there was nothing to sustain them as they continue to fight here, it's all over for them.

Sighing, America slumped onto the table. He wished he had something to doodle on because thinking while not daydreaming was not his thing. He needed a paper and a pen, and…

"Oh! I know!"

Everyone snapped their heads to America when he suddenly jumped up, blue eyes twinkling with idea. Canada gulped at him. "Wh-what…is it?"

No time to explain, America dug out a pen in his bomber jacket's pocket, before thinking up on where he could get some papers. He was about to ask the Italy Brothers for some, but then he saw a good stack of parchment behind his little brother. Rushing and grabbing a sheet, he came back as he declared, "We'll form an alliance!" He started to scribble the words down on the paper. "A testimony of our new bond, without any relation to the Allies or the Axis or even the neutral nations, but to all of us who are here!"

Prussia leaned closer towards him, eyes glowing like the American's. "Ooh, sounds interestin'. I approve."

"I agree with America-san. Let's do it." Japan said as everybody else began to agree. He gave it a few more thoughts. "Did we form an alliance before?"

"No, not as far as I know," Romano shrugged, but he was smirking. " But I approve, too."

"I won't accept objections! After all that trouble, we should write it down in a document!" America crowed. At that moment, England leaned in and saw how horrible his writing was, along the lines of the testimonies being utter rubbish. Growling, he snatched the parchment and asked Canada for another one. America looked insulted for a second, but he let it go. "Hmmm, we should keep it simple!"

"And neat!" England scoffed before he snatched the pen too and prepared to write. "So what should it say?"

"Hmm," Germany began. "Well first of all…believe in one another. Help one another. Rely on one another. Also, escape all together." He nodded in approval. "That is all!"

Spain grinned at the words. "I like it; it's so easy to understand. An alliance among nations like that is pretty interesting!"

"So just those few words…'Also to escape together'….There!" England finished his writing with a triumphant grin. "Now we just have to sign it."

"Oh, can you wait a moment, please?"

Before anyone could get the pen out of England's hand, they all turned to Russia, who looked uncharacteristically worried. "What is it aru?"

"Sorry, I'm really going to put a wet blanket on it," the big Russian began, "but even though this is a temporary alliance, we're still nations. And we're arbitrarily going to form an alliance with so many nations…It doesn't feel right…"

They all stared at him. "But our signatures will only be valid inside this house, right?" England asked.

"Да, and that's the problem. I mean, after we get out of this mansion, we don't know who might get their hands on it. We'll leave it in this strange place where God-knows-who might see it."

They were starting to get it, and he was perfectly right. Germany gave a solemn nod. "You have a point," he said. "Even if we exist as humans right now, it doesn't change the fact that we are nations."

"So, we really can't make an alliance…"

Everyone started to feel guilty for getting Italy's hope up, especially the Russian. "I-I'm sorry," he actually felt bad about this. "I'd want to form an alliance too if I could! But we have to keep in mind we still carry the responsibilities as nations, so…"

"If…If possible," France tried to say, "I also want to form an alliance, and stay like this…"

Japan nodded, closing his eyes. "To be human, even if only in this place…"

Silence loomed over them. Germany was looking between his two friends, wishing there was a way to help. But then, Japan's eyes opened, a look in his eyes.


"We'll form the alliance as humans," he said. Everyone turned to him, waiting. "Let's form an alliance, not as nations," he smiled, "but as humans!"

"What do you mean?" Prussia asked.

Getting the parchment in front of him, he tapped the blank space. "Let's sign this paper as the humans we are now. In other words, we come up with human names for ourselves and sign with them."

"Human names?" China turned to everyone, started nodding. "I like the idea aru!"

"So if anyone else sees it, they won't understand it!" Canada clapped his hands. "Because it's not signed with nation names!"

"A human name, not Romano…" he grinned. "Sounds good. What do you think, Veneziano?"

"Ve! I approve!" Italy practically bounced in his seat. "If we do that, we can all form an alliance!"

"I'll go first!" Alfred snatched the parchment and pen back. Tapping his chin, he went, "Let's see…A…Am…Al…er…Alfred F. Jones, I guess!" he finished with style. Before passing it off to his brother.

Canada gave it a good thought, before he smiled at a name.

"Matthew Williams." He heard America and Prussia laughing. "Wh-What?"

"N-Nothing," the bit back a grin. Canada gave them looks, letting China take the parchment next.

"Wang Yao!" he wrote in elegant Chinese strokes. Once he was done, Prussia snatched it, which was fought over with his pals.

"Me first! The awesome me first!" he slammed it down and wrote in crude letters, "Gilbert Beilschmidt! How's that? Pretty awesome, huh?!"

"Yes, yes. Very unique," France rolled his eyes and wrote his name down. "I'll be Francis Bonnefoy."

"Not much difference between your real name, frog." Before France could retort, Russia took the parchment next.

"I think I'll be Ivan Braginski," he said simply and wrote his name in big letters.

"My turn!" Spain took the parchment, giving it a good thought before it clicked. "I'll be Antonio Hernández Carriedo…Oh…not enough space…"

"What kind of name is that!?" Both England and Romano laughed at him. The Spanish nation gave them a sulky look before England took his turn.

"Make your name better than mine, dear England," France purred at him. England gave him a glare before he gave off a dignified 'Hmph!' and wrote his name down.

America glanced at it. "That's it?"

"What is it?"

"I'm Arthur Kirkland!" England said with a triumphant grin. But France did not see anything great in it.

"Very original, Kirkland."

