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(Five years after last chapter)


"Bella, come on the car is here!" Edward called from the bottom of the stairs.

I really didn't see the need for me to go with him, this kind of shit made me nervous and he knew it. I think to be honest this time he was just as nervous as I was. Otherwise I really don't think he would ask me to go. I mean he has taken Alice and Jasper twice, Esme and Carlisle flew out with him as well. Emmett and Rosalie were going with us this time. We were all packed, our dresses picked out and we just simply had to get out the door in time to catch the plane.

I worried about Makenna again. I knew she was with Charlie and Sue but I still worried. I mean we had left her alone in her five years but not often. Neither Edward nor I could take it for long so we always ended up going back and getting her or just giving in and taking her with us when we left. She had so eloquently told me as we were saying our goodbyes, "Mommy, I am big now and you can go with Daddy. I will take good care of G'pa and SueSue." I wiped the tears away from my eyes and told her how proud I was of her, kissed her goodbye and left holding a tight grip on Edward's hand.

Thankfully when we reached the airport I was too busy to worry yet again if I was doing the right thing by leaving her. We checked our bags, checked in and waited to be called to board.

Rose and I made small talk while we waited. Emmett and Edward played some racing game that Emmett had downloaded on his phone. Emmett and Rosalie had moved back to Forks after they graduated from college. Rosalie opened her own business. She restored and sold cars. Emmett helped out at the shop with her but his real love was his after school coaching job. He adored those kids and it was so fun to watch the football games every Friday night. I don't know who gets more involved Em, Jasper or Edward. Alice and Jasper live in Seattle. Jasper went on to be a History Professor and Alice works for a small design firm. She's working her way up at a rapid pace. We all were so proud of all of them.

Carlisle and Esme are beside themselves to have all of us so close. I knew that they were secretly hoping that Alice and Jasper would add to the one grandchild and one on the way that they currently have. Rose and Emmett are expecting their first child; she's about five months along. Just pregnant enough to be beautiful and not so much that she looks like a whale. Her words, not mine.

We arrived to the already blistering heat that was LA at a little after ten in the morning. After checking into the hotel Rose and I went our separate ways, only to then rush down to the spa to make our appointments. This was to be a day of beauty for us, after all the spa treatments we would be met in our suite for hair and make-up. Rose loved the whole day, me…yeah not so much. It just wasn't me, I preferred a quiet evening at home with Edward and Makenna.

As if he could read my mind he sent me a text.

Somebody wants you, somebody needs you

Somebody dreams about you every single night

Somebody can't breathe, without you it's lonely

Somebody hopes that one day you will see

That's somebody's me

It certainly wasn't easy to keep up with a songwriter in the sweet department. I mean the man had lines like this all damn day long. How did he honestly expect me to come back from something like that? I closed out the text and called him.

"Hey baby, I got your text." I purred into the phone.

"You did, I didn't text you?" He joked, I could hear the laughter below the surface as he spoke.

"Well then Mister someone is really hung up on me and you had better watch your back." Two could play this game.

"Oh is that so, Mrs. Cullen?" Even after five years he still loved to call me that, and I have to confess that after all this time I still loved to hear it. My heart still raced every time he said it.

"Did you get the text from my Dad? He sent us a picture of Mak in the car with the lights going and his hat on." That little girl was certainly not going to doubt her worth to the family, she was spoiled by every single one of us, entirely too much.

"I got it and called to tell her that she should consider being the next Chief, she looked great in the hat." We both knew without a doubt that Edward would never consider that career for his girl. Not that he doubted that she could do it but it would break his heart each and every shift she walked out the door and he had to worry if she was ever coming home. He was indeed a softy at heart.

"Yeah well I couldn't call the technician decided that it was time to stick a hot wax strip to my body at that moment and let's just say that with the words coming out of my mouth after that you would not have wanted me to call and talk with our daughter. I will call her later though just before we go, she made me promise that Rose and I would send her a picture of us in our dresses." I guess Edward really wasn't the only one that was wrapped around that little girl's finger.

