Author's note:

I am very proud of this story so far. It has been rattling around in my brain since I first saw the movie. I pretty much I have been writting this paragraph by paragraph as thoughts and ideas come into my head. I hope you enjoy and I promise more action and more of a plot soon! thanks! Enjoy

Alice had never considered herself much of a collector but soon after she left to travel with her father's company she began collecting things that reminded here of her friends. Various chipped and extremely

colorful tea cups was where it began. Soon however it was nothing but hat pins. She bought a hat pin at every port and town she set foot in. Paris, Madrid, Morocco, Port Elizabeth, Calcutta, Bombay, Thailand,

Tokyo, Kyoto, Hong Kong and Beijing. It wasn't until she had been in Beijing for over a year that she realized she was collecting for one resident of Underland particularly. Sure, Mallymkun had a hat pin sword, The

March Hair loved his tea cups. She was sure that The White Queen must have some use for hat pins. It wasn't until she bought the latest hat pin in a teas shop. She saw it through the shop window as she

walked past. It was a very familiar looking bright green peacock feather hat pin. She dashed inside and cradled it to her chest. She noticed the steam and clinking of teas cups and smiled. Alice inhaled that

wonderful aromas of cinnamon, lemon, black tea, lavender and mint. Her heart clenched as she recognized all the smells. She paid for the hat pin and walked back to the ship gently twiddling it between her

fingers. She made her way down to her cabin without speaking to anyone. She removed a small box from her steamer trunk. She had over fifty hat pins lovely picked out with one certain Mad Hatter

subconsciously in mind. They were all different colors and types. Ribboned ones, feathered, beaded, jeweled, all possible configurations, each with a color she knew had seen worn by a one Tarrant Hightopp.

Thinking of him now sent Alice's heart racing. She missed all of her friends dearly but none more so than the Hatter. It had been nearly two years since she left. Seven hundred and three days, six hours twenty

three minutes, and twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty seconds. Seven hundred and two tea times. She was haunted by the final look in The Hatter's expressive eyes. She remembered how he smelled when he

came close to whisper "Fairfarren, Alice" in her ear. Mint and lemon. His breath against her face smelled of earl gray with milk and sugar. Alice sighed loudly and flopped onto her bed. She didn't completely regret

her decision in leaving. She had done many impossible things. She felt more muchier than she ever had. Perhaps she had answered all her questions and done everything she set out to do. Alice sat up.

"Alright Alice," she spoke to herself. "If I have a full list of six impossible things that I have come to realize are absolutely true, I can go home."

Alice sat up straight shook her hands and rolled her head across her shoulders.

"One, I have become partner in my father's company. Two, I have fulfilled my father's dream and taken his company completely around the world. Three, I have not compromised my muchness at all since returning

here. Four, I have traveled this world and found that I have answered all my questions."

Two more. Alice stopped, the first four were important and true. The last two she felt were the most important that needed to be answered. She had completed what she meant to do concerning her father, and

had answered Hamish's proposal with a resounding no. She trusted herself and her decisions. Her muchness was very much intact however if she was going to return to Underland she needed to be sure she had

completed her life here. Alice eyed the peacock feather hat pin on top of all the others. She picked it up and lay back in her bed holding it above her. She spun it slowly, her thoughts lulling her to sleep. Alice

began to dream. She found herself in Memorial. The White Queen, Marina walking with her courtiers through the garden, crown firmly in place. She saw Mctwisp greeting Bayard and his family at the gate. The

Tweedles were chasing each other. She smiled at her friends knowing they were happy. She wished she was there with them. Her family. The vision changed and she was in the forest on the path to the tea

party. She hurried down the hill hearing The March Hare giggling madly and Mallymkun throwing scones around singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat." Alice smiled and shook her head, glad that those two remained

unchanged. She looked toward the head of the table and frowned. Hatter was not in his chair. She looked frantically at each and every chair at the table. He was not to be found. Suddenly the Cheshire Cat

appeared wearing a famous hat atop his head. Rage and fear overtook her. Tarrant would never give up that hat without an important and most likely life threatening reason. Just as she was about to dash

forward and shake the living day lights out of that damned, flea bitten, scurvy, thieving bloody fat cat! The door of the windmill flew opened and a hatless, red haired, eccentricity dressed, currently golden eyed,

mad man came out, screaming in Outlandish.

"What 'ave ye done with me hat? Ye bloody, mangy…"

He seemed to have suddenly lost all of his rage. His bright eyes met Alice's and rapidly turned from gold to their usual green quicker than anything.

"Alice?" he asked his Scottish brogue gone and the slight lisp returning.

He rushed to her and had her in his arms before Alice's knees collapsed beneath her. She quickly brought her arms up around his back.

"Tarrant," Alice whispered inhaling his scent from the jacketed shoulder under her nose. She felt him grip onto to her tighter.

"Ye've never used me name before, Lass." Came the reply from above her head. "Are you going to leave me again? Not that I didn't understand. Questions are important to be answered. The question of why a

raven is like a writing desk is a question that has been puzzling me for…"

"Hatter!" Alice shouted laughing.

"I'm fine."

Alice leaned back to look up at him. Her breath caught when those bright green eyes smiled down at her.

"I've missed you, Alice" Tarrant said seriously.

"I've missed you. I just need two more impossible things and I'll be ready."

"Well if it's just two more ye need, Lass ye best wake up and think of them."

Tarrant leaned close to Alice. His eyes turning a darker shade of green. Alice leaned up to meet up him half way licking her lips and her eyes falling shut.

"I'll miss you when you wake up."

Alice felt the sleep fall away from her. She was suddenly aware of the mattress under her. Alice was suddenly wide awake. She jumped up and starting packing. She grabbed her tattered travel bag and began to

pack some cloths and some books.

"Impossible thing number five," She said aloud, adding a pair of shoes to her bag. "My home is a place called Underland. I belong there with my friends, my family."

She packed the box of hat pins minus the peacock feather, which she put in her hair. She slung her bag around her shoulders. It occurred to her that the sixth impossible thing was truly the most important if not

suddenly the most obvious. So obvious that perhaps it had always been in her list of impossible things.

"Six," Alice said, pulling a half vile of Jabberwocky bloody from her jacket pocket.

"I'm madly in love with a Hatter!" She gulped down the blood and grinned widely like a certain cat.

"It's time to go home."

Alice Kingsley pooped out of Overland for good.