OUTTAKE 11: Nothing's Gona Change My World

This is for deltagirl74, who requested it. Thanks so much for being a great reviewer, and hope you enjoy this and that it was what you were hoping for. Set in the South, skips around time a bit but starts just after Jasper and Alice's daughter is born.

Jasper breathed in in awe at the tiny person in his arms. The second she opened her eyes and looked at him, he knew she was the most precious thing in the world and he would protect her with his life.

For a guy who was usually very laidback, this was an intense feeling to have.

Alice just smiled at her silly husband and squeezed his hand, because she knew him as well as she knew herself by now, and she could feel his mixture of freaked out and overwhelming love.

What he felt for his daughter was everything he felt for Alice, times a million, because she was made of both of them.

He couldn't believe he'd ever treated a woman badly because now he realized they were all this to someone.

He knew he would spend the rest of his life making it up to Alice for not making her feel like the most special thing in the world every day from the moment they met. And together, they would treasure their daughter like the beautiful miracle she was.

Jasper felt awkward around his daughter at first. He felt like his hands were too big and clumsy to hold her delicate little body. Alice, who took to it like a natural, helped him and showed him how to hold her. She told him how good he was with her and how much their daughter loved him. But each time he touched her he was worried he'd break her. While he battled with himself about it, his little girl gazed at him with such trust in her wide baby version of Alice eyes it melted his heart.

Jasper never realized he wanted kids until it happened. At some point after they got married in a tiny quaint chapel in the South, he and Alice had decided to fuck contraception because the pill was messing with her hormones and was hard to get and take regularly on their schedule. "Schedule" was a loose term since it consisted solely of casually travelling, loving, and making things. Jasper made music, Alice made clothes. Condoms were out because they were inconvenient and it felt so fucking good to just be inside each other. They figured let nature do what it would.

And it did, so they had a baby. Alice seemed happy about it, and anything that made her happy was okay by Jasper. He didn't realize how much he'd be able to love their little girl, until he did.

The calming effect Jasper always had on Alice seemed to have been genetically passed on to their little girl, and he could get her to sleep almost instantly just by holding her in his arms. Once he learned to trust himself with her, he surprised both himself and Alice with how good he was.

They all slept together in the microbus on their small mountain of pillows, one tiny adorable lady in each of Jasper's arms.

His girl woke early with the sun and had Alice's light in her eyes when she smiled. Every time she laughed she sounded like her mother and made Jasper fall a little more in love with his wife.

He could tell before her first birthday that his girl had music in her. She gurgled happily and sung along to his songs before she could talk. He held her tiny hands in his and showed her how to strum the guitar that was bigger than her. She would shake, rattle and bang things whenever she could, and Alice joked that she was a percussionist at heart and they could form a family band when she got older. Their daughter's sense of rhythm seemed strong and intuitive. Jasper played her songs and taught her things about music, even though he knew she couldn't understand everything he was saying. Alice said she would be singing before she could read, and made Jasper promise to teach her history too from his old books that he'd brought with them because he couldn't bare to be parted from them.


Less than three years later, they had another one on the way. To be honest they were surprised it took so long, given how much they loved sex, and their dislike for contraception.

Jasper's mind struggled to comprehend how he could love anyone else as much as his daughter, but he looked forward to finding out when he met his son. He wrote songs for the son that didn't exist yet, and sang them to Alice's stomach.

When Alice had said it felt like a boy, Jasper thought of his dad, back in Forks, and how he would be proud he was passing on the Whitlock name. They'd have to write or stop by sometime and see everyone. They'd heard Bella and Edward were still together, and Rosalie and Emmett had more kids. Maybe their kids could become friends. Though they wouldn't stay in town for long. They loved the road. Even Alice, who was doubtful to the point of terrified at first, had grown to love it.

As she got big enough to understand her surroundings, Jasper saw his daughter loved their travelling life, too. She was so happy and excited by each new thing she saw. She loved to meet people and explore new places, and see the world flashing by through the windows as they drove. Jasper was going to show her the world, she would never feel trapped like he had as a kid. That thought made Jasper happy.

The thought sometimes entered Jasper's mind that maybe one day they would have to settle down somewhere. Once or twice he talked about it with Alice. They should probably send their kids to real school when they were old enough. Only if they wanted to go though. Jasper reckoned between him and Alice they could give their kids a decent education if they didn't want to go to school.

If they did, Jasper suspected Alice would grow to love being settled somewhere even quicker than she'd come around to life on the road. But as long as everyone was happy travelling for the time being, Jasper was more than happy to keep it up. Alice said as long as she could be with her family, sell clothes and make new friends every day, she would be happy wherever they were.

They should go up to Forks soon though, see how everyone was doing. Other than a few emails there had been very minimal contact. It's not that there was no one to for Jasper miss back there, but his home travelled around with him in the microbus, and everything that mattered most was right there with him. His life was so lovely, it was easy to get lost and forget anything else existed. Time seemed to move by differently in the South. He and Alice only recently became more aware of time passing when they had kids and saw them growing before their eyes.

Jasper wondered how everyone was doing in Forks. He hoped their endings were all as happy as his and Alice's had turned out to be.


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