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Prelude: Harry looks at Snape curiously. "Are you sure you want to close the door?"


"But I'd for like them to watch." Harry gives him his most innocent smile. The smile quickly contorts into a lecherous leer.

Severus rolls his eyes and unlocks the door, opens it, sees us, nods and closes the door again.


Upon closing the door, he turns to Harry and smiles. Harry finds that the smile makes him nervous. He tries to remember this man ever smiling in the five years Harry has known him. He can only recall him coming close at the prospect of Harry's expulsion in second year. Harry sits on the end of the bed and watches Snape watch him. He turns and crawls up to the head of the large, canopied bed.

Severus gasps at the sight of the animated arse, the muscles slipping across the cheeks, as Harry moves. He holds his hands, balled, to his side. He decides there is nothing to be lost now. His path to hell is paved and all he can reasonably do is follow it.

His hand reaches out and he palms one of the cheeks, squeezing and massaging it. Harry looks over his shoulder and smiles at Severus, impishly. He pushes his arse towards him as he lowers his torso to the bed. The sight is nearly too much for Severus and he shucks his robe, ready.

Harry lets out a small gasp as he sees the Potion Master's body. He feels the arousal coil in his belly and he thrusts his hips back towards Severus. Severus kneels on the bed behind Harry, runs his hands reverently over the cheeks of his arse, down the outside of his thighs and back up the inside, pushing them open.

Harry understands the non verbal cue and widens his stance. His balls hang down between his splayed legs and his cock juts out in line with the bed. Severus runs the tips of his fingers down his perineum to the soft skin of his scrotum. He lifts the lower ball up in line with the higher one and releases it. He watches them swing. Harry moans and sways his hips back and forth setting his cock and balls in motion like a pendulum. Snape grasps his cheeks and spreads them, staring at the pucker and relishing in the view.

Harry takes a breath, nervous. "I've never…"

Severus looks up at him and releases the muscled cheeks. He pushes Harry over to his side. He climbs up beside him and runs his hand over his torso, looking into the green eyes, watching for any sign of hesitation. Harry just moans and leans up to kiss Severus, rolling him onto his back and lying on top of him. Their cocks meet and they both groan and push into the sensation.

Harry slides his body down the lean, creamy flesh beneath him, leaving a moist trail of kisses. He feels Snape's hot, solid shaft against his belly, chest, chin. He nuzzles it, smells it, wraps one hand around it and then tentatively reaches for it with his tongue and licks the precome off of the tip. He pulls back at the surprising bitterness. He looks up at Severus whose black eyes are fully dilated with lust. He smiles and reaches out again with his tongue, this time flicking the fraenulum. Severus squirms and the sight spurs a hesitant Harry onwards.

He slips his lips over the head of Snape's penis and making a tight ring, slides his mouth down. The sensation overwhelms Severus and his hips buck up driving his cock further into the moist mouth. Harry gags with the onslaught. Eyes watering, Harry pulls off the offending organ and stares accusingly at the hardened shaft. Severus chuckles and reaches for Harry, pulling him up into a passionate kiss.

"Tell me, Harry, what have you done? Have you ever been with another boy?" Harry shakes his head no and Severus continues "A girl?" Again, Harry shakes his head. "Have you ever kissed someone before?"

Harry looks down, embarrassed. "Once. I didn't really like it though. It wasn't like it is with you."

A long slender finger lifts Harry's chin so that he is looking at him. "What do you want from me, Harry? "

Harry swallows. "Everything." Severus' cock pulses.

"Do you know what 'everything' entails?"

Harry shakes his head and whispers "No, but I want to."

"Alright. We can move at your pace. Tell me if there is anything you'd like to try or if anything makes you uncomfortable." Severus placates his consciousness with this. "Lie back Harry." He does.

Severus leans over and gives him a quick, teasing kiss and Harry whimpers as the lips leave his. Severus buries his nose into the mass of black locks and his mouth finds Harry's ear. He drags his tongue along its cusp and then slips it into the canal, pistoning in and out in time with his fingers that are flicking back and forth across his nipple.

