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Chapter twenty seven

Bellas' Pov

As I gaze upon the look on my mates face, I know that he had heard more of my conversation with Char than I had thought. He is hurt by my stupid words and the infuriatin' emotions that surge through me. I was stupid and should have kept my mouth shut.

I abandoned packin' for now and opted to sort this shit out with Jasper before a mole hill became a mountain. I grabbed his hand and dragged him behind me out the back door and out of hearin' range of the others.

"Jasper, I don't know how much ya heard in there but I can see that it was enough to hurt ya."

"I jus' don' understand Bella, ya said that ya didn't hold any blame to us for what's happened to ya when ya first saw us again. I felt ya honesty, what changed?"

"Nothin' changed, I don' blame any of ya Jasper. I jus' have so much hurt an' anger in me, I need it to go somewhere an' those that are to blame aren't here. I love ya Jasper, I jus' need an' want to scream at an' tear someone apart."

"Why didn't ya say anythin' to me before now darlin'?"

"I don' know, I think maybe `cause I could see how ya were hurtin' with what happened to me. I didn't want ya hurtin' more."

"Okay, ya wanna vent an' get it out?"

He opened his arms wide showin' me that he was willin' to be my punchin' bag for my bitch fit. Like fuck. I was now pissed an' my anger was at him for even suggestin' that I take a swing at him. I knew that I was bein' a fool tryin' to direct my anger at anyone close jus' to make me feel better. There was no way in hell I'd act upon it, especially not toward Jas. I wouldn't direct blame an' anger at him for what was done to me by others but I sure as fuck would let him know that I was pissed at him for wantin' me to lash out at him now. We were standin' in the middle of a whirlwind of flyin' debris as I let my anger known. I had two options; either do what he wants an' give him a beat down or use my gift to release some of the anger an' energy runnin' through me. I chose the latter.

"Ya can go suck a gargoyles' gonads if ya think I'm takin' my shit out on ya Jas, it ain't happenin'. I am goin' to have stupid an' irrational thoughts an' feelin's. I will go through moments were I feel ugly an' like used goods; an' there will be times that I get angry at everyone an' everythin' but I will not beat up on the man I love more than my own life jus' to make me feel better, it jus' doesn't work like that."

"Then how can I make ya feel better Bella? I can feel it in ya baby. How do I take the pain away?"

We were screamin' at each other, I wasn't sure if it was through frustration or to hear one another over the wind tunnel we were trapped in. Trees had been uprooted an' had joined the twister along with massive boulders, dirt an' water. Fuck if I know where the water came from but we were both soaked.

God do I love this man, I knew he jus' wanted me to stop hurtin' but didn't he realize that to hurt him, would only hurt me worse. I knew I was losin' myself an' my dark side was comin' forth. She wanted her mate. She wanted to show her appreciation to him for tryin' to make us better. She wanted to devour his essence an' soak in his scent an' I was right there along with her as I gazed upon him with his broad chest huffin' in desire to heal me inside an' out. His magnificent jaw clenched an' eyes coal black in anger toward those who done me wrong. His wet golden strands stickin' to his face an' his shirt clingin' to him showin' off his sculptured form. I only jus' managed to get out what I could through the growls that started to rumble through me.

"I don't know. Hold me. Love me, but don't ask me to harm ya Jasper; that will only hurt me worse."

"Always an' forever my beautiful"

He strode toward me takin' the few steps that separated us an' wrapped his arms `round me liftin' my face to his an' captured my lips in a searin' panty wettin' kiss. As his tongue swirled with mine I gave over to my dark side an' let her take the reins. Rippin' his shirt from his body along with his pants, he now stood before me in all his naked glory. Standin' at full mast an' ready for me to take what was mine. I kissed, bit and sucked my way down dropppin' to my knees. Graspin' his erection firmly then dragged my tongue from base to tip before takin' him as far as I could in my mouth.

I was more than pleased to find that I could take him deeper than I could before an' that when his tip hit the back of my throat I didn't feel the need to gag. Still with his size, my jaw would only widen so far but what didn't fit I pumped in my firm hold. I swallowed `round with him as deep as he could go earnin' me a rewardin' feral growl for my efforts. He twisted my hair in his hand an' started to set his own pace, thrustin' his hips back an' forth in time with his control on my movements. Pullin' me back as he backed off an' pushin' me to him as he thrust forward makin' me take as much as I could. Thrust after thrust buildin' in momentum as I sucked harder an' harder. I was so fuckin' turned on an' my pussy was burnin' with need but I wanted to please him first. His growls were building in ferocity as well as the speed of each thrust makin' me moan and purr. My nails clawed at the backs of his thighs an' arse wantin' him closer, needin' to feel every inch of him within me. With two more deep thrust he spilled in essence in me with the loudest most guttural roar that my ears have ever had the pleasure of hearin'. Slippin' from my mouth he pulled me up an' kissed me fierce an' hard as he tore my clothes from me.

