by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Marvel Comics.

Summary: The Marvel Secret Wars have begun, but as they do, a group of characters from the Eva-universe arrive and become additional heroes and villains to their respective groups causes.


Chapter 1

(Beyonders Battleworld, far side of the galaxy)

Within the starless vacuum of space, the patchwork planet that had been specially created by the mysterious and powerful cosmic being known only as The Beyonder was now the temporary home to the two powerful forces of superpowers from the planet Earth.

On one side, were the heroes of Earth, comprised of The Avengers: Captain America-the super soldier of WWII, Iron Man II-the armored avenger, Thor-the god of thunder, Hawkeye-the master archer, Wasp-the insect heroine, She-Hulk-the gamma-powered amazon, and Captain Marvel-the energy heroine. Three members of the Fantastic Four: Mr Fantastic-the elastic skinned scientist, The Human Torch-the fire powered hot head, and The Thing-the rock-like hero. The X-Men: Professor X-the telepath teacher, Storm-the weather-controlling leader, Cyclops-the laser shooting hero, Wolverine-the razor-clawed brawler, Rogue-the power absorbing super heroine, Nightcrawler-the acrobatic demon-like teleporter and hero, Colossus-the gentle steel-skinned enforcer, and Lockheed the dragon. Other heroes included Spider Man-the amazing arachnid and The Hulk-the gamma powered science brute.

The mutant master of magnetism, Magneto, had somehow been counted amongst the heroes, which was something of a dispute amongst the group.

On the other side, were the villains known as Dr Doom-the science sorcerer, Ultron the human-hating robot, Dr Octopus-the metal armed scientist, Molecule Man-the master manipulator of matter, Absorbing Man-the elemental mimicking bruiser, The Wrecker-the crowbar wielding super thug, Thunderball-the ball and chain wielding super thug, Piledriver-the heavy-handed super thug, Bulldozer-the armored super thug, Kang the Conqueror-the tyrant from the future, Amora the Enchantress-the Asgardian sorceress, The Lizard-the mutant reptilian scientist, and the mighty world-devourer Galactus.

The two groups had been pulled from their respective homes and brought to this patchwork world of the Beyonder's make for the simple purpose of fighting each other. No other reason was given them.

After witnessing the creation of an entire planet, amongst other achievements, the two groups were informed that if they were victorious over their enemies, they would receive their hearts desire.

This was something of a puzzlement to the two groups, but they nevertheless found themselves thrust into a new type of battle not of their choosing.

The heroes and villains were set down on the planet in different locations, and posed to fight each other whenever they actually met each other.

However, they were about to find out that they were not alone on this new world.


"BAH! I will not see mutant blood spilled on my behalf! I leave you!" the red and purple garbed master of magnetism, Magneto, declared as he lifted off the ground and quickly flew away from the heroes of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men before more trouble started. The obvious conflict between the X-Men and the others heroes would have escalated had he, with his apparant bad reputation, had stayed.

However, as he did, he barely noticed a small energy portal open up before him as three figures flew out and towards himself and the heroes, one of whom passed right through him.

Not feeling deterred or affected by this, Magneto flew on. As a result he didn't notice that the other two people flew at, and passed through, the heroes known as She-Hulk and Captain America. The two heroes had tried to catch them as they fell, only to receive a shock when they passed right through them and then hit the ground as if they had been solid all along. Their companion joined them a second later.

Ignoring Magneto's departure, the heroes quickly rushed to the side of the trio who had literally crashed down right in front of them.

"Are they alright?" Spider Man, who was dressed in a red and blue costume with black web-lines and a spider-symbol on his chest, asked out of concern.

"They look alright?" Wolverine, who was dressed in a brown and tannish colored costume, snapped at the webslinger.

"Professor?" Cyclops, who was dressed in blue and yellow costume with a visor over his eyes, asked, turning to his mentor.

"I don't fully understand it, but... the two women appear to be alive and in good health. Yet... the boy is... how shall I say this... I can't sense him." Professor X, who was dressed in a blue-ish suit with a yellow tie, said, while Storm and Rogue tried to make the two women more comfortable.

"Look. His chest is rising and falling. That means he's breathing." Storm, who was dressed in black leather from her vest to her bra and pants and boots, herself sporting a mohawk in place of her normally long white hair, stated while Colossus tried to get the teenage boy more comfortable.

All three had crashed down into rock and dirt after all, so making them more comfortable was the right thing to do.

