by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or the Marvel Secret Wars.

Summery: More arrivals to both the heroes and villains sides cause trouble for the near future, even as Dr Doom creates a group of new villains to win the war.


Chapter 4
Expanding The Board

While the high-energy super storm rages across the newly created, patchwork planet of the Beyonder, deep within the massive and high-tech alien fortresses, the unusual group of costumed peoples were settling in for what was bound to be a very long set of nights.

But while the heroes were using the storm as a chance to spend time with their significant others, the villains within Doom Base were preparing other plans.

Particularly plans of attack!

Within his laboratory, the demented genius known as Victor Von Doom was using the advanced alien technology to preform an experiment. One that would enhance not only the teenage girls known as Asuka Langley Sohryu and Rei Ayanami, but also another pair of females.

One was a bitter and scrawny woman with brownish-red hair named Mary 'Skeeter' MacPherran and her friend, a tall and heavy-set woman with black hair named Marsha Rosenberg. All four were in individual metal and glass tanks hooked up to a highly advanced machine with cables and hoses running from various other machines within the base.

"I feel like a gold fish in a bowl without the water." Asuka grumbled, standing in the tube with only her red plugsuit to cover her body.

And without LCL this time. Rei thought, herself in her own tube next to Asuka, but without her plugsuit. If she had heard right what Doom was planning to do to her, going without it was appropriate.

"Are you sure this will give us all the power you promised us?" Mary asked the demented doctor.

"I assure you, dear woman, that you will receive all that I have promised you. As long as you do not forget, who gave them to you." the green-cloaked and armored villain said as he set the controls.

"How can we? You keep reminding us every ten minutes!" Asuka snapped.

There were moments, naturally, when Rei Ayanami was glad that her upbringing under Gendo Ikari had brought her a much needed resistance to the overly useless chatter that Asuka often 'blessed' everyone with. Such as right now when she could simply tune out the Second Child.

Looking at the instruments on the control panel before him, Dr Doom just stared at the readings that were coming out from both Asuka's and Rei's tanks as the final scanning process took place.

Incredible! These readings! They are unlike anything I have ever seen before in a human being. He thought. The children's physiology is far superior to any other from my world. Almost perfect. But this energy signature... no human has this potential! I wonder... does Dr Akagi possess such power as well? He wondered as he looked over and saw the faux-blond scientist who was fiddling with the instruments on the tanks.

"Are we gonna get this show on the road, or what Doc?" Mary snapped.

"Of course. But these things must be done slowly, accurately, or you will all be destroyed." Dr Doom said simply as he adjusted the controls. "The power of this high-energy storm, which is what I draw upon to empower you all, is quite unique. It's energy cannot be found on Earth, and will enable me to grant you all the power you desire! With this alien technology, I will tap the energy from this raging tempest in order to empower you all!" he said as he programmed the final information into the console. "Dr Akagi! Are we ready?"

"Yes, Doctor Doom." Ritsuko stated from her console.

"And now... we begin!" he said as he pushed the larger handle on the console forward, unleashing the power of the storm into their bodies.

The advanced machinery of Doom Base roared to life, drawing in the unique energy Doom needed to empower and transform the quartet of women in a way that would be greatly beneficial.

To him, at least.

The four women felt the energy flow into them, felt themselves change and grow in ways they could never have imagined.

"Hear Me!" Doom stated to the women. "Power must be seized! Crave it! Welcome it! Drink it in! Despite the pain... or it will destroy you!"

Several long minutes passed, and the instruments finally gave up their expected ringing.

Dr Doom gave the nod, and Dr Akagi shut down the machine. As the door to the four tanks opened up, four very different women stepped forth into the world.

Mary had grown at least a foot and a half taller, her skinny frame now covered in muscles that were bulked out to an almost amazon-like stature. Even her long-flowing orangish-hair looked stronger.

Marsha was far different, emerging from her tank as if she were on fire. Yellow and black plasma fire. Her buxom figure still noticeable as she stepped down to the main floor.

Asuka and Rei, however, were the most changed.

Originally Asuka had been a lovely and athletic 14-year old girl. But as she emerged from the glass tank, it was obvious the changes that had happened to her. She looked like an adult: tall, shapely and athletic, which naturally caused her red plugsuit to explode off her body as she stepped out of the tank. She was at least a high C-cup to low D-cup. To say she could have given Misato a run for her money was now an understatement.

And like Asuka, Rei Ayanami was no different. Though she had been more shapely and endowed than Asuka had been when they were teenagers, it was even more noticeable as an adult. She was slightly taller than Asuka, by an inch or two, her short blue hair now long and flowing down to the small of her back. And her figure was athletic in ways mere exercise could not have achieved alone. Her bust at least a D-cup in size, flawlessly smooth skin covered her body, legs up to her neck, and a figure that any super model would kill to possess. All in all, she was now gorgeous!

"This Is Incredible!" Ritsuko Akagi gasped as she saw the quartet of women now fully transformed before her.

"You can say that again, Doc!" Marsha said. "But... now that I've changed... I can change back right? I can at least look human, right?" she asked, somewhat nervously.

"I don't want to change!" Mary stated. "Ever! I'm at least a foot and a half taller than before, and strong! Very strong! Hey, Doom! Where are the new clothes I designed for myself?"

