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The sound of pen scratching across paper filled the air inside the 10th division's captain's office. Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya sat at his desk and plowed through the mountain of paperwork that came with being captain of the 10th. In front of his desk, sitting on the couch, his lieutenant was working on her own stack, albeit slowly. Hitsugaya was thankful that after the war she had sobered somewhat and now did about 20 percent of her work. Another hundred years of so and he would get her to do all of her work if he was lucky.

As he looked over another field report, this one from Berlin, he was relived to see that the hollow count was finally returning to prewar levels. He was brought out of his mussing by the presence of a black Hell Butterfly floating patiently before him. Placing the report to the side he raised his right hand index finger out for the butterfly to land on. The moment it did the message began to play in his head. "Captain Hitsugaya, Head Captain Yamamoto request your presence in his office at your earliest convince. That is all." With that the butterfly flew back out the window.

Letting out a sigh he stood up and grabbed Hyorinmaru from his resting place against the wall and slung him over his back. The head captain was being polite and that was never a good sign. Matsumoto looked up from her paperwork as he made his way to door. "Where are you going captain?"

He stopped and turned to face his buxom lieutenant. "The head captain wants a meeting with me."

"When will you be back?" Hitsugaya could have sworn she sounded hopeful. Probably thinking she would be able to slip out without him around. No matter how far she came, she still loved her sake.

"I don't know. Don't forget to finish your paperwork Matsumoto." With that he turned and walked out the door.

Arriving at the 1st Division compound he made his way towards the central complex that housed the headquarters of the division along with the Captain's and Lieutenant's meeting Halls. Once he arrived he saw the silvered haired lieutenant of Head Captain Yamamoto waiting for him.

Lieutenant Sasakibe bowed slightly before rising to look down on the short captain. "Head Captain Yamamoto is expecting you Captain Hitsugaya. Follow me." With that he turned and began to make his way down the halls of the building. A few minutes later and he was standing outside of a large set of double doors. Without a knock Sasakibe opened the door and gestured for Toshiro to step inside.

Moving into the office he took in his surroundings. Yamamoto's office was much larger than his own. Towering ceiling's and large sitting area off to the side caught his attention. But the real perk to this office was the view. There were only three walls in the office, the forth opened onto a balcony with red pillars holding up the overhanging roof. There, Yamamoto stood looking over the Seireitei with his back to him.

Hitsugaya stood there silent wondering if the old man had fallen asleep again as he was know to do on occasion. He was also aware that Sasakibe was no longer there. Finally Yamamoto's deep voice sounded in the room. "Captain Hitsugaya, I'm glad to see you made it." The head captain turned then and Toshiro just stood there looking at the old man. Then he gestured to Hitsugaya to come forward to join him on the balcony.

Hitsugaya was nerves now, this was a side of the head captain he had never seen before. They stood there in silence for several minutes before the tension in his body forced him to break the silence. "Why did you call me here Head Captain Yamamoto?"

Yamamoto said nothing for a minute before he began. "Tell me captain, what do you remember of your life before you died." Toshiro's eyes widened as he looked at the old captain. What did that have to do with anything, but that was as good as an order.

"Vague memories sir. I died over 80 years ago." He looked at the head captain but saw no change so continued. "Mostly its just images in a dream, names and faces of my old family…I do remember dieing in a fire when I was 10 through." He shook his head to get rid of the memories that came to mind when he thought of his fiery death. "Why do you ask?"

Again Yamamoto avoided the question by asking one of his own. "Do you know what your parents did for a living Captain Hitsugaya?"

This was getting annoying for the young captain. Sighing he thought for a moment trying to find some memory of what they did. Nothing came to mind. "I don't know Head Captain, they never told me." Deciding to wait and see if the oldest captain in the Soul Society was going to explain what was going on he kept silent.

Yamamoto just stood there looking out at the vast expanse of the Seireitei without saying anything. Finally after about 5 minutes he spoke without moving. "Captain Hitsugaya, did you know that your parents where wizard and witch?"

Looking at him quizzically for a moment, Toshiro spoke. "That's what this is about Head Captain." His voice showing his frustration at this discussion. Hitsugaya could not help feeling his time better spent doing paperwork then talking about his parents being magical.

"Tell me Captain Hitsugaya, have you ever looked into your family?" Yamamoto finally turned to face the much younger captain.

Toshiro was starting to get angry with this line of questioning, still he presented his normal cold façade. "No." It was a simple a true statement even if it sounded strained.

