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Here is my new story. I know a lot, and I mean a lot of people said they wouldn't read this story because it's not canon characters but now that I've acknowledged it's existence the story refuses to leave which means I must write it. I'm hoping some of those poeple will change their minds because it's so much fun to write and I'm hoping it will be fun to read. If not I guess I'll be meeting some new readers. Hello, Paul Fans!

*Full Summary- Three super hot but annoying guys, one cramped car, 2,500 miles of open highway, one bet, and me, Bella Swan. No good can come from this. All human. OOC. B/P(If you don't like it imagine Paul as Edward. Lol.) If you have been raised as the only girl with a heap of brothers you'll get this story. Also I'm hoping that if you liked Tales of a Charming Truck-Napper you'll give this one a shot.


My parents split up when I was twelve. They both swear it's because they got married so young that they didn't really know what they wanted out of life. They were eighteen. I get it- things change. But I still have my suspicions that it was because my dad has a little man crush on Billy Black.

Why else would he be forcing our two families together? Dragging us to the dismal, rainy town where he grew up to have a fishing trip with Billy Black? I don't get it! Usually I spend two weeks every summer with him in California but Mom is going on the road with Phil this sumer so Dad arranged for me to spend three months with him, two weeks of which will be spent on his annuel fishing trip with Billy Black back in Forks where he was raised. It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember and I've never minded before, but then again I've never had to go before either.

And if that's not bad enough the trip started yesterday which was the last day of school so now I have to drive all the way to Forks with little Jacob Black, Billy's son, and the loser friends he's bringing along.

The last time I saw Jacob was before my parents split. I was eleven. He was ten. And the only thing I remember about the visit is that he and a couple of his friends ganged up on me. He had on of them, the biggest, sit on me while he fed me a mud pie. So of course I'm super duper excited to be stuck in a car with them for days. Note the sarcasm.

One cramped car, three teenage guys, and 2,500 miles of open highway. What could possibly be worse?

I huffed, setting my bags by the front door. Renee and Phil had already left and I hated an empty house. That's why I had agreed to come on this trip in the first place. I was ok during the day. I was plenty independent and could take care of myself but everything was different at night. A dark empty house was so eary. Maybe I'd seen one too many horror films in my time. But I wasn't stupid; my neighbors hated me. They had dispised me ever since the time I drove my car into the side of their house when I was learning how to drive. They'd never report me missing until the foul oder coming from the house was too much for them.

There was an uncermounious honk from outside and my eyes widened. Please don't be Jacob! That honk had been a mix between an agonized shreik and a wail for help. I peeked out from between the blinds and let my forehead hit the window. Repeatedly.

The gods of reliable transportation were not smiling down on me today. A much taller version of the ten year old Jacob Black that I remembered was unfolding himself from the drivers seat of a small ancient VW Rabit with rust on the door.

Jacob saw me and waved excitedly. Dang! I've been spotted; there goes my chance of pretending I'm not home.

With a sigh I slung my backpack over my shoulder and grabbed my large duffle bag. Might as well get this disaster going.

"Bells!" jacob exclaimed as if we were best friends, grabbing my bag from me.

"Hi, Jacob," I greeted amiably. I had to look up to see his face now and his arms were well defined. He was wearing a tight black tee shirt which allowed me to see the barest hint of a tattoo on his bicept. This is definitely not the Jacob Black I remembered. He was, dare I say it? ...Hot?

"Eat any good mud pies recently?" he asked, grinning as he literaly mashed my bag into the already too full trunk.

Nope, still the same Jacob.

"Can't say that I have," I replied easily. "Still eating your own buggers?"

A chorus of oh!s and she got you!s rose from the car as I let my smirk show.

"Your mother!" another guy whooped as if it was a compliment. he was also tall but I could tell from his face that he was younger. There was only one other guy in the car thankfully. This was a small car and I was not sitting on someone's lap. Although this last guy made it awfully tempting. He was so tall the top of his head brushed the roof. Although they all three had big brown eyes the irises of his had green around them and his teeth gleamed white against his mocha skin as he spat a curse at the younger one. Don't even get me started on the boys lips!

So there was something worse- I'm going to be stuck in a cramped car with three incredibly sexy guys for nearly 3,000 miles. No good can come from this!

Author's Note: What do you think? Chapter one is already written and it's where the real fun begins because no matter how hot they are they're still guys. Anyone had to go on a road trip with a group of guys? Yea, you know what I'm talking about then. Boys will be boys no matter how hott. Reviews=love. They also= a faster update. Thanks guys!