I would like to say that going back to school with Mak in tow was a struggle, but really it wasn't. Thanks to the money that was left to both Edward and I we were able to buy a large house not too far from campus. We worked our class schedules around each other and tried to be at home with her as much as possible. It was fairly simple. I know that the money really made things possible. We never had to worry about working to live, or in fact about money at all. That was a fact that I couldn't be more thankful for at all. In fact one of the first things we did after we established our careers was start a scholarship fund for students with children. We wanted to take the chance to pay it forward. Would either of us trade that money for our parents, hell yes, but we recognize the opportunity they gave us. Besides with Mrs. Turner's help we had it made. She cooked most days that we were in class, kept up with the housework and took excellent care of Makenna. She moved back to Forks with us and she trades off her days between our house, Rose's, Sue's and Esme's to help us all keep up with things. We are certainly spoiled. Makenna loves her; she thinks of her as part of the family.

"Wait, Bella, what did you get waxed?" Edward was suddenly very interested in what I was saying. His voice lifted in excitement and anticipation.

"I have to go Edward, they're calling me in to get my nails done. Love you." I snapped the phone closed. I didn't mean to reveal that little piece of information. Edward certainly loved it when I waxed but with Makenna that wasn't possible all the times. I pulled it out for special occasions and this was certainly a special occasion. We would be here in LA till Monday evening and I was going to make good use of it. This was going to be Mommy and Daddy's special time, if you know what I mean.

The next few hours were a serious blur. We were primped and dressed. Edward and Emmett met us in the lobby as we made our way to the car that would take us out for the evening. I was so glad to have that car in fact, there was no telling exactly how late or how much we would be dealing with tonight and it was a great comfort to have the car at our disposal.

Edward's eyes slid over the contours of my body several times while we were in the car. I could feel the heat radiating off of him and it seemed to increase with each pass of his eyes. I certainly would be riding his lap right now if we were alone. But…we weren't so I was trying to hold it together. Besides I was smoking hot if I do say so myself and there is no way I could fix the hair or make up it took a team to put together for me tonight. And there was no way I was going to show up looking like I was taking a walk of shame instead of arriving in style.

Emmett lightened the mood by grapping Edward's phone and took several pictures of us all and texted them to Makenna. Then we called her to make sure she got the photos and say good night. Charlie and Sue agreed that she could stay up just a little longer before they would put her in bed. "Momma but I won't see Daddy that way." She begged. I almost gave in and Edward was already whispering to me that she could stay up. Sue, thankfully, saved the day and promised the Grandpa and Grandma was recording it on the DVR for her to watch tomorrow when they picked her up so she could stay with them. Carlisle and Esme would keep her for the rest of the weekend so she could swim and watch her Daddy on the TV tomorrow with them. She settled down and blew us all a kiss before she scampered off to eat her popcorn with G'pa and watch some baseball.

Before I knew it, we had arrived. Emmett and Rose decided earlier this afternoon that they didn't want to enter through the front doors with us since she was pregnant. Emmett didn't want her jostled or rushed around, besides this would take us a long time to make the short walk into the venue. We let them off around at the back entrance and once Edward made sure they got inside, he made his way back to the car with me. As soon as the door closed he pulled me into his arms and onto his lap. His lips assaulted mine as I tried to pull away. "Don't do that, baby, I need to kiss you. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" He murmured against my lips as his ghosted across mine and his hand trailing along my thigh and moving towards the feathers that adorned my skirt.

"Edward, we can't make out in this car, first of all the driver will see. Secondly I can't fix the hair and make-up that you paid a fortune for a team of people to put on me." He chuckled and pulled back but only far enough to kiss my bare shoulder as his hand slid under the strap that covered the other shoulder.

"You will be mine after this whole damn thing is over, say you will." The look in his eyes was almost feral. I knew that he played it cool on the outside but deep inside these events worked his nerves just like they did for me. We both enjoyed our quiet, peaceful life in Forks. Everyone in town knew what Edward and I did for a living but no one made a big deal about it, and for that we were thankful. That reason alone made it simple for Edward and I both to do our jobs and still maintain a normal life. No one really cared that I had written two books and that Edward had several songs on the charts right now. We lived our lives and no one cared. We were just Edward and Bella to them.

"I am always yours. Every day of forever, remember?" I used his words on him. I knew he would remember them and why he used them himself. Obviously I was right because a smile graced his face, not the tightlipped smile he put on when ever there was a camera, it was the smile he used when we were alone. It was my smile, the one that pulled up on one corner of his mouth farther than the other corner, it made his eyes slightly wrinkle at the corners and it made my heart sing every time he used it.

Edward and I made our way down the red carpet. He answered the same questions at each stop we made. I tried to hang back and stay out of the spotlight but that never happened. Edward's tight grip on my hand never let me further than an arm's length away from him, usually much closer. He smiled and answered all the questions politely, he was such a charmer. I could see the trail of melted hearts in our wake. I couldn't blame any of them; he won me over the same way.