"Why not?"

"That is a personal matter, Head Captain."

"But you have studied the Wizarding World have you not Captain Hitsugaya?"

Toshiro knew the old captain had to have a point, but he was dammed if he could see it. "Of course I have Head Captain. It is required study at the academy and necessary as Europe falls into the 10th Division's area of responsibility. Europe is full of wizards."

"Yes it is. Then you know what happens when wizards die."

"Of course, they come to the Soul Society just like everyone else. Through they lose there ability to perform magic after they die. Some request permission to remain in there world, but that requires the approval of the Central 46 and complex kido to prevent them becoming or attracting hallows." This conversation was making no sense to the white harried captain as he stood there waiting for some clue as to where this talk was taking them.

Suddenly he felt a disgustingly familiar reiatsu behind him. The sound of the high pitch voice that followed it confirmed who it was. "That's what we all thought, but it no longer seems to be the case." Toshiro turned around and saw the painted face of one Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi standing there with a wild grin on his face. His face then frowned as he continued, "You see, I was so bored after I finished my experiments on the arrancar we captured I needed something to do." His feral grin returned in all its glory as he continued, "I remembered then that there were several Soul Reapers that gave my machines such vary strange readings in the past and decide to look into it. Imagine my surprise when I discover the only thing they had in common was that they were all born wizards and witches." The whole time he was talking his smile seemed to get bigger and wilder, all the while he approached the two figures standing on the balcony.

"You see, there is only a small number of wizards that have the capabilities to become Soul Reapers, so we have only a limited pool from witch to gather data. Of these, most have been unremarkable. They had lost there magic and so they were no longer considered wizards. You see, with out there wands there magic is near useless and there are no magical creatures to help build wands in the Soul Society, so we received no reports from the Rukongai about wizards. As such we assumed that they all lost the ability." At this he paused and the look he sent Toshiro made his stomach turn. He was sure now where this conversation was going and knew that Kurotsuchi wanted to run test on him. Still he waited, and preyed that he was wrong.

Kurotsuchi smiled, clearly enjoying lecturing not only the head captain but the so called "boy genius" that bothered him like no one else. "I, of course, looked into this further and after 3 months of exhaustive research, I found there is one way to retain ones magic." He paused to let that sink in before he resumed, "The only way for a soul to keep its magic is die while it is still forming. That is to say, between the ages of 8 and 13. Of course only a fraction of a percent of these actually keep there magic." His smile got wider as he looked at the white harried captain.

"Following this discovery I went about creating a way to confirm this of course." Following that he pulled a handheld machine from his robes. It was hard to tell how it worked but he could see a screen and a clear tube before he retuned his focus to the strange captain. "Now we need only confirm my hypothesis about you, captain of Division 10."

Without further words he reached out and grabbed Hitsugaya's left arm into a viselike grip preventing him from getting away. Before Toshiro could react he felt the machine press against his arm and something shot into his arm. Clenching his teeth he looked at the head captain only to find him standing there completely calm, meaning he knew this would happen, thus it was authorized. Which, unfortunately, meant he could not kill the annoying captain at the moment.

Looking back at the machine he ignored Hyorinmaru's rumbling to attack the scientist and instead watched as quite a bit of blood was being pumped into the tube on top. Finally he pulled it from his arm and Toshiro looked at the end that had extracted the blood to see it looked more like a spear tip than a needle. Looking back at his arm he saw he was still bleeding freely as Kurotsuchi was smiling as he played with the knobs and dials on his toy.

Placing his right hand on his injury he began the healing kido as he ignored the crazy captain by his side.

A shout of pure glee made him look up to meet Kurotsuchi's eyes. "Ha, I was right."

"Captain Kurotsuchi, calm yourself." The voice of the head captain filled the office despite the low volume he used. His words had the desired effect of sobering the eccentric captain. "I take it Captain Hitsugaya has retained his magic."

Though Mayuri had reigned in his emotions he still had a gleam in his eyes. "Yes, Head Captain."

"Vary well. There are no other candidates then the ones you reported earlier Captain Kurotsuchi?"

"No, sir."

"Vary well then. You are dismissed Captain Kurotsuchi." Toshiro watched as the mad scientist gave a curt nod before turning and walking out of the office following Sasakibe.

When he was sure they were alone Toshiro lowered his hand from the now healed arm and wiped the blood onto his pants before he looked at the head captain. "Candidates for what Head Captain? What is this about?" He was trying to figure out what the gain was for knowing he had magic, it did not affect his job an any way.

