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They made it back in a few moments of running. Unohana was waiting for them just outside the large gates, she looked worried but at the same time ready. As soon as Gin was in front of her she set to work.

After a few seconds she stood and said he was stable. The blood flow had stopped and there was no immediate danger. She allowed a few of her members to carry him to the squad four rooms so that he could be treated properly. Then she turned and faced Toshiro, her soft kind smile place gently on her lips.

"Care to tell me what happened?" Unohana asked kindly, a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"...I... It was an accident" Toshiro whispered quietly

"What happened?" she asked again

"We were fighting and I... I..." he acted out hitting. Then it was all coming out.

He admited everything to her, he couldn't watch her eyes widen or her mouth drop open because he hid his face behind his hands. Gin would be made at him but today had shown him that it was just too much to keep a secret anymore. He almost died and it was all Toshiro's fault. They had to know so they could take Toshiro away and keep Gin safe.

"Is that all?" Unohana asked slowly

"P-P-Pretty much" Toshiro sniffed "I am so sorry"

"Come... We should go inside" Unohana stood and held her hand out for him.

"B-B-But what about G-G-Gin?" Toshiro sniffed

"You will allowed supervised visits" she promised

Toshiro nodded and slowly stood up. That was more than he could ask for. By any right he should not be allowed to see Gin at all. She had not said anything and she acted like everything was fine but for all he knew he could have killed Gin!

As they walked through the building Toshiro found that Unohana was just dragging him along as they walked. He didn't care, his whole body was feeling numb and empty and his mouth was getting drier and drier with every step they took!

It was going to be a long day...

Toshiro was not allowed to see Gin. Word had gotten out and now all of the captains knew the truth. No one else was allowed to know just in case but it was made clear he was forbiden to see his former lover. Although he was depressed about this he couldnt help but feel it was for the best.

The other captains did not say anything about it when he was around but he was sure they spoke about him behind his back. Some where nice since Toshiro had agreed to go to more conseling and he was getting better for his anger, but others were just in so much shock that they accidently began to be mean to him.

Often he asked how Gin was doing since as long as he did not go near him they let him ask questions. They always told him that he was getting better or he was doing fine but that was it. It depressed him not to be able to hear more but he understood.

A few weeks after that he was exploring around the trees in search of something to keep him busy, now he was no longer with Gin, he had a lot of spare time. When he was not in with his counselor or Captains meetings he found himself feeling almost like he was lost. It may sound stupid, pathetic or even ridiculous but that was the truth.

While he was walking through the trees he heard something that made him stop. A voice, it was more like a hum but it was enough to stop him in his tracks. Slowly he turned and his eyes widened.

"Gin" he gasped

"Miss me?" Gin grinned, holding out his arms

Toshiro stared at him for a moment before he felt his feet moving, suddenly he was running and throwing himself into Gin's open arms. Gin grinned and kissed his neck before pulling him close to his chest. The stayed in a tight embrace for a long time, just taking in each others bodies. He wanted to stay like this forever, even if it meant turning his back on everything he believed in.


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