Harry squirms under the attack. Severus' lips move along his jaw, nipping and kissing down his neck. He takes up residence for a moment at the notch at the base of his neck, continues on to explore his collar bone and then runs his tongue down his breastbone, detouring to his nipple. He continues his administrations of the first nub with one hand while his tongue assaults the other. Harry grabs Snape's hair and tugs him off, reaching down to yank at his scrotum, staving off his impending orgasm. Snape chuckles a deep, throaty sound that requires a second tug from Harry. Snape leans up on his arm and looks in Harry's glistening eyes. "Are you alright?"

"Guhg" Harry nods. Then smiles dazedly and pushes Snape over onto his back and repeats the process on Snape. The administrations are effective and Snape grunts something about being a quick study and potions.

He reaches back up and they kiss and Severus retakes control, pushing Harry back over onto the bed. He runs his hands along Harry's side, watching the flesh shiver under his touch. His fingers card through the pubic hair at the base of the long, hard, weeping cock. It seems to have a mind of its own as it dances and twitches, seeking contact. Harry's hips buck up and he clenches the bed coverings in his fists trying to maintain his control.

Rolling Harry's balls in his hands, Severus looks up at Harry and with a grin and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, swallows Harry's prick in one fluid motion.

Buried to the root, Harry cries out. Severus inhales deeply, taking in the musky sent surrounding him and contracts his throat, constricting it around the head of Harry's penis Harry grunts and Snape sucks hard as he runs his tight lips up the shaft. He repeats the process once more and then Harry bucks his hips, thrusting his cock back down the hot throat and comes. He pulses his seed over and over and Snape swallows it and licks at the bits that escape. While Harry is recovering from the most intense orgasm he is sure he's ever had, Snape is licking his shaft, his pubic hairs and …Harry loses track as blackness overtakes him.

Severus looks up at Harry and notices he's passed out. He chuckles and moves to kiss him. He slips his tongue into the non responsive mouth and the salty bitter flavour seems to bring Harry back to consciousness. He groans and arousal flares in his belly as he realizes that it is his own flavour he tastes. Severus pulls back and smiles indulgently at his prize.

He pushes Harry over onto his belly and begins to explore the back of his neck, his own hard cock bobbing up and down as he shifts, hitting Harry in the bum, poking at him. He moves down and nuzzles his nose into his armpits, flicking out his tongue, savouring the unique taste of Harry.

He sits up and runs his hands down the taut body. His hands find the cracks of that delicious arse and he pulls apart the cheeks. He stares at the dark, tender pucker. He's aching to thrust into it but he won't yet. He wants this to last. He mutters a low level cleaning charm and pulls on Harry's hips. Harry understands his command and reassumes his early position, arse in the air and torso pushed against the bed.

Severus leans in and tastes him. His tongue slides over the pucker, back and forth. He pushes the flat of his tongue against it and feels the muscle relax and then clench.

Harry pushes up and looks over his shoulder at Snape with wild eyes, unable to believe what he just did. Severus looks up at him and smiles, burying his mouth between his cheeks and, without breaking eye contact, forces the tip of his tongue beyond the tight barrier. Harry gasps, and his eyes roll closed as he bucks his arse towards that talented tongue. He relinquishes all control to Snape as he relaxes into the bed and into the administrations of the wet tongue currently fucking his hole.

He's in a state of disbelief and his cock hardens fully at the thought that Severus Snape, Potions Master and Greasy Git of Hogwarts, currently has his tongue up his arse and ohhhh….Merlin! Is that his finger? Harry groans and starts to thrust his hips back to meet the incoming thrust of that finger. He gasps and his erection fades at the introduction of the second finger. It burns and he turns to ask Snape to stop when the fingers twist and suddenly there is a jolt of electricity that ignites all of his nerve endings. He no longer worries about the burn, as long as he promises to "never stop fucking doing that!" He startles when he hears his own voice and moans in pleasure at the repeated stroking and at the dusky voice that replies. "Prostate, Harry. A man's best friend."

Severus can feel the muscle relax around his fingers and he slips his tongue in along side them, coaxing it further. He doesn't want to hurt Harry. He suddenly has visions of what detentions could be like. He definitely doesn't want to scare him off.

