Maybe it's All for the Best

4 years Later: I couldn't resist...


The headline glared up at me from the news stand and I stopped to look.

International Supermodel, and Supermum it appears, is apparently expecting again. Riley Vanderbilt, who after her shock engagement, affair and breakup all in the same month in 2010 says she's happy with her little family with long-time flame Harry Potter. The couple went to school together and did date in high school but fell out of touch when she high stardom.

"He [Harry] will always be that one person who I just can't say no to" She said in her first interview after the split with Hollywood hunk Nathanial Carter. According to Nathanial however it was a nasty split and he wants to see her 'crash and burn'. Could that be jealousy showing through Mr Carter, because you lost the one thing that was important to you?

Here at cosmo, we say Congrats to Riley, Harry and their two children Teddy and James. Good luck for the next one on the way!

"Muuuum! Victoire has walked away with Scorpius... She says she's going to the cafe!" 7 year old Teddy pulled me from the magazine and I looked around.

"Shoot!" I muttered. "VICTOIRE GABRIELLE WEASLEY YOU GET BACK HERE!" I bellowed after the blonde girl ahead of us. She turned with her hand on her hip and narrowed her eyes, looking exactly like her mother.

"You were taking too long and Scorpius is hungry!" She whined when I caught up with them. I pulled the pram with my two year old son in the front to a stop and glared down at her.

"I don't care" I scolded my pseudo-niece and pointed at the pram. "You hold onto that pram until we get to the cafe" She sighed but listened to me. I crouched and scooped Scorpius into my arms. "Do you want to go back in the pram with James?" I brushed his white-blonde hair off his face. He really was his fathers' son – the white blonde hair; the pale, pointed face; the only thing he actually got from my sister was her wicked temperament and her moss-green eyes.

"No" He shook his head and grinned. I sighed.

"Too bad, little man" I kissed his head and dropped him into the front of the pram. God knows why the pregnant woman got stuck taking the kids for a walk. "Damnit, where is your father?" I mumbled to James. The dark haired toddler just grinned up at me. He, like his cousin, looked more like his father than he did me. Same messy dark hair, same sparkly green eyes, he was Harry's double.

"There's Dad!" Teddy exclaimed from behind me. I straightened up and blew some hair off my face.

"Sorry that took so long love..." Harry kissed me lightly and wrapped an arm around my waist. My heart still fluttered, after all this time.

"What were you even doing?" I raised an eyebrow and peered down at the blue bag in his hands.

"Your birthday present... Ah ah no peeking" he smiled and held it out of my grasp. I pouted and he laughed. "Come on, these kids parents will be waiting for us to return" He tossed the blue bag in the back of the pram and started pushing it.

I grabbed Teddy's hand and fell into step behind Harry. "Hey Ted..."

"Yes mum?" Teddy answered me.

"Do you know what Dad has gotten me for my birthday?" I smiled at him. He grinned cheekily.

"Yup. James and I helped him pick it" He sounded smug.

"You're not gonna tell me, are you?" I replied flatly, already knowing the answer. Those boys were Daddy's boys through and through. I really hoped this next one was a girl. I was sick of being ganged up on.

"Nope. You'll just have to wait and see" He pressed into my side and hugged me. I sighed and brushed his hair off his face.

"Be careful with your hair Teddy" I warned him when I saw the bubble gum blue streaking through it. "We're in the muggle world" I reminded him.

"Sorry" He grinned and changed it back quickly.

"Oh THERE you two are" Roe's voice called from across the terrace cafe where we met for lunch. "We thought you'd run away with the children"

"More like you hoped" Hermione added, nursing her own baby Hugo. He was only 3 weeks old and so tiny.

"I wouldn't run away with them... I actually can't run, you know being 8 months pregnant... who's bright idea was it to send the pregnant one for a walk with the children" I sighed and lifted Scorpius out of his pram.

"Come here my devil child" Roe smiled at Scorpius, holding her arms wide. The toddler ran over to her and hugged her tightly. "I'd never wish you upon Aunty Riley now would I?" She cooed. Draco beside her smirked and put an arm around his wife's shoulder.

"Did you get it Harry?" Draco turned to Harry, who'd sat between Ron and myself.

"Get what?" I asked, wrinkling my brow. Harry kissed my head.

"You'll see" He smiled.

"Harry... I'm a ball of hormones that's about to burst... tell me now" I gritted my teeth, squeezing his hand tightly. He yelped as my nails dug in.

"Alright! Alright... since your birthday is tomorrow" He rubbed the back of his hand and scowled at me. "Sweet Merlin you're not having any more kids after this" He muttered as he reached behind James' pram and pulled out the blue Tiffany's bag. "Teddy and James – " he paused to pull Teddy and James onto his lap. "Helped me choose this... We hope you like it" My three boys smiled as they handed over the bag.

In the bag was a long, thin blue box. I held my breath as I opened it, my family watching me.

"Oh boys!" I felt my eyes well up with tears. Inside was a belcher bracelet with five heart charms on it. Each was engraved. On the first one; Harry. On the second; Teddy. On the third heart; James. The fourth was blank, obviously for the new baby's name. "Oh" I whispered as I turned over the fifth. New York was engraved on the back.

"I know it'll always be in your heart" Harry explained when I looked up at him. "That's why it took so long... I only added it today" He smiled.

"Do you like it mum!" Teddy bounced happily on Harry's knee. "They're the things that you hold in your heart!"

"Oh I love my boys" I stood up and scooped James into my arms. Harry stood and teddy stood on his chair. I hugged my boys closer. "Best birthday present ever" I smiled and kissed Harry softly.

"So Riles, you still want another girl or are you happy with three boys?" Ron asked with a chuckle as we sat down again.

"I think I'll be happy which every way this one decides to come" I answered, fingering the five hearts on my wrist.

Plea's Note:

Ok... I know I'm supposed to be working on Sirius and Peyton... but I dreamt this little diddy up last night and thought you might like it... stave off the cravings so to speak

Enjoy and I'll hopefully have my head sorted enough to write Peyton soon.

Xo Plea