The Mega Naruto

Naruto was not having a good day. For that matter, he was not having a good week. Naruto was about four feet seven inches. He has golden as the sun blonde hair. He has sky almost cerulean blue eyes. He has a round heart shaped face. On each of his cheeks were three whisker marks. He wears an orange jumpsuit that has rumored to have over one hundred pockets. On the back of his jumpsuit, he has a purple-grayish spiral.

Naruto was having a bad day because of the position he was in right now. He was currently in a dome totally made of chakra infused ice. He is facing a guy or girl he could not really tell. This person has a kekkei Genkai that was able to control water and ice at will. The person kept throwing senbons or needles faster than most chunnin could see. What is worse is that the person he hated most is in the ice dome with him. That person is none other than the teme, Rookie of the Year, Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke Uchiha was about five foot even. He has dark blue hair that is pinned up in a ponytail. It looks like a duck's butt. He has jet black eyes. He wears a dark blue shirt. It meaning the shirt has its collar up to the neck to put some protection for Sasuke. On the back of his shirt, he has a picture of a fan that covers most of the shirt. The fan is round with red on top and white on the bottom. It represented he is an Uchiha. He has bright white shorts. On his arms he has arm bands that went from his wrists to his elbow.

Naruto said, "Teme (bastard), do you have a plan?" Sasuke shook his head as a response of no. Naruto sighed as he tried to figure out a plan. Unfortunately for Naruto, he could not figure out one because a barrage of forty or so senbons was coming towards the two genins. They tried to run. Naruto's bad day got worse as twenty of the forty senbons hit him over the course of his body. Ten hit Sasuke as he was a little bit but not by much. Naruto cursed as pulled out the senbons out of his arms. As he pulled them out, he started to feel a bit woozy.

His eyes were becoming hazy. His feet could not stay still for a second. He started to become clumsy. His arms became numb. He was able to look at the senbon just barely. He was able to see a purple licked fall off the senbon. He realized he was poisoned by the senbon. Naruto was able to say to the Uchiha, "Teme, we can't be hit by anymore of these senbons. They are filled with different poisons." Sasuke was able to get up albeit slowly and shaking. Sasuke was able to do a small nod.

Naruto was able to steady himself. He got into a defensive position with his kunai backwards. The masked hunter ninja was flowing through the demonic ice mirrors. The masked ninja was going through the ice mirrors faster than the naked eye. Naruto and Sasuke were trying to throw different shurikens and kunais at the Kiri hunter ninja. No matter how close they were coming to hitting the ninja, they were not able to hit the ninja. The ninja was able to make senbons out of ice. The person hit a direct shot at the orange clad boy. The ninja however was not able to his the Uchiha. The reason was that the Uchiha able to activate his famous or for some people infamous Sharingan.

His Sharingan turned his eyes into something different. His jet black eyes became blood red. It have two tomoes were jet black commas. With his Sharingan, he was able to slow down time. He was able to avoid the Kiri ninja's attack. The Kirigakure Hunter Ninja's eyes widen. The ninja said, "I see. You have the infamous Sharingan, the doujutsu that could copy any jutsu that require hand signs. I guess it is Kekkei Genkai verses Kekkei Genkai." Sasuke smirked as he replied, "So I guess we can finally find out who has a stronger Kekkei Genkai."

Sasuke did the hand signs Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, then Tiger. He said, "try this on for size, Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Fireball)!" He opened his mouth and shot a massive fireball towards the ninja. The ninja went into the demonic ice mirrors effectively escaping .the fireball. The ninja then threw another barrage of ice needles. Sasuke and Naruto were able to get out of the way. Naruto then made a kage bushin (shadow clone) to distract the masked ninja. Naruto's clone did as it was instructed. It jumped up and was about to hit the ninja. The ninja saw this and hit with a senbon only to find a fire ball coming right behind it. The ninja's eyes became extremely wide as the heat started to come closer. The ninja was able to get in to the ice mirror. The fireball hit the ice mirror.