"Right here, Miss MacPherran!" Doom said, standing next to a table with three sets of clothes on it.

"No! I'm not 'Skeeter' MacPherran anymore! I want a new name! Something flashy, like the others that serve you, Doom!" Mary said as she went to the table and got changed, as did Asuka and Rei.

"That can wait for now." Doom said. "First of all, Miss Rosenberg, you CAN revert back to your human form. It was no easy task to enable your mutation to be reversible. Otherwise, you would not be able to eat, or sleep, which would have made your usefulness to me quite short. In this form, your body is composed of Ionized Plasma - like the core of a star!" he said looking over at a large pile of machinery and parts sitting in the corner of the lab. "You can radiate thermal energy from your very skin at will. Do so... now!"

Marsha looked at her hands and grinned as she pointed them towards the large pile of machinery and let loose a forceful blast of energy that quickly melted everything to molten slag.

"Yes! Yes, I Can!" she shouted. "I can feel heat, just.. millions of degrees swirling around inside of me, and I can control it! I don't understand how I can still be alive, all molten, seething and liquid inside me, like a... like a Volcano! In fact... I think that's what I'll call myself! Volcana!"

"Sounds good, Marsha. And I think I've figured out my own name, Doom." Mary declared, dressed in her new outfit, a dark pinkish-purplish outfit with knee-length spiked boots, long gloves that covered her entire arms, a swimsuit-like piece with a gold belt, the front part of the outfit cut into a large 'T' shape that exposed her now generous chest, and a mask that covered her eyes and neck while leaving her mouth and nose exposed. "I think I'll call myself Titania! You know, like a Titan! Cause that's how I feel! Strong! Powerful! Here... let me show you!" she said as she walked over tot he molten slag that Volcana had just melted, and lifted it up with both hands.

"Incredible! That slag is still red hot." Doom stated.

"Yeah! But I feel like nothing can hurt me! Look how strong I am!" Titania shouted happily as she hefted the large pile of metallic slag over her head, then quickly tossed it out of the lab, into the raging storm outside. "That wasn't even a challenge. Too small. Give me something to crush, to lift, to really test my strength against!"

"All in good time, my dear woman." Doom said as he turned towards the other newly empowered women in the room.

It was then that everyone noticed that while Titania was hurling large pieces of metal out of the room, the other woman, Asuka, had changed. Actually, she had grown, and had kept growing, until she was now practically filling up the entire lab.

"Asuka?" Ritsuko gasped at the nearly 50 foot tall, and completely naked, woman before them.

"MEIN GOTT! I'M NEARLY AS BIG AS MY EVA! I'M GIGANTIC!" Asuka boomed as she towered over the others, despite having to kneel down within the lab. "HOW DO I CHANGE BACK?"

"You must THINK it, my dear! You must forcefully control your body to bend to your will." Doom said to her, himself now backed up against the nearest wall.

"RIGHT. THINK. CONCENTRATE. I'M THINKING... I'M... THINKING..." she said as she suddenly started shrinking back down to her normal human size. "I'm Thinking... I'm... I'm my own normal size again!" She gasped, returning to her now 5 foot 11 inch frame. "Incredible! I was huge! I was gigantic! I am... Gigantica!" she declared as Ritsuko came over an put a blanket around her shoulders.

"Your clothes are over here, Asuka." Ritsuko said.

"Most impressive." Dr Doom stated as he watched the redhead and faux-blond woman go. "And you, my dear." he said, turning to Rei, who was now dressed in her own outfit.

In the chaos that followed Asuka's growth spurt, Rei had quickly donned her own new outfit. "Who are you?" he said, turning to Rei, who in the chaos had dressed herself in a blue version of the White Queen's original outfit, which included long white gloves, mid-thigh length boots, corset, bikini bottoms, and a cape. All of them blue like her hair.

"What abilities have you gained?" Dr Doom asked Rei.

Rei looked at Doom, then turned her head to a nearby table that had several items, mostly science tools, sitting on it. She waved her hand at the table, and everything, including the table, levitated up and into the air.

"Impressive!" Doom gasped. "Most impressive!" he said, taking note that it wasn't just the table that was levitating with each object sitting upon it, but each individual object including the table which was levitating in the air.

Rei eventually set the table down and replaced the objects back onto the table itself in perfect order.

"Telekinesis. Impressive. Although, does this include the possibility of telepathy as well?" Doom asked. "Often, they go hand-in-hand."

"I... cannot sense deep thoughts." Rei said. "When I look into the minds of Pilot Sohryu, or Dr Akagi, I see only the thoughts they are having at the moment. I can sense... nothing deeper." she said as she looked away from the pair, who had now dressed Asuka in a modified version of her red plugsuit. It looked more like a red one-piece swimsuit with elbow-length gloves and knee-length boots, with blacking lining, as well as a mask over her eyes.

"Indeed. And... what do you intend to call yourself?" Doom asked.

"I am..." Rei said, looking at her new body and then looking at Doom himself. "This outfit! It makes you think of that woman... the mutant known as The White Queen."

"You read my thoughts?" Doom asked in mock surprise.

"Yes. This outfit was patterned after her own outfit. In this respect, I believed I shall call myself... The Blue Queen." Rei stated.

Beneath his mask, Doom smiled.

