The Angel of Death and Life

Chapter 6

Gabriel didn't give Michael and I a second thought as he aimed his mace at Jeep, he rolled and got out of the way. Bob was going to be a hero and try to fight him, Gabriel spun, is wings becoming metal and he sliced Bob in the stomach, he looked at Gabriel right as Gabriel slapped him, sending him flying. I looked away as he fell to the ground. Michael looked at Jeep, "Get them out of here, go to the red rock and read the scriptures."

"What scriptures?"

"You will see them." Was all he said.

He then turned to me "Cayta, you need to protect the child."

"I cant leave without you."

"You have to Cayta, The child is more important that I am right now."

I kissed him "I love you." I said

He kissed me back and replied "I love you back."

I want to leave when I was suddenly stopped a mace in front of me I fallowed the arm to look at Gabriel "Cayta, you still look the same as you did in heaven."

I backed up away from his mace, Michael pulled me behind him to shield me "She has nothing to do with this Gabriel."

"She has everything to do with it, she left the heaven s to protect the child, the very thing we were ordered to attack."

"You know I wasn't going to do it, I cannot kill a child." I said, "I didn't want to leave Gabriel." Tears at this point were welling up in my eyes "Gabriel please stop this."

Michael watched as I made my way up to him and touched the sides of his face "Please brother." I said. Gabriel looked at me his eyes softened to me, Michael pulled me back away from Gabriel "Brother we have been through so much together, the child lives, we have to give him a chance at life, there is always another way."

Michael touched his brothers face, the brotherly manner between them now was just like old times, it gave me a little bit of hope that they would stop this war. Gabriel and Michael joined hands in the brotherly way there hands near there hearts "There is no other way." Gabriel said then pushed Michael across the room, He looked at me, "Find a way to get out of here to the child." He looked at me and gave me one more kiss.

"Oh…isn't that precious, the two lovers…I will be sad to see them die."

I whipped out the knife and turned it to my scythe "Where did you?"

"I learned something while I was on earth, if you want to learn something, do it yourself." I aimed it at him "If you harm him, I will kill you."

I took off out the door, the processed looked at me, I held out my scythe and they just backed away, I grabbed a car and took off as fast as I could. It was the only car in the middle of the desert and I couldn't find them. I felt a sudden pain on my heart and the tattoo for Michael's name on my wrist lit up. The pain in my heart was stronger though I started to cry "Oh my god, not Michael…No.." My tears fell from my eyes Michael was gone, I had to fight Gabriel on my own. I soon saw a pair of taillights in front of me "Thank you." I sped up to catch up with them, Audrey was looking at me in the back seat, she soon turned around to tell them and the car was about to come to a stop, however that is not what was going to happen. A sudden wind rushed past me and hit the car that Jeep, Audrey, Charlie and the baby were in. "Shit!"

Gabriel hit the car and tried to rip the roof off. The car sped up and to over a hundred Miles an hour, I sped up the car to catch up, Gabriel came off the top and hit the back bumper but soon grabbed hold of it breaking the window, I saw something that looked like a flare gun light up in the car and smack Gabriel in the face. I grabbed my scythe and aimed it at Gabriel "Please hope this works."

I pulled up to the side of the car the drivers side was aimed at him "Gabriel!"

He turned and looked at me "Go to hell!"

I swooped the Scythe and hit him in the wing, Audrey grabbed him around the neck and the car hit the breaks sending both of them through the window. And the care that Charlie, jeep and the baby were in went flying. I made the care stop at a dead halt and got out of the car, my scythe behind me. I looked to see that Gabriel was gone, Audrey was on the side of the road, not breathing, her face was scraped up her bones were broken, I looked away from her "I will bless you if I am back in heaven."

"You will not be going back. You gave up everything."

I felt a sudden push and I went flying. I flipped in the air and caught myself and got balanced again, landing on my feet. I flipped my scythe around "You wish to kill me Gabriel?"

"I have no choice."

I noticed that his eyes were welled up, "You cried when you killed Michael…Why?"

He seemed confused by the question "I killed my own brother, and I am about to kill the only woman that I ever really loved."

I looked at him and covered my mouth, "You…"

He didn't say anything his wings flapped "You were the most beautiful, your wings your face, your eyes, and yet you left to be with my brother."

"I left because I had to protect the child, You wanted to be the son that gave his father everything, You wanted me to take the life of an innocent child."