To the surprise of Naruto and the horror of Sasuke, the demonic ice mirror did not melt. For that matter the mirror did not even have an ounce of a scorch mark. Sasuke cursed as he was starting to lose his cool. He could not understand why anything he uses has yet to hit this ninja.' Who is this ninja? Am I this weak? Am I this pathetic? I don't understand? If I can't hit this ninja then how close am I to killing Itachi? '

Naruto on the other hand is analyzing the situation. He has been watching the fight between the ice using ninja and the Uchiha. He started to notice that every time Sasuke hits the mirrors they act as if they were not melting, when in fact they are melting. It just seemed as if they are not. His eyes became extremely wide as he realized what was going on. The ice was actually controlled by the ice user's chakra. It made sense now every time they hit the mirrors it slowed down the ninja's speed and ability. It also made sense how he was able to glide through the ice mirrors effortlessly.

He shouted to Sasuke, "Teme keep hitting the walls. Don't worry about the ninja. If you keep hitting the mirrors, we will be able to beat this asshole." Sasuke looked at the dubbed Dobe with a look of bewilderment. He said to him, "Dobe, what the fuck are you on and get off quick or you might not be able to get back on it." Naruto snarled as his were about to flash red any second at Sasuke's response. He said, "Teme, stop being a fucking dickhead and listen. The ninja has chakra built into the walls. If you keep hitting them it will take away chunks of this fucking teme's chakra. Now do you get it?"

Although neither genins were able to see it, the ice user's eyes went wide. The blonde hair boy was able to catch on to the jutsu's drawback, its Achilles heel. The ninja knew this battle had to end quickly. The ice user said, "Konoha Ninjas, I will ask you nicely. Please stop and surrender. Let me and my master finish our mission. I do not want to kill you two."

Naruto put his index and middle fingers into a familiar hand sign. He said to the ice user, "I guess bastard, it is time for us to get serious! KAGE BUSHIN!" A huge smoke clouded the ice walls effectively disable the ice user's ability to see. When the smoke cleared the ninja noticed that the chakra in the wall were depleting. The ninja saw that all around the ice dome were hundreds upon hundreds of Naruto's clones. The ninja's mouth was wide as a female porn star's crotch. They started to hit the mirrors as the Uchiha started to hit them with downgraded fireballs. The ice user was starting to loser all the chakra that was in the mirrors. Sasuke was also losing all of his chakra also. He was sweating bullets as his Sharingan was depleting his energy. Naruto on the other hand was much better off. He was only sweating just a little bit.

The ninja tried to get rid of most of Naruto's clones. Unfortunately as the clones poof the vision of the area was becoming cloudier. The ninja started to realize the ice mirror was about to start falling. As soon as the smoke clear, the ninja knew if was able to disable the blond than the Uchiha would be finished. He was able to pinpoint the original Naruto. The ninja pulled out a special senbon. It was special as it had a black liquid within it. The ninja threw at Naruto.

Naruto was unfortunately not looking in the direction of the masked ninja. Sasuke saw the senbon coming towards Naruto. He knew the only way that anyone of the two was going to survive against the enemy ninja Naruto had to stay alive. Then he could kill the Dobe and be proclaimed as a hero. So he jumped towards senbon. Naruto turned around as he heard the whistle of an object cut through the wind. His eyes opened as he watched helplessly as the senbon was about to pierce him. That was until he something or more like someone appear in front of him.

It was Sasuke Uchiha. The Uchiha fell limp on the floor. Naruto's mind started to analyze the very event that just happened before his very eyes. He started to think about the mobs again. He thought about how they will try and kill him for killing the Uchiha. He thought about how everyone will hate him just that much more. His mind got darker and darker. His chakra started to become visible. It was changing from sky blue as his eyes to blood red. His chakra was tracing his whole body. It was then that Naruto official snapped.

Naruto's red chakra started to take the form of a fox. His eyes started to turn red with slits. His whiskers got dark and more defined. His canine teeth elongated. His finger nails grew and became denser. They became actually claws. His chakra even made a tail. He got on all fours.

