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Spoilers: Mostly AU but has some references to events in Season 1.

Summary: Now that Sarah's found what she never knew she needed, will she be able to hold onto it?

Authors Note: This is a sequel to my first ever story "Beyond All Reason" and although it's not really necessary to read that to understand this one there are minor references to past events from the other story.

This is written purely for my own enjoyment and if anybody else happens to enjoy it as much as I did writing it then...yay!

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Part One

The rain was coming down in sheets, battering against Sarah's thin jersey as she plodded along the darkened alleyway, pockets of light showing here and there from the windows above her head. Pulling the jersey tightly against her, Sarah trudged along despondently, head hung low as she gave up the effort in trying to stay dry.

Sarah shivered lightly as the wind whipped around her thin frame, making the rain drops sting wherever they hit her uncovered flesh. Looking up warily to gauge her whereabouts, Sarah sighed wearily, cursing that she had forgotten her umbrella and knowing that she still had a few good blocks to go before she would reach home.

Shivering again at the cold, Sarah pushed her wet hair off her face, sighing in small relief as she spotted a covered doorway. Rushing as quickly as she could to stand under the awning, Sarah gave thanks in finally being able to escape the relentless pounding dragging at her clothes, hair and skin. Leaning against the wall heavily, Sarah closed her eyes briefly, feeling the tiredness from her late shift at the restaurant sweep through her small frame. Shivering again at the coldness Sarah hugged her bag against her tighter, trying to find some measure of warmth no matter how meagre it was.

Tensing suddenly, Sarah flicked her gaze out to the distance, hearing muted footsteps approaching slowly amongst the thundering of the rain. Pulling herself back further into the shadows of the doorway, Sarah hoped and prayed that they would just pass her by. Alone at night in a darkened alleyway, sounds muted by heavy rain was not really a safe place to be, especially for a woman alone.

Holding her breath, Sarah could hear the footsteps coming closer, their heaviness making the tension in her body rise in alarm. Gripping tightly to her bag, Sarah closed her eyes, trying to shrink further into the shadows as she waited for them to pass her by.

Feeling her heart beat in triple time as the footsteps slowed and then come to a halt in front of the doorway entrance; Sarah started to shiver again, whether from fear or the cold she didn't know. Turning her head reluctantly, Sarah spotted a sturdy looking man blocking the entrance. Looking up into black soul less eyes Sarah knew this was her end as an arm stretched forward and grabbed her by the throat before it had even occurred to her to scream for help.

Kicking and struggling futilely against the hold around her throat, Sarah dropped her bag with a thud onto the concrete floor. Gurgling and gasping for air, Sarah could only wonder why. What had she done to the man holding her life in his hands that he would want to hurt her?

"Sarah Connor?" The voice was emotionless as the man tilted his head at her in silent query.

Seeing the rain drops running in rivulets down the smooth features, almost like marble in their appearance, Sarah continued struggling as her fingers clawed weakly against the iron grip around her throat.

"You are Sarah Connor?" The mechanical voice repeated, his eyes cold and dark, the fingers around Sarah's throat clenching even more tightly.

Sarah could do nothing but feel the air escaping from her lungs as the pressure increased around her throat. Knowing that her life was coming to an end, Sarah could only close her eyes and say a silent prayer; screaming was impossible against the tightness.

Target Identification: Sarah Connor

Mission: Terminate

The terminator stood in silent appraisal as he ran a scan on the features in front of him, comparing them to the one programmed into his chip. Flicking his wrists in a quick jerk, the terminator felt the body slumping in a heap as the life drained from her suddenly, the struggling ceasing just as abruptly in his firm grip.

Dropping the now lifeless woman carelessly onto the cold concrete floor like a discarded dish rag, the terminator gave one last glance and turned back the way he had come. This was not the Sarah Connor he was looking for.


Sarah mumbled incoherently at the soft noise and warm breath against her ear as she turned her head away from the annoyance.

