It has come to my attention that this story deserves better than what I can do for it by sitting back and waiting for inspiration to strike. I've moved on to other fandoms and other stories, and I haven't updated in more than a year, as you all well know. To all my reviewers and readers, I do not plan to continue writing this story, and for that I am deeply sorry.

However, fandom is about sharing and spreading the joy, and I would still like to contribute what I can. If any of you would like to continue this, please send me a message on my profile or on my tumblr, which you will find on my ff account bio. If you would like to keep everything or most of what I've written, I would like to see some of your previous work or, if that's not an option, I'd like to see an "excerpt" of what you have planned for the next chapter of this fanfic. I know this seems like a lot to ask, but this story was my brainchild and one of the first things I wrote that showed me I do have actual ability, and I still love it to death.

On the other hand, I know a lot of you love the idea of Harry as a bodyguard, and of course I don't own the idea. In fact, I encourage you to use the idea and take it where you will, to give it a fresh start. If any of this inspires you, please use it.

If you do decide to write anything based off this, please feel free to let me know by message or review. I'd love to see what you've written! Harry Potter may not be my main fandom anymore, but it will always be my first (like a virgin, baby! sorry not sorry), and I will always hold it close to my heart.

Okay, I'm done sounding like a weird old sap, and this honestly was not meant to be so long, but adklfjalksdjf this was my first great fanfic and it wILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY OKAY?!

And with that, I bid you adieu. Farewell, my lovelies!