Author's Note: First of all, thanks for taking a look at my story. Your view is much appreciated. Second, this fanfic is a little bit of an homage to Digimon, so it has some classic elements found in the series, but I hope you will find that I've twisted them a little. Third, I don't own Digimon, I'm just a fan writing my ideas of "what if" for entertainment and non-profit reasons. I

Chapter One: The Falling of the Fields

It was a silent twilight in the Digital World. In a clearing inside a large forest, a single Digimon stood. It was a white creature, a hippogriff to be exact. His large white wings were raised high over his sleek, lion-like body. His tail, form to look like that of a horse, only slight moved when the breeze caught it and his large taloned legs were tight, their muscles ready to move on the ready. Completely his body of mixed animal parts was his eagle-like head, with a shiny golden beek to match. He had no markings save a few red curves under his focused blue eyes and few rings on his legs and back. Around his slightly maned neck was a small gold and white pendent that had what looked to be Patamon wings. This was HippoGryphomon, leader of a set group of Digimon known as Beasts. And although his eyes were focused on the sunset, his mind wasn't.

What it was soon came galloping through the trees. It was his second-in-command, Moosemon. The large Digimon was a sight to behold. Her mainly white body was covered with stripes that resembled tribal tattoos. At the base of her neck was a large mane-like ring of electric blue fur that matched her massive, fur-topped hooves. She wore leather belt-like straps on her legs, and her blue-tipped tail was also covered halfway with a leather binding. But most impressive of all, many Digimon agreed, were Moosemon's huge antlers, which were dark blue with electric blue-stripes. These massive weapons were almost never challenged, seeing to it that Moosemon had been Hippogriffomon's second-in-command for a long time. Her blood-red eyes peer at him when she finally halted close by.

"Moosemon, what news do you bring from the Bird Digimon? Please tell me Ornismon has agreed to side with us to defeat the Machine Digimon." HippoGryphomon asked.

Moosemon remained silent for a moment, as if she was choosing her words. "No, Leader. I am afraid I must report that Ornismon and his Defender, Swanmon, have fallen to the Machine Digimon. In fact, those not taken by the Machine Fields's mysterious new leader, have begged to be allowed refuge here." This was a time in the Digital World were the Digimon themselves were divided into several types, known as Fields. And each Field had a leader Digimon, know as a Ruler, and a key Digimon that protected the Field, known as it's Defender. However, the Beast Field, having good relations with most other fields, did not appoint an official Defender, but many believe if they had, the title would surly go to Moosemon.

HippoGryphomon lowered his head down, paced, and sighed before given Moosemon a reply. "I have recieve the same plea for refuge from the Plant Digimon this morning. Lotosmon fell to the Dragon Field's new ruler, Megidramon. I do not think our lands can support both Kingdoms at the same time, especially if they come in great numbers."

Moosemon nodded. "Yes, I feared that too. But, then, what are we to do? If we try to contact the other Kingdoms, we would have to cross into Machine Kingdom lands, or, even worse, Dark Field lands. Matadormon was tolerable for a Dark Digimon, at least he knew the Dark Field's place in the Digital World and never questioned it, but this Phelesmon..he is the start of all this! What, Great Leader, are we to do?"

"I don't know, Moosemon. I don't know." HippoGryphomon admitted with a stressed sigh. In his many years ruling over the Beast Field, he had never seen such war. Phelesmon was turning each Digimon Kingdom against another by taking out the old rulers that HippoGryphomon had grew to respect, and replacing them with wild, bloody-thristy ones who were more interesed in power and pleasing Phelesmon than ruling fairly or showing any respect at all. So far, a challenger had not appeared to dethrone HippoGryphomon, but what would he do when Phelesmon saw fit to send on his way. The Beast Field Ruler knew it was useless to attack another Kingdom in mass numbers. The new, darker rulers would just call for reinforcements from other rulers, or worse, Phelesmon's personal army. HippoGryphomon did not like to be put on the defensive, especially when friends like Lotosmon and Ornismon fell, but he had no choice.