"Sarah," Cameron repeated softly as she rose on one arm to murmur softly against the other exposed ear, her lips sucking softly on the outer rim. "John is standing over us and waiting to speak to you."

Cameron masked her face into blandness as Sarah gave a sudden jerk and sat up abruptly wrapping the sheet around her naked form, her face in a wild panic.

Glancing around groggily to spot an empty room and no John standing beside her bed, Sarah turned an annoyed scowl towards Cameron. Cameron returned the scowl with a small smile she could not hide at Sarah's hair in wild disarray, the cute scowl on her face and the sheet clutched firmly to her chest.

"That's not funny Cameron," Sarah grumbled harshly as she took in the small smile and reached over to whack Cameron lightly on the arm. Falling back on the bed in relief Sarah's scowl was firmly on her face as she stared up at the bedroom ceiling in annoyance.

Cameron leaned over and pulled the sheet slowly down Sarah's body to reveal smooth tantalising skin. Peppering soft kisses onto Sarah's left shoulder Cameron trailed a wet tongue down to Sarah's breast and then capturing the hardened nipple into her hot mouth she suckled softly, unperturbed at Sarah's annoyance with her.

"You said I needed to work on my humour Sarah." Cameron murmured softly as she moved over to the other breast to give it the same attention, feeling Sarah's stiff body slowly relax at her ministrations, hearing Sarah's breath catch in her throat.

"That was not humour girlie...that...that was just...mean," Sarah whined softly as she felt her body responding to Cameron's torturous mouth and tongue. Looking down to meet warm golden brown, Sarah could feel the last vestiges of her displeasure at Cameron's rude awakening ebbing from her body.

Cameron remained silent as her kisses increased in pressure, moving from Sarah's chest, to her throat. Feeling the rumbling vibrations coursing through her body as Sarah groaned softly, Cameron quickly clambered onto her knees to straddle Sarah's thigh, her lips never leaving Sarah's skin. Placing her arms on either side of Sarah's head, Cameron captured Sarah's lips firmly against her own as she leaned down closer, feeling Sarah's soft breasts crushing against hers. Flicking in an insistent tongue between slightly parted lips, Cameron could only revel in the feel of Sarah's tongue intertwining with hers.

Breaking away from the demanding kiss, Sarah could only gasp in ragged breaths as she felt Cameron's warm body resting lightly on top of hers, knowing that Cameron was balancing herself so she wouldn't hurt her with her weight. Placing a hand gently against a soft cheek and caressing gently, Sarah gazed into warm eyes shining with love.

"You know I should still be mad at you," Sarah murmured softly as her other hand began to draw light circles against Cameron's shoulder. "That was not a nice way to wake up."

"I was working on my humour as you told me to do Sarah." Cameron lifted herself up slightly to pull away the sheet separating Sarah's body from hers. Feeling all of Sarah's naked flesh against her own, Cameron began nuzzling at Sarah's throat again, her fingers trailing light caresses across a toned stomach. Continuing further down Sarah's body Cameron's hand came to rest firmly between Sarah's thighs her fingers already feeling the wetness pooling there.

"Cameron…" Sarah could only close her eyes as her body started to respond urgently, feeling the arousal zinging all the way down to her toes. Moving her body against Cameron's searching fingers eagerly Sarah gripped both hands on to Cameron's shoulders to pull the girl down, needing to feel the contact of Cameron's body more solidly. "…you're going to kill me."

Tasting Cameron's lips now pushing firmly against her mouth again, the girl's tongue demanding entrance Sarah was amazed that she could still feel like this, that her body was still reacting to Cameron as if it was the first time they had made love. No matter how many times she had had the girl in her bed; Sarah could still never seem to get enough.

Wrapping her legs around Cameron's waist, Sarah's thoughts became jumbled, her body now moving in an urgent pace against Cameron's fingers as the pressure inside her began to build. Breaking away from the kiss to catch her breath, Sarah tightened her grip around Cameron's neck as she began to suck feverishly at the crook of Cameron's shoulder.

