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Where we left off: Final battle; Endymion made a deal with Wiseman. Wiseman took over Endymion's body. Everyone is assembled at the final battle and Endymion is atop a giant towering crystal and had possession of Usagi. He threatened that he would let Usagi fall of the cliff as he dangled her by her arm. Mamoru was in disbelief but Endymion let go of Usagi.

Chapter 15- In their protection

Somewhere between a light hazes, she felt a jolt of fear. It was like waking up from a nightmare but only having no recollection of it. Her breath was shallow and her heart was beating way too hard for comfort. Sensing a presence of another, she willed her head to the left and saw a familiar figure. He faced the jacket hanging on the wall, holding the sleeve by his right hand while his left arm was rested on the wall next to his bowed head.

She felt uneasy. "Why am I here?"

Sapphire quickly turned around. "It's all come down to this."

Throwing the deep green covers off her body, Serenity stood up. This was not the time for Sapphire's cryptic riddles. The last thing she remembered was the pain from the attack by Demando's guards at the Crown. Mamoru was with her. Maybe the guards brought her back to Demando, but then what would he have done with Mamoru.

"Where's Mamoru, Sapphire? What's Demando done to him?" She deliberately took heavy threatening steps towards him.

"Much has happened after what you know-

"Stop speaking in tongues. Just tell me what you know!" She fiercely grabbed her collar. Her eyes could probably burn him just by a look.

"It's not Demando. It's the Wiseman. He wants the crystal. My brother, Mamoru and Scouts are there now. They face great risk to their lives. The Wiseman has taken over Endymion's body." Sapphire tore her tiny fist off of him.

"Then we have to go help. Take me to them." Serenity commanded.

"In a way, this is all happening because of you, your crystal, my brother's has lost his way and you were able to slip by." Sapphire shook his head and turned his back to her and faced the blood-stained jacket.

"I don't have time for this blame game. I need to find them, we need to help them." She tried her sternest look on him.

"Who do you want to help, my brother," he pause, head tilted; "Mamoru, the senshi?" He counted.

Serenity thought about his question and ignored the smirk behind it. So much had happened in the last day and there really hadn't been a time to recover. Mamoru from the past looking for her past-self; in the pits of her stomach, she believed him. Her husband keeping her hostage for so many years; did she believe that truly? She still had a locket that played a haunting tune; ghosts danced around her. She caressed it absent-mindedly. A caped Mamoru lying in a pool of blood while golden hair whipped around a defeated body. She wept over his body. The pain could have stilled the Earth. How many times had this happened? More than once. "It's all the same. As long as we get rid of Wiseman. Imagine our life without him; we would have a kingdom right now, instead of this grave of a planet."

"But without you, I would still have my brother." Sapphire answered coolly.

She assessed the danger from Sapphire. They had never seen eye-to-eye; that was for sure but Sapphire was always a voice of reason. In his words, there was truth. "So what do you want to do, Sapphire?"

Sapphire looked down to his feet and shrugged slightly. "Demando asked me to protect you."

She held his arm and made him face her again. "We need to go help. I refuse to stand down. Let's finish this, Sapphire. Let's help them all."

Sapphire slowly nodded. "Okay, hold my arm. I'll take you there."

She did as asked feeling scared as ever but clearly knowing what had to be done.

"Ready?" Sapphire looked for answer; revenge was brewing inside him. It was finally a chance to face Wiseman alongside his brother.

Serenity was going to nod when a sharp pain crossed her inside, straight in her heart. Sapphire caught her as her legs collapsed underneath her.

Nothing had calmed; the winds were more violent and dry, ripping past their skin through the ripped garments. Sailor Mars refused to open her eyes; this had to be a nightmare. Tears stung through her eyelids. Lightening buzzed around Sailor Jupiter as her blood-shot eyes bore into the man atop the dark monumental crystal. Sailor Mercury held her computer with her fingers low in defeat and was staring through the mess of blond hair and crimson blood as it colored the ground slowly.

Mamoru seemed unphazed. He was looking at the Senshi surrounding the body on the ground; the thick blood flowing out of their circle; streaming towards him. He didn't understand it. All he knew was that it was getting too hot.

Taking off his gloves, letting them fall to the ground; he touched his chest with his right hand. There wasn't any pain, just numbness. He unhooked the clips of the battered cape, it fell to the floor too.

