POV: Melody

I want to be my own person. I want to be able to be myself, and for no one to be able to take that away from me.

I want to be able to do what I want, to do what I need to do for my life and my new family.

You'll always be waiting for me, Cary.

I know what it's like, losing a member of the family that you've always been close to.

Trust that I'll always be there to comfort you.

I'm always going to be here.

Why don't we go back down to Kenneth's place? I'll be waiting for you to pick me up. I'll be waiting right there in the driveway for you.

You're the only boy that's really ever loved me, and you're the only boy that I've ever loved, even if it's not grown into much yet.

Please, take me away from Olivia's house so we can be free.

I want to be with you, Cary. I want to survive with you.

Soon, Olivia will have to let me go. I'll be the 'granddaughter' that she wants. I'll pretend to be Laura if I have to.

I know that you'll forgive me for everything that I've ever done to hurt you.

I'll be yours soon.

I promise that I'll escape this place and live with you, where we can be together.

I'll be free soon.

You can have me then. You can have me for yourself, and I'll have you. We'll be with each other no matter what anyone does.

You know I'll be here.

But you don't know how I feel about you. You'll never really know.

I know you're waiting for me to be free. I'm wishing for my freedom even more than you are.

I'll change things when I get out of here. I'll be working for it.

I'll always be waiting and waiting for my freedom. I'll work for it.

I'll work for us.