While he didn't like the idea of Rei actually reading his mind, he was convinced that Rei wasn't lying about being able to pierce his deeper thoughts. His mind turned to more important matters, such as introducing this new quartet to his other unique comrades in arms.

The ones called Dr Octopus, Wrecker, Molecule Man and Absorbing Man.

(Magneto's Former Base)

Across the planet, the mighty storm crashes and blasts the landscape. But in the strangely shaped base that was formerly claimed by Magneto, 13 other deadly beings find themselves in both strange surroundings and stranger company.

A man with a crimson skull-shaped head, dressed in a black jumpsuit with a swastika patch on his chest, a gunbelt on his hip, made it easy to identify him as the infamous Red Skull. His companion was an athletic and slightly scary looking woman with jet-black hair, dressed in a black leather swimsuit with long black leather gloves and boots. The swastika symbol on her left arm indicated her alliance.

"Where are we, Warrior Woman?" Johann Schmidt, a.k.a. the Red Skull asked.

"I do not know, Herr Skull." Frieda Ratsel, a.k.a. Warrior Woman said. "I do not recognize the place or the technology. It appears to be far advanced."

"Indeed. It would have to be, for our clothes have changed as well." Red Skull said, noticing that he was not wearing his regular business suit, but instead his old uniform from back during the war.

"I did not notice right away." Warrior Woman said, staring at her own costume.

The pair walked through the base before coming to a large open room, and a strange and frightening sight.

"But why are we here?" Warrior Woman asked. "And where are we?"

"I do not... Mein Gott!" Red Skull gasped when he suddenly stopped right in front of a large and monstrous statue that he recognized almost immediately.

The tall and muscular statue, which was more like a powerful suit of armor comprised of a strange metal, stood at least 9 feet tall, had spikes on its shoulders and a strangely shaped helmet.

"The Destroyer!" Red Skull gasped at the large powerful figure.

"You know what this thing is?" Warrior Woman asked.

"Yes. A living suit of armor, created by the Asgardian god Odin himself. It has battled the thunder god Thor more than once." Red Skull explained.

"What is it doing here?" Warrior Woman asked.

"I do not know, but perhaps this... thing... can be of use to us." he said, touching the armor's right arm with his hand.

The second he did, a strange residual energy coursed through him and the armor itself.

Several seconds later, the armor moved.

"What?" Warrior Woman gasped.

"It's moves! It lives!" Red Skull gasped.

The armor bent down, looking at him and Warrior Woman.

Red Skull stepped back, the armor stepped forward.

"Step Back!" Red Skull shouted.

The Destroyer paused, and stepped back.

"It... it listened to you!" Warrior Woman gasped.

"Indeed." Red Skull smirked as he mentally willed the armor to move.

Warrior Woman watched as the massive armor knelt down on one knee before the Red Skull. Bowing to him as if in respect.

"Interesting. When I touched it. It somehow... imprinted upon me." he said, looking at the side wall which was thick and strong.

"Imprinted?" Warrior Woman asked.

"I wonder." Red Skull said as he looked at the strong metal wall. "Destroy that wall." he said simply.

Destroyer stood up, walked over to the wall, and smashed it with its fist, turning the steel wall into scrap in an instant.

"INCREDIBLE!" Warrior Woman gasped. "If you had had this thing during the war, The Invaders would have been crushed in a day!"

"In a minute!" Red Skull grinned. "Even Namor's great strength would have paled in battle against this mighty weapon. It would have taken The Destroyer a day to destroy the entire Allied Forces!"

"Well... maybe a week." a female voice behind him said. "They do tend to scatter quite a bit, yes?"

Red Skull and Warrior Woman turned around as a trio of people appeared from the corridor that was off to the right.

There were two men and a woman. The first man had blond hair, dressed in a red and yellow costume with a modified flamethrower on his back. The second man was taller, more muscular, with a feral and scruffy look to him, if his claws and fangs were any indication, dressed in a dark orange and tan outfit with fur trim around his neck, wrists and boots. Leading them was a sexy raven-haired woman dressed in a very revealing outfit consisting of a corset and panties, black knee-high boots and very long gloves, a high-collared cloak, and choker around her neck. The voice had come from the woman.

"Ah. The mutants known as Pyro, Sabertooth, and the Black Queen." Red Skull said.

"Correct. I am Selene Gallio, The Black Queen of the Hellfire Club." the Black Queen said.

"And what purpose brings you here?" Red Skull asked.

"That, is a good question. One I would like answered!" a new voice said to the group.

The two groups looked out and noticed three new figures entering the large room, this time from the corridor to the left.

The first was a man in a green and purple costume with a masquerade-style mask over his face. He looked almost like a court jester, without the bells and frills of such an outfit. Though there seemed to be a compromise as the belt around his waist, and the baldric around his chest, held several vials of liquids, each one a different color. The second person was a strange figure, dressed in a green bodysuit with a purple cape and gloves, a large fishbowl over his head that you couldn't see in to. The last, and most noticeable figure, was a large and muscular creature with dark green scale-like skin and fin-like ears dressed only in what looked like dark blue shorts.

"I am Esteban Corazón de Ablo. But you may call me Diablo!" the 'jester', and the man who had demanded answers, said.

"I am Mysterio, master of illusions!" the fishbowl headed man said.