"No!" Sailor Venus agonized voice reached the skies. This was always a possibility; it was always in the back of her mind. Failure could always be the end of their path; it had happened before but she didn't think it would happen now. It wasn't a failure to perform her duties; it was failure to protect her best friend. How could a girl who loved humanity be so still, blood staining the ground around her? How could this have been avoided?

Venus' scream pinched something inside Mamoru. The feeling was unhinged. He was alive; should he be thankful?

In a blink of an eye; his mirror image; Endymion phased in just a few steps in front of him. Stainless armor intact, cape flowing, and the sword that hung in its sheath was flawless. Here they were, beaten, bruised, dirty, and having had given up so much.

Mamoru caught Endymion's eyes rest upon the tiny crystal that had fallen out of his hands. His gaze had never been so determined. Endymion's eyes met with Mamoru's- numbness meeting arrogance. Mamoru found himself wondering whether he should bother reaching for the crystal. Was there a point?

Endymion knelt and as he did, the stream of blood reached the heel of his right boot. Mamoru noticed; how could Endymion not? That's when something inside Mamoru snapped and with his slack hand that was on his chest, he gripped his chest with all his might. This was the pain he had expected when Usagi fell to the floor. Usagi's blood stained Endymion's boot. Endymion didn't care; Endymion had killed Usagi.

Mamoru couldn't help himself as he charged; headfirst, straight into Endymion, knocking him to the ground as the crystal slipped from his hands. Pinning Endymion down with his own body, Mamoru punched Endymion on his jaw. Mamoru didn't give Endymion any time to retaliate or think. He kept hitting his face until it was unsure whose blood was on his knuckles.

"This" "Can't" "Be Happening!" Mamoru kept repeating. He didn't notice it when Endymion kneed him in the gut catching Mamoru off guard.

A straight kick to Mamoru's chest, Endymion regained his balance and stood up. He wiped the blood off his cut-open lip. This body was not his; it didn't matter. What did, were the two crystals, which now lay next to where Mamoru had fallen. This was becoming a nuisance and Endymion was quite beyond it now. He summoned his negative energy crystal ball.

"Too much time has been wasted. I'll get rid of you first and then nothing stands between me and the destruction of the universe in both times." Endymion started to gather his energy as the Senshi came to shield Mamoru.

"It won't matter. I will get all of you." Endymion saw the Senshi and Mamoru call out to their own planet power. This did not worry him; his powers were much stronger. He could destroy entire planets in one shot. He had already done so before. This time, he would finally be at peace when he destroys all timeline universes with the power of the past and future crystals together. It was going to be too easy- any moment now.

Upon release of power from both ends, the light was so strong that nothing was visible. When the two mighty powers collided, the whiplash sent the Senshi and Mamoru crashing back and slamming to the ground. Even though, the five couldn't hear anything from the effects of the blast; they were alive. They tried to get up off the ground and see what damage they had caused their aggressor.

Dust and debris made it impossible to see Endymion.

"Do you think we did it, Mercury?" Jupiter asked placing her hand own Mercury's shoulder. The ringing in Mercury's ears hadn't stopped and it was difficult to analyze the field. The numbers on her screen showed energy off the charts.

"The energy readings are strong, I don't think we hurt him, guys!" She yelled back to the gang in defeat.

"It can't be." Sailor Venus tried to see beyond the dust. It was starting to clear up.

"Wait," Sailor Mars felt the energy too, "There is someone else there. Look."

"Is it Demando?" Sailor Venus also saw a silver glimpse through the dust.

"It's Sapphire and Serenity?" Jupiter couldn't believe her eyes. Long blond pigtails flowing roughly against the wind, as her gown wrestled against her slender figure. She could recognize the princess right away standing next to the man who had led them here. Had the man with lustrous black hair seen his brother yet? As the dust cleared, Usagi's ghostly body was still lying where she remembered, then how could Serenity be standing in front of them like a miracle?

"It's not possible, Serenity can't exist." Sailor Venus tried to make sense of what was in front of her.

Suddenly the pain Mamoru had felt calmed. It finally made sense; the real Endymion would never betray his princess; he just couldn't see it. "It's always been Usagi." He followed the Senshi to their new arrivals.

"I assume that you being here means that that," he pointed at the body lying at the foot of the crystal; "was the Queen. And those three used their Dark Moon powers before I destroyed them."

"Urawa?", "Motoki?" Mercury and Jupiter said at the same time.