We were still surrounded by my twister of debris but like that was goin' to stop us. He didn't allow me a second glance before he dropped down placin' both my legs over his shoulders, glidin' one hand up my spine in between my shoulder blades lowerin' my top half to the ground before divin' in to devour me in the most delicious ways. He was fast an' feral. His growls an' purrs only proved to stimulate me further; thank the gods that we vamps don't need to fuckin' breath `cause I'm sure as fuck, I'd have suffocated my man. My fingers were grippin' his hair and his were diggin' into my hips as I thrust my pussy closer an' closer an' he feasted on all I had to give placin' one hand on my abdomen pressin down. I came hard an' fast drenchin' his mouth an' chin in my juices. Givin' me no time to gain my senses, he manoeuvred me to all fours an' sheathed himself deep within my walls sendin' me into my second mega explosion. He thrust ruthlessly; with each an' every deep hard poundin' he gave he was hittin' right where I needed him to with his balls spankin' my clit each time addin' to the sensuous sensation.

The more he pounded, the more debris joined my twister of destruction. My hands clawed at the earth as his dug into my hips. He twisted my hair in his hand forcin' my back to meet his chest never relentin' in his force or speed. Bringin' his free hand to cup my mound, he pinched my clit as his teeth sank into my neck markin' me as his for eternity, makin' my walls clench tight `round his length. My orgasm rocked through me an' I roared out my pleasure as a shimmerin' force field pushed out from me sendin' the debris yards away. Jasper roared a loud an' feral "FUCK" as he stilled spillin' his seed in me.

We fell to our sides with him still sheathed in my depths as he licked over the bite purrin' contently catchin' our much needed, un-needed, breaths. He was still hard an' rockin' gently. My bits were tinglin' from his tenacious deeds. I was caught between moanin', purrin' an' growlin' so I'm pretty sure I sounded like an uncultivated cat on heat. Jus' as he tweaked my nipple, I was jolted from our love makin' by an obnoxious bangin' on my shimmer wall.

"Jas man, can you pull your man-rod from Baby-Vs' glitter-puss?"

"What the fuck Em?"

"Sorry bro, but I don't think you've noticed but the house an' everythin' around you is gone. We had to dig into dirt so we didn't fly away from your hurricane of horny."

"Oh fuck"

"Yeah you can say that again. I don't ever wanna witness you balls deep in my sister but even I have to admit that THAT was unreal and I am not talking about you bonking her. What is this wall; it feels like cling wrap but I can't break through it?"

"That would be Bellas' shield. You are remarkable. So much talent!"

"Eleazar, are you saying this is another gift Bella has? I thought you couldn't get a read on her?"

"I can't Carlisle; her shield is the reason I can't."

"Um, I don't mean to be rude but do you mind not discussin' this shit here right now while I'm bare, exposed, frank, real, plain, up-front, primitive, unrefined, raw, should I go on?"

By this point Jasper an' I were in the process of standin', he stood in front of me obviously takin' note that with my last words I was not comfortable barin' all, to all. He on the other hand stood proud an' full of confidence along with his soldier. Tanya was eyein' him with glee; I'mma gut that bitch. Due to my compromisin' position I felt it was in my best interest to stay where I was so I decided to test out my telekinetic skills. I concentrated on the cum-collector eyein' my man an' flicked my wrist jus' a fraction.

With a screech the slut went soaring through the air landin' with a thud. I pointed my index finger to the ground concentratin' on pressin' down as I twirled my finger `round. A very happy smile graced my face an' I may or may not have squealed out in glee as Tanya began to spin a hole in the earth burryin' her deep. Jus' to make my day even better, I focused on the dirt surroundin' her an' cupped my palm, made a scoopin' motion an' then padded it down tight. God I'm good.

I was so busy bein' happy picturin' her very own Lil' funeral, that I didn't notice all eyes were now on me; many barely controllin' their own mirth. Jasper was gazin' at me with one brow cocked an' his lips in a tight line tryin' damn hard not to crack up at the same time tryin' to look stern at me. I bowed my head bitin' my lower lip, lookin' up at him under my lashes. He swallowed hard and shook his head then turned to address our audience.

