Tentacles… and a heart

Part 1

The slig paced up and down, the long, dark, corridor of the abandoned zulag. But he didn't abandon his patrol, he couldn't, if he did he'd get shot, there was a lot of things he wished he could do and not get shot, this included not beating the poor beings scrubbing the floors, his only company, and he had to smack them and whack them.

Part 2

He wasn't like any other slig, he was lonely, and kind, he managed to befriend some of the mudokons, until the security orbs turned his way and he began to beat them he had no choice, he hated it, each hit, he mumbled, 'sorry', 'sorry', 'so sorry'. but he continued, and each time he failed to hold back a tear, and it trailed down the side of his face and crept out of his mask, and dropped to the floor.

Part 3

He was a fan of Abe, he wanted to meet him, if he could manage to gesture soon enough that he was friendly so Abe would know and not sneak up on him and rip his throat out. Abe could save him, brake him free of this prison, and his mudokon friends, that was all he wanted, freedom. He knew Abe would eventually turn up to save the mudokons, but he just didn't know when.

Part 4

One night, when he was sitting talking to a mudokon, trying to calm him down and get him to sleep (he was in the sleeping quarters), he heard a sound, no doubt it was an alarm. "the self destruct system Abe must be here!" he yelled with joy, "come on pal, get up, its time to go, time to be free", he said with a smile, "f-ff-free?", the mudokon stuttered, he could barely talk. "Yes, come on, awake your friends, we're leaving" whispered the slig.

Part 5

After the four mudokons and slig had gathered their things (which wasn't much), they headed out, looking for their saviour. The slig looked up, it was the destruct system, 1 hour, 1 hour to find Abe and escape, 1 Hour to save their lives. "come on buddies!" shouted the slig. The orbs turned and witnessed this, and now there were two sets of alarms, and then there were Big Bros chasing them down the corridor. "QUICK! RUN!" screamed the slig, and all of a sudden, the five were sprinting away.


In about five minutes they managed to lose the big bros, and find Abe. "Abe! I….", the slig didn't get to finish his sentence, because Abe had began to chant. "Help! Help! No….ABE….PLEASE!", the slig screamed, and Abe heard what he said, and stopped chanting, but it was too late, the slig was running….. And reached a ledge….. And tried to stop….. And failed….. And fell four hundred floors….. And as Abe leant over the edge, and cried for the unknown saviour, slig pants were heard in the distance….. And big bros turned the corner….. Their visors lighting the darkness, and they fired, the mudokons screamed, and it was their last scream. Even when they fell back with bullet holes in their heads, their mouths lay open, and died thanking the slig, and in hate of Abe. Who also dropped into the pit with bullet holes in his head, and landed on the lifeless body of the slig.