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Chapter 1 – Separation

The air was crisp; the night was a cloudless starry one and the almost full moon shown above the neatly rowed houses peacefully. Tokyo was sleeping away the late night hours but at the park near Crossroads Junior High, five warriors battled with a half human half reptile looking creature.

"Fire Soul!" The raven hair whipped across the red-skirted warrior's face as she somersaulted over the monster setting it ablaze. Upon landing she assumed a defensive position just like the other warriors.

The warrior with the blond pigtails was glowing though, rod in hand. "Moon Princess Halation!" With some fancy manoeuvring, the monster was no more.

Soon enough, in the place of the five warriors stood five weary girls.

"This is getting to be an every night ordeal." The tallest, Makoto claimed. She adjusted her sweater, which she wore over her pyjamas, and walked over the blond with the pigtails.

"I know, I'm always so sleepy in the morning. I hardly have energy all day." The blond with a red bow, Minako, yawned as her words mumbled out. She rubbed her hands together as the night air was too chilly and she was wearing a short nightdress.

"Maybe that's their goal." She was uniquely wearing her priestess uniform and stood completely sombre as her ebony hair blew in the wind making her seem eerier- Rei.

"Let's all go to bed and sleep. We still have four hours before school starts." The ocean blue hair, Ami, had her hand on the pig-tailed blonde's back. The cold had never affected her as it did for the rest of the girls, so her night-time attire; flimsy shorts and a camisole, did not bother her.

The fifth girl, Usagi; wearing her usual pink pyjamas with bunnies jumping over crescent moons was strangely quiet. She was tired as the attack seemed to kick the wind from her but her eyes were also shot red. The other girls were eyeing her but she hadn't made eye contact even once.

"Did you even sleep?" Rei's patience always ran short when it concerned Usagi's foolishness and her questions were always direct. She was honest in a sense; always voicing what others were wrestling with in their minds but it caught them by surprise every time.

Usagi's eyes met with Rei's in surprise too, but then she smiled softly. Rei's eyes pierced further into Usagi's and Usagi flashed her smile brighter causing all tensions to melt away.

"Of course Rei. I'm just mad that I only get four more hours of beauty sleep!" She ended shrieking and hugging Ami with full force.

The girls eased up as Rei rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Technically, you have less if you want to actually make to class on time." Ami pointed out once Usagi let go.

"Ami-chan!" Usagi, Minako, and Makoto whined in unison.


"We have to do something quickly." Petz told her sisters as they fixed their appearances in their respective mirrors.

"I just want those wenches destroyed, Petz." Cooan added a touch of purple lipstick on her lips.

"We underestimate them, sisters. Next time, we tactically take them on ourselves. We're stronger than them but we're always outnumbered. Next time, we go together." Beruche tossed her icy blond braid to one side.

"That's too bad," Karaberas said in her singsong voice, "I had the perfect youma for next time."

"Bring it along." Petz laughed.


Sailor Moon made sure to tip toe as she climbed into her room window and she was good at it as these nightly attacks had given her much practice. Rei had been right; she hadn't slept; moreover, she hadn't been sleeping well since a while now. These attacks had actually come as a strange aid since she was literally too drained to think anymore and it was easier to sleep after them. She stepped into her room and got ready to de-transform when she heard the sound of her door slamming shut. Fear gripped her. Had the enemy followed her home? Was she too careless as she had transformed to get home quicker? She quickly made her way to the door and opened it.

"Chibi-Usa, what are you doing up?" Sailor Moon eased her heartbeat. Even in the darkness, she could recognize the pinkness of her hair. Chibi-Usa was shell shocked; first to see Sailor Moon and secondly to see Sailor Moon in Usagi's room.

"I, umm," her brain was connecting the dots, "I was looking for Usagi."

Sailor Moon realized that she hadn't turned off her transformation and she must look like a lunatic standing in their house.

"Usagi's inside and you should sleep too." Sailor Moon quickly shut her door and de-transformed by touching her broach. She sighed- it was relief and sadness.

She felt relieved as the fight had ended with minimal damages but a razor sharp sadness gripped her as he hadn't come to her rescue tonight. Her throat would swell up when she thought of his name; maybe he didn't feel the pull anymore.


"Did you and Artemis find anything out last night?" Ami asked as she sipped her tea. It was a custom for them to meet at Rei's temple and as usual, Rei and Ami were the only ones there along with Luna and Artemis.

"We were studying the enemy all night at the control room and made a few correlations. Like you, the four witches have element powers. Petz is like Jupiter, Cooan is like you, Mars, Karaberas is like Venus and Beruche is like you, Mercury." Artemis explained.

"Fine, but what do they want from Chibi-Usa?" Rei seemed more irritable than usual.

"We're not sure. It would sure help if we knew something about her." Luna had grown to like Chibi-Usa as she was living with them. The little girl seemed harmless and lost.