Before the fight broke out, Germany swiped the parchment next. "I'll be…Ludwig." He wrote down. "This is kind of awkward."

"Ludwig Beilschmidt?" Prussia leaned in to see.

"No, just Ludwig."

As the albino whined, it was Romano's turn. He and Italy glanced at each other. "Can I be…Lovino Vargas?

He got a cheerful reply. "Si! Then I'll be…Feliciano! Feliciano Vargas!"

As Italy wrote his name, his brother smiled. "I like that."

Once done, the Italian handed the parchment to Japan. "Then I am…Honda Kiku."

And once that was done, America crowed and snatched the parchment to show it to everybody. "Alright! Everyone signed! That makes this vow absolute! Right, Kiku?"

At first Japan was surprised. "What? Oh—are you talking to me? Er…Indeed!" he blushed. "We must all abide by it…umm…Arthur-san!"

"No, no! My name is Alfred! Arthur is England!"

"Oh! I-I'm sorry! My memory these days…" This was going to be hard…and awkward.

"What was Germany's name again?" Italy titled his head in thought. "Was it Lutz? Louis?"

"Lutz!?" Prussia cackled, coming up to nudge his little brother's shoulder. "That's hilarious, Lutz! It makes you sound like a completely different guy, Lutz! Am I right, Lutz?"

"Can you please stop smirking and taunting me?!" the blond snapped, but that just made Prussia laugh harder. Meanwhile, everyone else was trying to get used to, and also make fun of, other nation's names. France was currently having trouble with which one had the name Matthew, America or Canada.

"I'm Matthew…"

"Oh, sorry…"

"Does Ivan referring to Ivan the Terrible?"

"Kolkolkol, whatever do you mean?"

"Is it Yao Wang or Wang Yao…wait, why Wang?"

"I'm not answering that aru."

"Did you by any chance take your name from your birdie, Prussia?"

"No, I always liked the name Gilbert."

"This is pretty awkward…" Romano muttered at last as he sat back and watched. But he was sure that these names would never change, no matter what. This was forever in Italy's memories, and his.

"You know, with this, even after we get out of this house, we can still continue to be bound to this alliance as humans…" Canada said beside him. The Southern Italian turned to him, and grinned. Yep, and when they survive, this was their proof of their bonds.

"Alright, everyone! Be quiet please!" Japan clapped his hand to gather everyone's attention. "Stop calling each other's names for fun. Looking over the this document closely—"

"It's fine, isn't it?" England snapped, not liking how Japan found fault in his writing. Looking over the names, he chuckled. "And what about your name? It'ss almost the same as your nation name in Japanese!"

"Be quiet, Alfred-san!" Japan snapped back. But only met with a stunned face of England.

"I'm Arthur…" he muttered. Japan blushed at his blunder again. "Opps."

"Bwahaha!" the Bad Touch Trio cackled at the scene. "That's the second time he got your name wrong! Ow, my stomach hurts!" Prussia suddenly said, hunching over and clutching his stomach and chest.

Germany rolled his eyes. "I'm surrounded by children…" he groaned.

Italy giggled beside him, and placed his head on his shoulder. "True…but you know…But you know…" the blond turned to him to see him smiling in contentment as he sighed, "It has been so long since it was this noisy and fun. I almost forgot about this feeling. This is fun, isn't it," he looked up at his best friend, "Louis?"

He didn't say anything, just sighing and shaking his head, before patting his friend's head. "Yes…it is."

Italy giggled and quickly hugged him. He stuttered at first, but Germany began to relax and hugged back. The way his arms were around his torso…it felt just right. This was really Italy.

Romano had nothing to say, so he turned to where Spain was. He blinked. "Oi, Potato Bastard, you okay?"

Prussia looked up, and if anyone was looking at him right now, he was breaking into cold sweats. "Hm? Oh, it's nothing." He muttered, slowly getting up from his seat. "I'll go take a shower. I guess I'm a little tired."

"You sure?" Germany asked before Italy could get worried. But Prussia just brushed him off.

"I'll be fine. I just want to freshen up. I'll be right back," he made his way to the bathroom, ignoring how everyone was staring at him. But out of all of them, Spain and France seemed to be the ones who knew something was very wrong with their friend.


In the shower, Prussia had the water raining on his pale back as he clutched his chest in agony. He almost couldn't breathe, and it came and go as it pleased, leaving bitter pain in his chest. It hurt so much that he wanted to just rip it out. "What the hell is this?" he growled through teeth. "My heart shouldn't be beating this fast…!" he nearly shouted as he slammed the shower wall. Red eyes staring at the water running down the tiles and along his arms, he was left in a daze.

"Am I going to…die?" he shook his head at the thought. "God dammit, no! After coming so far, I'm not going to just roll over and quit!" he shut the shower off at once, stepping out while still dripping wet. "I still have to protect my people…and my brother!"

He had tricked death and it let him live after his nation dissolved and became part of Germany. He was alive now for everyone's sake, so he wasn't going to let them down because of this stupid spontaneous pain and insanity. Pulling his black tank top over his head, Prussia vowed he would not let anyone worry and protect them. Poor Italy was enough trouble and needed the most attention.

Suddenly, a frantic knock was heard from the door, making the albino jump. "Prussia-san! Prussia-san!"

"Y-Yeah?!" he asked after his recover. "What do you want?!"

"I'm sorry, but you…you have to come back quickly! The others are…they are…"

Not wasting a second, Prussia put on the last of his article of clothes and rushed out, leaving behind the mocking laughs in his head.


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