Author's Note: Here you are! As promised, an epilogue for this chapter!

Epilogue: My Guardian Angel

"I would like to speak to Hanagara Mizumi please." A blonde young man requested.

At the favor of the visitor, the chief did his request and ordered a guard to bring Mizumi Hanagara out from her prison room to chat with her visitor.

"How are you mother?" Hiroshi asked, offering his mother a seat to start the conversation.

"I'm alright son." Mizumi answered "Your visitation is quite fast, it's only been three days since your last visit."

Hiroshi chuckled "Yeah well, enjoy it while you can cause' this is my last visit."

"What do you mean?"

"I lost the case mother. I was sentenced to be vanquished from Italy and Japan and we have no choice but to live back in Paris. So I'm afraid after tomorrow, you would never be seeing me and Nagi again."

"Wait, I don't understand. Why are you being vanquished?"

"Well….since boss Shichirou can't be imprisoned for his crimes because he's a family leader and I betrayed the trust that the Vendice gave me, we were instead vanished from ever living in both Italy and Japan. Other than that, we were ought to pay for all the damages we did to the Vongola family and the Vendice."

"But what do you mean by "never seeing both of you and your sister?"

"Uhm…about that…" Hiroshi suddenly brought out a flash gadget.

"What is that? What are you going to do with that?" Mizumi wondered, having a bad feeling about the tool.

"Mother…I'm sorry. I was ordered to erase every memory you had with Nagi and I. With a flash of this memory-eraser, you would never have any knowledge of us as if you were never our mother and we were never your children. The same process will be done with Hanagara Shiro."

"But…but you can't remove my memories. My freedom from this prison is due tomorrow and I was planning to spend some time with you and Nagi. I want to make it up to her after all I did for the past years. After spending my days here in this prison I have been regretting all the bad thins I've done to her, what a bad mother I was to her ever since you and your father left. I want to give my everything to her."

"Well you should've thought of that before Mukuro was able to save her life. You should've thought of that when she needed your organs before."

"I had no choice Hiroshi. Back then, I knew she wanted to die."

"What do you mean?"

"Back then at the hospital when she was at the ICU for momentary observation, before Shiro was able to arrive, I saw It written all over her face that she wanted to go home to her father. I knew she wanted to die and I was her ready she was because she knows that it will make her happy. And as a mother who would do anything for her daughter's happiness, I had no other option but to let her die and refuse to sacrifice myself for her."

Hiroshi paused for a moment or two; he stared at his mother's eyes, seeing but uncertain whether her words are no longer lies. But how could he not believe her? She is and will always be his mother.

"You should know Hiroshi; even though I was abusive to her several times I've always loved her. But every time I looked through her eyes I just couldn't help it but remember those suffering experiences I had."

"How should I believe you? Give me some proof that you really loved her."

Mizumi stopped for a second, taking out a diamond necklace from her pocket and placing it on top of the table to show her son.

"Nagi's necklace." Hiroshi uttered at the sight of the jewelry "How did this came to your possession mother? Nagi told us that she lost it somewhere in the base."

"Nagi never lost this in the base." Mizumi answered "She dropped it behind where you kidnapped her and Hibari-kun during her return party. I found it on the floor when the police arrived with some of her friends. I knew it was hers so I hid it. Now tell me Hiroshi, if I hate her so much like a common abusive mother should, then why haven't I shatter this it brittle pieces yet?"

"….because you love her like every mother does." Hiroshi answered.

"Hiroshi, please don't erase my memories with you and Nagi. The last thing that a mother doesn't want to happen is to forget that she ever gave birth to such beautiful children with a man she truly loved."

Hiroshi froze for a mean of time. He thought about what she told him carefully.

Sighing, Hiroshi finalized "Okay, how about this mother: I won't' erase your memories, but I still need to remove Shiro's. And as a condition, you and step-father will forever be forbidden to lay an eye on Nagi and me ever again."


"I'm sorry mother, that's how everything should be."

"But what about Nagi? Will she be alright now that I am no longer allowed to ever see her?"

"Nagi is in good hands. She seems to be enjoying her new life as the life as the girl named Chrome Dokuro with those Kokuyo people from now on. She'll be fine as long as her guardian angel is always with her."


"Mother, you believe in angels' right?"

"Why wouldn't I? I've always believed that Noboru's your guardian angel. All these years he raised you in silence that you even grew up just like him."

"Then you would believe that the man who saved Nagi is her guardian angel."

"Who? Mukuro? Why would he be? Isn't he the reason why we were broken apart?"

"I know that. But no matter how much we hate him, we have no choice but to trust him. I should at least have faith in him on Nagi, and you should too. Besides, he's been saving her for who-knows-how-many-times already."

"Hiroshi, how could I be so faithful to a man like him? How could a devil like him be my daughter's guardian angel?"

"Well, that's something that we shouldn't know. It's not even out place to find out first, but the Vongola family's." the blonde young lad stood from his seat, picked up the flash gadget and the diamond necklace and kept it inside his suit case.

"Ano….Hiroshi…please do me a favor. Don't tell Nagi that I was the person who found her necklace." Mizumi favored.

Hiroshi wondered "Why not?"

"If you told her that I was the person who found it she might come and see me to thank me for keeping it safe. And once that happens, I'll break the deal we've just settled." She smiled "I hope you enjoy the rest of your life with Rosso-chan. She sure is a sweet promising young lady."

Hiroshi chuckled "Speaking of Rosso, I've almost forgot that she owes me a bed-play. I hope I'll have a good life with her as well." He said before heading to the exit "Oh by the way, father sends his regards: he said he loves you very much…..and he's proud of you."

Mizumi giggled "I'll keep that in mind….Good bye Hiroshi!"

Hiroshi smiled at his mother for the last time:


Mizumi froze in shock, seeing Noboru's soul inside her son's body. She shed a tear from the whether wrong or right vision that she saw.