LbN: Written for the Sirius/Remus Challenge on the Harry Potter FanFiction Challenges forum. Hope you all like it!

Sirius was stewing. He tossed his model airplane across the living room and stalked down the hallway of their small apartment. He banged on the door to his and Remus's room. His husband had some sort of new hobby, and kept him locked out for the past hour and a half.

"Moony, it's my room too!" Sirius whinged.

A bark of laughter came from the room, and a moment later Remus appeared at the door. "I'm…I'm sorry…" he panted, still laughing. "It's just that you sounded like your sixteen year old self just then."

"What are you doing in there?" Sirius asked, peeking around him. He saw a mat on the floor, and all of the lights were turned off and incense was burning.

"Er…it's a Muggle thing called yoga."

"What is it? Can I try?"

"You might want to start with something simple. There are a couple of beginners' books in the Muggle Studies section of the library."

Sirius gave him a curious look for a moment, trying to figure out if his husband was teasing him. Seeing that Remus was serious, he smiled and nodded. "I'll go get one then."

He made his way to the Hogwarts library, wondering what was so hard about this Yoga business. Moony never took up anything that was particularly taxing—he preferred to relax while enjoying his hobbies.

Seeing as it was a Saturday, there were exactly three people in the library when Sirius walked in: Hugo Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy (who was helping Hugo study), and Madame Pince. He ruffled the youngest Weasley's hair and said "hi" before going over to talk to the librarian. "Morning," he said. "Where is the Muggle Studies section, please?"

"To the right and down the left hallway, Professor Black. If you'd spent more time here during your schooling you'd know that," she said, fixing him with a hard stare.

"Er…thanks." He wandered back there, threw his cloak on a rung of a ladder, and began scouring the section for beginners' yoga manuals. "Yoga for Dummies," he said, picking one up. That didn't seem very flattering. He flipped through the book, looking for pictures. Finding them, he was more confused than when he started. Phrases like "breathing techniques" and "relaxation" popped out at him, but he ignored him. He found a cool looking position and endeavored to put his left leg behind his head. Somehow, he managed it, and it was at that moment that he decided that he probably should have read the whole book first. And that he should have started in a sitting position. His breath came out in short gasps as he wobbled on his right leg for a moment. As he fell, getting his right foot caught in the rungs of a ladder n the process, he thought he heard a laugh. When he looked around, however, there was no one there. That somehow made him feel worse. His cloak fell on top of him. He had just begun to flail when a pair of hands gently untangled him. When he pulled his cloak off he saw Remus smiling down at him.

"I was going to help you look, but I see you found it alright," he said, trying not to laugh.

"Oh, shut it, you…."

"Come on," Remus said, helping him to his feet. "Let's go get lunch. Out of curiosity, which pose were you attempting?"

"Something called 'Yoganidrasan- The Yoga Sleep Pose'. It was harder than it looked."

Remus stopped and quirked an eyebrow at him, smirking. "Any particular reason you started with that one?"

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Moony…."