Before the masked ninja could blink Naruto was right there with a fist. The ninja's eyes were wide. They got wider when Naruto punched the masked ninja. The punch was so hard that it actually sent the masked ninja through the demonic ice mirrors. The masked ninja landed fifty or so meters away. Naruto rushed towards the masked ninja. When he got there he saw something that made his mind go frigid. The mask ninja is none other than Haku.

Haku is about five feet one inch. Haku has dark black hair. It went down to her butt. She puts it in a bun. She has brown almost amber eyes. She is wearing a green yukata. The yukata had green stripes going down her shirt. She has tears in her eyes as she looked directly into Naruto's beautiful blue eyes. She saw it in his eyes. She saw what she hoped she would never see. She saw betrayal in his eyes.

Naruto whispered with the shock clearly evident in voice, "H-H-Haku?" His sadness was clearly evident. His hands were shaking. They were moving back and forth. Tears were swelling in his eyes. His heart was ripping in two. He saw the girl that he had a serious crush on try to kill him. He whispered as his voice was broken, "Why?"

Haku put her head down in shame. She knew who Naruto was. She knew that he was protecting her and her master's target. She talked with Naruto. She talked to him about having a precious person. She has a small but sad smile on her face. He talked to her about how cute she was and that he would trade most of his days just to have a day like this with her. She blushed at that statement and gave him a small kiss. She feels like she used Naruto. She put her head down in shame.

She said, "Naruto-kun, I am deeply and truly sorry. I never meant for this to happen to you. You were the sunshine in my rainy existence. You really are what I wish I could be. You are always happy except in battle. You have those beautiful blue eyes. It was breaking my heart having to lie in those eyes. I felt a connection to you yet I knew my job. I guess I- I was really lying to myself. I hoped that this could work. I hoped that some god would take just a little bit of pity on my worthless existence. I hoped that I could find the light and give me a reason to live as a person not as a tool. I guess I am the queen of wishful thinking."

Naruto went up to her and smacked her on the face. Haku had a huge red hand print mark on her beautiful porcelain colored face. She looked up to see Naruto eye to eye. Naruto had a few tears falling down his puffy red cheeks. She put her head back down as she could not bear to see Naruto so broken just like an obsolete tool. He was just like her. She did not want to see him looking just like her. He was better than that. He is better than that.

She was broken out of her musings as she heard him say, "Haku you are not a broken tool. You are a human being. Humans have the ability to love, to hate, to be scared, to get sick, to have so many emotions. Tools don't have the abilities to love or for that any emotions. Haku you are not a tool. When we had those talks did they mean anything to you/ Haku you are not a tool that can be thrown away. You have more meaning than being a tool. You are more than a tool you mean a whole lot more than a tool to-to-to me"

As much she hated to say it, she grew attached to the boy. He gave her in these mere two weeks more than anyone gave her in her whole fourteen years of life. She could not help but tell him how she became the way she is. She said, "Naruto-kun, I guess I have to tell you how I became a tool. It started when I was born…


On January ninth in Mizu no Kuni (Land of Water) two parents were ready to have their baby. The wife was about five foot even while the husband was about five foot six inches. They were simple farmers who grew rice and such. The mother was delivering their baby. When the baby came out she had the most sparkling eyes her mother had ever seen. The mother and father smiled at their baby, yes their baby. They like the ring of that. Unseen to the baby girl's father, her mother had a little fear in her eyes.

As time went on the girl now known as Haku was playing with water. The little five year old had the water up in the air. Luckily for Haku her mother was the one who came into the house. Her mother's eyes went wide as she saw Haku levitating the water. Her mother looked side to side furiously as she was hoping and praying that her husband was not here to see. Haku's mom ran quickly to Haku. Haku said excitedly, "Kaa-san, look at what I can do. Are you proud of me Kaa-san?"

Haku's mom went wide as she didn't want to believe it. She didn't want to believe that her daughter has her bloodline. She knew about the Blood Purge of Kirigakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Mist). The Mizukage all of sudden put a decree for the Kiri ninja to strike and kill all those ninja and civilians alike. That was why she left Kiri in the first place. She slapped Haku with tears in her face. Haku had tears swell up in her eyes. Her mother said, "Haku-chan don't you ever do that again! Do you understand me?" Haku with tearful eyes just nodded as she did not know anything she could say.