"Abomination!" the green-scaled creature said, pounding on his chest like a drum. "I'm stronger than the Hulk, and twice as mean!"

"I am sure." Red Skull said.

"A true gathering of villains." a new voice said.

The group looked over and saw three more figures entering the large room, this time from a center corridor that lead into the large room.

"And who are you?" Red Skull asked as the trio made themselves known.

The first was a man in a pale-purple armor that covered his whole body, save for his face, as he appeared to be hovering in mid-air. The second man was dressed in orange and green, a thick helmet with a strange mechanical harness around his chest that had cables attached to his gauntlets, a belt around his waist carrying various tools and even a gun, as his thick boots looked more leather than metal. The third person, a shapely, blond-haired woman in a skin-tight white and gold outfit with a mask over her eyes gained conceivable attention. Mostly because her chest was larger than the other two women in the room.

"The Wizard. The Melter. And Moonstone. Correct?" Red Skull asked.

"Correct." The Wizard stated.

"A curious gathering of forces." Red Skull said.

"Unique forces." Selene said.

"Villains, some may call us." Diablo said.

"Most DO call us that." Moonstone said.

"But for what purpose have we been brought here?" Mysterio wondered.

"Wish I knew." Pyro quipped.

"And it seems that someone wishes to have us join forces." Warrior Woman said. "But for what purpose could this be?"

"Perhaps soon, we shall see." Red Skull said.

Sabertooth cocked his head to the side, sniffed the air, and then turned back to the group.

"Is something wrong, Victor?" Selene asked the feral mutant.

"Nah. Just... thought I smelled someone else here." Sabertooth said. Though kinda hard to smell any one with big green over there smelling toxic and all. He thought, looking at the Abomination.

In a shadowy corner of the base, the Grecian ninja woman known as Elektra was watching them.

This is most strange. I am an assassin. I have been brought here against my will... to serve on this... bizarre assortment of villains. Yet... I hesitate. Why? Elektra thought as she continued to hide her athletic body dressed in a red 'swimsuit', leg and arm wrappings, red boots and wrap around her head that covered part of her long, black hair. She had a sword strapped to her back and a pair of sais strapped to her shapely legs. I have tried to leave that life behind, and yet I find myself back where I am most suited. Where I am most... comfortable. But I do not like being vexed. I must find out what is going on here. Wherever here is. And in the mean time... avoid that feral-looking mutant. Wolverine told me of him once. Despite it all, I find his advice actually useful now. she thought as she vanished further into the base.

(The Fortress)

It was amidst the thunderous explosions and blinding flashes of light, that three new figures appeared in the hallways of the Chicago-sized, high-tech, alien fortress that was the current home to the force of heroes who had taken up residence.

One was a young woman with short reddish hair dressed in a red leather catsuit, red cloak sans hood, gloves, tights, boots, and a red choker around her neck. Her name was Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch.

The second woman was a beautiful bald-headed woman dressed in a two-piece green leotard with matching gloves, boots and high collared cape. Her name was Heather Douglas, the Moondragon.

The third person, an athletic young man, with reddish-brown hair, dressed in a simple shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. His name was Rick Jones, sidekick of heroes.

"What the..." Rick Jones gasped as he suddenly looked around the strange hallway.

"Where are we?" Wanda asked, clearly unnerved by her new surroundings.

"It is obvious that other forces are at work here." Moondragon said with an all-knowing smile.

"And with the obvious out of the way..." Wanda waved her off.

"Hey! Someone's coming!" Rick hissed.

Though they had little reason to trust each other, at least Wanda didn't, the trio braced themselves as a young Japanese man in a black costume, and an African woman in black leather with a white mohawk on her head turned the corner.

"I am sorry for what I made Misato do to you, Shinji." Storm said to the young man. "Throwing you at Magneto like she did."

"I'm not upset, Ms Munroe." Shinji said. "Misato could have easily not done anything. Then again, that's not her style. I think she rather enjoyed it."

"Had Wolverine and Colossus been there, I..." Storm said, pausing when she noticed three figures now standing in the hall before them.

It was Wanda who spoke first.

"Storm?" Scarlet Witch gasped when she saw the African woman.

"Wanda?" Storm gasped when she saw the mutant sorceress.

"What Are You Doing Here?" the pair asked each other, even as they braced for what was apparently going to be a fight.

Shinji looked at the newly arrived trio and wondered where they had come from. Though he had his suspicions.

The Beyonder! He must have brought them here as well. But for what purpose? Shinji thought. And who are they?

Once the others (Shinji, Rick and Moondragon) had quickly difussed the situation, Storm and the Scarlet Witch talked, more civilly than either expected, Moondragon was watching the pair, and staring at Shinji in particular.

Something interesting about that young man. Moondragon thought as she stared at Shinji, looking at his handsome form with lustful eyes. It was then that she realized something. I...Impossible! I can't read his thoughts!

"I am not certain why you are here, but... allow me to introduce you." Storm said, breaking the bald telepath out of her mental musings. "Shinji Ikari, this is Wanda Maximoff, the mutant known as the Scarlet Witch." she said, indicating the women in the reddish outfit. "This is Heather Douglas, the telepathic martial artist known as Moondragon." she said, indicating the bald woman in the skimpy outfit. "And this is Rick Jones, a friend and ally to both The Hulk and Captain America." she said, indicating the reddish haired young man.