Gabriel looked down "You want to live like a human, then you will die like one."

I looked at him me sitting up straight "I know."

I aimed my scythe "Alright Gabriel, lets get this over with."

Then he attacked, his mace up in the air I spun my scythe and blocked his mace, "You cannot defeat me Cayta, I am much stronger than you."

I pushed him off of me and spun my Scythe again, making a windmill, Gabriel spun his wings around to try cut my scythe in half, I dodged and dragged the scythe down to try to cut him, I missed and fell forward, he sliced his wings up slicing my shoulder and my stomach, I screamed and fell down. He picked me up and threw me, I hit the ground…hard. Gabriel jumped and aimed his mace to my head, coming down, I rolled as the Mace hit the ground my I swung my scythe, aiming for Gabriel's side to pierce him but I felt a sudden pain in my stomach, I took a deep breath and looked down at the other end of Gabriel's mace was a long spike, it went right through my stomach and pierced through it, I looked at Gabriel as the stake came out of my stomach, I hit the ground the pain in my stomach was so unbearable, My breath was getting shorter and my vision was getting weaker I did hear Gabriel's voice "I am sorry, please know that I never wanted this to happen to you." I felt his arms around my shoulders and he lifted me up, I felt a sudden breath on my face as he kissed me and set me down. "God, I don't know if you an hear me right now, I don't even know that you are going to listen to me, but I ask that the child is protected, I don't care what happens to me, forgive Michael, and help the child."

I closed my eyes and I just gave up, I felt a warmth around me and saw a light through my eyelids "Cayta….Cayta?"

I opened my eyes and saw a silhouette of a man, the voice was familiar I smiled "I guess I wasn't as strong as I thought I was."

He touched my stomach "You were wonderful, I am so proud of you."

I felt something warm to my stomach, "I need you to close your eyes and let me help you. I love you."

I reached up and touched his face "I love you back."

My stomach was healing the wound healing, he kissed my shoulder and my forehead, he then kissed my lips one more time "Breath in for me."

I took a deep breath and the rest of my wounds healed, my eyes flew open and I looked at Michael his amour covered his body, his tattoos were gone and his halo was back on his neck, he smiled down at me, "God has forgiven you. We gave him what he needed."

My shoulders snapped and I sat up, through my shoulders a pair of wings burst through the sewed up soars, my wings, the white with black spots and black tips, they were back, then something lifted me up and covered me in light changing me, I was back in my armor, the one shoulder metal that covered my chest, the white underneath and the skirt that I wore, and the leather straps on my legs, I lowered to the ground "we still need to help Charlie, Jeep and the child."

Michael looked at me "Alright, come."

We took off flying towered the rock "There he is!"

Jeep and Gabriel had fallen off of the cliff, Charlie was crying, she held the baby and the baby started to cry, Michael swooped down and attacked Gabriel and they fought, I swooped down next to Charlie "Cayta?"

"Hello Charlie."

"You…have wings?"

I nodded "We were forgiven, I am an angel again."

I looked off the cliff to Michael he had Gabriel at the end of his sword "Come on, we have to meet them."

Charlie held tight to me and the baby and I helped her down to where jeep was Gabriel looked at me "I would not have given you two such mercy…"

"And that is why you failed him, You gave him what he wanted, I gave him what we needed."

Michael sheathed his sword leaving Gabriel confused, I watched his as he jumped and flew off to the heavens, "It's over for now." I stated

Jeep looked at us "What now?"

"We go back to heaven." Michael said.

I looked at Charlie "May I?"

I held out my hands and offered to hold the child. Charlie looked at the baby and handed the baby into my arms, I looked at the child, "You are the messiah, the child of the Lord, I bless you as a child of the lord and I give you the prayer of saint Michael, you have a family that loves you, and angels that will watch over you always." I kissed the baby on the forehead and he lit up, glowing in a warm light, I handed the child back. I looked at Jeep "Those tattoos look good on you, make sure you keep them safe."

He nodded "Will we see you again?"

Michael touched my shoulder giving me the signal that we had to go "Have faith, and who knows." Michael said.

We both looked at each other, Michael smiled at me "Ready?"

I nodded "Ready."

We took off and jumped off the cliff and together, I flipped and my wings caught me Michael was below me he flew up with me and caught my hand he kissed me as he flew up and we went to heaven, it was the end for now…