A/N: I had so much fun with Mystii's FreeVerse Competition, that I decided to write another free verse poem just for the fun of it. I've never wrote this pairing before, but I love them and decided I would finally try my hand at writing them.

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Love Struck

He's your b e s t friend
And you know it's
That it could ruin e v e r y thing
But you are, in fact,
F a l l i n g for him.

It's his f e a r l e s s
And his b a r k of a

And every time you c a t c h
Yourself watching him
You f o r c e yourself to look
Aw ay.

(Because friends don't stare
At friends with
L o v e s t r u c k
Eyes – and as much as you
To think of yourself
As being l o v e s t r u c k,
There is no other word for it.)

He's Sirius Black
And you're Remus Lupin.
And he d e s e r v e s better than

(All of that considering
He would ever feel the same way
About you.)

Because you are going nowhere
In society
In life
And he d e s e r v e s better than that.
Than a monster.

Because he is Sirius Black
And he d e s e r v e s the world.

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