"So, the house is gone ha?"

"Yep, the only thin' still standin' is the safe room Alice is in, Jas."

Peters' pov

Well that was a blast; literally. One second I'm balls deep in my baby, next thin' I know my arse is sayin' hello to a fuckin' tree and I'm feelin' like I wanna fuck anythin' in sight. I didn't need to be told what was happenin'. Angel an' Jas are bumpin' uglies; fuckin' empath an' master of freakin' destruction. So glad he can please his women but does he have to go ruinin' my sexin' time? Fucker!

After diggin' down deep in dirt; prayin' I didn't end up under the house like that witch in the wizard of Oz, we all made our way to the two culprits of this sex storm. Luckily my Char had managed to find us both some clothes in the rubble.

We may or may not have waited a lil' longer than needed to announce our presence to the two, who were still very much enjoyin' nature at its best. I believe it may have been a disturbin' image for Em an' he was the one to let em now they had company. He stepped forward only to be knocked on his arse by, nothin'. There was nothin' there. What the fuck was his damage? I'm a curious fucker so I decided to see if Em was fuckin' with us but I was smart, I didn't want my arse sayin' hi to nothin' else today so I gently put my hands out before me, feelin' very much like a fucknut. Before long I was a very good impersonation of a mime. There was indeed somethin' there blockin' us. It had the texture of plastic wrap but was impenetrable. Angel on the other hand was penetrable an' Jas was doin' a good job at provin' that much to Ems' displeasure so he made it known by bangin' on the, Nothin'. Jesus Fuck! Now I'm takin' lines from the Never Endin' Story. What name did that boy call out in the end? To this day that shit still bugs the crap outta me.

Lil' Miss Angel was beyond mortified to find everyone had a good view of her goods, unlike Jas who was beyond pleased to show us his family jewels. Angel however, really didn't appreciate Toe-rag Tanya enjoyin' the sight of him an' made it mighty clear. Lil' sadistic bitch, all we needed was a head stone.

Was she was done with her power play, Jas seemed to realise that there was indeed destruction from them doin' the deed. So it was decided that the move would be sooner rather than later.

Char an' Daka scrumaged up some clothes for the destructive duo while daddy C found the fridge that luckily still held the blood bags. With three newborns travellin' on foot; `cause thanks to Angel the cars were useless, they needed to be well fed. Daddy C got them heated, the old fashion way, camp fire an' in a pot of boiling water. It worked out better this time for Angel due to the bags still bein' sealed while they heated up. Micah, Em, G, me an' Jas created our very own rubbish dump with all of the debris layin' round. There wasn't too much we could do other than put it into a pile to deal with at a later date.

Once the feedin' an' cleanin' was done we all set of to the other property where Vladimir an' Stefans' friends where waitin'.

I knew we'd be getting' another display of Angels' power an' I had an idea of what or should I say who would cause it, I jus' didn't know what Angel would do.

Em had volunteered to carry Alice an' her bits that were placed in a duffle bag for the journey seen as we couldn't really take the safe room; that would jus' look stupid. Plus we had a room to keep her in once we get there. The bitch is gunna die, so I kindly suggested jus' burn em to make for a lighter load, jus' sayin, I mean we already had a pretty lil' fire burnin' getting' rid of debris an' heatin' up the snack packs for the newbs. Of course Jas has to go spoilin' all the fun sayin' that if she believed there was a chance that she could survive this intact then she might be more co-operative with givin' us information. Not likely. Plus couldn't we jus' get Angel to make her tell us? Again my fun was ruined, this time by Garrett expressin' his concern for Angels' control `round Alice.

He was fuckin' right too.

Alice started her sulkin' as soon as the door to her room was opened. We jus' hit the property line with the house jus' in view. I was ready to bury the bitch like Angel had with Tanya.

Under normal circumstance the trip should have only taken us at most two and a half hours on foot an' that's with us goin' at a snail's pace for us. Like I said, should have, Fuckin' Alice. She jus' had to go an' open her trap.

Angel is quite tame for a baby, usually. We had seen her spit the dummy a few times. One dummy spit for her food and two defendin' her mans' honour, oh yeah an' when she fuckin' tornado'd the house. Her feedin' frenzy was expected. The hurricane of horny; not the norm but it was excitin' none the less.

This, this was a whole new kind of freaky.

It was times like this, that sent a fuckin' chill down my already frozen spine. The eerie calm she seemed to posses when in the midst of evokin' pain to someone when defendin' her man.

Alice had reached a new level of stupid.