I stepped into the cafeteria for the first time. I reached around and pulled my book bag to the front of my body and unzipped it. I reached inside for my lunch and realized that it wasn't there. No lunch. I sighed in defeat and made my way to the salad line. Surely they couldn't screw up salad, right? When I slid my hand into my jeans pocket to pull out the cash that Charlie gave me I realized there was no cash either. I guess in my haste to be out of the Chief of Police's car I left both my lunch and lunch money. I made my way to the empty table in the back and tried to blend in. I pulled out my book and tried to look engrossed, hoping that no one would want to sit with me and disturb my intense reading session. I was wrong. I was assaulted from all sides, literally.

Alice and her boyfriend approached from my right. Another couple approached from my left and converged on the table all at once. I had made the mistake of sitting at Alice Cullen's table. She was nice enough and shared her World History book with me during the last period until the teacher could get one for me. She was sweet, but very talkative. Very talkative.

"Bella, how did you know this was our table? Never mind, I'm glad you sat with me. I'll introduce you to my family. This is Jasper, my boyfriend. This is Emmett, my brother and Rosalie, my sister who is also Emmett's girlfriend. And this good for nothing is Edward, also my brother." Alice said all of this with one breath and lots of waving of the hands. I felt lightheaded just listening to her talk. When she waved her hands behind me I turned to see Edward had arrived with a full lunch tray.

"Dude, how much are you eating?" Emmett asked swiping a banana off of his tray. Edward reached over and smacked his upside the head but never took back the banana. I could see that the gesture was just that a gesture and not really meant to hurt him.

"Well, this must be our already famous new girl."Edward asked taking up the available seat between Emmett and me. I started sputtering. And Edward threw up a hand to stop me. "Relax, Bella, I'm joking. Alice told me who you were on the way to lunch." I did relax with his words. I had no desire to be famous because that involved lots of attention and I did not like attention. "Hey, where's your lunch?" Edward asked around a bite of his pizza.

"Well, I guess in my haste to get out of the most embarrassing ride in town I left it on the front seat of the cruiser." I offered.

"Dude, I disagree. The most embarrassing ride has to be hands down," Emmett took a huge bite of his hamburger before finishing, "the Hurst. The cruiser will never ever touch the Hurst." Rosalie smacked him on the back of the head, I assume for talking with his mouth full at the same time Jasper threw a fry at him. I on the other hand agreed with his wholeheartedly. The cruiser was not as bad as a hurst.

Edward turned back to me and scooted his tray towards me slightly. "Here eat some of this stuff, surely there's something on here that you like. We can't have the prettiest girl in school starving in the midst of all this food." I blushed and grabbed an apple. He pushed the extra slice of pizza at me as well. Throughout lunch the entire table kept me entertained. I realized as the bell sounded that I enjoyed myself and really looked forward to being friends with this crazy group of people. Some more than others.

A question snapped me back into reality. I pretended like I had a hard time hearing over the noise and she politely asked again. "Who are you wearing?" I answered like I was coached to do and listen to her fawn over wedding ring. She made a comment about how lucky I was. I had to bite my tongue to tell her that I knew without a doubt about the exact amount of my luck, but I figured that was for another time.

We eventually made it to the end of the carpet and was ushered inside and shown our seats. Emmett and Rosalie were like two kids in a candy store, with so many celebrities to meet in one place. Emmett shook hands with Elton John and Rosalie was bragging about meeting Prince. I only wanted one thing, to get this over with and get back to our hotel.

The night was actually enjoyable as we watched the performances and listened to celebrities thank God for their awards. Most of them were sincere but a few made me snicker. We were down to the last three categories. This was when the nerves kicked in. Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Artist of the Year, those were the last three remaining Grammy's to give away. Edward was part of the first two. The song he wrote for Makenna and I the day she was born was up for Song of the Year and his most recent project was co-producer for a new act that was up for Album of the Year.

This wasn't his first award for his songwriting talents but this was his first Grammy nomination. He said somehow this was different than all the others. There's just something about a Grammy he said. Either way I was proud of him.

We watched as the winners of last year's Song of the Year made their way to the stage and joked through the monologue that preceded the nominees. I listened as each song clip was played. I liked them all but none compared to Edward's song. It held so much meaning for us and to us. And while I loved the performance of that song, none held a candle to when Edward sang it to me. Nothing would ever be better than that.