His prick pulses with each of Harry's moans. A third finger is finally introduced and he scissors them around, paying close attention to the pleasure button that keeps Harry thrusting back to meet him.

"Guhg, fuck! Fuck!" Harry can't form any words beyond the mantra he now chants. Severus chuckles again and lubes up his cock. The feel of his own hand on his cock is nearly too much sensation and he gives his balls a yank. Placing the spongy head of his penis at the now gaping and inviting hole, he grabs Harry's hips.

"Ready?" He doesn't wait for an answer as he feeds the tip of his penis to Harry's arse hole and he feels it slide in, forcing the ring of muscle to open for it. He feels it clamp down at the back of the head of his penis. He's tighter than anyone he's ever been with and he stops there for his own sake as much as Harry's. Harry gasps at the sensation and propping himself up, grabs his cock, giving it a couple of tugs, trying to distract himself from the burn.

Severus rubs his hand along Harry's back stopping at the base. He pushes down.
"Arch your back Harry. It'll help relieve the pressure and it will hurt less." He does.

Severus feels the ring relax a bit against the intrusion and he leans up, placing his torso against Harry's back and loops his hands under Harry's arms, curling around to hold onto his shoulders. He's taller than Harry and he is able to nuzzle his nose into Harry's hair seeking out his ear. He gives it a lick and then whispers.

Harry can feel the hot breath against his ear and has to struggle through the arousal and the pain to make sense of the words. "Bear down Harry. It'll be easier." Severus feels Harry push against his cock and slides in further. He's glad he has to take it so slow for he's sure he'll come after one thrust into this tight, hot channel.

"Now, fuck! Now!"

The words drive Severus to action and he enshrines himself to the root. He waits a heartbeat as he kisses the shoulder in front of him. He rises and on his way up he licks at a drop of sweat that has accumulated between Harry's shoulder blades. He pulls out slowly, pauses and thrusts back in. Out, slowly….in. He watches as his moist cock pulls out while the friction of it pulls at Harry's pink pucker. He imagines that it is grasping at him, trying to pull him back in. He relents and thrusts back in, watching the ring disappear, following his cock to the innermost parts of Harry's body. Out. In. He needs to thrust harder but he doesn't want to frighten Harry.

He leans over Harry again, embracing him with one arm and reaching around to his cock with his other. His entire weight is being supported by the quidditch toned body beneath him.

He grunts out "Okay?" and Harry nods.

"More" is all he can manage and Severus takes this as permission to begin moving. He draws his hips back and snaps them forward, driving his cock into that hot hole. He begins pumping furiously and the hand on Harry's cock matches his pace. Soon Harry is thrusting back to meet him and thrusting forward into his hand. He grunts with each movement and his scream is gruff as his cock spurts its seed over Severus' hand. The clenching of Harry's cock is too much for Severus and he matches Harry's throaty cry as he shoots into Harry's arse. He continues pumping in and out of Harry as his pulsing arse milks every last ounce out of Severus. He falls, heavily, onto Harry's back and Harry collapses under the weight.

Harry manages a 'geroff', pushing at the Potions Master before blacking out. Severus rolls over and pulls his now flaccid penis out of Harry with a wet schlurp. He sits up and pushes back the black mop of hair from the sweat soaked brow and places a kiss on the faint scar that decorates it. He runs his hands reverently down Harry's flushed face.

He then leans over and runs his finger down the crack of Harry's arse, and slips it into the abused hole. He can feel his come and pulls his finger out, rubbing his thumb and finger, feeling the viscous material. He sits up further and spreads Harry's cheeks. He watches his ejaculate drip down Harry's perineum and onto the bed. He kisses, and then nips his butt cheek. He runs his fingers through it again, sighs, and reaches for his wand. He casts a cleaning spell.

He looks up at his sleeping…student? lover? and he commiserates with the feeling of exhaustion. He drags the covers out from under them, covers them, pulls Harry close up against him and spooning the boy, determines he'll worry about defining this in the morning. His eyes are heavy and they drift closed.

They sleep.

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