"But who are they? Where did they come from?" Wasp, who was dressed in a slightly baggy bright green jumpsuit with a purple 'W' on her chest, with purple gloves and boots, asked.

"Don't know... but we've got bigger problems to deal with." Iron Man, decked out in red and gold Classic-style armor said.

"Such as?" Captain Marvel, a dark-skinned woman in a white outfit with black leggings and sporting an afro, asked.

"Such as... who's going to be our leader." the armored avenger said.

"You want to discuss leadership at a time like this?" Wasp asked, pointing to the trio of Japanese-looking people.

"He does have a point, Wasp. What about you, Richards?" Captain America, decked out in red, white and blue costume with a white star on his chest, a white 'A' on his forehead, small white wings on the sides of his head, and a similar colored circular shield on his back, asked the elastic scientist.

"Me? I – I don't think I can." Reed, dressed in a blue and white costume with a blue '4' on a white circle in the middle of his chest, stated. "Back on Earth I have a wife who's expecting. And it seems likely that I will never see her or the baby again! I don't think you want someone giving orders who's thoughts are a few billion parsecs away. Perhaps Dr Banner can..." he started to suggest.

"The Hulk?" Johnny Storm, dressed in similar fashion to Reed, gaffed/interrupted. "Hey, no offense, Doc, but... it wasn't so long ago that you were a dumb monsters who tried to destroy a lot of us. And it's tough to shake that mental image!" he said to the gamma-powered goliath.

"I'd have guessed that much. Sides, I'm not much into giving orders anyway." the Hulk, a tall, incredibly well-muscled, green-skinned man in purple pants, said. "Let winghead do it. He likes it." he said, pointing to Captain America.

"I'm the leader of the Avengers..." The Wasp stated. "...but I'll defer to Captain America."

"Why, Wasp?" She-Hulk, a tall green-skinned woman who was dressed in a blue aerobics outfit with purple shoes and running shoes, asked.

"Because we're off in a strange land, up to our ears in a little secret war that may decide the fate of the universe! Some people don't know me well! They might have doubts about my abilities... and there's no room for that." Wasp stated. "Cap is a soldier, a natural warrior. He's the better choice."

"What about you, Professor? You read minds, that could come in handy!" Captain America asked the mutant telepath.

"I'm also good at reading hearts – No man in existence equals your courage, Captain America!" the bald-headed mutant teacher said.

"Wait A Minute! He's the LEAST of us! He can't do anything! I won't follow him – !" Wolverine shouted, almost ready for a fight.

"I will!" Thor, who was dressed in a blue and yellow outfit, a yellow belt, a long red cape, a battle hammer in one hand, a silver helmet with wings on the side of it, and yellow-tied boots, stated. "I am a prince of the gods! I do not pledge my allegiance to many of mortal stature! This man, I will follow through the Gates of Hades!" he declared on Cap's side.

"Sounds like it's settled!" Reed Richards said.

Just then...

"Ohhh... What happened?" the Japanese woman with long dark purplish hair, dressed in a red jacket, a small, form-fitting black dress, and black boots groaned.

"Ouch! I hurt all over!" exclaimed a slightly younger Japanese woman with short brown hair dressed in a light brown military uniform.

"They're waking up!" Human Torch said, eyeing the older woman with lustful eyes.

"Where are we? What did... ARGH!" the 14-year old Japanese boy said, and shouted, as his body suddenly began to warp and change before everyone's eyes.

Almost as if he was growing, and aging.

Everyone, including the two other Japanese women, just stared at him as he continued growing and becoming more adult before their very eyes. Within less than a minute, the boy stopped growing, as well as stopped shouting in pain.

While most people agree that growth is painful, no one had ever seen anyone age that fast before. As such, they couldn't imagine just how painful it really was for him.

Exhausted from his growth, the now adult Japanese man was now unconscious, his skintight blue and white plugsuit now ripped and torn, except for a patch around his groin, thankfully.

"Shinji? Shinji-kun?" the woman with the purple hair asked, gently shaking the young man, patting his cheeks, even opening his eyes in order to see if his pupils were responsive.

They weren't.

"What's wrong with him?" she asked.

"I don't know, Major." the other woman in the military uniform said. "I wish I had more medical training than computer training."

"Allow me to help." Professor X said as he placed his hands on the sides of the boys head.

"What... the hell... just happened?" Wolverine demanded as the two Japanese women realized they were now not alone.

"I have a theory... but it sounds impossible." Mr Fantastic said, his white-gloved hand stroking his chin thoughtfully.

