Episode one – On the way back home.

23rd June 2357 AD

It was an hours since the end of Genesis Mission. All participants of the mission are gathering in the Hall of Vision Foundation. There is the ceremony to be held for returning heroes, Otoyama Kouta and Katase Shima.

Vision Pilot – Here they come.

Shima and Kouta have entered the Hall. Everyone in the hall clap their hand while their hero and heroine walking toward their teacher, Shirogane Jinrai, who was standing in the middle of the Hall.

Once they stopped in front of their teacher. Shima and Kouta give him a salute before Jinrai give the speech.

Jinrai – "Today, Mankind will remember that they've passed a greatest crisis in all of human history. The Genesis Mission is successful. But to achieve this, we have paid a great price. Many lives of our intrepid pilots, of our fearless heroes and heroines were lost. So much tear and blood to shed. We will never forget them."

Then Jinrai turned his head toward Shima and Kouta before he continues his speech.

Jinrai –"And for this mission. We can't forget about two heroes who're leading this and break the tide of doom. "

Two Vision officers step forward toward the back of Jinrai. Both of them are carrying a wooden box. And then, they opened each box. Inside it, it is a medal made from silver.

Jinrai – "Otoyama Kouta!"

Kouta – "Hai!"

Jinrai grab a medal before he walk to Kouta and give it to him.

Jinrai – "I'd like to give you, the Shooting Star medal, for all of your actions potential to our Genesis Mission. You have done well so far for the Foundations."

Kouta – "Thank you, sir!"

Then, Jinrai grab another medal and give it to Shima.

Jinrai – "Katase Shima."

Shima – "Hai!"

Jinrai – "For your skills and efforts, you've helped us to achieve a very survival for mankind. For this, I'd like to give you the Shooting Star medal."

Shima – "Th… Thank you, sensei…."

Shima said with low confident tone. Jinrai then say to her in order to encourage her.

Jinrai – "Katase-san. Have some confidence in yourself. You're my student."

Shima – "Hai!"

Then Jinrai continues to complete the ceremony.

Jinrai – "Let us celebrates, for those who fell and to our success for Humanity!"

Everyone in that hall except Shima and Kouta, yelled out. Cheers for their success for survival of Human race. While everyone was cheering, Kouta look to Shima and smile at her. But she doesn't respond. But instead she lowers her head and makes a sad face.

-Hours later-

Ships from each Foundation (except Vision) are ready to take off from Vision Foundation. For Stellvia, they are preparing for a long journey back to their home.

Vision Flight Control – "Stellvia's Gagarin V and Strelka, prepare to take off."

Gagarin V's Captain – "Roger!"

Strelka's Captain – "Preparing sequence completed. We're ready to take off."

Vision Flight Control – "Gagarin V and Strelka, you're now clear to take off. Bon voyage"

Stellvia's Ships have take off from Vision Foundation along with other foundation's ships. Shortly after the launch, Gagarin V is being contacted by Akapusu's ship, Goryeo.

Goryeo - "Gagarin V, Gagarin V. This is Goryeo. Can you read me? Over"

Gagarin V – "This is Gagarin V, to Goryeo. We can read you loud and clear. Over"

Goryeo – "This is Goryeo, to Gagarin V, had a good trip back home. Over and Out"

Gagarin V – "That is the message?"

Jinrai walks into the bridge and looks to the Akapusu's ship before he give his salutation.

Jinrai – "Good luck. All of you."

Aboard Gagarin V. Shima keep watching the space. Everyone on board this ship thought that she's happy. But in fact, she hides her sorrow within.

After saw her still standing there. Machida Ayaka decides to walks in and talks to her.

Ayaka – "Hi Katase-san!"

Shima – "Hi Machida-san…"

Ayaka – "You looked depressed."

Shima – "Depressed? Depressed what?"

Ayaka – "Don't lie to me, Katase-san."

Shima – "Alright. I will tell you the truth. I'm thinking about Kouta-kun."

Ayaka – "Ah, it's about Kouta-kun? Are you both in a fight?"

Shima – "Um...no... But before the mission I maybe too harsh on him..."

Ayaka – "I see. That's why he's always sitting alone staring off to the space. What happened?"

Shima was surprised hearing that Kouta always do that.

Shima – "Well...before the Genesis Mission, I ask to put our relationship aside...I also told him I might not like him anymore because..."

Shima started to cry. Ayaka started to concern.

Ayaka – "But, Why did you do such a thing like that?"

Shima – "I couldn't...see what he saw during the scouting mission...I felt like I was alone drifting apart from everyone including Kouta...it felt like I'm getting far away from him in terms of skills alone...I was always dragging him down."

Ayaka – "Oh come on….. Love is Love …. Skill is Skill. It's different."

Shima – "I just realized that...but he may already hate me for being so harsh..."

Ayaka – "Don't worry. I know him. He seeks my advices for a few times. It seems that he still loves you."

Shima – "But he kept avoiding me already..."

Ayaka – "He told me that's because he doesn't want to hurt you."

Shima – "I don't understand."