Haku tried to do what her mother said. She tried her hardest but she couldn't. Every time it rained which it did a lot, she could not resist but to levitate and play with the water. She did this secretly until the day her father came home. Her father was a farmer who became a volunteer bloodline mob lyncher. He became delusional and was warped into this by the powerful speech by the Mizukage, Yagura. For him to see his daughter able to make water levitate and even make ice. He was disgusted with himself and will 'purify' this world by taking out the impure tonight.

Later that night Haku's father and a group of fifteen or so people came to his home. Haku's mother got the dinner table ready as her husband said there will be some guests from work. She did not see what was about to happen tonight. Her husband came in calmly. His mind was made up on what he was going to do. He would not be seen as a bloodline lover. He loved his wife but for her to keep this secret from him, she and that tainted daughter must die. He said, "hi honey how was your day/" he kissed her and gave the signal for the mob to come in. Haku's mother's eyes were wide as she saw people with pitchforks, knives, swords and other things she never seen before. She stopped kissing her husband with fear clearly shown in her eyes. She stammered as she moved to sink to get a knife, "What-what is going on? "

Haku's father looked at with deep hatred. He said, "You know what this about, bitch. This is about you having a FUCKING BLOODLINE. Then you held this info from me. I would have never married you if I had known. Now my ex daughter is tainted by your cursed blood. Now the only way I could atone myself for my falling from grace, I will kill the one who tainted me and the tainted daughter we sired. I am not and I will not be a bloodline lover." He moved closet the men started to pull their zippers down. She tried to fight and was about to give up until something or someone came into the kitchen.

Haku walked in to the room and saw her mother fighting and about to get raped. She had tears in her eyes as she had seen her father holding her mother down. She said, "Kaa-san, tou-san what are you doing?" a mobster had a sick, disgusting grin on his face. He licked his lips as he was ready to take her in more ways than one. He said, "Ah, so you are the ice user. So young and tempting, I think I will keep this one for myself. She would be a very good sex slave."

Haku's mother heard that. She finally had a resolve to live. She was going to keep her daughter safe. So she activated her bloodline and froze her husband's hands. She pushed him off of her. She created \ice senbons and sent them towards the mob. Almost of them dropped dead except the child molester and her husband. She scooped up Haku and tried to run. That was until the child molester threw a knife and hit her in the back of the head. She dropped dead as Haku fell out of her arms. Haku was deathly afraid as she went into fetal position. The man and her father came closer and closer. She was shaking and crying. When they were an inch away from her she screamed. When she opened her eyes she saw her father and that man dead on the floor. Their blood was close to her feet and she passed out on the floor as this memory will haunt her forever.

That morning she officially became an orphan. As she walked around Kiri, she saw dead bodies everywhere. She saw her best friend, Sisan and family on the floor dead. She started to get a heavy heart as she saw people she knew dead all around. She realized she had no purpose in this world. That was until she met Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Mist.

Flashback End

Naruto notice that she was breaking. He knew why she felt this way. She felt she had no purpose anymore. She looked at him, with those broken eyes. She said something that did not surprise him but never wanted to hear especially from her. She said "Naruto-kun, I want you to end me. Put this tool out of its misery. I am begging you, please." He looked at her with compassion but now his heart stopped beating. He did not know what to do. Could he kill her? Was he strong enough? He picked up his kunai. He had made his decision. As she turned her head she saw her master about to die. She said, "Naruto-kun, I can't die yet my master needs me right now. She shunshined towards Zabuza.

While Naruto and Sasuke was facing against Haku, Kakashi was fighting against Zabuza. Kakashi is five foot nine inches. He has grayish almost dull silver hair. He has a pointy face with a thin scar going down is left side of his face. He has a blue mask that covers his mouth. His headband covers up his left eye. He wears a Konoha standard uniform which includes ANBU style iron gloves. The only difference is that his is blue instead of forest green.