Her words, and I quote; "Jazzy, you know you're no good without me. You're nothing but a rabid beast; you need me to keep you tame. Without me to watch your every step, you will massacre whole towns. Your monster has no control."

Angel stilled all movement an' I swear to the heavens I could feel the static chill in the air that soon spread down my spine. I could almost hear the spirits whisper, warnin' me not to fuckin' move a muscle.

I didn't need Angel to face me to know her eyes had turned coal black. Even with her back turned to me an' no growlin', I knew her beast was free. Her scars had gone from silver to onyx. You could feel the danger; smell the danger an' definitely fuckin' fear the danger. Everyone halted their movements sensin' somethin not right but looking `round in search for an enemy approach.

It made me think of a sayin' generally used to describe a fart- Silent, but deadly. Yeah, I know, really not the time to think shit like that.

Fuck, I really, really didn't want to be the one to speak, move or breathe right now but I needed to warn the others. Man the fuck up Peter-pire. Whisper an' stay calm.

"Emmett, drop Alice an' her bits now. Everyone back up slowly an' lay down flat on ya belly, head down, eyes down. Do not move."

Em dropped the bitch an' backed up. Hearin' my voice, a low an' steady rumble came from Angel an' caused her to place Jasper behind her in a bubble. Fuck, fuckity fuck. We were screwed with him wrapped in her non plastic cling wrap.

We all assumed the position. Once again I was kissin' dirt. I could hear Jas callin' Angel but getting' no response. I had Teal an' Tanner between me an' my Char, our arms spread across their backs holdin' Chars' hand tight. I did this for two reasons. 1st Tanner an' Teal are newbie's themselves an' with them sensin' danger could set em both off to react on instinct and 2nd, I was fuckin' scared.

I chanced a glance, to see Angel raise her hand palm up causin' Alice to be suspended in the air, she then bent her four fingers in an up motion bringin' her closer to her. Flippin' her hand palm down, she lowered her back to the ground on bended knees.

Ya know that sayin' "The calm before the storm" no this wasn't that, can't be that, we had the hurricane of horny earlier. No, this was more like a twister of terror an' we were in the eye of it. The tension, fear, all that stuff that gives ya goose bumps, sends shivers up ya spine an' clenches at ya core was swirlin' all round us but right in the centre: the eye of the twister of terror she seemed calm. Too calm.

Bella lowered herself to the ground sittin' cross-legged in front of her nemesis, lookin' very much like she was meditatin'. As fuckin' if! No, lil' Angel was cookin' up some karma. With all the fear an' bad juju swirlin' in the air, I had no clue what she'd do.

She cocked her head to the side studyin' Alice an' then started drawin' in the dirt. From my view point I couldn't be too sure but from what I could make out it looked to be a circle surroundin' Alice with five stars spaced `round it.

"Did ya know Alice that the witches believe that foresight is a gift from their gods? See, there many kinds of witches Alice; Pagan, Wiccan, Kemetic, Tamerin, Discordian, Voodoo and Santeria to name a few. Some practice white magiks, while others dabble in the dark arts. Do ya know the one belief they all share? What ya do onto other shall come back to thee."

"I'm not a fucking witch Bella"

"The karmic balance, Alice, applies to all. I do believe the bad shit ya have dealt out, will come back to bite ya in the arse. Maybe not in this life here where we are now but ya have no good inside Alice, vampires may be the scariest creatures on earth but I'm sure there will be worse when ya leave this earth. In the mean time my mate has suffered enough of ya cruelty so I will be doin' him an' everyone else a good service by makin' ya silent."

"Then you won't know what I see. What are you going to do cut out my tongue?"

"No, I won't even touch ya Alice, I'm goin' to bind ya with a lil' spell."

"Unheard is the one with a bitter tongue, for her words spoken are untrue. Gone is your foresight seen for years, for you chose to use it for ill deeds. It shall pass to one of my kindred whose heart is good and true. All the pain you have dealt to those I cherish, you will feel until you perish."

With her last word spoken the chill an' terror in the air lifted an' then and Jasper fell to the ground when his bubble burst.


"One shall rise born anew, if you are of the dark, hate her you will. Good in your heart the connection shall start. Child alone, no place is home. Come of age, starts the change. Drawn she is into the world to her unknown. Dark forces of the spirit world seek to take her out. One fail, two fails three tries bite but her misguided guardian takes poison out. Heartache befalls her for the ones she lost. In the hands of the dark Nosferatu she will be, agony, I do not wish to see. Pain and misery, stronger is thee.