Shinji bowed to the trio as Storm turned to him. "And this is Shinji Ikari. We call him Ronin." she said, which earned her a confused stare from the young man. "He possesses the same physical skills as Captain America."

Ronin? Where did she come up with that name? Shinji wondered and made a mental note to ask her later. Though, had he known her better, he would have wondered why she was going through such an extensive introduction.

The same physical skills as Captain America, huh? Moondragon wondered. I can read the Captain's mind, yet for some reason I cannot read his mind. Something strange here.

"We should bring them to the others." Storm said to Shinji, talking about Wanda, Heather and Rick.

"Others? What others?" Rick Jones asked.


Wanda, Heather and Rick were lead to the other members of their unique group, which consisted of The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, and The X-Men. (Including Spider Man, the Hulk, Misato and Maya)

"Wanda?" Professor X gasped.

"Professor Xavier?" Wanda gasped, then gasped again at seeing the X-Men. This is not going to be good. She thought, knowing that her history with the Brotherhood would quickly come up.

"Moondragon!" Tigra shouted in shock at her old friend.

"Greer Grant, you furry flirt!" Moondragon replied happily at seeing the tiger woman.

"Rick!" The Hulk gasped at seeing his friend and sidekick once again.

"Bruce! What are you doing here?" Rick asked the towering green behemoth. "Actually, where is here?"

"They didn't tell you?" Hulk inquired, pointing to Shinji and Storm.

"They mentioned we were on some planet created by some cosmic entity called The Beyonder. They didn't know what the planet was called." Rick said.

"Good point. He didn't tell us that either." Hulk said. "But to answer your other question, I got recruited into this little war, like everyone else here." Hulk said.

"War? What war?" Scarlet Witch asked.

"We're calling it The Secret Wars." Captain America explained.

Captain America then quickly went into a detailed explanation of how The Avengers: himself, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Wasp, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel; The Fantastic Four: Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, The Thing; The X-Men: Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Colossus, Lockheed the dragon; Spider Man and The Hulk were all teleported here to this patchwork world by a powerful cosmic being known as The Beyonder, who offered them their hearts desire if they won against their enemies.

Professor X explained how Shinji, Misato and Maya appeared and phased through Captain America, She-Hulk and Magneto, respectively, gaining the same unique powers they possessed, shortly before they chose Captain America as their leader, despite some internal grumblings amongst the group. (Like Wolverine for example)

The Hulk told the trio about their first battle against the super villains and how they barely managed to defeat them due to the highly advanced weaponry they possessed. Gained from their own base, which was much like the technology of the heroes base which they now stood in.

Mr Fantastic told them about how they found their new base, as well as Shinji finding a machine which teleported his wife Sue Richards, Mockingbird, Black Cat, Marvel Girl and Tigra (as well as Franklin Richards) to their base. Said machine had vanished shortly after the five arrived.

Captain America told them about Magneto's attack on their new HQ's power station and how they barely managed to stop him from blowing up their base. He gave Shinji credit for stopping Magneto while he was using his magnetic powers to hold off every other hero who tried to subdue him.

At hearing this, Wanda was mixed on wanting to see her own father again.

I'll have to see him eventually. But... not now. Wanda thought of Magneto.

"And now you guys are here." The Hulk said. "But how and why are a bit of a mystery." he said to Wanda, Heather and Rick. "Shinji?"

"It wasn't me!" Shinji quickly defended himself. "We found them in one of the hallways!"

"The Beyonder has to be behind this. But why?" Spider Man asked, with Black Cat right behind him.

"I don't know. But... there is a downside to their being here." Mr Fantastic exclaimed about the trio.

"What downside?" Misato asked.

"Our ranks have increased since you, Maya and Shinji arrived." Captain America stated to the super strong Japanese woman.

"More so since Shinji accidentally brought Mrs. Richards, Tigra, Jean, Mockingbird and Black Cat here to our base." Professor X said.

"And Franklin too!" Sue said, her son standing behind her.

Shinji still felt upset at bringing other people into this war. Especially children, though he had been one as well within the last 24 hours.

"And now we've got three new arrivals." Mr Fantastic said.

"Which means...what?" Human Torch asked. "More for our side!" he said with a cocky smile.

"It ain't that simple, kid." Ben Grimm, The Thing, stated.

"Ben's right, Mr Storm. If our ranks have increased, there's the possibility that the villains ranks have increased as well." Captain America stated.

"That's logical to assume." Reed agreed.

"You think the Beyonder's pulled in some new talent for the bad guys side?" Spider Man asked.

"If he did, we don't know who." She-Hulk stated.

"Yeah. But they don't know who we have on our side either." Captain Marvel said. "If they're aware of what they've been brought here for."

"At least, we think they don't know." Wasp countered.

"And we don't even know who they are." The Thing said.

"Professor X, can you, Ms Grey, or Moondragon detect any new presences on the planet?" Captain America asked the pair of bald psychics, the redheaded telekinetic standing behind them.

"Yes." Moondragon said quickly to the super soldier. "At first I wasn't sure who they were. This high energy storm is making it difficult to cut through to their minds. But I have sensed a few other people on this patchwork planet. In two different locations, several hundred miles away from here in opposite directions."

"I have sensed them as well. It took me a while to locate them also." Professor X said while Jean remained silent.