"What we do know is that she is in danger and she wants the silver crystal-" Ami summarized counting on her fingers, but was interrupted by Rei.

"We've given her enough time. Usagi has been nothing but caring towards her, so have we. If she can't trust us yet, I don't see why we should put Usagi in danger by letting Chibi-Usa around her." If auras could burn, Rei's would turn the room to ashes. Three pairs of eyes stared at her speechless.

"What's the matter, Rei?" Luna asked softly just as Minako and Makoto entered the room placing their school bags and shoes at the entrance.

"What's the matter with Rei?" Makoto asked quizzically repeating Luna.

"I don't know why you don't see it. Chibi-Usa wants the crystal, Usagi has the crystal, Usagi's vulnerable." Rei stood up rashly moving the table with the tea and cookies in disregard while moving her arms in a cause effect manner.

"If Chibi-Usa wanted to hurt or was even capable of hurting Usagi, she would've by now. She's no threat, Rei." Makoto's eyes challenged Rei's. Minako took a seat next to Ami, trying to avoid their head butt. The two stared at the war going on; neither fire nor current giving up; each fuelling the other.

"Guys, stop it." Artemis spoke up. Makoto broke eye contact and sat down aggravated, spilling some tea as she agitated the table.

"What's the real concern, Rei?" Artemis knew that the priestess knew that Chibi-Usa was not a threat; on the contrary, Usagi had grown attached of the little girl; they all had.

"It's Usagi. She's so fake, it makes me sick." Rei sat down; her temperature cooling. "The fake smile, the fake laughter, the fake words."

"We know, Rei." Minako reached for her hand to help her calm down. "We see it too but what can we do?"

"Something." Rei gritted her teeth.

"She'll be okay, guys. She's strong, she'll come around. Give her time." Luna tried to cheer the group. She wasn't blind; she knew Usagi was in pain. Being her guardian, she knew exactly how broken she was and how hard she was trying to appear brave.

"Strong has nothing to do with this, Luna. Last time the prince was separated from her, she ended her life." Everyone gasped as Rei's reminder was too painful, "I'm betting my life that the thought has come to her." She couldn't speak but neither could the others.

"I want to help her." Rei stood up again with a new resolution. The others followed suit.

"Let's do it!" Makoto affirmed. There was a fresh spirit of hope around.

"We'll go to the Control Room to see if we can find out something more." Artemis and Luna knew there was nothing they could say to focus their attentions when they were this passionate. "I'll contact Usagi to tell her not to bother to come here anymore."

The girls found themselves at Chiba Mamoru's door. Makoto knocked loudly. Minako looked excited, Rei seemed alert, and Ami looked nervous. The door opened soon enough.

Chiba Mamoru- still in his school uniform was taken by surprise but quickly composed himself. He took off his glasses and invited the girls in. They entered the spotless apartment and sat squished on the black leather couch.

"You look well." Rei remarked venomously as she crossed her arms. Nothing in his appearance had changed except for the length of his hair, which was untidily made. He raked his fingers through his hair and sat on the single couch adjacent to them.

"Did you want to talk to me about Usagi?" Mamoru knew there was no point in pretending that they were here for any other reason. The girls stared at each other. In their plan, Mamoru hadn't invited them in his home, nor was he willing to talk to them.

"Yes." Ami began, "We want to understand why you and Usagi-chan are no longer together."

"Mizuno-san," Mamoru began but was interrupted.

"Mamoru, you can still call me Ami." Mamoru nodded.

"Ami, I explained to Usagi why I didn't want to be together. I wanted to give this life its natural chance. I didn't want to be ruled by a past life." Mamoru saw the disgust in Rei and Makoto's eyes but there was no way around that.

"Then why were you with her for as long as you were?" Makoto snapped.

Mamoru silenced her with his steel blue eyes first. Minako didn't understand how he could deny his past when he oozed royalty.

"I was with her for less than a month, that's not a long time." Mamoru answered clenching his jaw.

"But you were in love with her, just as much as she was with you, then what happened?" Minako asked calmly.

"That's not even enough time to get to know someone, let alone fall in love. We were forced together by memories but is that a good reason to relive it again?" Mamoru knew that he would make sense at least to Ami.

"Is that why you didn't come to help us yesterday in our fight?" Rei's eyes pierced him judgementally.

"I was there, Rei. I will always be there. I won't let go my duty, I promise." He answered firmly.

"So bottom line is that you don't love her." Makoto stood up; Mamoru followed suite and nodded. The girls stood up ready to leave. Mechanically, Mamoru walked them to the door.

"I'm sorry." He told them at the door.

"It's-" Ami began but was cut-off by her beeping communicator. The girls turned their backs on Mamoru expecting him to close the door but he didn't. He watched over them at the screen, which displayed a frantic Usagi.

"I'm running after her. She's taken it." Usagi's words were short. "Chibi-Usa took my broach. I'm running towards Crown."

"We'll be right there." Ami answered. Panic was in the air.


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