"You gave them powers and they put Usagi right under their noses. I guess you got to the sisters before they found the Senshi to tell them what Urawa and Motoki told them. It was Endymion's plan?" Sapphire was surprised how well the pieces fit together.

"Honestly, Endymion wasn't aware of the switch. He was destroyed the minute he made the deal with me. It must be the two." Endymion scanned Usagi; it was surprising that he hadn't seen the youthfulness before.

Usagi knelt down and gazed at the two crystals and held them in each hand- one that had been with her in this time and the other that felt different. It felt like it was hers just like the star locket.

"Princess, it's too late now. Hand over the crystals or make them suffer more pain." Endymion challenged her as she stood up.

It was a weird feeling seeing herself lying dead on the ground. It turns out that Mamoru was right about everything but she was not even of this time. It had been her in that dark dungeon where she had found her star locket. Why she couldn't remember being there or coming out from there; she did not know.

"You've ruined my life!" Usagi felt anger boiling over the confusion.

"It will be over soon, Princess. How long do you think that everyone can go on protecting you from me? Give me the crystals now and this will be quick." There was a change in Endymion; maybe it was a hint of fear.

Usagi looked at the two crystals one last time. Why was everyone after this? She had made up her mind. "Sapphire, this belongs in your time, here." She gave him one of the crystals the looked back her Senshi and Mamoru.

"That's not smart, Princess." Endymion was making way towards her. Immediately there were five bodies between her and Endymion.

"Use the crystal, you're can help them." Sapphire held on tighter to his crystal.

Usagi didn't know what that meant. She saw Endymion hit Mercury with his staff; she fell to the floor. Mamoru turned to look at her. She didn't know whether to feel sorry that she hadn't trusted him or be grateful that he was between her and Endymion while she thought of a how to use the crystal. His eyes had changed; they were how she had first seen him in her room just a few days ago- his eyes were soft, tired but gentle.

"Moon crystal power, Usako." His voice was gentle too. And the name triggered a strange feeling. She didn't doubt this man; she repeated was he had said.

Lifting the crystal above her head, she yelled as Sailor Mars fell. "MOON CRYSTAL POWER!"

The energy was overwhelming; she felt new and refreshed. Into the nothingness, she transcended but she wasn't scared. This was comfort.

"Sailor Moon!" She heard a tiny voice call her from behind her. Usagi opened her eyes and the Senshi had disappeared; Mamoru was not in front of her; Endymion was not threatening her, and the destruction was not around her. She seemed to be floating and when she turned around; she saw a little girl with the brightest smile anyone could have.

"Chibi-Usa." The name fell out of her naturally.

"You remember me, Usagi!" The little girl hugged Usagi with all her might. "You can trust them, Usagi. They were always trying to protect you. Please don't give up on them. I know you can make things normal and save my future. Don't give up, please!"

Usagi caressed her bubblegum hair. "I won't, I promise."

The scene disappeared and she saw Mamoru fall to the left of her as Endymion steadied the stub of his sword.

Sailor Moon gasped. "Tuxedo Kamen!" Mamoru's forehead was bleeding from the blow to the head.

Sapphire pulled Sailor Moon's arm and shoved her behind him.

"No." She gently pushed Sapphire aside. "It's between him and me. I will do my best to protect everyone but I will need your help, guys." Her five-person shield got up from where they had fallen with renewed energy. She received nods from all of them.

"As you wish, Princess." He pointed his arms out at her and with a flash; a tower of black crystal grew below Sailor Moon's feet. It kept growing until she stood the height of the platform the queen fell from. Within a flash, Endymion was on the platform, opposing her.

This had happened before. A flash of the last fight between her and Queen Metallia played back in her head as the Senshi gave her power at the last moment. She put it back in her memory.

A violent storm was brewing inside Endymion's crystal ball. Focusing all her energy to her warm and gentle crystal, Sailor Moon repeated the words that came so naturally, like at the battle with Metallia. "MOON CRYSTAL POWER!"

Sapphire just looked in amazement as the Senshi called on their planet powers. The sky cleared and it looked as if all their powers were coming from beyond the Earth. Their powers intermingled and glowed pink. Their aim was too join their Princess' pure light power. Sailor Moon targeted the light straight towards the grey energy heading their way. At last Endymion seemed to break a sweat as he ordered his crystal to unleash more power.