"So, who are we up against?" Cyclops asked.

"The Red Skull and Warrior Woman." Moondragon stated first, causing Captain America to visually grimace.

"Diablo and The Wizard." Professor X said, causing Reed and the FF to gasp.

"The Melter and The Destroyer." Moondragon said, causing Iron Man and Thor to gasp.

"Selene the Black Queen." Professor X said, causing the X-Men to worry.

"Elektra and Sabertooth." Moondragon said, causing Wolverine to grimace at hearing their names.

"Mysterio and Moonstone." Professor X said, causing Spider Man and the Avengers to gasp.

"Pyro and The Abomination." Moondragon said, causing the X-Men and the Hulk to gasp.

"Those beings are apparently all in one location." Professor X stated. "Several hundred miles to the South of our base."

"Great!" Misato huffed. "More soldiers brought into a war no one on Earth knows is taking place."

"Unfortunately they are not the only ones. I've also detected a few other people on the villains side." Moondragon stated. "People who were already here, in a base several hundred miles to the west of us."

"Already here?" Maya Ibuki, now called Polaris, asked.

"Who?" Shinji asked, wondering if it was their missing NERV personnel.

"The first two are named Titania and Volcana. I believe they are very knew to this game. The other three are just as new. They are calling themselves Blue Queen, Gigantica... and Lady Doom?" Moondragon said.

"Doesn't sound good." Wasp said.

"No... but at least we know who we're up against." Captain America said. "So to speak."

"Can you sense who these new villains really are?" Misato asked the bald telepath.

"No. The storm is making it difficult to see any deeper into their minds." Moondragon said. "Not to mention we are separated by hundreds of miles in distance. I have only been able to glance their trade names, though I can tell you what powers they apparently possess."

"That'll be good to know. And at least we know that they exist." Captain America stated.

"Yeah it's all good and well, but now we need to focus on more important matters." She-Hulk said.

"Such as?" Captain Marvel asked the Gammazon.

"What are we gonna do with them?" Hawkeye asked about the newly arrived trio.

"What do you mean?" Mockingbird asked her husband.

"I mean... which teams are they going to join?" the master archer asked.

"I thought we agreed to work as one group?" Captain America asked.

"We did, but there is still a distinction amongst us." Cyclops said. "The X-Men, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four." he explained.

The group said nothing for several seconds, everyone just looking at each other as if unsure what to say. Either to offer or suggest the trio's placement.

"I think I will join the Avengers." Moondragon said confidently. "The X-Men already have a bald telepath in their ranks." she smirked.

"Fine. But what about The Scarlet Witch?" Captain America asked.

"And Mr Jones?" The Wasp asked.

"Rick can work with me. I know him." The Hulk stated. "And I'm kinda on the Avengers team."

"And Ms Maximoff?" Shinji asked.

"She's a mutant. So, shouldn't she join the X-Men?" Human Torch asked.

"No." Wanda said somewhat quickly.

"No?" Reed Richards asked.

"The X-Men and I have had some... bad history." Wanda explained.

"Because of Magneto." Professor X stated, not mentioning that the mutant master of magnetism was Wanda's father.

"Yes." Wanda replied.

"Well, then, she can join us." Misato said.

"You?" Rogue asked as the heroes look at NERV crew.

"The Avengers seem kinda hesitant to have her on their team, apparently because she is a mutant. The X-Men seem to have a slight problem with her as well because of some bad history. And since Maya gained her powers from a mutant, we might be able to be more... accommodating to Ms Maximoff." Misato said.

"I don't think that..." Hawkeye started to say.

"Maybe it would be better if..." Cyclops started to say.

"Thank you, Ms Katsuragi." Wanda said. "I accept." she said, stepping over and shaking Misato's hand. She then turned to Maya. "You gained your powers from a mutant?"

"I did." the brown haired computer tech said.

"Which one?"

"Magneto." she said.

At hearing this, Wanda had to restrain herself from questioning the female bridge bunny.

While Moondragon spoke to the Avengers, Hulk and Rick talked to each other, and the Scarlet Witch got to know her new teammates, a certain fire-powered young man had a concern.

"Is that really a good idea, Reed?" Johnny Storm asked the elastic scientist. "Letting those Japs have their own team? I mean... we've all got different teams here, but..."

"It's fine, Johnny." Reed replied. "We're all on the same side, but there is still a distinction amongst our ranks. The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men. Hulk and Spider Man don't seem to be part of any specific group. And yet our Japanese allies are more comfortable working together on their own. Taking in the Scarlet Witch will make for less friction amongst the X-Men, who don't seem too eager to have her on their team."

"They're mutants, Reed. They don't trust us, and I'm not sure we can trust them." Johnny said.

"Would you prefer them against us?" Reed asked.

"Well, no, but... it just seems like a big risk."

"This entire war is a risk. And that makes me wonder just how the Beyonder intends this contest to go." the elastic scientist mused.


Within a large, sphere-shaped planetoid, carefully observing the unfolding events on the planet itself, a pair of powerful individuals watched with great interest.

"Are you sure about this, Grandmaster?" The Beyonder, a strong-looking human-like figure, with white eyes, black hair and a beard, dressed in bright silver armor, asked his companion.

