This story is based on the Jasper and Alice from Jandco's story THE TEENAGE ANGST BRIGADE (TTAB). Of course it's also it's own thing, but heavily inspired by that. The scenes fit in with chapters of TTAB and beyond, showing behind the scenes of our favorite couple.

TTAB is a Bella/Edward story but it's a great read and will help this make sense. You can read it here (copy, past & remove the spaces):

h t t p : / / w w w . a d i f f e r e n t f o r e s t . c o m / F i c t i o n / ? T i t l e = 2 8

TTAB is rated R for language, sex scenes and casual non-monogamy/group sex pact. My story is rated M for the same, but more soft core.

Disclaimer: THE TEENAGE ANGST BRIGADE does not belong to me at all, it belongs to Jandco. Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer. The bits that are not Stephenie Meyers' or jandco's belong to me.

If you don't read Jandco's story first, the key things you need to know before you read this are: ALL HUMAN, AU, a little OOC. They are in high school. Friends Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie and Edward had a mutually beneficial sex pact together throughout high school, where all the girls fucked all the guys on a rotating schedule. People gossiped about them, it made Alice feel bad. Edward met Bella and left the pact for her. Influenced by Bella and after a pregnancy scare Sophomore year where she felt like a slut, Alice also decides she wants out. This is where my Jasper/Alice story picks up. Towards the end of TTAB, right after Alice has decided she wants out.

I made a 'book cover' for THE ALICE BRANDON RECOVERY PROGRAM using the brilliant J/A artwork of nami86 from deviantART. You can see the book cover here (copy, paste & remove the spaces):

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Long author's note over. Here we go…


by J.L.M

No Alice

"Fuck!" Jasper threw the CD case he was holding at the wall.

"Dude, I know it means there's less pussy to go 'round, but at least Edward's out too. It almost evens out again." Emmett tossed a football in the air and caught it.

"It's her choice if she wants to leave. At least we still get Rose, she was a better lay anyway."

"Not true, Em." Jasper bent down to retrieve the CD he'd thrown. "Alice is a fucking nympho-pixie. Those noises she makes?" he raised an eyebrow.

"What noises?" Emmett looked confused.

"Uh, doesn't matter." Jasper brushed it off, quickly changing the subject.

"At least she doesn't want me to talk dirty all the time like Rose. That shit is distracting, I'd rather lay back and enjoy the symphony. And yeah Alice is smaller, but everything's in proportion, just the right amount of tits and ass and she's so light and portable you can do all kinds of fun shit with her." He paced Emmett's kitchen, listing his grievances. "She's flexible as fuck from all that gymnastics she used to do, she's fired up like an energizer bunny; eager, willing, bouncy," he gave Emmett a meaningful look, "I like to see a girl's tits bounce while I'm fucking her."

Emmett snorted into his pizza.

"What's wrong with that!" Jasper lazily hit the back of Emmett's head and resumed pacing the kitchen.

"Alice is amazing at the bouncy tits thing, she knows I love it. She loves being on top anyway, so it works out perfect. Rose hates it, she's all 'Fuck me from behind', 'I'm fucking hot aren't I?'"

"Oversharing," Emmett muttered, grabbing another slice of pizza from the kitchen counter.

Jasper paced the kitchen, continuing, "And Alice is soft. Rosalie is not soft. And, fuck, I don't know." He ran his hands through his shaggy hair, frustrated. "She smells like…" he trailed off, closing his eyes for a second, and shook his head.

"You're soft," Emmett muttered, through a mouthful of pizza.

"Fuck off," Jasper was too caught up to do more than flip him off. "It's not just that shit, though. She's fun, she's easy to talk to. Rose is a bitch. Alice is great to fucking be around, she's just…Alice." He came to that conclusion sounding puzzled.

"It's just weird around here when she's not floating 'round all the time," he finally declared, pulling out a chair.

"I'll give you that," Emmett murmured in agreement.

"And she's the only one who knows all my weak spots and shit." Jasper continued, drawing patterns on the kitchen counter with his car keys.

"So I'll make you a fucking PB&J when you've had a bad day," Emmett groaned. "You don't need Alice to take care of you."

"I don't need her." Jasper's eyes flashed with fear and he straightened up trying to stay cool. "I just want her. " He felt shocked at the strong realization.

He flicked some stray pizza cheese at Emmett. "You can't make sandwiches for shit. And you wouldn't sit on my lap and feed it to me."

Emmett started to laugh, and Jasper growled.

"Shut up," he warned, pulling the ear buds of his ipod out of his jeans pocket.

"You know, Alice did that kind of shit for you because she's a sweetheart. She's a sweet girl," Emmett said, frowning.

"I know that." Japser said quickly.

"No, I just mean maybe it's best for her to be out of this. I don't think she's been totally happy with it for a while, since the pregnancy thing" Emmett finished.

"I guess," Jasper picked at a slice of pizza, frowning deeply.

"Cheer up," Emmett clapped him on the back, "You can have Rose today. I've got an extra practice tonight anyway."

"Nah. Thanks." Emmett's eyebrows shot up in surprise as Jasper turned down the generous offer. They were down to one chick, there was no point being choosy.

"I gota go meet someone later," Jasper said, shrugging and jumping to his feet.

"Who?" Emmett looked suspicious, and worried. They didn't cheat on each other. Rule #1.

"Old friend," Jasper put his ipod buds in his ear. "No need to worry," he added, pulling up the hood of his hoodie and heading out the back door.

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