Balancing her entire weight on one arm and knees, Cameron increased the pressure of her own rocking body against Sarah's thigh, hearing Sarah's breathing hitching in her throat as warm lips and teeth started to bite softly into her skin. Revelling in the feel of Sarah under her, the soft curves moving in sync with her own body, Cameron's synapses began to burn, her vision fading at the sensations overwhelming her senses.

"Cameron...Cameron...oh God...Cameron," Sarah mumbled incoherently as she felt the pressure building even more inside her body, her blood boiling like liquid lava. Feeling her stomach muscles clench in sudden spasms, Sarah closed her eyes as she released a muffled groan into the crook of Cameron's neck. Feeling Cameron's body suddenly tense against hers, Sarah bit down into the tempting flesh as wave after wave of melting heat expanded throughout her body.

"Sarah," Cameron groaned softly as she felt Sarah's teeth on her skin, her body tensing in rigidity as fiery sparks of electrical currents began to overwhelm her entire being consuming her in their intensity.

"Now that is a better way to wake up." Sarah grinned tiredly as she released her tight grip from around Cameron's neck and unwound her trembling legs from around Cameron's waist, feeling her body relaxing as the melting heat slowly eased from her frame. Bestowing a warm smile onto Cameron as the girl shifted off atop her to lie gently against her side, Sarah placed a loving kiss onto reddened lips as Cameron's fingers began a gentle stroking pattern on her stomach.

"But you really are going to kill me you know."

Cameron's features turned into a sudden frown at Sarah's teasing admonishment feeling something akin to guilt at her continuous ravishing of Sarah's body but she could not help it. Just seeing Sarah lying here beside her naked, the expanse of tempting flesh being displayed, Cameron was gripped with a desire so strong, she just had to feel the woman under her, against her. The need was so overwhelming in its intensity it shook Cameron right to her core. She could not get enough of Sarah.

"I have calculated that for a woman of your age, you only need 6 hours sleep. It has already been 6 hours Sarah."

"Are you trying to tell me that I'm old?" Scowling suddenly Sarah shifted slightly onto her side to give Cameron a mocking glare.

"No. I think you are beautiful Sarah." Cameron's expression was awed as she bent her head to place a soft kiss against Sarah's scowling lips. "I am saying that 6 hours of sleep is all that you require."

"Not when we stay up all night doing strenuous activities Cameron." Sarah rolled her eyes at the expression in front of her, wondering how Cameron could think she was beautiful first thing in the morning when the girl lying next to her was the picture of model perfection herself.

"Are you saying that you want me to...stop...making love to you Sarah?" Cameron's head was now tilted quizzically trying to decipher Sarah's words.

Sarah sighed heartily, knowing that she should shut up now before Cameron decided that she wasn't actually getting enough sleep and would stop their lovemaking activities all together to give her some much needed rest. When it came to her welfare Cameron was dogged in her stubbornness to look after her.

"No Cameron, I'm not. I'm just saying that unlike you, I do need my sleep to look my best. Not all of us can wake up in the morning and look as perfect as when they went to bed regardless of what they were doing all night."

Cameron fell silent, her gaze raking up and down Sarah's body in obvious appreciation. "But you are perfect Sarah."

Sarah's heart melted at the words and the appreciative look bestowed lovingly into her eyes. "Now that girlie just gave you a free pass for the rude awakening earlier."

Reaching up slightly Sarah placed a firm kiss against soft lips, feeling herself beginning to drown in the sudden rush of desire coursing through her body all over again. It was amazing these feelings she had for the girl...amazing and scary all at the same time. She had never felt like this before, not even for Kyle Reese. Her need and desire for Cameron was so annihilating in their passion it was like an obsession she could feel herself getting lost in.

