Maybe it's All For The Best

Chapter One: Then

"I just don't know what's wrong with him Ginny" I sighed to my best friend as we curled up in front of the fire. It was our last night at Hogwarts for the year... I should have been having fun with my friends, not curled up in front of the fire whining to my best friend about my boyfriend "He's been so distant for ages now... Since Bill's wedding and, well, the attack" I bit my lip. I felt like crying, I really did.

"Harry's been distant from everyone Roe, I don't think it's just you" Ginny said sympathetically. "You being taken by Lucius Malfoy really bought it home to him how close this war is"

I nodded and stared into the fire. "I guess" I mumbled.

"Hey I'm sure it's fine! It's probably just Order stuff getting him down" Ginny shrugged, smiling at me.

"But shouldn't I be the one that he can just forget the all that around? I am his girlfriend after all" I bit my lip. I felt physically sick with worry about him. He hadn't been himself since that night.

"Well maybe over the holidays, which are tomorrow by the way, he'll come around" She smiled brightly, flipping her long, dark red hair over her shoulder.

"I hope so... coz right now it feels like we're over" I muttered and picked up my exploding snap cards again.

Not even a minute passed before I heard someone calling my name from across the common room. I turned and saw none other than Harry himself walking toward us. That uncontrollable smile broke out on my face as he approached. My heart fluttered violently in my chest. He was the most amazing person I'd ever seen, from the jet black, messy hair to the bright green eyes he was everything I'd ever wanted... and more...

"Hey, there you are!" I smiled as he stood behind the couch I was sitting on.

"I need to talk to you... can we..." He cocked his head toward the portrait hole and ran a hand through his hair.

I glanced at Ginny uncertainly but she smiled and nodded. "Sure" I nodded and stood up. Before I could link my fingers with his like we always did, he started walking away.

The ice cube that had been in my stomach for the last few days tripled in size as I followed him.

"I'm so glad we're going home tomorrow!" I chirped beside him as we walked, trying to keep as normal as possible. "We can spend as much time together as we want then"

He didn't say anything, just continued to walk a few steps in front of me. I swallowed and fell silent. We walked in silence for a while, until he started walking up the steps to the Astronomy tower. Then I broke it.

"Why are we going up here?" I asked, watching him walk.

"Just follow me ok?" He glanced at me. I smiled but he looked away. I followed him right to the top without saying a word.

"Harry, why are we here?" I asked as we entered the class room.

"I need to talk to you about something Riley..." He said, walking toward the balcony. I followed him, the ice now sinking into my veins.

"Is this about why you've been so distant lately? Coz I totally understand if it's Order business" I bit my lip and stopped a few feet away from him.

"No it's not Order business... it's about us" Harry murmured. My mouth went dry and I could feel tears prickle my eyes. I was the worst crier in the history of criers. I cried at the drop of a hat. I took a deep breath in and held it.

"What about us?" I asked lightly, letting the breath out through my teeth. The ice in my stomach radiated throughout my whole body.

"I don't... think we should see each other anymore Riley. It's too dangerous" He looked up at me. I sucked in another deep breath. The moonlight reflected off his eyes, making them look like chips of deep green glass.

"" I asked, my voice shaking slightly. I took another deep breath to control it.

"They will use you against me Riley. They know we're together and they can use you to get to me. I don't want that to happen" His voice sounded Hollow, dead, like he didn't care anymore.

"The chances of me being taken are slim to none!" I laughed lightly. "I don't think we have anything to worry about" I waved my hand but it felt mechanical, forced. I let it drop to my side.

"Don't be stupid, Riley" He snarled at me, the tone catching me off guard. "Of course they will! They do things like that because they're mental; they're vindictive and vicious and they will use you to get to me. I can't have that" he took a deep breath in. "We can't be together anymore ok? I don't want you" he snapped, his face devoid of emotion.

