Dere, Brer Wolf started to dig a big hole.

"Hurry up, Brer Wolf, or you will earn a great deal of slappin'!" Brer Fox ordered. Brer Wolf dug faster before Brer Fox dropped a huge pile of briars in da hole. Dere was a loud scream as Brer Fox ran away to get some fire.

Brer Fox returned with a match lit. Brer Wolf crowded out of da makeshift briarpatch, covered in briars. Brer Fox started laughin'. Brer Wolf scowled and started pullin' dem out.

Just den, dey heard loud whistlin'. When dey looked over dey saw Brer Rabbit come hoppin' down da road, clippity-clip.

"Here he come, here he come, we gotta hide!" Brer Fox grabbed Brer Wolf by da strap on his pants and dragged him over to a bush, just in time because Brer Rabbit, he reached da artificial briar patch.

"Hm... what's dis? A briar patch? I gotta check it out!" Brer Rabbit smiled and walked into da briar patch. Suddenly, dey heard a loud bang. Brer Rabbit had fell into da hole!

Brer Fox laughed den flung da match in da fake briar patch. Da briars caught on fire. Smoke started to rise. Brer Rabbit was stuck in da fire!

"Ha ha ha! We sure got him, Brer Wolf, yessir, we sure has got 'em!" Brer Fox giggled. Without warning, dey heard low screams. Brer Fox laughed harder. Brer Wolf grinned.

Another screech came and Brer Fox quickly kissed Brer Wolf's cheek three times den kept on laughin'. Brer Wolf had a disgusted look on his face as he rubbed his cheek.

"Uh, Brer Fox?" Brer Wolf asked, but Brer Fox couldn't hear him over da crackle of da fire, da screams, but mostly his laugh.

To Brer Fox's dismay, Brer Bear broke out of da briar patch, screamin'. Brer Fox gasped.

"Brer Wolf, why didn't you tell me Brer Bear was in dere?" Brer Fox asked. Brer Wolf gulped.

"I was tryin' to tell you but yous was laughin' too loud!" Brer Wolf explained. Brer Fox chuckled nervously.

"Well, dat shouldn't be a problem!" Brer Fox tried to reassure himself.

But, to make it worse, Brer Rabbit came out! Brer Fox screamed den raced after Brer Bear. He stopped Brer Bear by standin' in front of him.

"Me and Brer Wolf was tryin' to catch Brer Rabbit but you had to ruin it! You always mess everythin' up! I would have my rabbit stew if it weren't for you! He always makin' a fool out of you, you foo!" Brer Fox ranted. Drool streamed from Brer Bear's mouth. He seemed to not understand.

"Oh, uh, cool, but you know what? Dere hasn't been a fire for ages, so why is dere one now?" Brer Bear questioned. Brer Fox palmed his face.