Sailor Moon's focus was stronger than he had ever seen her. He finally realized as he looked at the mighty crystal of the future in his fingers. This tiny object was what his clan had destroyed itself for. It didn't look all that power or worth it. He saw as the Princess borrowed more powers from her friends. Sapphire was sure that more than the crystal; her body was glowing. It suddenly occurred to him; it was The Moon Princess that was all mighty; the crystal was just a medium. The crystal had infinite powers only because Usagi held it inside her. Did Wiseman know? If not for his dark crystal ball, was Wiseman even a threat?

He saw his brother's body lying on the ground; he had to finish what his brother started. He knelt near Demando and placed the crystal in the pocket of his chest. Then, getting up, he walked past the meditating soldiers and when he saw Endymion, he knew what to do.

"Will it be worth it?" Sapphire said aloud while staring at the glowing angel. It had to be worth it. In a blink an eye, he phased right in front the dark crystal ball and Endymion.


He heard unison of voices and saw the light energy lessen in impact. What was she doing? Focus, Sailor Moon! He had to also. Reaching the staff that held the ball, he dislodged it from Endymion hold. As expected, Endymion's influence on the crystal was strong and he commanded it to destroy everything in its path, which meant him. He felt his grip loosen on the staff as the dark energy ripped him apart. He tried to phase away but the dark energy was draining his powers.

"You have chosen the wrong side, Sapphire." Endymion's raspy voice came from her him.

Sapphire noticed as Sailor Moon's energy subdued. The princess was reckless. "You're destroying the planet so I see the same fate on both sides." With a shot of adrenalin, Sapphire pushed the staff forward with all his might.

"What are you doing?" Sapphire heard Endymion shout but Sapphire didn't stop as he gave his final push until there was no more ground under him. He was free-falling to the ground, as was the crystal staff. He held his breath as the crystal shattered on the ground and the pink light surrounded them all.

"Don't cry, princess." The priestess wiped the tears from the little girl's face.

"But I don't want to leave you guys. I want to go home but I will miss hanging out with you guys." The little girl's puffy eyes were as pink as her hair.

"Chibi-Usa, you will see us in the future, so cheer up! Besides, you can show everybody these." Ami handed her two big books.

Chibi-Usa opened the first book and saw the pages filled with pictures of their happy times together. A lot of them included eating ice cream and making funny faces. Chibi-Usa looked towards Usagi from the corner of her eyes. Ever since everybody returned, Usagi was much quieter. The girls thought that it was because she saw Sapphire die but Chibi-Usa saw the silence Mamoru and Usagi shared. Chibi-Usa secretly worried whether Usagi and Mamoru would work it out.

"Also, this is very important," Minako handed Chibi-Usa a tiny pouch. "You have to give this straight to your mom." Chibi-Usa knew that it was the crystal of the future and smiled. She had succeeded. She had saved her mom and her future by coming back to the past. She was ever thankful to Sailor Moon.

"I will, I will." Chibi-Usa put everything in her bag.

"Alright, let's get you to the bridge." Makoto held Chibi-Usa's bag. Chibi-Usa smiled.

They reached the bridge in silence. Chibi-Usa wondered whether she had ruined the group that was always filled with laughter.

"Usagi, Mamoru, are you guys mad at me?" Chibi-Usa shocked them all with the tiny question.

Mamoru seemed shaken off-balance.

"Of course not, Chibi-Usa." Usagi was holding Chibi-Usa's hand and now she held it tighter.

"But you are you quiet now. And Mamoru seems so much more serious and everyone's always hesitant. I didn't want to make everyone unhappy." Chibi-Usa wished that she could hide behind Usagi's legs like she did behind her mother's when she was younger.

The group surrounded her and Mamoru scooped her up in his arms. "We are happy now that everything is okay. Because of you, we saved a lot of people and our future." Mamoru touched her tiny nose with his thumb.

"But you and Usagi are-

"Happy." Usagi forced a smile.

"Usagi," the girls copied Chibi-Usa's whining.

Chibi-Usa pushed off against Mamoru until he let her down. "Go on." She urged Mamoru.

Mamoru hesitantly walked to Usagi. He nervously ran his fingers through his hair. "I'm sorry I hurt you, Usako."

"It took long enough, Mamo-chan!" She almost tackled him to the ground. Laughter erupted around them.

"Now I can go home happy too." Chibi-Usa smiled, grabbing her bag. "Thanks for protecting me."

"Yup, thanks for protecting us, guys!" Usagi mimicked her future daughter and hugged her tight. Mamoru hugged the two people who meant the most to him. The girls couldn't miss out, the group hugged the happy family.


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