Finally, they announced Edward's name as the winner. He stood and hugged me to him, tighter than he has ever held me before. As he pulled away he said to me, "You, it's all because of you. You know that right?" I nodded, too emotional to actually say words right now. His long legs carried him to the podium and he took his Grammy.

I held my breath as he spoke; he simply looked breath taking up there. "Wow, thanks so much for this. This has been such a long journey and I feel like now I can look back on it and say it was a good journey. I wrote this song on one of the happiest days of my life and to know that it touches you all in the same way is overwhelming." He ran a hand through his hair. I could tell he was struggling with holding his emotions together. When he had them in control he looked back up and our eyes connected. "Bella, the journey was worth it. Every single step, every single word, not because of this award but because in the end I have you and Mak and that is enough for me." I tried to hold my emotions in, I was afraid that the camera would be shining on my face and putting our personal moment on display for the whole world. "Thanks to everyone who has helped make this song possible. Oh yeah and thanks to God." I giggled as he, in his own way, made fun of the night and those who were so caught up in it.

Edward was once again called up to accept a Grammy for Album of the year with his co-producer and the artist. This time he kept his speech of thanks to those that helped his career.

When the ceremony was over we made our way to the after party. We partied like rock stars and while it was fun to see all the celebrities and talk with them, I really only had one place I wanted to be…in bed with Edward, alone.

We used Emmett and Rosalie as our excuse to get out of there and were more than happy to do so. Once we dropped them off at their room two floors below ours we quickly made our way back to the elevator.

As soon as we hit the door, the clothes started to come off. The dress was left on the floor with one swift tug of the zipper and the shoes ended up who knows where. The jewelry I left on the dresser and I dropped to the bed in just my panties. I turned over on my stomach to give Edward a full view of the cheeks that were hanging out of the bottom of those panties, that man had a thing for cheeky panties. I heard him groan from the doorway as he finished removing his clothes.

The bed dipped from his weight and I sighed when he laid his body down over mine. His hard cock pressing into my ass, I could feel the soft skin against the bare parts. Edward pushed up on his forearms and slid his cock into the back of my underwear, the lace held him against me as he pushed himself back and forth across me. I know how sexy the lacy felt when I moved certain ways as it strained against me so I am sure he was in heaven feeling it slide along his shaft.

"Have I told you what a beautiful ass you have?" He murmured against the back of my neck.


"Well you do, it makes me want to lick it, bite it and do all sorts of nasty things to it." Edward's dirty talk always made me soaked but tonight especially. Tonight we were no longer Mommy and Daddy, we were full grown adults who were getting the chance to have a night alone. And boy what I had planned for that night alone.

"Then bite it." I sassed.

His groan grew softer as he pushed down the bed until he was at his desired location. He leaned down and bit the soft flesh where my thighs joined my legs and then began to suck the skin. Unable to keep still, I shimmed up on my knees a little and pushed against his face. I wanted him to pull the underwear off and push right into me, nothing slow tonight, I wanted a hard fast fucking. Edward had other plans. He pushed down on my ass so that my hips rested back against the bed and proceeded to kiss and suck on every inch of my skin on the back side of my body.

By the time he got to the point where he was pulling my knees back up and removing my panties I was certain that I would come at his first touch. His single finger slowly pushed into me and immediately pulled right back out. He spread all of my wetness around, making sure to touch all of the sensitive spots.

Women have orgasms for many reasons with many different stimuli. I can have an orgasm with clit stimulation and let me tell you that Edward's mouth is perfect at that. Or I can have an orgasm with penetration; however the most powerful ones are when I get both stimulated at the same time.

Edward's fingers slipped back into me and I raised my hips a little further when he shifted into position under me. His talented mouth began to suck on my clit while his fingers worked their way in and out of my pussy. I rocked back and forth across his face, while words slipped out of my mouth at random.

"Fuck yes, oh God, please don't stop." My rocking increased along with the pressure he applied to my clit. I felt one of his fingers pull out of me and spread the moisture around, then he slid three fingers back into me and curled them forward. Just when I felt the familiar tingling begin to engulf my body, Edward began to slowly work his finger around on my ass. He applied gentle pressure as he slowly worked his finger in. I never really thought that this would be an act that I would enjoy but right at this moment all I could think about was having his finger all the way in working me from that side as well. I pushed back against his hand as hard as I could, forcing his finger all the way in.