"This coming from a guy who is a living rubber band, and standing on a planet that didn't exist until a few hours ago." Hulk stated.

"Right." he replied.

"So.. what's this theory of yours, Richards?" Captain Marvel asked as Professor X managed to get the boy mentally and physically healed, thanks to his psychic powers ability to stimulate certain parts of the human body. But only through intense concentration, as well as physical contact. However, he could still not read the young mans mind.

"Genetic mimicry." Reed stated.

"You mean..." Spider Man started to say. "The kid somehow copied Captain America's body type when he passed through him?"

"Yes." Reed said. "Which means that he might also have the same abilities."

"But what about the other two?" Iron Man asked.

"Yeah. They passed through Magneto and She-Hulk. So... do they..." Wasp started to wonder.

"Maybe. I can't be sure unless we test them." Reed said.

"Do we even have time for this?" Hawkeye, dressed in a blue and purple costume with a bow and quiver full of arrows strapped to his back, asked. "We've got no shelter, no weapons but our own, and we don't know where those villains went."

"Shinji? Are you alright?" the purple-haired woman asked as the young man started coming around.

"I... I think so Misato, but... what happened?" the young man asked.

"You... grew up." the other woman said.

While Shinji sat up, he noticed that his body had indeed changed, but there was something else about this situation that he didn't like. Namely, where he, Misato and Maya were, but also where the others had gone.

"Where are Rei, Asuka and Dr Akagi?" Shinji asked.

"Don't know. Didn't see them." Misato said.

While Shinji was getting accustomed to his new body, everyone was taking note of the physical similarities between the new Japanese young man and Captain America.

"Excuse me. But... who are you?" Captain America asked.

"Oh. Hi. Uh... well, my name's Major Misato Katsuragi of NERV." the purple-haired woman said. "Her name is Lieutenant Maya Ibuki." she said, indicating the woman in the brownish military uniform. "And this... guy... is my ward, Shinji Ikari." she said, looking at Shinji with some confusion. "And now that that's out of the way... What The Hell Is Going On Here? Where Are We And What Just Happened To Shinji-Kun?" she snapped.

Given her situation, the woman was justified in her outburst.

It was Captain America who decided to respond.

"It's a long story, but..." the super soldier stated.

Within ten minutes Cap had filled the trio in on their apparent situation, which also included introductions of the Avengers, The X-Men, and the Fantastic Four (as well as Spider Man and the Hulk)

"You have got to be kidding me!" Misato groaned.

That was when Reed got into things.

"And what about you, Major?" Reed asked. "What is your situation? How did you get here?"

"Honestly, I don't know exactly." Misato said.

She then went into a long explanation about who they were and what they had been doing prior to their appearance here. They had been attacked by a shadow-like Angel that had swallowed the Eva's and their pilots, then proceeded to swallow the back-up command center that had Misato, Ritsuko and the Bridge Bunnies inside it. The next thing they knew, they were here, falling through an empty sky and crashing into the ground of this patchwork planet. They were naturally confused as to how this had happened to them, as well as to what had happened to make Shinji grow to an adult level.

At hearing that, Reed spoke up again.

"We should test them." Reed suggested.

"Test them?" The Thing asked.

"How about we just grade on their curves?" Johnny Storm asked, leering at Misato.

The group ignored Johnny's innuendo as Reed continued.

"If I'm right about what has happened, they could conceivably possess the same abilities as the person that they phased through upon their arrival." Reed said.

"Conceivably possess? How can you be sure?" Hulk asked.

"I can't. That is why we need to test them. As for my suspicions... the boy was only a teenager when he passed through Captain America, and now he looks to have the same physique as the captain. To be certain, we need to test his skills." Reed explained.

"So that means... if the boy passed through me... then I should be the one to test him." Captain America said.

Misato and Maya looked at each other, then at Shinji.

"I don't know about this. Shinji? Are you feeling up to this?" Misato asked.

"Actually... yes. I am." he said as he stood up straight as if he had no problems earlier.

"What about his outfit?" Wasp asked. "It's hardly in any state to preform any kind of activity."

"Well... I do have this spare." Reed said as he pulled something out of his pocket and inflated one of his spare suits.

"You keep a spare on you?" Johnny Storm asked as Reed handed the suit to Shinji.

"A good scientist is always prepared." Reed said as Shinji changed into the new outfit, the remnants of his old outfit being used more as underwear.

"Thank you, Dr Richards." Shinji said, wearing the spare FF costume, which included boots and gloves.

