Ring! Ring!

Rizzoli looked at the clock, which, to her dismay, read 2:45 A.M. "Damn it, again?" she cursed aloud. "Rizzoli," she answered.

On the other end was a tearful Maura. "Jane? I need you. Come quick," she whispered.

The sound of her friend's shaking voice made Jane sit up and take notice. "Maura? What happened?"

"I- I was r-raped," the ME replied.

Maura's confession shot through Jane's veins like ice water. "Okay, Maura, hold on, okay? I'm coming. Where are you?"

"My house. I just got the rape kit done, and I'm feeling really anxious."

"Okay, hold on, Maura," Jane said softly. "I'm on my way."

They hung up, and Jane headed over, knocking on the door. "Maura? It's Jane. Open up."

She heard her padding over and stepped back, hugging her when she opened the heavy door. Maura, thankful that Jane had come so quickly, held tightly to her friend and colleague. "Jane, you came," she breathed.

"Of course," she said. "It's okay now, Maura. Can you tell me how it happened?"

Maura stepped away from her, gesturing to invite her in, and Jane obliged.

"I was walking to my car from the morgue, and he- he grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream, but he stabbed me in the side with a knife and covered my mouth. The pain was bad, so I was crying, and he- he said, "see what you get?" I tried to get away, but he only grabbed me tighter, and then he put the knife to my throat and said, "Scream and I will put you on one of your autopsy tables, Dr. Isles." After that, he hit me with something."

"What was it?"

"I I couldn't tell. I was too scared to notice. So them he dragged me into an alley and he began to force himself into me. It hurt so I asked him, "Please stop," but he wouldn't." Maura had started to cry now, so Jane held her as the tears fell. "shhh, Maura, shhh," she soothed as she rubbed her back