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Chapter 1

Will winced as he walked through the door of the bar. It was without a doubt the seediest place he had ever been into. There were tattered posters peeling away from the walls to reveal some very strangely flowered wallpaper behind them. The lighting looked like it had been there since the 1970s. And broken bulbs had not been replaced since.

It was either this or drink alone in his apartment, and he wasn't yet that depressed; maybe tomorrow. He had to stray to the dodgy side of town to avoid places he would worry he might find any of his students hanging around. He was supposed to be their role model, and hell, some of those kids were in desperate need of a role model. He didn't want to appear as a lesser person in their eyes, not when they were the only people to truly respect him.

He sat at the bar on the stool that was the least chewed up. Terri most definitely didn't respect him. He needed a drink.

The barman coughed to get his attention.
"You want a drink? Get one now before the girls come out"

Before the girls come out? Could this bar get any worse? Drinking at home didn't seem such a stupid idea right now. But then he might well
have broken something in his apartment. At least in this bar, most things were already broken.

"Vodka shots please. 6."
He downed all of them in a row, the burning in his throat causing his eyes to water.

There was a cheering from the other side of the room, and Will looked over, noticing for the first time a sort of stage area. He groaned inwardly as 4 girls appeared on the stage, barely dressed and with heels so high he marvelled for a second at how they could possibly walk in them, let alone strut and sway like that.

He found himself been pushed forward with the surge from the bar, just as the girls stepped down from the stage and began circling the few chairs at the front. A sort of semi circle was formed around these chairs. Will was roughly pushed aside and a very dangerous looking man with horribly crooked teeth in a leering smile made his way to a chair, which was quickly vacated as he flashed a wad of notes at it's former occupant.

Then his attention was caught by the girls, as the most curvaceous of the four was beginning to give a lap dance to one man.

Oh okay the bar could be worse than first appearances suggested. But he couldn't move. He was squashed in from all sides.

The man who had pushed past him had just rejected a leggy brunette and demanded 'the blonde one'. At this the leggy brunette had propelled 'the blonde one' towards his chair. The blonde girl turned a face of loathing to the leggy brunette, and she wore a small black mask like the others and her lips were blood red.

No. Fuck no. It couldn't be.

But with the way that horrible man was leering at the girl, Will acted on instinct and stumbled forwards, hastily extracting all the notes he had in his wallet. The man was angry, but evidently it was the only rule in this place that if you could prove you would give the girl more money, you would get the girl.

The blonde girl barely registered that an exchange had taken place, despite the scuffle as the leering man was forced back into the 'audience', as she lowered herself onto Will's lap, circling her hips in time with the music.

He had never had a lap dance before. And adrenaline was pumping through his body, and the understated beauty of the girl twisting seductively on him was heart stoppingly familiar.

Fuck he would go to jail if it was. Why the hell had he done that? But he couldn't have that nasty piece of work treating this young girl as
though she had no feelings.

This was so wrong.

Though it was even more wrong if his hunch was right. Oh fuck.

She ground against him and he was so hard. His hands were gripping the sides if the wooden chair so tightly his knuckles were white. She was so good. Her movements were so natural and flowing. She turned round then, and he bit his lip, drawing blood when she rolled her hips against him.

He gasped at the taste of blood in his mouth and this only served to allow a rather animalistic moan to escape him as she repeated her actions.



Her eyes snapped to his and her mouth rounded in a shock. It was the first time she had looked at him. The music began to fade away, and the girls began to return to wherever they appeared from. Will, his chest heaving, pressed the notes into her soft hand and legged it, his cock straining in his jeans and so many alarm bells going off in his head he couldn't hear himself think.

He went to glee the next day with the firm resolve that he had to talk to Quinn.

What was she doing 'working' in such an awful place. She didn't deserve to be treated like that.

She didn't meet his eye when he flicked his gaze across the group as they sat down, his eyes drawn to her. She somehow completely avoided him through the whole of glee club and was out of the door like a lightning bolt, before he could even think of an excuse to keep her behind.

He sat down heavily on one of the plastic chairs, his own hurt seeming so insignificant compared to what he had suddenly found himself in the middle of. He took a deep breath. Fuck. That perfume. It was Quinn's he knew because it was what his jeans and shirt smelled of that were draped over his bed. And his cock twitched. And her beautiful porcelain face etched with anguish filled his mind. And he suddenly hated his ex wife so much less, because he hated himself at that moment a whole lot more.

He was squeaky clean Will Schuester, teacher of the year. He was the one who closed his ears to discussions in the staff room as to who was the prettiest cheerleader. He wasn't one who was lusting after a student. He didn't have daydreams about kissing Quinn Fabray until she couldn't remember her own name.

But he did.

He still had to talk to Quinn. He was obviously only turned on so easily because it had been a while. But how could he talk to Quinn when she was quite obviously terrified of what he had to say? He would have to go back to that hell hole.

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