"Do you object to having so many new players in the game?" The Grandmaster, an older-looking, blue-skinned, white-haired, alien figure in a bright and ornate robe said.

"No. But it will make this contest much longer than anticipated." Beyonder said.

"Conflicts such as these are not often adherent to a time schedule." Grandmaster said to his 'friend'. "Besides, such a contest between two powerful groups of individuals requires more than a few handfuls of contestants."

"Indeed. And as you are an expert on such matters, I have taken your suggestions and expanded the board." Beyonder said.

"Not simply the board, but the number of contestants." Grandmaster said. "And a few added, hidden, players in the game as well. And very soon, the game will begin."

"There will not be any game, until the storm passes. For now... we will be patient." the Beyonder stated.

"Indeed." Grandmaster nodded in agreement.

(The Fortress)

While the heroes continued to talk and make plans of their own, Heather Douglas and Charles Xavier held their own conversation.

Professor, there is an issue I wish to address to you. Moondragon thought to the mutant telepath.

Such as? Professor X replied.

My psychic abilities rival your own, Professor. Yet, for some reason... I cannot read the mind of Shinji Ikari. She explained. Or Ronin, as Storm calls him.

Ronin? Interesting choice of name. However, I cannot sense him either. Despite my best efforts, I cannot even sense his most basic thoughts. The same for the others. Xavier thought.

The others? You mean... Moondragon started to think.

Ms Katsuragi or Ms Ibuki. He thought.

True enough. I can't even sense anything about this... Blue Queen, Gigantica or Madam Doom. I can sense them, but nothing about them. Their real names or identities. Even from a distance I should be able to sense something. She replied.

This storm is affecting our ability to read minds at great distance. He thought to her. High-Energy and Distance. Hindrances of the greatest extent. Which doesn't explain Misato, or Maya, or even Shinji. It takes great concentration to even locate him, but I can't read his thoughts, or influence him. Which is actually a terrible thought.

Not having some kind of influence over people like them, with their powers, it makes you nervous, doesn't it? Moondragon asked, a teasing tone in her thoughts.

I'm afraid it does. Xavier replied. Not knowing what someone will do, not knowing their intentions, or feelings on a specific matter. I should not want to be so reckless with my gift, but having my abilities blocked like this, does make me nervous. He thought back to Moondragon. For some reason, Shinji is the most difficult. When they first arrived I could not readily sense him. Misato and Maya became increasingly difficult to detect. It's as if there is a barrier around their minds.

So... I'll have to get to know him the old fashioned way. Heather thought, and Xavier could feel that she was smirking as she said that. As if she had some kind of a plan.

While Misato, Wanda, Maya, Shinji and Storm were talking, they were suddenly approached by the provocative Moondragon.

"I have decided to train Shinji." Moondragon declared.

"Wha...Train Him?" Misato gasped incredulously at that the woman's sudden declaration.

"According to the Avengers, Shinji possesses the same physicality as Captain America, yet according to them, he has little-to-no combat training. He will need all the help he can get, in a war like this. I can assist him." Moondragon said, gripping Shinji's arm and pulling him away from the group.

"Now wait a minute!" Storm snapped, grabbing Shinji's other arm and stopping Moondragon.

An action that caught Misato's attention.

"This is important, mutant!" Moondragon declared to the weather-goddess.

"Is it?" Misato snapped as she went to Storm's side, gripping Shinji's arm as well. "It's true that Shinji could use some better training, but what can you offer him that would be useful?"

"I was taught by the monks of Shao-Lom on Saturn's moon, Titan." Moondragon declared.

"Never heard of them." Misato said.

"They trained me to be the best, both physically and mentally. I can give your ward the same training." she declared.

"Prove it!" Misato snapped.

Moondragon snapped the clasp on her high-collared cape, letting it fall to the ground as she assumed a battle stance opposite of Misato.

The heroes surrounded the pair as their spar quickly began.

Shinji and Maya knew that Misato was a trained soldier, even if she didn't act like it at times. But as they watched the two women spar, Mr Fantastic came up and told them about Moondragon.

A human being who was trained by the Shao-Lom monks of Titan, Heather Douglas developed her physical body to its full potential, becoming quite a formidable martial artist. But aside from combat training, they also taught her various scientific disciplines such as chemistry and genetic engineering. However, her greatest ability, for which she was known for, was her more than formidable psionic abilities. According to Reed, the monks helped her tap into her latent psychic powers, which were present in all humans. She eventually developed her mental powers far beyond the abilities of her teachers, using this power to defeat a creature called The Dragon of The Moon. This victory gave to her a high degree of confidence, so much so that some considered it along the same lines as arrogance, but it was also where her name, Moondragon, came from.

Once Reed had finished talking, Misato and Heather had finished their spar.

"Alright. You can train him." Misato stated with a satisfied grin and a slightly panting breath.

Were it not for her newly gained super-strength and durability, Misato was sure she would have been taken out by the bald-headed woman long before now. Instead, they had ended their match in a draw, and Misato was actually impressed by the woman's combat prowess. Her own military training paled in comparison to the fighting skills that Moondragon seemed to possess.

"And I will go with you to observe Shinji's training." Storm declared.

"Private tutoring is often best without an audience." Moondragon stated, wrapping her arms around Shinji's arm tightly, in an almost affectionate manner.