"Alright, then. Let's get started." Cap said.

Misato and Maya just watched in amazement as Shinji was put through the proverbial wringer by the super soldier, from various Olympic-style acrobatics, to sparring with the young Japanese man who managed to match him move for move.

"Incredible! When he phased through Captain America, Shinji somehow gained the same physical abilities that the Captain possesses." Reed Richards surmised. "All of his moves and skills."

"Even unto his transformation into an adult." Professor Xavier stated.

"So it would seem." The Hulk replied.

"So... that means that the other two could also have the same powers as the people that they passed through?" Cyclops asked.

"Possibly." Reed said.

The group looked at Misato and Maya as Shinji and Captain America finished their exercise.

"Alright. You!" She-Hulk snapped, pointing to Misato.

"Okay, first of all, Green Cheeks, my name is Misato Katsuragi! Or 'Major' if you want. Not 'You'! Got It?" Misato snapped back at the green amazon, unintimidated by her size and appearance.

"Sorry. Would 'Misato' please come over here?" she asked.

Misato walks over to the green-skinned amazon, who held out her hand to her.

"Since you passed through me... I want to see just how strong you really are." She-Hulk said.

"Fine." Misato grumbled, taking her hand.

It was nearly five minutes later after the pair had started to arm-wrestle in mid-air.

She-Hulk was actually impressed that Misato was keeping up with her.

"She's... as strong... as I am!" She-Hulk groaned as she struggled against the Japanese woman.

"That's not... saying much... since I don't know... how strong... you really are!" Misato groaned.

"She-Hulk can bench a bulldozer with one arm... if that gives you any indication." Captain America said.

"Some." Misato groaned.

"Well... glad that's settled... however we've got a slight problem with this one." Captain Marvel said to the young computer tech.

"What do you mean?" Shinji asked.

"She passed through Magneto. So that means she might have gotten the same powers that he has." she said.

"Which could be useful to us." Professor X stated.

"But how do we test that?" Cyclops asked.

"Allow me to help." Professor X said.

Using his mental abilities, Professor X helps Maya demonstrate her powers, which consists of having her see what Magneto often did with it. This naturally shocked the young woman, mostly at how easy it is for her to manipulate metal, which included the iron ore underneath their feet.

"I can control metal?" she gasped as metal started floating around them with ease.

"Magnetic fields, actually, which affect all forms of metal. Even the raw iron ore beneath our feet is apparently easy for you to manipulate!" Reed Richards stated as she continued levitating the metal ore all over the place.

"This... this is incredible! And I am seriously freaked out by this!" Maya cried out as she quickly lost her focus and caused the iron ore to crash into the ground around the heroes.

"Hey!" Spider Man shouted, leaping out of the way.

"Watch it!" The Thing shouted, taking a few pieces of metal to his head.

"Sorry!" Maya said.

"So... she does have the same powers as Magneto." Cyclops said.

"Apparently so. Though we can probably trust her more than Magneto." Iron Man said.

Suddenly, the group's attention was caught by a powerful explosion only a couple of miles away from them.

"What was that?" Captain Marvel gasped.

"Some kind of energy blast!" The Hulk stated, his hand over his eyes to get a better view without the sunlight in his eyes.

"A ship... shot down!" Captain America stated.

"A large chunk of debris fell only a few miles away." Reed Richards stated.

"Let's check it out!" Iron Man said.


"Storm! Is the strain too much?" Professor X asked as the weather-controlling mutant heroine flew ahead of the X-Men team, her wind storm carrying her fellow mutants.

"No professor! I can sustain the winds which hold you and the others aloft... though I'm certain the ride is not very comfortable!" Storm declared.

"Wheee!" Spider Man shouted, his webbing attached to the back of the incredible Hulk, who was leaping through the air, pulling the webslinger like a water-skier while carrying the rock-like Thing as well.

"Stay still, Webhead! Or I might drop you!" Hulk said.

"How humiliatin!" Thing grumbled as Hulk carried him with one hand.

"Misato... this is really strange!" Shinji said, standing next to Misato.

"You're telling me, Shinji-kun." Misato said as the pair rode with Captain America, Hawkeye, and She-Hulk on a large chunk of rock that Iron Man was carrying as he flew.

Maya was using her magnetic powers to levitate herself on a piece of metal ore that she had flattened out so as to stand better on it.

"This isn't possible! I mean... I shouldn't be able to do this so easily!" she gasped.

