It was so hard to let Laura go after… after what happened with Robert.

I always thought that we would be together. Brother and sister, never separated.

I can't talk to Dad about it. He always tells me that I have to be strong for the family. And Ma would just break down in tears if I even mention it.

I was searching for my sister for so long, calling out to the ocean to see if she would answer back, but she never did.

I'm sorry, Laura. I'm sorry I turned you in to Grandma Olivia.

I only wish that I could've been there with you and Robert on that last ocean outing. I could've saved both of you. I would've.

You know that I was spying on you through that hole in the ceiling. I'm sorry. I just couldn't stand being separated from you.

I'm so sorry, Laura.

When I found out that you might've been alive, I was just too happy.

I've given up looking for you, now. I know you're gone forever.

I can't talk about my huge loss with May. She wouldn't understand what I'm really going through, losing you.

I'm sorry Laura. I'm sorry for everything that I did.

I don't think I can live without you. Leaving you has made me so much more vulnerable.

Lying on the boat, side by side, on those summer nights with you bring back so many good memories.

You don't know how much this really hurts. No one can.

My search for you has been fruitless and useless. I never find you, and now I realize that I never will.

You never told me if you really loved me. I knew you did, but you never told me.

I was searching for real love all these years, and I found it in you.

I never apologized for what I did; spying on you and Robert.

I'm sorry, Laura.

I hide up in my attic all night, working on the model ships that you said that you loved.

You said that you loved my work.

You said that you were sorry when Dad beat me.

You said so many things to build me up.

But you never answered me from the sea when I was searching for you.

The only reason why I turned you in to Grandma Olivia was because I really loved you.

I thought that it would be better for you, but it wasn't.

Laura Logan, I am sorry for what I did to you. I never knew that it would end up killing you in the end.

I'm sorry, Laura. I'm sorry for everything. I love you.