"Plus we have other matters to deal with, Storm." Professor X said, trying to get Storm back into leading their own team.

However, Storm seemed more than a little reluctant in this.

"So long as the storm rages outside and across the planet, we can do very little, Professor. We can plan and prepare, but not act. Therefore, it would be beneficial to learn more than we know now. I wish to learn more of the art of combat in which Shinji will be educated." Storm declared.

At hearing this, Xavier felt something was off. As if his influence wasn't working on Storm like it usually did.

Strange. I can sense Storm's thoughts, yet I cannot seem to force my own will into her mind. While it pains me to think such thoughts, it also disturbs me. I wonder... could being closer to Shinji have something to do with this? He thought. "Very well, Ororo. Observe Mr Ikari's training, but do not interfere."

"Of course, Professor." Storm said.

While Professor X rejoined his team of mutants, he was approached by Cyclops.

"Was that wise, Professor?" Cyclops asked.

"What do you mean, Scott?" Professor X asked.

"Letting Ororo leave us like that."

"She hasn't left us, Scott. She is merely forging a friendship with one of the new arrivals." the bald telepath stated.

"But we've never done anything like that before. We've always stuck to our own." Cyclops said.

"Yes. But this a different situation, Scott. This is not Earth. There is no majority of people here who fear and hate mutants simply because of our powers."

"No. Just a bunch of government-issue heroes who we've got a history with. And now they've got another couple in their ranks." Wolverine snapped.

"Government-funded, Logan. It's not the same thing." Professor X said.

"Even so, why let Storm go and spend time with that Shinji guy?" Wolverine asked.

"For very good reasons." Professor X said.

"Such as?"

"There is something... unique... about the boy. Something that interferes with my telepathy." he explained to his team.

"He can block you?" Colossus asked.

"Yes. Even Ms Douglas cannot seem to peer into his mind." the professor said.

"That's not good. I mean... that's your single advantage! If you lose that..." Jean said to him.

"But Shinji hasn't shown any hostility towards us. Not him, or Misato, or Maya. We shouldn't jump to conclusions so..." Nightcrawler tried to say.

"Wait! You mean you willing allowed Storm to spend time with Shinji... so that he doesn't become an enemy of ours?" Rogue asked.

Professor X didn't answer.

"Sneaky, Prof. Really sneaky." Wolverine said. "Almost sounds like you're pimping her out."

"That Was Uncalled For Logan!" Cyclops shouted at the razor-clawed mutant.

"Maybe... but if Storm can keep that Shinji kid on our good side..." Wolverine started to say.

"This is not an issue we should discuss now." Professor X said to his team. "Captain America has called for a war council within the next hour to address who these new villains are, what they are capable of..."

"And who's gonna be on this 'war council'?" Logan asked.

"Well, considering who has just arrived, only the people who know these villains personally. This includes myself and Wolverine, Captain America, Reed Richards, Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor and Ms Katsuragi." he explained.

"Why bring in Ms Katsuragi?" Colossus asked.

"Because of her military background, and as a representative of their team." Professor X said.

While the X-Men didn't like the idea, as Wolverine had stated, of Storm being used to control Shinji simply for his uncanny ability to block Professor X's mental powers, they had yet to understand exactly who this young man was. His character, his personality, his self as a whole. As yet, they didn't know that they could trust him, and yet, they could think of no reason not to trust him.


Authors Notes:

Originally I was intending for this to be a Lemon chapter, but as I wrote it, it eventually turned into something more dramatic and more of a build-up to something else. I've added more heroes and more villains, so you can imagine just how something like this will change the outcome of battle. I'm sure I left out a few things, but anything anyone wants to mention before hand is welcome.

Also, I will be adding more X-Men to the roster here, a few more villains, and maybe even bringing in some of the participants in the Secret Wars (like Klaw and Spider Woman) earlier into this fight.

Below are the current line-ups I've got going here.

Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Wasp, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Tigra, Mockingbird, Moondragon.
Fantastic Four: Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, The Thing, Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards.
X-Men: Cyclops, Storm, Professor X, Wolverine, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Lockheed, Marvel Girl.
Heroes: Spider Man, Black Cat, The Hulk, Rick Jones.
Team Eva (temporary title): Ronin, Ms Marvel, Polaris, Scarlet Witch.

Dr Doom, Kang the Conqueror, Amora the Enchantress, Ultron, Molecule Man, Absorbing Man, Dr Octopus, The Lizard, Mysterio, Wrecker, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer, Magneto, Pyro, Sabertooth, Volcana, Titania, Blue Queen, Gigantica, Lady Doom, and Galactus.

The Red Skull - Johann Schmidt
Warrior Woman - Frieda Ratsel
Diablo - Esteban Corazón de Ablo
The Destroyer
Elektra - Elektra Natchios
Wizard - Bentley Wittman
The Melter - Bruno Horgan
Abomination - Emil Blonsky
Pyro - St. John Allerdyce
Selene Gallio the Black Queen
Mysterio - Quentin Beck
Moonstone - Karla Sofen
Sabertooth - Victor Creed

Not much else I can say about this. Though, if anyone's interested, Professor X's and Moondragon's ability to read minds being blocked by Shinji, Misato and Maya is because of their being influenced by the 12th Angel that they were teleported through to the Beyonder's battleworld.

Next chapter, Lemon's galore! (Hopefully)