"Get used to it now, girl!" Captain Marvel said, flying next to her. "Otherwise, it'll just drive you insane! And we don't need someone with your powers going mental on us."

"Right. Sorry." Maya replied.

The group of heroes soon arrived at the sight of the crash. But when they arrived, they were shocked at who was amongst the wreckage.

"Look! It's Doctor Doom! How could he have survived that blast?" Cyclops shouted.

"His personal force field must have been working over time!" Hulk stated.

"Cap! Stay Back!" Human Torch shouted as the star-spangled Avenger rushed towards him.

"Richards... must speak with Richards! Only he... might comprehend... Power so great... it humbles us! We are... Bacteria... Dust..." Dr Doom groaned.

"Don't Go Near Him! He's Dangerous!" Human Torch shouted.

"No! He's hurt... maybe badly!" Captain America stated.

"Don't trust him! He's treacherous! We've got to disarm him first!" Torch said.

"Let me handle that! I've going to enjoy slicing him out of that armor with my claws!" Wolverine stated.

"Back off, Wolverine!" Cap said to the mutant brawler before turning to talk to the injured man. "Let me help you, Doom."

However, Doom just stared at the star-spangled Avenger, glaring at him most likely.

"Doom... needs the aid... of no man!" he snapped. "Is that pity I see in your eyes Captain America? And yours, Richards? Pity Yourselves!" he snarled at the heroes. "I was a fool to think such as you might comprehend what only Doom can know!"

"Look out! He's Going To..." Wolverine shouted, right as Doom's gauntlets fired off a blast of energy that knocked the heroes off their feet.

"You Will Rue This Moment! You, The Others, The Beyonder... And The Universe! Soon, All Will Grovel At My Feet!" Doom shouted as he fired at the group before taking off into the air.

"Why couldn't he just have said good-bye?" Torch groaned as Doom flew away. "Hey! Wolvie... where'd you go to charm school?" he asked the razor-clawed mutant.

"Shut-Up, Punk! Or I'll carve you into briquette's!" Wolverine growled at the boy of fire.

"Heads Up! My radar's picking up bogies coming in fast!" Iron Man suddenly shouted.

"We're Under Attack!" Captain America shouted as the heroes suddenly noticed a group of super villains scramble over the nearby hill and rush towards them.

All at once, the forms of Kang the Conqueror, Amora the Enchantress, Absorbing Man, Dr Octopus, Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer, Molecule Man, and The Lizard became fully visible, and all of them lunging to the attack, several of them brandishing all manner of high-tech weapons.

"And here we go." Misato tensed as she readied herself for this fight.


Authors Notes:

This is yet another multi-chapter story courtesy of me, and this time I'm using the famed Secret Wars as the basis for this story. Not to mention I am throwing in several more Eva-characters than normal. Each of them will become heroes and villains. Also, for those of you who don't know, Shinji, Misato and Maya are speaking English like Captain America and the others because it's another ability they gained from the super powers when they phased through Cap, She-Hulk and Magneto.
Enjoy the story.



The group was staring at Shinji, who was now an adult with the same body type as that of Captain America.

"So... if he gained the same abilities of Captain America... and the same body type... and grew up to the same age as him..." Reed mused.

"Which would make him over 70 years old really." Johnny snarked.

"...then what about Major Katsuragi and Lieutenant Ibuki?"


"GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Misato shouted as her body started to change and grow to the same height and build as She-Hulk. Her hair was still a dark purple, but her eyes were a yellowish color and her skin was now a jade color.

"Major?" Maya gasped. "What's happened to her?"

"Happened to her? Look at you!" Wasp shouted at Maya.

"What's wrong?" Maya gasped.

"Here. Look." Iron Man said as he told the young woman to look into his shiny armored chest.

"OH MY GOD! MY HAIR IS WHITE!" Maya gasped.

"Just like Magneto's." Hawkeye said.

"Misato? Is that you?" Shinji asked as he looked up at his guardian, no longer at eye level with her as he was only a few second ago. (To Shinji, this was normal)

Misato-Hulk looked down at Shinji... and grinned.

"You cute." Misato-Hulk said as her grabbed Shinji and flung him over onto her left shoulder. "You came. Make Misato very happy." she said as she quickly jumped away.

The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men just looked at each other.

"Should we do something?" Captain Marvel asked.

"Yes. She might kill him with affection." Captain America said.

"I know my hormones were gonna get someone killed one of these days." She-Hulk said as she started chasing after her green counterpart.