The Angel of Life and Death:


Hi Guys…I changed my pen name again after I saw the movie Legion…I love that movie. So I decided to write a story Making up a name and the story of the OC. I hope everyone likes this story, please review also, if I get enough reviews I may continue the story I am not sure. Read on Minions!

Oh yeah...*Sigh* I dont own MIchael, Gabriel or the other characters..(I wish I owned Michael though)

I sit in this destitute restaurant in the middle of nowhere, "Paradise Falls" Who in all glory would name this place Paradise, I know what real paradise is…or I did before this whole war happened in the first place. I analyzed everyone in this diner, my sunglasses hiding my eyes from anyone noticing, a family "Howard" and "Sandra" Anderson; Married couple. Sandra seems a little bit High maintenance but who am I to judge, Howard seems a little under distress and who wouldn't be when their car has been in the shop for three hours. Their daughter Audrey sits away from them, clearly her parents are disappointed with her actions the past couple of years. In Sandra's heart she blames Audrey but doesn't let that show. A dark skinned man Kyle is sitting at the counter, checking for cell phone reception and not finding anything, he wants to get his child, not surprising since the woman is a terrible one. Percy, the one armed dark skinned cook is making the dishes for the Anderson's, he is a good man, I don't want to lose him to this war, a good spiritual man who believes in the goodness of god 'he has no idea'. Bob; The owner, cranky old bastard, I wouldn't mind loosing him to this war; he is banging on a t.v that threatens to stop working permanently, he has been at it forever and my patience is wearing thin, his son Jeep is working on the Anderson's car and..well is failing horribly. Charlie is the waitress helping around, she is pregnant with the child, and she just finished a smoke break. She isn't exactly the warmest waitress but she is a lot better than some that I have seen. She sets a glass of water in front of me and asks if she could get me anything else.

"No thank you, I am just thirsty. I am not used to the desert."

"Nobody really is, what brings you out here?"

"I am meeting someone."

"All the way out here?"

"Yeah, can you believe it, meeting someone all the way out here?"

She smiles "Well Hope that that person can find it."

I guess I should introduce myself, I am part of this war as well, While I don't exactly fit with these people I do have to admit that I did a good job at blending in. I wear sunglasses over my hazel eyes I where grey cargo pants, a black shirt with a white racer back , and I have a dark grey with pink outlined hoodie wrapped around my waist and tennis shoes My long brown hair is ties up into a pony tail… I was ready for combat, which was good, because someone was coming.

I think however I am getting too ahead of myself, I need to start from the very beginning, I guess that is the only way that it would make sense.

In the beginning God created the world, the stars and the sun and moon, he also created Angels. First there were the archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Urial and Raphael. Michael and Gabriel were the ones that were most known, they are mentioned in the bible Gabriel being the angel that sat at the stone when Jesus rose and Michael is the angel that helped Daniel when he was trapped in the lion's Den. However the story of how I came to be is a very difficult one, and I have to admit, it is hard to understand. The story goes that God created an angel that was different than the rest of them, she was to be one of the most unique of them all. Her wings were white with black speckles near her back and the tips of her wings, when she was created God called upon the Archangel Michael "Michael come here, for I have a gift for you."

Michael came to the side of the lord and said "Here I am as you called."

The lord gave Michael a bundle, and he unwrapped it to see the child "She is beautiful."

"She is yours."

Michael was confused "I know nothing of raising a child."

"You will learn, for I have made her for you Michael, I need her to grow up in your care, she will be your heart when you are week, she will be your friend, your life and your companion. She is going to be one of the strongest angels that will stand next to you and I need you to protect her. She is yours and you are hers."

"She is so young."

"That will not make a difference as the years move forward Michael, she will still be strong for I have made her for one cause."

"What is her name?"

"I have given her a name that is unique to all the angels, her name shall be Cayta."