Ayaka – "Since you look hurt when he's with you, he avoided you. Said he rather be with you, but he can't since he love you and doesn't want you to get hurt. Besides, you see how he calls out your name in panic when you got zapped by that gravity irregularity. Remember?"

Shima's eyes widened. She can still remember that moment. She can hear Kouta's voice cry out for her.

Kouta – "Shima-chan! Shima-chan!"

Tears roll down from her eyes. It seems that she is getting more terrible sorrow.

Shima – "I can still remember. He's called me, called out my name."

Ayaka – "Then go and say sorry to him. He's waiting to hear from your mouth."

Shima – "But…."

Ayaka – "If you want to know the truth. Then follow me!"

Ayaka pull on her hand and drag her to where Kouta was. The Ayaka who once hate her have now become one of Shima's best friends.

Kouta is standing alone and looks at the stars as usual. James-sensei saw him and come to talk with him. As his teacher, he's also concerned about his student too.

James – "Stands alone and looks at the stars again?"

Kouta – "Sir?"

James – "Oh sorry. I just want to say hello to you."

Then, James asks Kouta about his concerns.

James – "Do you have any problems? I saw you do this for a many times now."

Kouta – "Yeah, I guessed…."

He let out a deep sigh, so many things to worry about.

James – "Let me guess. Ummmm. Love problem is it?"

Kouta – "How could you know that?"

James – "As the teacher, I have to know my student and what are they thinking."

Kouta – "Yeah, That's right for you….. I don't like this feeling….."

James – "I can remember that's you told me the same thing in the last time."

Ayaka drag Shima to Kouta, but she stops at the other side of corridor. Kouta and James don't saw them, for now.

Shima – "Machida-san. What is it?..."

Ayaka – "Shhhh. Please be quiet."

Both Shima and Ayaka are now on an eavesdropping while James talking with Kouta.

James – "Well, I can guess the person you love is Katase Shima. Am I right?"

Kouta – "Yes sir, that's her. But it seems that she may not like me anymore."

James – "Hmm, Did she say so?"

Kouta – "Yes she did. But I don't think she feel that way. She's hiding something and before the mission, she told me that we both should be just pilots... It seems that she tried to put our love aside."

James – "She was probably thinking about concentrating on the mission. That thing is the vital ones."

Kouta – "I know that, sir. But the mission is now over, it's successful…. Why she still avoiding me? Even in the ceremony, I smile to her but she doesn't smile back to me at all."

James – "You may anxious too much. She may had to attend the public relations so she can't pay attention to you."

Kouta – "But sir!"

James' concern grows. Now He decided that this problem should be solved by a person who related to.

James – "I guessed it's your problem. I shouldn't have to interfere it."

Kouta – "What do you mean, Sensei?"

Then, James started to walks away. Before leaving him, he says to Kouta to give him something to think.

James – "You have to overcome your problem. I think that she is thinking same thing as you are. She may have more concern than you, I guessed. If I were you, I would go to her and talk with her."

Then He says the quote.

James – "The God will help, if you're already helped yourself, lads."

After that, James walks away. After a moment, Ayaka and Shima are still watching, hearing Kouta who talking to himself.

Kouta – "Shima-chan...Why haven't you come to me? I'm so lonely..."

Kouta throw the bottle in his hand towards the ground. He kneel down on the spot, he looked depressed.

Kouta – "Damn it! Why does this always happen to me! Have I ever done anything wrong to you!"

He finally, cried out, the first time Shima saw him cry. He punch the floor out of desperations, his hand is bleeding. Shima can't bear watching it anymore, she runs right towards him.

Shima – "Please… Don't do that! Kouta-kun!"

He stops what he's doing upon hearing the voice of his love one calling him in a shaky tone.

Kouta – "Shima-chan?"

Shima – "Please… Don't hurt yourself further. I don't hate you!"

Kouta – "Shima-chan. What are you talking about?"

Shima – "I love you!"

Then, Kouta see tear on Shima's eyes and cheeks, he wipe it out before he hug her.

Shima – "I sorry. For all things that I done and make you worry."

Kouta – "It's nothing to mention that."

Shima – "I will promise you. I won't do that thing again."

Kouta – "I'm going to say a same thing."

He then looks in her eyes before he say a few words to her.

Kouta – "Shima-chan. I think that I may have done something wrong. Could you give some chance?"

Shima – "some chance?"

She blushes for some time but in finally she smiles.

Shima – "I always give that to you."

Kouta and Shima embrace each other tightly. Their hearts is beating faster. Before they're going to kiss each other, BUT before they can do that. Ayaka walks out from hiding.

Ayaka – "Hey! What are you doing!"

The Couple split quickly and back on their standing position. Both of them feel very shy. Ayaka knew that.

Ayaka – "Ummm. Sorry. I'm only passing by."

And she walks away. Shima has just realized… that Kouta's hand was bleeding.

Shima – "Kouta-kun! … Your hand is…"

Kouta – "I'm alright."

Shima – "But you've to go to Infirmary."

Shima pull Kouta's hand and immediately lead him to Infirmary. That time. James is hiding and watching. He's tittered and says to himself.

James – "Teenagers are looked so sweet."