Tears filled my eyes at his words. "But I love you Harry" I whispered. "I made my choice about you a long time ago" I found some strength in my voice "I'm prepared for anything that comes at us" I said defiantly and took a few steps toward him. He shook his head and made me stop.

"But I'm not. I blamed myself when you were taken and I can't go through that again. I'm sorry Riley but this has to end. You're a liability to me and I'm a danger to you"

Anger rippled through me and I snapped my eyes to his. "That's all I am now? A liability?" I screwed up my face in anger. "What happened to 'I'll always love you Riles' and 'You're the best thing in my life'?" I snapped at him. His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off. "I know what I got into, Harry, the day I figured out I liked you. I know you're the Chosen One, the one sent to defeat Lord Voldemort. I KNOW that and I DON'T CARE!" I yelled at him.

"BUT I DO!" He yelled back. "If you get taken, they can use you as leverage to get to me and I know damn well that I will come and find you" His voice cracked with emotion and for a second I thought he was going to cry. He took a deep breath. "Because of that I don't want anything to do with you. I never want to see you again" I swallowed as his voice changed back to the cold voice he'd started with.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to burst into tears and for him to take me in his arms and say he made a mistake. Instead I grit my teeth to stop myself crying. "Liar" I hissed.

"No. Please Riley, just accept it. You're safer without me" He dropped his hands to his sides. "It's over. We're over. I don't want you anymore"

I dropped my head. "But I love you" I murmured.

"Yeah? Well, I don't love you" He snapped back, turning away from me.

The words hit me like he'd kicked me in the gut. The wind was knocked out of me and the tears spilled over. I couldn't form words at all so I nodded, turned around and walked out of the tower.

I made it halfway down a part of the staircase before I couldn't see through my tears anymore. So I sat and leant against the railing and just stared blankly ahead of me.

"Riley, honey?" I heard Roe's voice say quietly. "Are you ok?" She asked.

"He dumped me Roe" I said in a hollow voice. "He... said he didn't love me anymore and... dropped me" I looked up at her. Her face crumpled and she dropped down onto the step next to me. She pulled me into her side and I started sobbing uncontrollable sobs.

Roe pulled me onto her lap and I buried my face in her hair. I felt so cold, so alone. He left me, he lied to me and he didn't love me. There was nothing worse than this feeling. I felt like I couldn't breathe and it physically hurt to try. I had nothing left. This was the worst thing in the world.

"One day Riley he's going to look back and regret this night" Roe murmured to me, her lips against my head.

"No he won't. He doesn't love me" I shook my head viciously, my hair whipping around me. "He lied to me Roe. He told me every day he loved me and now... now he doesn't?" I broke off with a choked sob and buried my face in my hair again.

"Hey, don't think about it now ok? Tomorrow we're leaving this place and we're going on holiday to your favourite place in the world!" Roe shook my slightly.

I frowned. "We're going to New York?" I asked, looking at her. New York was quite possibly my favourite place in the world. It was the home of fashion and beautiful people, two things I adored.

"We are now!" Roe smiled. "We'll go and visit Aunt Wendy with Avery. We'll have a sister's holiday away. No boys, no thoughts of boys... just us sisters and the city" Roe brushed some hair off my face and smiled encouragingly.

Movement behind her caught my eye. Harry and Draco were stopped at the top of the stairs and I narrowed my eyes. I felt a surge of hate toward the dark haired 'Chosen One'.

"That sounds great!" I nodded to my sister and wiped my eyes. I stood up. "We leave as soon as possible right?" I smiled.

"Of course" Roe nodded. We started walking back up the stairs toward the Gryffindor tower.

As I passed Harry I fixed a cold stare onto him. "Don't talk to me ever again, Potter. You want me out of your life, I'm gone. You will never see me again" I whispered in a cold voice.

Then I continued on my way.

"You're right Roe... He'll regret that one day" I murmured to Roe as she linked her arms with mine.

I was going to be fine. I mean, sure it hurt but I had my sisters, I had my friends and most of all I had the one thing in the world that would never hurt me... New York City.

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