Or so he thought.

His answer of what to do came in the middle of the night. HippoGryphomon, wary of evil Digimon scouts that may sneek into the Beast Field. But something quite diffent had found its way to HippoGryphomon.

It came in on the tidings of a familar friend, flying high in the night sky. HippoGryphomon relaxed slightly when he saw a Dragon Digimon start to descend towards him. The dragon was a long one of Chinese-style, with solid-black scales and bright red underbelly. He had several gold blades on his face, forming whiskers, as well as small gold wings and bands on his legs. In one claw he held a green orb,carefully grasped by golden talons.

"Honorable HippoGryphomon, I have come to bring you news from the Dragon Field and perhaps a solution to this invasion by Phelesmon and his Dark Rulers." The black dragon called out as it circled overhead.

"Then, you are well met, Hisyarumon. Please, land quickly so that we may discuss this matter, Brave Defender of the Dragon Field." The white hippogriff Digimon called out.

Hisyarumon indeed landed quickly, but gracefully. He then turned to HippoGryphomon. "What a sight you are, Great HippoGryphomon, a friendly face in hostile times. Unfortunatly, I must report that Examon has given himself to Phelesmon, in hopes that he may negotiate for safety of Dragon Field, and any other Field he can."

HippoGryphomon lowered his head. "Examon was always a selfless Digimon. If he successed, then I will make sure his endeavor is never forgot in Beast Field."

Hisyarumon nodded. "The gesture is most appreciated, HippoGryphomon, but as you well know by now, Phelesmon is usually. I am forced to assume the worst, and that Examon will fail, though it pains me. I must also admit to you that I have resigned as Defender, for you see." The black dragon lifted his claws. "I have but one of the two orbs that I usually carry. Megidramon has the other, taken from me in a ambush of corrupted Ryudamon and Ginryumon, members of my own family some of them! I was barely able to keep this green one, but the orange one is at the mercy of enemy. It has incredible power, HippoGryphomon, and can even summon things from other realms of existances and times."

HippoGryphomon gain even more concerned look. "So, they could pull evil from other realms, other times! You were very right to tell me this, my friend. But if they were to do this, what can we do?"

Hisyarumon slowly grasped his green orb with both claws. "This orb is the answer, Great Beast Ruler. It is the opposite of the other. It too, can summon things from another realm or time, but what is summoned has the power to negiate what is summoned with the other. I had a vision on the way over that we must use this gem and bring forth what will can save our world not only from what is summoned by the orange orb, but even the Dark Rulers themselves. I could not make out in my vision what the orb summoned, but it had an huge amount of energy."

HippoGryphomon stared in wonder at the orb. "Then, by all means, Hisyarumon, let us use it and be rid of Phelesmon and these blasted Dark Rulers."

Hisyarumon did not crack his orb yet though. "We will my friend, but first, we need something else to summon this power, something my vision told me that will aid and complete the power that may help us get rid of the Dark Rulers."

HippoGryphomon nodded fiercely. "I will get anything, anything at all, that is need."

Hisyarumon looked him with a serious face. "Then, in the heart of the Beast Field territory, go and present the pendant you wear to the sky above and you will be presented with what you need, a human!"

HippoGryphomon blinked at Hisyarumon's words. "A human?", he thought, the word almost foreign to him. He knew that it was foolish to believe that humans were only fairytales, as it was now told to many a young Beast Digimon, but of what he knew of them, how would a human help him. However, HippoGryphomon knew he couldn't dismiss this. His dragon friend had gotten visions before, and they were never wrong. Plus, Hisyarumon himself would never back something he did not think smart.

"Very well, Hisyarumon. Let us go to the center of the Beast's Land, and summon this...human." HippoGryphomon said and began escorting Hisyarumon deep into Beast Field territory.

"Yes, let us go summon this human, hope." Hisyarumon agreed in his mind as he looked upon all three of the Digital World's moons, every of them full in the night sky.