Both of Shima and Kouta's Friends are sitting in the one of the ship's shelters. All of them are worrying about Kouta and Shima. Arisa is seem to be a most concerning person since Shima was her best friend.

Masaru – "What do you think about them now?"

Jojo – "I don't know."

Pierre – "I hope that Kouta wouldn't suicide."

Arisa – "I don't want my shipon to be depressed."

Yayoi – "There must have some way. Arisa-chan."

Akira – "Yes it is, as Fujisawa-san said. There must be some way!"

Rinna – "Shipon won't be a depressed person forever."

Ayaka walks in. Everyone stand up quickly and look at her immediately.

Arisa – "Is it successful!"

Masaru – "How about that, sir?"

Ayaka – "Alright! Alright! I will tell all of you!"

Ayaka tell the story about something between Kouta and Shima that happened last minutes ago. It's not a full story but it can make everyone out of worry. Everyone let out a deep sigh.

Arisa – "It's success."

Pierre – "I don't like this kind of conflict. I'm glad that it's now ended."

Ayaka – "I guessed, I should leave now. See you."

Ayaka turn back but before she walks out from the room. Yayoi call her to stop.

Yayoi – "Ayaka."

Ayaka – "What is it, Yayoi?"

Yayoi – "Thank you for your help. With your mediation, I guessed that both Kouta-kun and Shima-chan are back to normal again."

Ayaka – "It's my pleasure to do that."

Ayaka walked out. Everyone sit down again. Moments later, Shima and Kouta enter the room. Everyone can see Kouta's left hand in bandage.

Shima – "Next time. Don't punch on the floor again. Got it?"

Kouta – "I will keep that in mind. Shima-chan."

Everyone stand up and walk to the couple.

Pierre – "Oh God help us all….. Kouta, what the heck you do with your hand!"

Shima – "It's a …. minor accident."

Pierre – "Excuse me sir. Katase-san. I'm asking Kouta, not you."

Then Arisa smiles and looks toward Shima.

Arisa – "Why did you have to answer instead of Kouta-kun? Can you explain it, Shipon?"

Yayoi – "Something must be happened. Are you ready to confess, Shipon?"

Shima – "Er…. I….. I"

Shima had to smile and laugh before she makes her own story and tell it to everyone.

Three of the Big Four are resting in another room. Ayaka enters the room and join them in their conversation about what are they going to do when they returned to Earth.

Kent – "With our Stellvia destroyed. What should we do for now?"

Najima – "I think we will have a lot of free time."

Ayaka – "If we have a lot of free time like this. I would like to go to the moon and spend some time there."

Jinrai walks in to the room and say.

Jinrai – "When we back to Earth. We will still have a place for learning."

Ayaka – "What did you mean about it, sensei?"

Jinrai – "At Mars. They're preparing for the loss of Foundations. They're now constructing Foundations and prepare to replace it when we returned. We will get a new Stellvia when we reached Earth."

Everyone smiles.

Kent – "It's great. Right, Shoujin?"

Ritsuo – "Ummmm"

Jinrai smiles and nod before Transmission come in to the monitor.

Gagarin V – "This is the message from Earth."

An image of a group of grey uniformed soldiers appears on the screen. It's appeared that this image is taken from Earth.

Narrator – "At 12 O'clock of Washington DC time zone. Marshal Alexander Weissmann, the Commander of Earth Defense Forces. Had staged a coup d'état and overthrown the Solar Federation. He found the new planetary state called Unified Earth State or UES with an opposition from Martian and Venusian governments."

Middle-aged man in grey officer uniformed appeared on the screen. He is Marshal Weissmann, and he is going to begin his speech.

Marshal Weissmann – "This commitment from our troops, is for the good of humanity's future of unity and harmony, under the guidance of ONE and ONLY government from Earth, not the federal government with many differences and indecisive. We will unite this system, under the rule from the home of mankind, our planet Earth. And those who seek to oppose us will face the annihilation and doom."

Narrator – "For now. Six Foundations are announced to be a neutral in this conflict. With the action of Marshal Weissmann, it's led to a military standoffs across our solar system. What will happen? We need to find out later."

Everyone is shocked after they saw the news.

Kent – "Do you think …. It's going to be better … or worse?"

Ritsuo – "Ummmm"

Kent – "Please answer already!"

After they heard the news about what is going on at their home. Everyone are become more worry about relatives at home. Shima was a one of them.

She is standing outside her room, she is looked absent-minded. Kouta walks to her and say something.

Kouta – "Worry about your family at home?"

Shima – "Right…. I'm thinking that what are they doing right now?"

Kouta – "From the report. It's told me that the three planets are only mobilizing their troops. It's not say that the war will begin."

Shima – "I hope that too. I don't want everyone to fight each other."

Kouta – "When we returned there. Everything would be fine."

Shima – "You may right. Kouta-kun"

She smiles at him.

This is the beginning of an era of conflicts and confrontation that engulfs Solar system. It will change the way of life of everyone, including Kouta and Shima. The road up ahead will be filled with hardship and pain along the way.

Ps. Some scenes in this chapter is inspired by Ng Way Huck's Stellvia 2nd Stage Normal Edition.