Sooo, I was listening to a song with violins in it while reading fanfic, and it made me want to write something Merlin based involving violins. I tried writing a rough draft of a future fic earlier, but I figured out that I just couldn't really … uh.. write it well? Anyway, I have no clue if violins were around during Merlin's time period, but for the purpose of this one shot, yes… yes they were. . On with the show! Er… I mean, story!

*Someone made a great suggestion of a music piece to listen to while reading this chapter and to picture Merlin playing. It is Kiss the Rain by Yiruma, violin cover. if you type in "Kiss the Rain violin Yiruma" in youtube search, choose the video made by metalsides. it should be the first one on the list. I HIGHLY suggest it.

Disclaimer: I don't own merlin… and you know what, I want to meet the entire cast of merlin now…


Arthur was walking through the castle grounds humming to himself. It was lightly raining outside and for some reason it had always put him in a good mood. Perhaps it was the calming sound that a light drizzle created when the drops made contact with the ground and the things around it. Maybe it was the sight of the birds bathing themselves in the newly formed puddles scattered around the grounds, happily chirping to one another. He just felt so… peaceful. The prince had no duties he needed to attend to at the moment, and he was taking full advantage of his spare time. For reasons he couldn't explain, he wanted to go and visit Merlin; in his good mood he had given his manservant the day off, just like every day with weather like this. Arthur found himself hoping that his friend felt the same way about the rain as him. In no time at all the prince had arrived at his servants chambers and was about to knock when a sound had stopped him. There was a soft melody playing in the air drifting from the room. Slowly, he opened the door and looked around the room only to see Gaius quietly sitting in a chair by the small fireplace. There was an open book on his lap, but the physician's attention was to his young ward, who was sitting on the stairs by the window behind his desk; eyes closed, passionately playing his instrument. The melody continued to drift through the room as Arthur silently shut the door behind him and took a seat beside Gaius, his attention now also going to his friend. He glanced at the physician who was now looking at him; a genuine smile spread across his face. With the melody still playing, Arthur leaned in close to his old friend and whispered to him.

"I did not know that Merlin had such a talent for the violin." Awe was obvious in the young prince's voice. Gaius continued to smile.

"Yes. I was quite surprised myself the first time I heard him play. Although, I am not sure if he is fully aware of how good he actually is."

"You've heard him play before? When?"

"The first rain when he came to Camelot. After you had dismissed him for the day, he strolled around outside, and then returned to his room. Not long after that he came out with the violin and sat down by the window and started playing."

"I see." Arthur finally allowed a smile to cover his face.

"After you had dismissed him earlier this morning, he did the same thing. Walked around, came back and sat down by the window and started playing again."

Against the possibilities, Arthurs smile grew even bigger. The melody that flowed from Merlin was peaceful and filled with sounds that reminded him of the rain and the birds. Merlin's music was the very definition of what the prince felt every time Camelot was graced with light rain.

For the remainder of the morning Arthur and Gaius sat in peaceful silence, letting the rain's melody wash away all of their troubles.

So? What did you think? this was my first Merlin fic that wasnt based on an episode! yay! anyway, like usual i had a dificult time with properly wording the ending. was it too quick? did it just kind of end? or was it perfectly fine? I would love to know how you feel about it! Also, let me know if i should add anything else to it.