"Mom? You up? Can you come out here?" John's troubled voice filtered through her lustful haze as she felt Cameron responding to her kiss just as urgently.

Breaking away from the kiss, Sarah blushed hotly, having forgotten all about John and the outside world in her passionate rediscovery of Cameron.

"I'll be out soon John," Sarah shouted in reply, sighing wearily as she flopped back down onto the mattress with a thud, exhaling softly, "And the world beckons."

Cameron remained silent at the softly spoken words, not needing to say anything to understand Sarah's weariness. This was their life and she had accepted it, as long as she got to spend it with the woman she adored it was enough for her.

John sighed as he sat at the kitchen table waiting impatiently, the morning newspaper strewn across the table top. Glancing at the article again, John gave another weary sigh knowing that his mother was definitely not going to like this.

He had known that the quiet of late that they had all been living in was borrowed time, feeling the reality of their lives waiting patiently on the side-lines like a cancerous growth. Scowling at the article again, John could only wonder what this new development was going to bring them.

Since the tumultuous events of Cameron's awakening sentient-ness, getting flipped and then her desire to leave them, John had been extremely happy that things had settled into a quiet routine. His mother had been more relaxed and happier than he had ever seen her, her easy smiles and wide grin indicating that things with Cameron were progressing along nicely.

And John was glad; more than glad actually, he was ecstatic. It soothed his troubled soul and eased his stiff shoulders to know that his mother had someone to look after her, to take care of her. John Connor should not be the only important person in this world; Sarah Connor was just as important, more so really than him if he was to survive to be the man that he was destined to become.

It surprised him sometimes though, Sarah's relationship with Cameron. John would have snorted in derision if anyone were to suggest a year ago that his mother would fall in love with a cybernetic organism, but now seeing them together, seeing his mother's interactions with Cameron, it made sense. He could see genuine love and affection between the two and it lightened his heart to know that it was possible to find something like that in these troubled times.

"Good morning John." Startled alert from his internal musings, John glanced over towards Cameron as she entered the kitchen, her gait light and easy as she automatically walked over to start the coffee machine.

"Morning Cameron, is Mom coming out yet?" John got up and started to gather the mess of the paper on the table, placing the article he wanted Sarah to read on top of the pile.

"Sarah will be out soon, she is having a shower."

Studying the girl critically as she continued to rustle around in the cupboards and the fridge in preparation of making their morning breakfast, John could see the easy fluidity and grace rolling off her trim frame. Cameron's movements were becoming less and less mechanical as the days and weeks progressed as she became more comfortable in her human body and her relationship with his mother.

John found it amusing and endearing that Cameron had taken on cooking duties as one of her responsibilities in the Connor household. She made sure that Sarah ate when it was required and definitely made Sarah aware that her normal habit of missing meals was not going to be tolerated, if one of their legendary arguments that John had managed to eavesdrop on was anything to go by.

Although the fare that Cameron offered was simple, John wasn't complaining, it beat having cereal every morning and his mother's cooking. Laughing at the absurdity of a terminator wielding a spatula with serious intent John could only shake his head in amused disbelief.

"So what's for breakfast this morning Cameron?" John queried with a small smirk as he settled himself back into his chair continuing to watch Cameron's dexterity with the kitchen utensils.

"Pancakes," Cameron replied promptly, her concentration now on the sizzling pan in front of her.

"You know Cameron, ever since you've been forcing me to eat, I'm sure I've gained at least 5kgs," Sarah interrupted the conversation as she sauntered into the kitchen with feigned annoyance at the girl standing in front of the stove.

Turning around and walking to the coffee machine Cameron silently poured the liquid into a mug and handed it to Sarah with a bland expression on her face, "You are too skinny."

Sarah rolled her eyes at the words, knowing that arguing with Cameron was pointless. She had already tried and the spectacular argument that had ensued had only left Sarah with a splitting migraine and a guilty conscience. Going along with Cameron's wishes to fatten her up seemed to be far less troublesome and stress free.

