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Balajeet Roy did not know why he'd been imprisoned, in fact, sometimes, he thought he didn't know anything; sometimes, he didn't want to know anything. At other times, the thirst to know something, anything became so strong that it was like a pain, a physical pain that he could feel in his body, working its way the whole way through his body.

Sometimes, during those times, be began to doubt everything that he thought he knew, his sanity, even his own name. The only thing he knew for sure was that this was not how it was meant to be, he was not meant to be locked up, kept here like this. And that one day, it would change. It had to change. He would see that it did.


If this was even real.

If he was even real.

Sometimes, he even laughed, though it wasn't amusing at all. It wasn't funny, not really.