He was facing against a Swordsman of the Hidden Mist. He was facing the third strongest member. It was Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Mist. Zabuza is six foot even. He has spiky black hair. His face has from the nose down. He was flinging his broad sword around against Kakashi while Kakashi had a kunai. Kakashi felt the Kyuubi's chakra rise. Kakashi's eyes widen as he felt that dreadful chakra. He thought to himself, 'Damn, I got to finish this quick.' He did the hand signs Tora, Hebi, Tatsu, and Inu in that order. He said to Zabuza, "Sorry Zabuza, I am going to have to end this quick. Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu (Summoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique).

The dogs went underground looking for Zabuza. Zabuza looked around for something. He didn't know what he was looking for but he knew if he didn't get out of the way soon he will be in big trouble. Unfortunately, his claim was correct as he felt a big bulldog named Bull bite his neck. Then a white dog named Shibi bite his arm. Then finally the tan brown dog named Guruko bit his leg to hold the poor former ANBU member down. Zabuza's eyes were wide as he saw what was about to happen.

Kakashi did the hand signs Saru, Tatsu, Ne, Tori, Ushi, Hebi, Inu, Tora, Saru, Usagi, and Saru. He then said, "Zabuza it is time for you to see my personal attack. Chidori! He then infused lightning chakra into his hand. Chirping noise started to be heard. Blue and yellow chakra was around his hand. Kakashi ran as his implanted Sharingan was spinning. When he was a meter a way, he shoved his arm straight forward. Just as he was about to thrust it into Zabuza's heart a being appeared in front of Zabuza. It was Haku.

Naruto saw this and time slowed. His chakra flared more than the Kyuubi's that appeared less than five minutes ago. His chakra once again started to trace his body. This time it was an all new power. It was all new form. It is an all new force that has never been seen before.

In Naruto's body, a certain vixen is having fun. The vixen was in her form. Yes the Kyuubi No Kitsune was actually a woman a pretty woman at that. She had a fiery red hair that had yellow that went down her back to her but. She had the most amazing hourglass shape he has ever seen. She has smooth flawless, tanned skin. Her legs were silky smooth but clearly showed that were extremely toned. She had about a C-Cup borderline D-Cup. She had tight fitting mesh shirt that showed her toned stomach. She had on some wrappings around her legs.

Her face was that of a goddess. It was heart shaped with beautiful red eyes that had a ring on it. She had two earrings in each ear. Her neck had a flame (like the Fire Nation's fire symbol in Avatar). She had a blade that was sheath in her back. She had nine fluffy red and yellow tails. She was a goddess among women.

She was trying to use Naruto's body to try and be released from this body. She did not hate the boy. Quite the contrary, she admired the boy. She would ramble in her mind how she will destroy the falling Leaf for what they have done to Naruto. Now she was trying` to force her chakra or that is what they call it. That was until she saw or really felt two signatures. There was one that she could not recognize. The other she knew. The one she knew is a being she has hated for too long. She thought to herself, 'this doesn't make any sense. It is rare to have one soul. It is extremely rare to have two souls. It is improbable to have three souls. But to have four souls that is impossible, or for that matter unheard of.' Her musing was cut short by a voice. "It has been awhile, has it not, Kaina?"

Back on the outside of Naruto's body, Naruto began to transform. He has indigo biceps, with cyan stripes down his sides, ending at his blue boots. He has two yellow shoulder guards. He has an open blue helmet has two ridges running along the sides. The ridges along the sides come to a stop at the helmet's base. This allows his blonde hair to stick out in 4 spikes and his spikes on top. On his ears there was the blue Uzumaki seal. His right arm has a blue fox that has the ability to talk to him. Over his eyes there was a red almost infer red goggles. On his mouth, there was a metallic cyan blue mask.

On his chest there was an emblem. It is an Uzumaki spiral that was cut in half. On the out it was yellow. On the inside was red with black on the top and bottom. Then in the middle there was a crest that had three spikes. It was like a dinosaur print.

The boy who saw Kakashi about to strike Haku instinctively said, "Mega Buster!" The fox hand used some of Naruto's chakra and shot a chakra ball. It came at an extremely fast rate even for a Jonin. It hit its target. Before Kakashi could hit Haku, the blast hit his arm forcing his hand to miss Haku altogether. Kakashi's hand was burnt even with the iron band. Kakashi grimaced at his smoking hand. Haku took a sigh of relief. Zabuza was in a state of bewilderment. Naruto was breathing a little hard because it was not easy to force this power out of his body.