Taking the coffee with an aggrieved huff, Sarah blushed lightly as Cameron bestowed a soft kiss on to her cheek. Ignoring John's eye roll and his amused smirk, Sarah sat down opposite him at the table. She was still trying to get used to the casual display of affection in front of John.

"Mom, you have to read this." John's amusement vanished as his face settled into a concerned frown, not wanting to interrupt the light hearted atmosphere.

Sarah turned towards John, her body stiffening slightly at his tone. Grabbing the paper out of his hands, she quickly scanned the article the paper was folded on.

Cameron removed the pan from the element and strode over towards Sarah, her demeanour one of concern as she spotted Sarah's tenseness. Reading the article over Sarah's shoulder, Cameron also stiffened, her face masking itself into icy coldness at the words.

Last night the body of a young woman was found by an early morning street cleaner in an alley off Olive Street. Police are still canvassing the neighbourhood for any witnesses to the event but are appealing to any members of the public to come forward with any relevant information.

The woman has been identified as Sarah Connor.

Sarah frowned in consternation at her name staring up at her in silent accusation, foregoing reading the rest of the article as the words in print scoured valleys of guilt into her conscience. Standing up in agitation Sarah walked out of the kitchen in silence, her tread heavy and tired as she ignored both Cameron and John, banging the door behind her in constrained anger.

Striding towards the swing set in agitation, Sarah drew back her foot and kicked it, hard, feeling the contact reverberate up her leg. Screaming in frustrated anger Sarah kicked the standing swing again trying to release the building tension she could feel settling into her shoulders.


Hearing Cameron's concerned voice behind her Sarah reigned in her emotions, feeling a weary tiredness settle into her conscience.

"I'm fine Cameron; I just need a minute to be alone." Sitting herself down on the swing, Sarah buried her head in trembling hands, the guilt eating at her insides.

Cameron knelt down slowly in front of Sarah, her face creased in concern at the woman's obvious distress, wanting to soothe away her worries but knowing that she could not. Feeling helpless in making Sarah feel better, Cameron gently removed Sarah's hands from her face and stared into stormy green eyes filled with sadness and resignation.

"Cameron, don't...just...just let me be for a minute." Turning her face away from Cameron, Sarah pushed away her guilt at seeing the hurt flash briefly into Cameron's eyes before the girl masked her face into a blankness that made Sarah shiver. She knew she was shutting Cameron out but she couldn't deal with her guilt over the unknown woman's death at the hands of a terminator and have Cameron comfort her at the same time.

Cameron stood up slowly and stepped back to stare down at Sarah's stooped form, her face now hiding her emotions at Sarah's refusal to let her in and help. The woman may have confessed to loving and needing her but Cameron doubted sometimes if Sarah had truly accepted her for what she was made of.

"I didn't kill that woman Sarah." Turning away Cameron strode back to the house, her posture stiff, her hands clenched tightly into fists at her sides.

Hearing the softly spoken words Sarah's face turned into a frown as she made to call Cameron back, to apologise over treating her like just another machine. But with the reminder of another innocent death on her hand's and the stark reality of Skynet asserting itself into their lives again, Sarah remained mute, her eyes the only indication of her distress as she caught Cameron's rigid form and the heaviness to the girl's steps.

John watched his mother warily through the kitchen window, wincing slightly as he saw her kick forcefully at the swing. Giving Cameron a brief glance as she closed the back door softly behind her and make her way over to where Sarah was standing, John ran a weary hand through his hair.

Continuing to watch through the kitchen window silently John's frown increased as Cameron stood up rigidly to stare down at his mother blankly, Cameron's posture clearly showing her displeasure. Wondering what his mother had said to Cameron to make her react like that, John could only curse Sarah's actions silently.

John had known that his mother was still feeling guilty over loving the girl but he had thought she had gotten over that already. If he could accept that Sarah Connor was in love with a cybernetic organism, why couldn't she?