Time ticks by in her mind she will go, as she lay silent her life force will grow. One with light does lead her home staying behind for a time not shown. Bonded by heart, body and soul, now they are free for their love to be.

Fractured spirit handled with care, his touch to her scars that they both share. Strong war warrior kissed her soul; raising the life force within. A bite of love binds them eternal, now the dark shall fall.

Dark enemy be warned, tread light in her storm for she is connected to all. Don't be misguided to think Nosferatu walk your world alone. They will come from near and far, if she calls for Earthly ties. Her might and power has been shown to all, but not in her true form.

North, South, East, West; a gentle breeze, or hurricane at sea. Mist, dew, hail and snow; small little flowers that blossom in spring to the most sacred of all cottonwood trees. The hills of stone, the fields of green and the grass under your feet. She is the air you breathe. She is all, all that you see in nature. Connected to one, connected to all; but those of the dark will fall.

She knows who you are she can't be fooled, for she has a way to know if you are true. A battle of beyond what all have seen will come to be. If she shall fall, doom for all. Should she stand when all dark are dead, the earthbound beasts be free to roam no longer hidden from humanity."

"Eleazar, what was that? What are you talking about?"

"That, Carlisle is an ancient, really ancient prophecy. It was thought to be found in a sacred mountain but the origin is unknown. All that is known is that it dates back before time and dates could be calculated. It wasn't even on paper, it was said to be carved into the stone wall of the unknown sacred mountain. Honestly it was thought to be a myth, a tale to warn of being a bad person and to treat the earth with care. Many indigenous cultures all shared in one belief, that to have inner peace you must be one with the earth and respect all that walk upon it no matter how big or small."

"Whoever, wrote these words of me that you speak Eleazar, had some truths to them. If God or the Creator is heaven and Lucifer has his hell, well earth is my domain. I am the medium in between both. I am all that is nature; I am Araiya- Earths All."

There was a chorus, believe it or not of absolute dead silence.

What the heck does one say to that? Really?

Honestly if I hadn't seen and felt her power I would never believe it so. I had been mystified from the time I first laid my eyes on her. I knew she held great power but I couldn't break through the barrier surrounding her. Now I don't know whether to run or to drop to my knees and swear allegiance. If she is this prophecy and what she says is true, the rest must be fact too. This is no longer a war among vampires or Nosferatu, as was written in the stone. What of these earthbound beasts they speak of? Are the all good or will we be up against an enemy unknown? Holy crap! If she should fall we are doomed.

"Oh God…Holy shit…"

"Oh, I agree Eleazar. The world as you all know it is to change. I just don't know if it will be for the better or worse; that unfortunately befalls to me having to remember things lost to me. This mind is still so young for me and there is so much stored in the background that I need to pull forth"

"Bella, what does this all mean? I mean you're still you right? And we…we're still…"

"My Jasper, you're always my Jasper. Evan if our bodies fade, we will always be. I am still you're Bella. Araiya is my spirit name, my Earth name is Bella. I chose it myself but Renee had to go calling me Isabella; I never did like it. Earth is glorious and full of so much beauty, why would I not want to be named Bella? Wow… It just came to me, I know why my eyes change and my skin is laced with these patterned scars and why they change with my mood. My eyes are the colours of Earth stones and my skin, changes for the elements, the silver represents calm waters and the black is for the Sacred Black Rock Mountains or The Enchanted Lands. Red for fire and translucent for air, all are dependent on my mood or for which I wish to channel. My eyes change to enchant or to use certain stone strengths, I guess if I was to say calm, I could just use Jasper but rose quartz would help too. Or tigers eye to help protect us and keep positive energies flowing. Each colour has an energy that has its own use. When my colours are mixed, I want for you to hear me and know I speak the truth."

"Are ya okay darlin'? This is a lot to take in for me. I can't imagine how it is for you."

"I'm fine Jasper. I just have to get used to the merging of both Araiya and Bella. When my mind and memories catch up I think it will be easier."

"What of these earthbound beasts, Bella?"

"I'm not too clear on that yet. Let me give it some thought, I need to unlock so many locked chambers of my brain as I do I will inform you all of what I can."

"Does anyone else find it weird that my sista here can channel earth stones and she hooks up with a dude named Jasper? You know Jasper is known as the bloodstone, which is also the zodiac stone for Aries. That's a lot of coincidences, I'm just saying! I mean we're vamps, we deal with blood and Jas has had his fair share and he has been called Aries and all"

"That is an interesting theory Emmett"

"I know Papa C; I'm not just a pretty face."

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