This may or may not violate FanFiction guidelines HOWEVER FanFiction explicitly states that "commentary is not allowed to be inserted in the the regular flow of a story". Since 'My Immortal has no flow at all, I believe my commentary is a-okay.

I felt like I had to post this because well, I think this masterpiece of a story needed to be introduced back into the FanFiction community. Your reviews are appreciated!


This is a repost of the great FanFiction classic, My Immortal, written by the gifted and talented(at being bad) writer, Tara Gilesbie. This magnificent volume not only includes the original, un-edited Gilesbie classic, but it also comes FREE! with commentary by yours truly.

This abysmal piece of ex-FanFiction was posted on in 2006 and was an immediate hit, gaining over ten thousand flames from Fanfiction community members worldwide. To the shock of many, Fanfiction had the nerve and the audacity to delete My Immortal off its site in 2008. Many brave and noble people have reposted this story many times but the posts were deleted shortly after.

The story of My Immortal is based off Harry Potter, although it is so royally screwed up that you probably wouldn't know that it was Harry Potter Fanfiction if I hadn't told you beforehand; I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW UNTIL SOMEONE TOLD ME.

My Immortal is infamous for its rape of canon, Harry Potter characters and the English language thus, earning the much-deserved title of The Worst Piece of Fanfiction to ever grace the interwebs.