The head captain again ignored him and made his way toward his desk. After sitting down he gestured Hitsugaya to do the same. Settling down across from the old captain Hitsugaya waited for him to speak. "The candidates I was referring to are the ones who have shown to be magical. There were only 3 of you in the entire Soul Society. One is a Soul Reaper just out of the academy, the other was a 300 year veteran, however she was killed in the living world 2 weeks ago. As such you are the most qualified for this mission."

"What mission, sir?"

"You are to gather information on the wizarding world."

"Sir, we already have plenty of information."

Yamamoto's face did not change, which was unusual for him as Hitsugaya was challenging his decision. His voice was normal as he spoke, "We have observation's from Soul Reapers and accounts from former wizards Captain Hitsugaya. Your mission is to gain practical knowledge and determine whether or not they could pose a threat in the future like the Quincy and Bount's."

Toshiro understood now, through he still was reluctant. "And if they do pose a threat?"

Yamamoto looked at him for a moment before continuing, "We will not move against them as long as they do not threaten us or the balance Captain Hitsugaya. But if they do we must know how to deal with them. The danger they pose is unknown, that is why we can not trust this mission to a new recruit."

Hitsugaya resigned himself to the fact that he was being sent no matter what he said. "How am I suppose to gain practical knowledge Head Captain?"

Toshiro could swear he saw the old man actually smile before he spoke. "You will learn like everyone else Captain Hitsugaya. You will have to go to school." The sound of his mirth was unmistakable to young man's ears.

A sense of dread fill Toshiro's body as he sat there thinking of what he was told. Finally finding his voice again he spoke, "How long is this mission going to take head captain?"

The smile never left that old battered face as he answered the question. "The actual schooling will take 7 years, however you will need a believable cover. Since they start school at the age of 11, or after the 5th grade, you will be attending a living world elementary school for a year. Hopefully, the wizards will take notice of you."

Toshiro was speechless. An eight year mission was unheard of, especially for a captain. Not to mention they wanted him to play the role of a elementary school student. It took him several minutes to regain his voice. Looking at the smirking head captain he began to protest. "Sir, with all due respect, we are already short three captains. Should we really reduce are strength even further? Not to mention what will happen to my division if I leave it in Lieutenant Matsumoto's hands for eight years!" He was near panic through he would never admit it.

Yamamoto just kept on smiling at the panicking captain before raising a hand to calm him down. "Captain, this is an opportunity that we have never had before. Surely you can see the need to be prepared for the future."

"Yes, Head Captain." Hitsugaya grudgingly admitted that was true.

"As for your lieutenant, you should show more confidence in your subordinates. If she is not up to the job she will be replaced." Hitsugaya just sat there for more then ten minutes as he digested what he had been told. At least he was getting out of the office.

"When do I leave Head Captain?"

Finally the head captain removed the smile from his face, "You have two months before you leave for living world. You will arrive during the summer break."

"And where exactly will I be going?"

"Since Europe falls under the jurisdiction of the 10th Division you will be going there. There are three major schools of wizardry in Europe. However, since the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is dominated by females and the Durmstrang Institute would require you to prove that you are not muggle born, that leaves only Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As such you will be sent to England. Any other question's Captain Hitsugaya?"

Hitsugaya thought for a moment before responding. "Not at the moment Head Captain Yamamoto."

"Vary well then." Yamamoto picked up a thick folder that sat on the side of the desk and handed it over to the young captain. "This folder contains the details for the mission Captain Hitsugaya. You have two months to prepare for this mission, use them well. Dismissed."

As Hitsugaya nodded his head and left he was once again greeted by Lieutenant Sasakibe who led him out of the building. At the gates of the compound Sasakibe halted and turned to face the short captain. "Captain Hitsugaya, I know of your mission and would like to offer my services."

Hitsugaya looked at him wondering what he was talking about. "Your services?"

"Yes sir, I have spent a great deal of time studying Western culture, England specifically and I believe I may be able to help prepare you for the cultural differences."

Hitsugaya understood now, it was well know that Sasakibe was devoted to western culture to the point that it was the only thing he disagreed with the head captain on. He could be useful. "I'll keep that in mind lieutenant." With that said he continued out the gate and back toward his own office. He had a lot of details to work out before he left his division for eight years.

I aplogize if you found this chapter slow, but I wanted to make it belivable that Hitsugaya would go to Hogwarts. Any feedback would be apreciated.