Words were lost at this point, I could only make sounds. Gasping and moaning at the most. My knees gave out and I slide down harder onto Edward's face but he kept up his assault with his tongue.

"Fuck yes, please." I panted as I pulled my hands off of the bed and sat down fully on Edward's face. This forced his hand further inside me. His fingers curled again towards the front of my body and worked my G-spot.

Stars and spots began to form in front of my eyes as I gave into the sensation of his actions. The fire ripped through my body and replaced the strain with an intense pleasure. No words, no sounds were possible when the orgasm engulfed me. Just feelings.

I dropped my hands back down onto the bed and attempted to maneuver off of Edward's face. My body didn't seem to be in the mood to cooperate with my brain. Edward moved me off of him and turned us both onto our sides to face each other. I could see his face glisten in the lamplight; I have covered him with my pleasure. I wanted to lick his face and kiss his mouth, to taste what he tasted but my body was too weak to carry out my plan. So I lay still with him.

I searched his face and watched him searching mine. He was right every single step, no matter how painful or hard, was worth it to be where we were right this moment. I decided that this was the moment that I would share my secret with him; the secret that I have been keeping for two weeks. No one else knew, this time I would do it right, I would tell the man who deserved to know first. I had planned to tell him tomorrow at lunch. I had made reservations for a seaside restaurant that had an incredible patio for us. I thought the setting would be perfect but this that we shared between us was the perfect setting.

"Edward, I need to tell you something." I whispered.

"Shh, baby, no talking now. We can talk later, right now I want to just hold you." He whispered back.

"I think this is something that you are going to want to hear." He pulled back and looked deep in my eyes. He nodded at me to continue. "Well, our lives are sort of settled again and we agreed that after we got settled we would start trying to have another baby, right?" He nodded again. "Well, it looks like we don't have to worry about that." His arms tightened around me. "I'm pregnant." I whispered again, the words seemed too important to shout them. They seemed like they needed to be kept between us before we told others.

"Bella?" His voice sounded confused, maybe a little angry.

I rushed to explain. "I don't know what happened, I didn't plan this, it just sort of popped up on me. Really, please don't be angry. We were going to start trying soon anyway." He put his finger over my lips and stopped my rambling.

"When did you find out?" He asked.

"I went to the doctor about two weeks ago. I wanted to tell you tomorrow at lunch, that's the reason that I planned the lunch was so we would be in the perfect place for the news but now just seemed right." I was praying that he understood why I held onto this news till now.

"What did the doctor say?" He asked, I was still unable to decipher the tone of his voice.

"Well, actually I just did the pregnancy test and took the vitamins. I wanted you to be with me from the start on this one and I just couldn't stand the thought of seeing Dr. Jones without you, so I didn't see her." I shrugged, not really having anything else to offer him except my simple explanation.

We stared at each other for the longest time. I was too afraid to speak, too afraid of his response and he just didn't offer one right away. I closed my eyes as I felt the first tear break free.

"Oh Bella, why are you crying?" He asked.
"I didn't mean to hurt you, I swear, I just wanted to do it right this time." I sobbed into his shirt.

"Oh, baby, you do everything right. Don't cry." He kissed my temple and soothed my hair. I was so confused now for sure. His sweet words and the stoniness of his face didn't seem to match.

"I don't understand, how did I do this right? I screwed up again." I said.

"Never, this is our baby, how can that be a screw up?" He asked as the joy cracked through the stone and lit up his face.

"You're not mad?" I blinked back the tears to be able to see him clearly.

"About you being pregnant? No, about you wanting to tell me the right way and planning this big lunch, never. I love you and want this with you." He kissed me and showed me exactly how not mad he was. "In fact, I was planning to ask you to stop taking the pills tonight. I was laying here working up the courage to ask you when you delivered your news." He chuckled. "I guess my shock was misunderstood, huh?"

"Yeah, to say the least." I smacked his arm but pulled him right back into me to hold on to him.

"We're going to have another baby." He murmured. Then he pulled his body over mine and made sweet love to me.

The next afternoon, we talked Emmett and Rosalie into heading home. We were so excited to share our news but we wanted Makenna to be the next to hear. She had been asking for a baby brother for so long now. Every since she found out that Emmett and Rosalie was having a girl in fact.

The plane ride home was spent time reflecting. The only conclusion at the end was simply this…I loved my husband, I loved my daughter and this new baby in my belly, I loved my life. I would never doubt him again. I would never make decisions for him; and I certainly would ask from now on instead of listening to the believable lies.

The End

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