Kakashi did not know what hit him. His hand was smoking. Zabuza and his accomplice were still alive. Sasuke was on his back most likely dead. Sakura was shaking like that dog on that cartoon, Shaggy, Velma, or something about a talking dog. Then he saw this blue dude with an animal looking thing pointing where he was originally standing. He realized that this blue freak in his mind was the son of a bitch that shot his arm. He had his Sharingan flaring to see who it was. One he saw the three whiskers on the side of his face he knew it was Naruto that shot his hand. He cursed rambling about that fucking demon shot his hand blah, blah. He was taking out of his musing when heard a slimy voice.

That slimy voice revealed to be Gato, the businessmen. Gato said, "Not really a big, bad, demon are you, Zabuza? Look at you a former ANBU member could not even beat a couple of Genin and a water downed Kakashi. To think you were actually going to get paid, ha what a joke. Why would I pay a bunch of ryo to four ninjas, two of whom that are already dead than pay a hundred men who would work for less. I ultimately win and you were just a simple pawn. Now I am going to take your little accomplice and see if she will be a good little sex slave. Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Gato laughed at the end.

Zabuza was barely able to move. Haku was too weak to move. Kakashi only had one hand. Sasuke was not breathing. Sakura could not do anything. Their only help was Naruto. Luckily Naruto was a very good choice right now. Naruto had blank eyes. He moved at a smooth pace. At each step his killing intent rose. When he was a foot away from Zabuza, he took Zabuza's sword. He lifted it as if it was a butter knife. He went towards Gato's group within pace. Naruto simply looked at Gato's men and said, "Time to die."

It was a massacre. He slung that huge hefty sword as if it was a tanto. He beheaded people's head. He stabbed people in their chest. There was blood everywhere. Instead of being blue Naruto was now covered in red. He looked Gato in the eye. No one was there to help him now. He squirmed under Naruto's gaze. He said, "I'll give you everything. Tell me what you want and I will give you it"

Naruto looked at Gato and said "Give me all of your money. Don't give me a fake number the real one." Gato quickly wrote it down and handed it to Naruto. Naruto nodded and put it in his fox arm. Naruto turned around as if he was about to leave Gato alive. Naruto turned his head around to look at the business tycoon. He said to Gato, "oh yeah I forgot something. Mega Buster!" The buster hit Gato in the head forcing him to fall in the water.

Naruto looked at everyone around him. They all had a look of shock on their face except for Sasuke as he is 'dead'. He looked at them with an unseen smirk. Kakashi was looking at Naruto with fearful eyes. Haku had hearts in her eyes. Zabuza was weirded out. He said, "I am not the Naruto you used to know. I hope that you never find out.

A/N: I see why this story is not doing as well as my others. It is because people don't what I am doing a crossover of. I am doing a Megaman Battle Network, Megaman Star Force, and Naruto Crossover. *gasp* I know. Now to explain a point, you must always check the author's note on the bottom especially in this story. I will be putting on the bottom the different new forms Naruto will take on that chapter. For example I will do Mega Naruto's on the bottom of this one.

Name: Mega Naruto

Purpose: he is an all combat fighter. He is the first to go in and take business.

Chakra Level: High Jonin almost Kage

Bloodline: Chimera: He has the ability to take on people's Kekkei Genkai (Sharingan for example)

Intelligence: He is about 4 out of five stars

Taijutsu: He is powerful enough to sling Zabuza's sword like a butter knife enough said

Kenjutsu: he is just above average as he was never trained in Kenjutsu

Ninjutsu: he is average as he does not really need it

Genjutsu: He cannot use it but others cannot use it on him.

Seals: He is excellent in seals as he is able to use special seals to use his attacks.

Special Assassination Technique: Mega Buster. That attack can kill someone from three hundred meters away. It depends on how much chakra is used.

This is how I will setup the different forms. If you have any more questions just message me.